January 2023 Archive

Westworld has a new streaming service, but still no season 531 January 2023
Guillermo del Toro has two new movies in the works31 January 2023
James Gunn didn't fire Henry Cavill, he just never hired him31 January 2023
Bad Boys 4 confirmed with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence31 January 2023
New DC movies slate includes The Batman 2, Superman, and more31 January 2023
Is Sword Art Online Progressive: Scherzo of Deep Night canon?31 January 2023
Best VPN for Apple TV 202331 January 2023
Knock at the Cabin author calls Shyamalan movie "pretty great"31 January 2023
Christopher Lloyd's favourite Roger Rabbit scene is nightmare fuel31 January 2023
Keanu Reeves bugged Warner Bros yearly to get Constantine 2 made31 January 2023
The Last of Us episode 3 song blows up on Spotify31 January 2023
Sorry, The Queen's Gambit 2 isn't happening31 January 2023
Bridgerton season 3 isn't bringing back this character31 January 2023
Will there be a Teen Wolf season 7?31 January 2023
Who plays Lockwood in Lockwood and Co?31 January 2023
Classic DnD villains confirmed for Honor Among Thieves31 January 2023
Dave Bautista is giving up dream Batman villain role in DC movies31 January 2023
James Cromwell shares sweet story behind Babe's most iconic line31 January 2023
Jordan Peele reveals why he didn't do the live-action Akira remake31 January 2023
Sam Raimi had the cutest reaction to Tobey Maguire in No Way Home31 January 2023
Who is Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian - all the mysteries explained31 January 2023
Moff Gideon explained - who is The Mandalorian villain?31 January 2023
Who is Din Djarin in The Mandalorian?31 January 2023
Who is Bo-Katan in The Mandalorian?31 January 2023
John Wick 4 has the most action by a "good margin", says Keanu Reeves30 January 2023
Brendan Fraser says he felt "self-loathing" during The Mummy 330 January 2023
Jeffrey Dean Morgan teases he's joining Invincible cast30 January 2023
Unforgiven writer shares alternate ending Clint Eastwood cut30 January 2023
New short Pixar movie is bringing back this beloved character30 January 2023
This Obi-Wan Kenobi episode made Ewan McGregor "burst into tears"30 January 2023
Sarah Michelle Gellar felt like Mr T with this Buffy prop30 January 2023
Live-action One Piece Netflix series release date coming in 202330 January 2023
EO review (2023) - we just got a new favourite donkey30 January 2023
Original Wednesday Addams star passes away30 January 2023
Star Trek inspired "next stage" of Doctor Who, says Russell T Davies30 January 2023
Stranger Things season 5 filming date revealed by Noah Schnapp30 January 2023
Sword Art Online Progressive 2 review (2023) – new anime thrives30 January 2023
Puss in Boots: The Last Wish review (2023) - actually worth the hype30 January 2023
Strange New Worlds and Lower Decks crossover teased by Jonathan Frakes30 January 2023
How to watch Sword Art Online Progressive: Scherzo of Deep Night30 January 2023
The Last of Us TV series - how do Bill and Frank die?30 January 2023
Nick Offerman wasn't the first choice for Bill in The Last of Us30 January 2023
Will there be a Yellowstone 1923 episode 5?30 January 2023
Avengers Endgame concept art reveals an amazing scene we never got30 January 2023
What's behind the door in Lockwood and Co?30 January 2023
Eddie Murphy wants to do a Shrek movie starring Donkey30 January 2023
Doom Patrol season 4 gives the sci-fi series an ending, says star30 January 2023
Who plays Frank in The Last of Us TV series?30 January 2023
The Last of Us TV series - what was Frank's illness?30 January 2023
The Last of US TV series - Bill and Frank's relationship explained30 January 2023
The Last of Us - what is the music in episode 3?30 January 2023
The Last of Us TV series - who are Bill and Frank?30 January 2023
The Last of Us TV series episode 3 recap (2023) - the best so far30 January 2023
Why you need to watch The Last of Us episode 329 January 2023
Who does Buddha fight in Record of Ragnarok?29 January 2023
How many episodes of Wolf Pack are there?28 January 2023
Gerard Butler was "burning alive" on Plane after acid accident28 January 2023
Andor season 2 won't have one of first season's best characters28 January 2023
Giant Na'vi puppets were used for Avatar 2, and they sound terrifying28 January 2023
Creed 3 has surprising anime influence, says Michael B Jordan28 January 2023
Star Trek Picard season 3 puts TNG characters in major danger28 January 2023
Cowboy Bebop anime creator only saw one scene of live-action series28 January 2023
Attack on Titan creator has no intention for sequel anime or manga27 January 2023
Phoebe Waller-Bridge working on a Tomb Raider TV series for Amazon27 January 2023
Jamie Foxx almost made A Star is Born way before Bradley Cooper27 January 2023
Gossip Girl season 3 would've brought back fan-favourite characters27 January 2023
Polite Society review (Sundance 2023) - a surprising action-comedy27 January 2023
How to watch Infinity Pool - can I stream the new Mia Goth movie?27 January 2023
How to watch Knock at the Cabin - can I stream the new horror movie?27 January 2023
Mia Goth criticises Oscars for not taking horror movies seriously27 January 2023
The Last of Us season 2 already confirmed by HBO27 January 2023
Unwelcome director on his brilliantly unhinged goblin horror movie27 January 2023
Who is the dragon Umbrasyl in Vox Machina season 2?27 January 2023
Original Blade star calls new Marvel movies "garbage"27 January 2023
General Grievous was almost turned into another Star Wars character27 January 2023
Harrison Ford isn't sure Yellowstone is "television"27 January 2023
It's a miracle that Jaws ever got made, and this is why27 January 2023
Willem Dafoe cast in Nosferatu movie (again)27 January 2023
The Legend of Vox Machina - is Pike really dead?27 January 2023
The Last of Us episode 1 is now streaming free on YouTube27 January 2023
Best VPN for Firestick 202327 January 2023
Unwelcome ending explained27 January 2023
Dune 2 will be “a lot crazier” than the first, teases editor27 January 2023
Top Gun 2 was great, but it shouldn't win Best Picture27 January 2023
What are the monsters in Unwelcome?27 January 2023
Everyone who dies in Unwelcome27 January 2023
Tobey Maguire wants to do more Spider-Man movies27 January 2023
Hercules MCU star has great way he beats Chris Hemsworth's Thor27 January 2023
Why Sharon Stone loved working with Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci26 January 2023
Rye Lane review (Sundance 2023) - a refreshing British rom-com26 January 2023
Netflix series Stranger Things was most streamed show in 202226 January 2023
Avatar 2 cut the cutest Pandoran creature you’ll ever see26 January 2023
Lady Gaga may have just confirmed she's filming Joker 226 January 2023
Adam Scott is still bothered by this awkward Boy Meets World moment26 January 2023
New Shazam 2 trailer sees the DC hero forced to grow up26 January 2023
The Last of Us TV series piano frog was a happy accident26 January 2023
Doctor Strange never used to be cool, but the MCU fixed that26 January 2023
Black Panther 2 almost had an Iron Man-like subplot26 January 2023
Drew Barrymore cosplays as M3GAN in super awkward interview26 January 2023
Frasier reboot just added a character from the TV series finale26 January 2023
Is Wolf Pack related to Teen Wolf?26 January 2023
Avatar joins The Godfather and Lord of the Rings with Oscars record26 January 2023
Stallone is making a new boxing movie, and it's not Rocky26 January 2023
Blonde's Oscar nomination sends a grim message about exploitation26 January 2023
New Star Wars series was made for The Hunger Games star26 January 2023
Scream 6 directors confirm when horror movie is set26 January 2023
Justin Roiland removed from Rick and Morty, season 7 will continue26 January 2023
Netflix defends Squid Game reality show from unsafe conditions claim26 January 2023
DnD movie directors explain why Honor Among Thieves breaks RPG rules26 January 2023
Scrapper review (Sundance 2023) - a charming British comedy movie25 January 2023
Agents of SHIELD star Chloe Bennet teases MCU return25 January 2023
The White Lotus star would happily “say yes” to comedy series return25 January 2023
Gladiator 2 delayed because Paul Mescal's too busy25 January 2023
How to watch Triangle of Sadness – can I stream Ruben Östlund’s movie?25 January 2023
Wallace and Gromit are getting a new Netflix movie25 January 2023
Plane review (2023) - another decent Gerard Butler-led thriller25 January 2023
Spielberg thinks this Batman movie should've been up for Best Picture25 January 2023
The Last Of Us is already one of HBO's biggest TV series25 January 2023
Picard season 3 "feels like" a Next Generation Star Trek movie25 January 2023
Avengers 5 will throw new MCU characters "into the fire"25 January 2023
How to watch Aftersun - where can you stream the Paul Mescal movie?25 January 2023
Netflix has "never cancelled" a successful TV series, says CEO25 January 2023
Paul Mescal's family has cutest reaction to his Oscar nomination24 January 2023
Eileen review (Sundance 2023) - Anne Hathaway brings the killer charm24 January 2023
Anne Hathaway knows wait for Princess Diaries 3 is "very frustrating"24 January 2023
Emilia Clarke doesn’t want to do more Star Wars movies or TV series24 January 2023
Ryan Coogler says Forrest Whitaker protected him early in his career24 January 2023
James Cameron would nail phones to the wall if they rang on Avatar set24 January 2023
The Last of Us TV series borrows from Zack Snyder's best movie24 January 2023
Black Panther 2 just made Oscars history for Marvel movies24 January 2023
You can watch the short film that inspired Skinamarink for free now24 January 2023
Rey's Last Jedi reveal wasn't Rian Johnson's idea, says Daisy Ridley24 January 2023
Robert Pattinson calls new movie "like nothing I've ever done before"24 January 2023
Invincible movie is "helped" by animated series, says Robert Kirkman24 January 2023
Ms Marvel has been edited on Disney Plus to better fit MCU timeline24 January 2023
Best Hulu VPN 202324 January 2023
Who does Christine Hakim play in The Last of Us?24 January 2023
The Last of Us series was going to give this character a deeper story24 January 2023
The Last of Us - why are Clickers blind?24 January 2023
Is the fungus in The Last of Us TV series real?24 January 2023
The Last of Us TV series - what's happening in Jakarta?24 January 2023
What is the song in The Last Of Us, episode 1?24 January 2023
Who does John Hannah play in The Last of Us TV series?24 January 2023
The Last of Us - what's the significance of Ellie's switchblade?24 January 2023
The Last of Us TV series - why is Ellie immune to cordyceps?24 January 2023
The Last of Us TV series - what is FEDRA?24 January 2023
The Last of Us TV series - what's in the infected's mouths?24 January 2023
Should I play The Last of Us before watching the TV series?24 January 2023
The Last of Us TV series - why did the soldier shoot Sarah and Joel?24 January 2023
Michael B Jordan hit Jonathan Majors for real while making Creed 324 January 2023
Infinity Pool review (Sundance 2023) - The rich go wild once again.23 January 2023
Ewan McGregor hopes to play Obi-Wan Kenobi again23 January 2023
The Last of Us Cordyceps are invading Google, and you can spread them23 January 2023
Meet the 12-year-old behind M3GAN's iconic dance23 January 2023
Stranger Things star has perfect yearbook quote for unhelpful teachers23 January 2023
How to watch Unwelcome - can I stream the new horror movie?23 January 2023
How to watch The Fabelmans - can I stream the Steven Spielberg movie?23 January 2023
Friday the 13th movie reboot coming from original director23 January 2023
M. Night Shyamalan “chickened out” connecting these two movies23 January 2023
Zack Snyder's Rebel Moon will be two Netflix movies, here's why23 January 2023
Mysterio murdered Aunt May in scrapped Spider-Man No Way Home plans23 January 2023
The Last of Us writer explains that major episode 2 change23 January 2023
Invincible season 2 may use stories that “couldn’t work” in the comics23 January 2023
Ironheart star teases "big, but personal" Marvel series23 January 2023
The Last of Us TV series proves a Half-Life movie isn't impossible23 January 2023
How to watch Plane - can you stream the new Gerard Butler movie?23 January 2023
Why is Hyde not in That '90s Show?23 January 2023
Avatar 2 sets a bigger record for Zoe Saldana than James Cameron23 January 2023
Best Amazon Prime VPN providers 202323 January 2023
The best VPN for streaming 202323 January 2023
The Last of Us episode 2 recap (2023) - burn it down23 January 2023
New DC movies may star Guardians of the Galaxy cast members22 January 2023
Emilia Clarke is refusing to watch House of the Dragon21 January 2023
Star Trek Picard season 3 showrunner defends huge voice change21 January 2023
Demon Slayer season 2 is now streaming on Netflix21 January 2023
Fantastic Beasts 4 just got its biggest update from Eddie Redmayne21 January 2023
Mike Flanagan thinks he's living in a Jordan Peele movie21 January 2023
Timothée Chalamet is rethinking his career because of Apple TV Plus21 January 2023
How Margot Robbie got the nickname "Maggot"20 January 2023
Star Wars Krayt dragon is still in Tunisia20 January 2023
Matt Reeves reveals sad reason the Cloverfield monster attacked NYC20 January 2023
Why Harrison Ford got cut from Steven Spielberg's ET20 January 2023
Always Sunny creators turned down Danny DeVito at first, here's why20 January 2023
Invincible season 2 trailer teases Mark Grayson's return in late 202320 January 2023
Jason Momoa teases "great news" from DC movies, loves new bosses20 January 2023
Why is Austin Butler still talking like Elvis?20 January 2023
The Last of Us TV series causes Depeche Mode streams to skyrocket20 January 2023
The Legend of Vox Machina - is Vex really dead?20 January 2023
The Legend of Vox Machina - what are The Vestiges of Divergence?20 January 2023
Russell Crowe reveals if he's in Gladiator 220 January 2023
Tron 3 is happening with Jared Leto, but fans don't want it20 January 2023
Aftersun star accidentally missed a chance to meet Brendan Fraser20 January 2023
What makes The Banshees of Inisherin so memeable?20 January 2023
Meryl Streep based this iconic role on Clint Eastwood20 January 2023
Who is Earthbreaker Groon in Vox Machina - all powers explained20 January 2023
Attack on Titan creator reveals historical influences on anime series20 January 2023
Who is the dragon Thordak in Vox Machina season 2?20 January 2023
James Cameron has one condition for watching Avatar 2 at home20 January 2023
Agatha star confirms Marvel series has started filming20 January 2023
Spider-Verse 2 teases even more Spider-Man variants in new poster20 January 2023
The Legend of Vox Machina - Chroma Conclave dragons explained20 January 2023
The Legend of Vox Machina - who is Ripley?20 January 2023
Where is Servant filmed?20 January 2023
The Legend of Vox Machina - Vasselheim explained20 January 2023
Dennis Quaid joins Yellowstone cast for upcoming spin-off20 January 2023
Babylon (2023) review: Damien Chazelle goes dark mode20 January 2023
How Damien Chazelle’s Babylon became a nightmare version of La La Land20 January 2023
How I Met Your Father season 2 release date, cast, plot, and more20 January 2023
Mayor of Kingstown season 2 release date, cast, story, and more20 January 2023
Star Wars fans think The Mandalorian will introduce Rebels character19 January 2023
Robert Pattinson stars in this new movie twice19 January 2023
Outlander season 8 is confirmed, will end the fantasy series19 January 2023
Margot Robbie reveals Wolf of Wall Street had a room for genital wigs19 January 2023
Simon Pegg has completed filming on The Boys season 419 January 2023
The disturbing true story that inspired Steven Spielberg's Poltergeist19 January 2023
Alec Baldwin to be charged with involuntary manslaughter19 January 2023
This Netflix movie just became an Oscars frontrunner19 January 2023
Knock at the Cabin release date, cast, trailer, story, and more19 January 2023
Kevin Costner celebrates 68th birthday with this great advice19 January 2023
Best Netflix VPN 202319 January 2023
Severance season 2 should have us "very scared" says Patricia Arquette19 January 2023
Tom Holland improvised the Marvel Cinematic Universe's saddest line19 January 2023
Bradley Cooper's new movie is the "most terrifying" he's ever done19 January 2023
Where was Lord of the Rings filmed?19 January 2023
Who does Velma have a crush on?19 January 2023
Ryan Coogler is the reason this 2023 movie exists19 January 2023
Fast and Furious movies made Vin Diesel drive slower19 January 2023
Why Leonardo DiCaprio remembers meeting Brendan Fraser so fondly19 January 2023
Power Rangers star reveals why she isn't doing Netflix reunion19 January 2023
Tarantino rejected David Duchovny for Reservoir Dogs in the nicest way19 January 2023
Guardians of the Galaxy cast could join DC movies with James Gunn19 January 2023
Cocaine Bear release date, plot, cast, and more19 January 2023
M3GAN horror movie sequel set for 202518 January 2023
Pearl and X sequel is "best" of horror movie trilogy, says Mia Goth18 January 2023
Steven Spielberg almost made this movie as a TV series18 January 2023
Yellowstone 1923 cast had to do grueling cowboy camp for drama series18 January 2023
JK Simmons would "absolutely" return for Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 418 January 2023
Nope director Jordan Peele explains that bizarre shoe18 January 2023
How many episodes are in The Legend of Vox Machina season 2?18 January 2023
Brendan Fraser filmed Looney Tunes with puppets, and it sounds great18 January 2023
That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime the Movie ending explained18 January 2023
Damien Chazelle explains why Babylon needed to be so "vulgar"18 January 2023
How to watch The Legend of Vox Machina season 218 January 2023
Julia Louis-Dreyfuss had to film Marvel series under a black cloak18 January 2023
Pedro Pascal ignored HBO's orders while preparing for The Last of Us18 January 2023
How Joel and Sarah avoided getting infected in The Last of Us18 January 2023
Stranger Things star headbutted Millie Bobby Brown during one scene18 January 2023
Jennifer Lopez is the reason Google Images exists18 January 2023
Star Wars - does Baby Yoda become a Jedi?18 January 2023
Did Austin Butler actually sing in Elvis?18 January 2023
Channing Tatum is still calling Disney over the Gambit Marvel movie18 January 2023
Wednesday star Jenna Ortega wishes she did more in viral dance scene18 January 2023
Sorry everyone, Vin Diesel isn't in the Avatar movies18 January 2023
The Mandalorian season 3 ignored Andor’s biggest lesson but that’s OK18 January 2023
Ghostface wants to play a game, but don't get too excited...18 January 2023
Giancarlo Esposito teases The Boys season 4 return18 January 2023
Sex/Life season 2 release date speculation, cast, plot, and more18 January 2023
Hugh Jackman's Deadpool 3 workout is tearing apart his Broadway suits17 January 2023
Diego Luna explains why Andor stands out from Star Wars series17 January 2023
Willem Dafoe's laugh got him fired from his first movie17 January 2023
Avatar 2 almost had a huge Na'vi space battle17 January 2023
Top Gun 2 star got too into the football scene and injured himself17 January 2023
Ben Mendelsohn warned Pedro Pascal not to mess up The Last of Us17 January 2023
Attack on Titan season 4, part 3 is coming soon, but there's a catch17 January 2023
How M3GAN convinced Blumhouse to break its strictest rule17 January 2023
Warrior Nun fans campaign to save Netflix series from cancellation17 January 2023
Colin Farrell tried to turn down one of his best movies17 January 2023
Pokémon anime series marks Ash's last episodes in the best way17 January 2023
How old was Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic?17 January 2023
The Last of Us' Gabriel Luna has asked to be this Star Wars character17 January 2023
Star Wars - is Grogu related to Yoda?17 January 2023
When is The Last of Us episode 2 out?17 January 2023
The Sandman season 2 is filming soon, says Mason Alexander Park17 January 2023
Ryan Reynolds is open to Deadpool and Wolverine doing a musical17 January 2023
Star Wars Andor: what is going on with Mon Mothma's daughter?17 January 2023
Star Wars: Andor finale post-credit scene explained17 January 2023
Andor: everyone who died during the Rebel’s heist17 January 2023
Star Wars Andor: what is on Karis Nemik's manifesto?17 January 2023
Star Wars: will there be an Andor episode 13?17 January 2023
Star Wars Andor: Maarva explained17 January 2023
When does Andor take place in the Star Wars timeline?17 January 2023
Everyone who died in the Andor season finale17 January 2023
Andor: why did Skeen want to betray the Rebels?17 January 2023
Andor episode 11: does Luthen Rael have a lightsaber?17 January 2023
Star Wars Andor: what do Arvel Skeen's tattoos mean?17 January 2023
Why Andor looks so good compared to other Star Wars series17 January 2023
Star Wars: is K-2SO in Andor season 2?17 January 2023
Andor: all the Easter eggs in Luthen Rael's collection17 January 2023
Star Wars Andor: Luthen Rael's ship explained17 January 2023
Star Wars Andor: how long was Cassian in prison?17 January 2023
Star Wars: Andor release date, plot, cast, trailer, and more17 January 2023
Invincible season 2 news could be coming with comic's 20th anniversary16 January 2023
The Cloverfield trailer came out before they'd written the movie16 January 2023
Top Gun 2 director had photos deleted by the Navy during research16 January 2023
Ant-Man 3 deserves to kickstart Marvel Phase 5, says Kevin Feige16 January 2023
Kathryn Hahn teases Agatha Marvel series will have more songs16 January 2023
Why Britt Lower's Severance character is crucial to the sci-fi series16 January 2023
Damien Chazelle says he wants to complete his Ryan Gosling trilogy16 January 2023
NASA astronauts play Star Wars music once they reach space16 January 2023
How to watch That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime The Movie16 January 2023
Avatar 2 has a line from Titanic James Cameron forgot he used16 January 2023
Michelle Yeoh wants an Everything Everywhere musical spin-off16 January 2023
It’s Always Sunny star wants to be in Fantastic Four MCU movie16 January 2023
This British TV series did fungus monsters years before The Last of Us16 January 2023
Stranger Things star says song from the TV series is following her16 January 2023
We just found Henry Cavill’s biggest fan, and they’re not even human16 January 2023
Amber Midthunder teases that new Predator movie is coming16 January 2023
Barry Keoghan doesn't know if Joker will be in The Batman 216 January 2023
Jamie Lee Curtis turns Golden Globes moment into amazing t-shirt16 January 2023
The Last of Us TV series - does the dog survive?16 January 2023
M3GAN is messaging people who don't like her horror movie16 January 2023
Star Wars Andor: who is Dedra Meero?16 January 2023
Andor - what is Luthen Rael's plan?16 January 2023
Star Wars Andor - Mon Mothma explained16 January 2023
What planets is Andor set on?16 January 2023
Andor: who is Axis?16 January 2023
Andor: what's going on with Syril Karn?16 January 2023
Star Wars Andor - Luthen Rael explained16 January 2023
Star War Andor: what is the ISB?16 January 2023
Star Wars: how old is Cassian in Andor?16 January 2023
The Last of Us TV series episode 1 recap (2023) - an excellent start16 January 2023
The Last of Us TV series review (2023) - a near-perfect adaptation16 January 2023
The Last of Us star still gets ranted at about Game of Thrones ending15 January 2023
Keke Palmer shares heartwarming Ginny and Georgia anecdote15 January 2023
Jonathan Majors' Kang the Conqueror is based on epic historical figure15 January 2023
Bryan Cranston nailed Breaking Bad pizza roof scene on first take15 January 2023
George R R Martin shares shock at House of the Dragon Golden Globe win15 January 2023
Hugh Jackman has Ke Huy Quan to thank for X-Men movie fight scenes15 January 2023
The Last of Us - was Ellie born after the outbreak?15 January 2023
Henry Cavill says he can smell water14 January 2023
John Williams just ended his retirement for Steven Spielberg14 January 2023
Edgar Wright just directed the best McDonalds advert you've ever seen14 January 2023
John Carpenter gives himself a new nickname and wants you to use it14 January 2023
1923 star explains Spencer Dutton and Alex romance14 January 2023
Fast and Furious 10 just recast Dom Torreto's son for upcoming finale14 January 2023
Scream 6 will reinvent the franchise, says original writer14 January 2023
James Gunn hints at upcoming Aquaman DCEU announcement13 January 2023
Robert Downey Jr sent Gerard Butler fan mail for this action movie13 January 2023
Alien TV series from Fargo creator filming later this year13 January 2023
Bella Ramsey found out about her Game of Thrones death from her mom13 January 2023
Giancarlo Esposito knew Baby Yoda would be the star of The Mandalorian13 January 2023
For god's sake stop saying The Last of Us breaks the videogame curse13 January 2023
Why does M3GAN do a dance?13 January 2023
Is Vikings Valhalla related to The Last Kingdom?13 January 2023
Logan Lerman isn't interested in Percy Jackson TV series fancast13 January 2023
Indiana Jones star didn't recognise Mark Hamill when he visited set13 January 2023
Yellowstone star confirms season 7 of the drama series13 January 2023
Vikings Valhalla – do Freydis and Harald break up?13 January 2023
The Batman 2 won't let DC villains take over like The Dark Knight13 January 2023
Vikings Valhalla – who is the king of Norway?13 January 2023
Al Pacino and Robert De Niro refused to rehearse Heat's best scene13 January 2023
Passion of the Christ 2 trends after Twitter suggests hilarious titles13 January 2023
The Old Way ending explained13 January 2023
How many seasons of Vikings Valhalla will there be?13 January 2023
The Friends cast broke sitcoms in one specific way13 January 2023
Is Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings Valhalla?13 January 2023
Everyone who dies in M3GAN13 January 2023
M3GAN ending explained13 January 2023
Why does M3GAN turn evil?13 January 2023
Wolverine in Deadpool 3 is "two wrongs" making a right13 January 2023
Star Wars Andor: what were the prisoners building on Narkina 5?13 January 2023
Star Wars Andor: is Doctor Quadpaw related to Maz Kanata?13 January 2023
Star Wars Andor: why was Cassian arrested?13 January 2023
Who does Andy Serkis play in Star Wars Andor?13 January 2023
Why does Andor have to take his shoes off on Narkina 5?13 January 2023
Star Wars Andor episode 8: is there a time jump?13 January 2023
Is Saw Gerrera in Andor episode 8?13 January 2023
Will Emperor Palpatine be in Andor?13 January 2023
What is Andor’s necklace? Kyber crystals explained13 January 2023
Andor filming locations: where is Andor filmed?13 January 2023
Star Wars Andor: Cassian and Melshi relationship explained13 January 2023
Star Wars Andor: Is Kino Loy a good guy?13 January 2023
Andor: Admiral Yularen explained13 January 2023
Star Wars Andor: How do the prisoners escape Narkina 5?13 January 2023
How many episodes of Andor will there be?13 January 2023
Star Wars Andor: what is Doctor Gorst doing?13 January 2023
Star Wars Andor: what happened to the prisoners on level 2?13 January 2023
Star Wars Andor episode 10: what happened to Kino Loy?13 January 2023
Star Wars Andor: how does Cassian plan to escape Narkina 5?13 January 2023
Star Wars Andor: Is Vel Sartha related to Mon Mothma?13 January 2023
Star Wars Andor: is Kenari a real language?13 January 2023
Clint Eastwood got Dirty Harry because Frank Sinatra hurt his hand12 January 2023
How David Attenborough inspired The Last of Us12 January 2023
Matt Damon reveals sinister Departed rewrite Jack Nicholson suggested12 January 2023
Chris Hemsworth thought this star was an Extraction stuntman12 January 2023
Why Kurt Russell hates filming sex scenes12 January 2023
Antonio Banderas nearly played Russell Crowe's most iconic role12 January 2023
Sylvester Stallone's Tulsa King may become Yellowstone-esque universe12 January 2023
House of the Dragon star found their Golden Globe nomination ironic12 January 2023
The Last of Us movie wouldn't work for this reason, says writer12 January 2023
Why does the latest Ant-Man 3 trailer spoil the new Marvel movie?12 January 2023
Awards season is failing this Everything Everywhere All at Once star12 January 2023
Best smart TV VPN providers 202312 January 2023
M3GAN director says making the horror movie PG-13 made it more violent12 January 2023
Spider-Verse 2 reveals main cast of Spider-Man actors12 January 2023
Avatar is not a superhero movie, says James Cameron12 January 2023
Ewan McGregor reveals why the Obi-Wan Kenobi ending surprised him12 January 2023
John Carpenter doesn't regret The Thing, even though it cost him work12 January 2023
Vikings Valhalla season 2 ending explained12 January 2023
The Batman 2 will tie into Penguin HBO series, says Matt Reeves12 January 2023
There’s a Terminator 2 tank and it’s both cool and adorable12 January 2023
How to watch Velma TV series - can you stream the new Scooby-doo show?12 January 2023
Robert Downey Jr is unrecognisable on set of new TV series12 January 2023
Scorsese is entitled to his superhero movies opinion, says MCU star12 January 2023
Harry Styles will return as Starfox in MCU, confirms producer12 January 2023
Ryan Reynolds shoots down Hugh Jackman's Deadpool 3 title12 January 2023
Jenna Ortega just got threatened by the Scream movies11 January 2023
How diarrhea gave us an iconic Indiana Jones scene11 January 2023
Michelle Yeoh's Star Trek series "still in development" for Paramount11 January 2023
Who is Cassian Andor in Star Wars?11 January 2023
M3GAN star says Chucky doesn't stand a chance against new killer doll11 January 2023
Yellowstone star explains why her character changed in season 511 January 2023
Ke Huy Quan open to doing Indiana Jones movies or spin-offs11 January 2023
TAR review (2022) – Cate Blanchett makes for one hell of a conductor11 January 2023
Colin Farrell apologises for how bad his worst movie was11 January 2023
Tom Hanks reveals how he picks new movies to star in11 January 2023
M Night Shyamalan compares Knock at the Cabin to his best movie11 January 2023
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