Star Wars Andor: what is on Karis Nemik’s manifesto?

Karis Nemik's manifesto is one of the most intriguing aspects of the Star Wars Andor series, but what exactly is in that little book

Alex Lawther as Karis Nemik in Star Wars Andor

What is on Karis Nemik’s manifesto? Guess what guys, Star Wars is really, really good again, and it’s all thanks to the new Andor TV series. A big part of the reason this Star Wars series is so brilliant is because it’s actually embracing more mature, nuanced thematic elements, like Karis Nemik’s political ideologies.

This new Star Wars character is a young chap who joins the Rebellion and forms part of the small group that enlists the help of Cassian Andor to carry out a heist on an Imperial base in Andor episode 6. Nemik may be young, but he has a great understanding of the political landscape in the galaxy, and he’s even written a book about it all.

You may be wondering what is on Karis Nemik’s manifesto, so we’ve dug a little deeper to explain all the things the Rebel is writing about.

What is on Karis Nemik’s manifesto?

Nemik is a fully fledged member of the Rebel Alliance, and hates the Galactic Empire with all of his being, so it’s likely that his manifesto is full of accounts of the atrocities the Empire carries out, and how the Rebels can fight against this.

We can’t know for sure of course, as we haven’t been able to read Nemik’s manifesto front to back, but we can certainly assume what kind of content his book contains. Throughout the sci-fi series, Nemik has displayed a level-headed approach to dissecting the conflict going on in the galaxy.

Nemik strikes us as the kind of person who understands that war is a two-sided dance, and that neither the Empire nor the Rebels are, or can be, completely innocent in any fight that ensues. He does however, know that the Empire are pure evil, and must be stopped at all costs.

The manifesto is Nemik’s ongoing journal, a way to track the ever-evolving conflict and detail both the repressive nature of the Empire, and the motivations for the Rebel cause.

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At the end of episode 6, the manifesto is given to Cassian Andor, and it’s safe to assume that he will use this book as inspiration for his continued fight for the Rebel Alliance, and he may even add to it with his own ideas about bringing down the Empire, too.

That’s all we know about Karis Nemik’s manifesto, but then again, it is meant to be a fairly secretive document. If you want to unlock more of the secrets from Andor, here’s our guide to the Andor season 2 release date and all the Easter eggs in Luthen Rael’s collection. Or, check out our list of the Star Wars movies ranked.