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The Old Way ending explained

Nicolas Cage has finally done a Western, starring as the bandit Colton Briggs, and we've broken down everything that happens in The Old Way ending

What happens in The Old Way ending? Somehow, in all his years in Hollywood, Nicolas Cage never managed to make a Western. Now, he has two coming out, the first of which is The Old Way, directed by Brett Donowho.

A classic Western, it follows Cage as Colton Briggs, a one-time relentless bandit who eventually settles down. But his former life of gunslinging follows him to his home, where his wife is murdered. Together, he and his daughter decide to follow the killers in typical action movie fashion, and shenanigans ensue.

But what exactly happens in The Old Way ending? Does Colton survive? Who is James, the man who wants Colton dead, anyway? We’ve trawled the new frontier to break it all down for you.

What happens in The Old Way ending?

The Old Way ending is a classic Western standoff being the goodie and the baddie. Colton Briggs arrives at the Mexican town where James McAllister is holding his daughter, Brooke, hostage and starts shooting his way towards his adversary.

Eventually, James and Colton meet, and James suggests they settle this “the old way” by just having it out in the street and whoever lives is the winner. James, the hardened bandit that he is, agrees, and they have a  Mexican standoff, Clint Eastwood movie-style.

Unfortunately, James has already been injured from his previous altercations. Despite being one of the most ruthless gunmen in the west, he’s older and out of practice and had to face several enemies at once. His slow left-arm allows Colton to get the first shot, but James gets him in return.

The Old Way ending explained: Nicolas Cage in The Old Way

After James collapses, Brooke runs over to his body. Colton starts to believe he’s avenged his father before Brooke raises her dad’s gun and shoots him in the head, killing him.

Marshal Jarret comes back to clean up the mess. He agrees to let Brooke and James off the hook for what happened because arresting them would mean admitting they bested him and his men. Instead, Brooke will take over her father’s shop, and James can be remembered as a good man.

Brooke, now parentless, has seen her dad redeemed while watching how a lifetime of violence ends. She chooses to carry on the honest living James was trying to pursue instead of being an outlaw.

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Who was Colton Briggs to Nicolas Cage’s character?

Colton is the son of a man James kills at the start of the Old Way. He’s the son of another outlaw who encounters James and does live to tell the tale. Ever since that fateful day, Colton has been building up to confront James and finish what his dad couldn’t.

Excitingly, Colton manages to do just that! Before, he was unceremoniously killed because crime and murder don’t pay, not even in the old west — a fitting end for a man who allowed himself to be completely shaped by resentment and anger.

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