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There’s a Terminator 2 tank and it’s both cool and adorable

Terminator 2: Judgement Day is crossing over with the game World of Tanks, with appearances by various characters, and a strangely charming Terminator tank

Terminator 2 themed T-832 tank seen in the game World of Tanks.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day is the focus of the latest battle pass in the video game World of Tanks. In a special CGI trailer released to promote this crossover, a Terminator tank is seen arriving in the past and then doing battle with another liquid metal tank reminiscent of the T-1000.

This tank, named the T-832, is a strange combination of cool and adorable. On the one hand, it’s a flipping tank with that same gritty metallic look as the Terminator robots. On the other hand, it has eyes on either side of its gun, making it look like a dorky little fellow with a big long nose.

Maybe there was a distortion during the time travel process, and this one actually arrived from another universe. A universe where anthropomorphic vehicles are the norm. Yes, we’re speculating that this is the read-between-the-lines crossover between Thomas the Tank Engine and Terminator that the fans have been crying out for.

World of Tanks x Terminator 2: Judgement Day crossover battle pass. Image shows the T-1000, John Connor, the T-800, Sarah Connor, the T-832 tank and text that reads "Battle Pass Special: Judgement Day"

The trailer also reveals that in addition to the quirky T-832 tank, the battle pass also includes appearances by the T-1000, John Connor (as an adult), Sarah Connor, and, of course, the T-800 itself (without the skin). There are also a number of decals and style to unlock which will allow players to give their tanks a motif that references the film which is not only one of the best Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, but also one of the best science fiction movies of all time.

This content is available in the game from now until January 26. If you want to see the T-832 in action, then make sure you download the game before that date passes. If it’s a game that’s been on your radar for a while, then now seems like the best time to get started.

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