January 2022 Archive

Iron Man returning to the MCU is a "non-starter" say Spider-Man writers31 January 2022
Benedict Cumberbatch, Laura Dern and Noah Jupe join new science fiction movie31 January 2022
It Takes Two becoming movie from Sonic the Hedgehog studio31 January 2022
American McGee's Alice becoming TV series from X-Men writer31 January 2022
The Invisible Man is now streaming on Netflix31 January 2022
Good Omens co-creator Neil Gaiman discusses gender of Crowley and Aziraphale31 January 2022
Tom Cruise shares new footage from Top Gun 231 January 2022
Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailer teases gory Leatherface return31 January 2022
How to watch Belle (2021) - can you stream Mamoru Hosoda's new anime movie?31 January 2022
How to watch The Eyes of Tammy Faye - can I stream Andrew Garfield's new movie?31 January 2022
How to watch Jackass 4 – can I stream Jackass Forever?31 January 2022
Percy Jackson fans want Logan Lerman to return for Disney Plus series31 January 2022
How to watch Power Book 4: Force - can I stream the new Power TV series?31 January 2022
Sing 2 becomes highest grossing animated movie in pandemic31 January 2022
How to watch Moonfall - can I stream the new Halle Berry movie?31 January 2022
Zola studio A24 called out by woman whose tweets the movie is based on31 January 2022
Willem Dafoe and Tobey Maguire set Guinness World Record in No Way Home31 January 2022
Hocus Pocus 2 producer teases Halloween 2022 release31 January 2022
Jason Momoa joins Fast and Furious 10 cast31 January 2022
Halo TV series trailer reveals March 24, 2022 release date31 January 2022
Masters of the Universe goes to Netflix, Kyle Allen to play lead28 January 2022
Chris Hemsworth shares photo of intense Extraction 2 training regime28 January 2022
Simon Pegg teases new Edgar Wright collaboration28 January 2022
Jason Momoa in talks for Fast and Furious 1028 January 2022
Scrubs cast reuniting for reunion special28 January 2022
James Gunn's next DCEU TV series is already underway28 January 2022
Godzilla was never the plan for Moonfall director Roland Emmerich28 January 2022
The Flash star Ezra Miller threatens to kill KKK in bizarre Instagram video28 January 2022
Nicolas Cage western movie could be out before the end of 202228 January 2022
Mike Flanagan says The Fall of the House of Usher hasn't started filming yet28 January 2022
Studio Ghibli theme park to open this November28 January 2022
Sing 2's Meena has been cancelled on TikTok — and rightfully so28 January 2022
Tom Cruise to shoot space movie on International Space Station28 January 2022
The Matrix 4 trailer, release date, cast, and more - when is The Matrix Resurrections out?28 January 2022
Stan Lee’s No Way Home cameo would have been wrong28 January 2022
How to watch The Matrix 4 - can you stream The Matrix Resurrections?28 January 2022
The Flight Attendant crew played gross prank on Kaley Cuoco28 January 2022
James Gunn calls Guardians of the Galaxy 3 a “wrap up” for the team28 January 2022
Twilight star Taylor Lautner says fame made him afraid to go outside28 January 2022
Mortal Kombat writer to pen System Shock TV series27 January 2022
Original Texas Chainsaw Massacre narrator John Larroquette returns for Netflix sequel27 January 2022
Bette Midler wraps on Hocus Pocus 227 January 2022
Karen Gillan says James Gunn brings an indie spirit to Guardians of the Galaxy27 January 2022
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe season 2 coming to Netflix March 327 January 2022
Ron Perlman is "71 f**king years old", but he would make Hellboy 3 for the fans27 January 2022
Robert Pattinson says The Batman is like Mask of the Phantasm27 January 2022
Jared Leto reacts to House of Gucci criticism27 January 2022
Jonah Hill claims Baby Yoda did not give him a black eye27 January 2022
The Batman won't show Bruce Wayne's origin story27 January 2022
Attack On Titan was reportedly the most in-demand TV series of 202127 January 2022
Encanto star John Leguizamo calls out colourism in Hollywood27 January 2022
Tobey Maguire says No Way Home doesn’t "close the chapter" for his Spider-Man27 January 2022
Daniel Craig thinks Knives Out 2 will be released in autumn 202227 January 2022
Tom Holland doesn't know what's next for Spider-Man in the MCU27 January 2022
Doctor Strange and Mysterio battle in Spider-Man: No Way Home concept art27 January 2022
Fight Club writer responds to China's alternate ending26 January 2022
Stephen King's Later becoming Blumhouse TV series starring Lucy Liu26 January 2022
Mortal Kombat 2 in the works with Moon Knight writer26 January 2022
Steve Carell joins Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski's new movie26 January 2022
The Batman director didn't want other DCEU characters in the movie26 January 2022
Kuso director Flying Lotus working on new horror movie26 January 2022
The game is afoot! Save 57% on this limited edition Sherlock box set26 January 2022
Sing a Bit of Harmony voice actors Ian Sinclair and Jordan Dash Cruz unpack Funimation's new anime movie26 January 2022
Bradley Cooper felt insecure about replacing DiCaprio in Nightmare Alley26 January 2022
Kevin James wants to do Paul Blart: Mall Cop 3 because we've not suffered enough26 January 2022
Jake Gyllenhaal's making a speedboat heist movie and we want it now26 January 2022
C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels is doing mocap for new Star Wars project26 January 2022
Even Sam Raimi doesn't know if Doctor Strange 2 has finished filming yet26 January 2022
My Old School review (Sundance 2022) - Alan Cumming helps tell the extraordinary true story of an unusual Glasgow school boy26 January 2022
Netflix's Raving Rabbids movie gets first trailer26 January 2022
Orphan star Isabelle Fuhrman “thoroughly disturbed” by how she looks in prequel26 January 2022
The Book of Boba Fett episode 5 review - shall we just do The Mandalorian season 3 instead?26 January 2022
Charlie Brown voice actor Peter Robbins dies aged 6526 January 2022
Disney responds to Peter Dinklage's Snow White criticisms26 January 2022
House of the Dragon release date, trailer, and more - when does the Game of Thrones prequel start?26 January 2022
Eternals director Chloe Zhao took cast to Harry Styles concert25 January 2022
Dwayne Johnson is working on a secret videogame movie25 January 2022
Percy Jackson series greenlit by Disney Plus25 January 2022
Sam Raimi calls Spider-Man: No Way Home "refreshing"25 January 2022
Megan Shipman and Risa Mei on voicing the award-winning anime movie Sing a Bit of Harmony25 January 2022
Living review (Sundance 2022) - Bill Nighy shines in exquisitely shot and scored Kurosawa adaptation25 January 2022
Jujutsu Kaisen 0 US release date announced by Crunchyroll25 January 2022
Andrew Garfield only told three people about Spider-Man: No Way Home appearance25 January 2022
Disney has made a subtle change to the Marvel Cinematic Universe's timeline25 January 2022
Ethan Hawke says Oscar Isaac convinced him to join Moon Knight cast25 January 2022
Roland Emmerich wants Moonfall to be a trilogy25 January 2022
Scream 5 directors say they were made to film an alternate ending25 January 2022
Matthew Lillard had a secret Scream 5 cameo25 January 2022
Fight Club has an alternate ending in China where the police win25 January 2022
Batgirl casts Ivory Aquino as first trans character in DCEU25 January 2022
Peter Dinklage calls Snow White a "backwards story", accuses Disney of hypocrisy25 January 2022
Seabiscuit star passes away at 2424 January 2022
Chris Evans joins Dwayne Johnson's Christmas movie for Amazon Prime24 January 2022
Scream 5 directors have ideas for more Ready or Not and Ghostface sequels24 January 2022
Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man could return to MCU in Doctor Strange 224 January 2022
How to watch The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window24 January 2022
Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio gets first trailer, coming to Netflix later this year24 January 2022
How to watch All of Us Are Dead - where can you stream the Korean horror series?24 January 2022
How to watch Parallel Mothers - can I stream Penélope Cruz's new movie?24 January 2022
How to watch Sing 2 - can I stream Taron Egerton's new movie?24 January 2022
Spider-Man: No Way Home now the sixth highest grossing movie ever24 January 2022
How to watch Sing a Bit of Harmony - can you stream the award-winning anime movie?24 January 2022
Evangeline Lilly on filming the thriller movie South of Heaven24 January 2022
Star Wars: Ahsoka adds Birds of Prey star Mary Elizabeth Winstead to cast24 January 2022
Life on Mars star teases return of cult BBC series24 January 2022
A Quiet Place spin-off movie release date delayed24 January 2022
Samuel L. Jackson and Emilia Clarke appear in Marvel's Secret Invasion set photos24 January 2022
Patton Oswalt admits Ratatouille has a 'plot hole' but jokes they're not giving back the Oscar24 January 2022
James Bond producers would "love" female director for next movie22 January 2022
Munich - The Edge of War star Jannis Niewöhner on Netflix's gripping new thriller movie22 January 2022
Mission: Impossible 7 and 8 delayed to 2023 and 202421 January 2022
Robert Downey Jr joked about breaking Chris Hemsworth's knee on Avengers set21 January 2022
Black Adam will bring a "unique edge" to the DCEU, says Dwayne Johnson21 January 2022
Lilly Wachowski and Elliot Page support case against anti-trans law in Arkansas21 January 2022
A Christmas Story sequel in the works with Peter Billingsley set to return21 January 2022
Danny DeVito nearly drowned filming Always Sunny in Philadelphia stunt21 January 2022
Nightmare Alley (2022) review - Guillermo del Toro delivers a lavish slice of gothic Americana21 January 2022
The Batman theme unveiled by composer Michael Giacchino21 January 2022
Yellowjackets season 1 ending explained21 January 2022
Munich - The Edge of War (2022) review - new Netflix war movie finds drama in peace21 January 2022
Scream star Melissa Barrera nearly got stabbed by a real knife on set21 January 2022
Squid Game season 2 confirmed by Netflix21 January 2022
Meat Loaf, iconic Bat Out of Hell singer and Rocky Horror actor, passes away21 January 2022
Adam McKay to produce drama movie about assault on US Capitol21 January 2022
Godzilla and MonsterVerse live-action series coming to Apple TV21 January 2022
The Aristocats live-action remake reportedly in the works at Disney21 January 2022
The Batman runtime makes it the longest Batman movie ever made21 January 2022
Fatal Attraction remake TV series coming to Paramount Plus20 January 2022
Jeff Daniels has spider-killing worm named after him in homage to Arachnophobia20 January 2022
The Last of Us HBO series adds Barry and Umbrella Academy directors20 January 2022
The Meg 2 to start filming in London this month20 January 2022
Lady Gaga wanted Salma Hayek relationship in House of Gucci20 January 2022
Chicken Run sequel coming to Netflix20 January 2022
Robert Pattinson admits joke about "not working out" for The Batman haunts him20 January 2022
The Time Machine star Yvette Mimieux dies aged 8020 January 2022
Tom Cruise's dream of a movie studio in space could happen in 202420 January 2022
Jensen Ackles picks his favourite Supernatural storyline20 January 2022
Zendaya came up with bread-throwing idea for Spider-Man: No Way Home20 January 2022
Death on the Nile secures rare China release20 January 2022
Spider-Man: No Way Home becomes fourth highest grossing movie of all time20 January 2022
Lizzie McGuire reboot "kind of sitting there", says Hilary Duff20 January 2022
Shenmue anime coming to Crunchyroll and Adult Swim in February20 January 2022
Ridley Scott's new movie Kitbag now called Napoleon20 January 2022
Beauty and the Beast prequel on Disney Plus adds Hawkeye's Fra Fee19 January 2022
Parasite's Bong Joon-ho and The Batman's Robert Pattinson set to team up19 January 2022
Michael Mann announces Heat 2 novel19 January 2022
Eternals breaks MCU record on Disney Plus launch19 January 2022
Moon Knight star Ethan Hawke joins new Netflix movie with Julia Roberts19 January 2022
The Crown season 5 set photos reveal Elizabeth Debicki's Diana19 January 2022
Encanto's 'We Don't Talk About Bruno' is Disney's highest-charting song since 199519 January 2022
Simon Pegg would love to play Gary King again19 January 2022
Amazon Lord of the Rings series gets official title in new teaser19 January 2022
Star Wars: The Force Awakens twist was scrapped after Lucasfilm fought back against JJ Abrams19 January 2022
How to watch The Book of Boba Fett episode 5 - when can you stream the new Star Wars TV series?19 January 2022
Supernatural has given Jensen Ackles "15 years of training" in handling ghosts19 January 2022
Evangeline Lilly calls Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania the "best one yet"19 January 2022
Star Trek: Discovery renewed for season 5, Picard season 2 starting March 202219 January 2022
Great Scott! The complete Back to the Future Blu-ray set is now 42% off19 January 2022
King of the Hill revival coming from original creators18 January 2022
Arthur ending this year after 25 seasons18 January 2022
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 star Ben Schwartz says film is "epic"18 January 2022
Vikings: Valhalla trailer has Netflix series bringing bloody war18 January 2022
Cuphead Netflix series trailer reveals February 2022 release date18 January 2022
Weird Al Yankovic biopic starring Daniel Radcliffe coming to Roku18 January 2022
Andrew Garfield lied to Emma Stone about Spider-Man: No Way Home appearance18 January 2022
Evangeline Lilly pitched Real Steel sequel with Hugh Jackman, but studio turned her down18 January 2022
Yellowjackets season 2 will have more adult survivors18 January 2022
Matthew Lillard was supposed to be Scream 3's villain18 January 2022
Scream 5 directors want to make a sixth movie18 January 2022
Bill Murray once played Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four18 January 2022
Oscar Isaac fans are split on his Moon Knight British accent18 January 2022
Willem Dafoe has the perfect pitch for Joker 218 January 2022
Oscar Isaac becomes Marvel's answer to Batman in first Moon Knight trailer18 January 2022
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 will have a different art-style for every timeline17 January 2022
Roland Emmerich's Moonfall didn't cut anything because of the pandemic17 January 2022
MCU's 2022 release schedule may have leaked online17 January 2022
Munich - Edge of War star breaks down filming intense scene with George MacKay17 January 2022
After Life’s Ricky Gervais and Netflix join forces to combat Blue Monday17 January 2022
Leonardo DiCaprio forced Jonah Hill to watch The Mandalorian but he "didn’t give a f*ck"17 January 2022
How to watch Ozark season 4 - when can you stream Jason Bateman's Netflix series?17 January 2022
How to watch Servant season 3 - can I stream M. Night Shyamalan's new TV series?17 January 2022
Batgirl first look shared by Leslie Grace17 January 2022
Scream 5 Easter eggs - all the horror movie references you missed in Scream (2022)17 January 2022
How to watch Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 - when can you stream new episodes of the anime series?17 January 2022
Scream 5 ending explained - who is the new Ghostface killer in Scream (2022)?16 January 2022
Star Wars: why does General Grievous have a cough?16 January 2022
Jackass Forever might not be final movie, Johnny Knoxville says15 January 2022
Batgirl movie set photos tease Court of Owls, Batman V Superman connection14 January 2022
Hugh Jackman encouraged Vincent D'Onofrio to play a Marvel villain14 January 2022
Santa Clause Disney Plus series starring Tim Allen in the works14 January 2022
Kendrick Lamar teams up with South Park’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone for new Paramount live-action comedy14 January 2022
Black Panther 2 resumes filming with Letitia Wright14 January 2022
Nightmare on Elm Street house sells for nearly $3 million dollars14 January 2022
Tobey Maguire was "kinda drowning" during iconic Spider-Man upside-down kiss14 January 2022
House of the Dragon shouldn't "recreate" Game of Thrones, says Peter Dinklage14 January 2022
Jeremy Irons thinks Justice League theatrical cut is "dreadful"14 January 2022
Hotel Transylvania 4 is streaming on Amazon Prime now14 January 2022
Quantum Leap sequel in the works, possibly starring Scott Bakula14 January 2022
Doctor Strange 2 reshoots officially wrapped ahead of May release date, Benedict Cumberbatch confirms14 January 2022
Scream star Neve Campbell was once attacked by a bear on a film set14 January 2022
Real Steel Disney Plus series in the works14 January 2022
Will Arnett to lead Netflix comedy series Murderville13 January 2022
Denzel Washington's next movie is The Equalizer 313 January 2022
Red Notice sequels might be filmed back-to-back13 January 2022
Jason Momoa celebrates Aquaman 2 wrap with Patrick Wilson as James Wan pays tribute to cast and crew13 January 2022
Shadow and Bone season 2 has started filming, Netflix reveals new cast members13 January 2022
Belle anime movie coming to UK theatres February 202213 January 2022
Amy Schumer joins cast of Only Murders in the Building season 213 January 2022
Emma Watson would return for another Harry Potter reunion13 January 2022
Blumhouse's Firestarter rated R for violent content13 January 2022
Scream concept art shows Ghostface could have looked very different13 January 2022
John Cena "hopes" to make Fast and Furious return13 January 2022
Disney casts Andrew Burnap in mystery Snow White role13 January 2022
Javier Bardem wants to star in new Frankenstein monster movie13 January 2022
Star Wars Andor: Is Lonni a Rebel spy?13 January 2022
Brittany Snow and Kid Cudi lead trailer for new A24 movie X12 January 2022
Richard Ayoade and Rupert Friend join Wes Anderson's Roald Dahl Netflix film12 January 2022
Sarah Snook and Elizabeth Banks starring in beanie babies movie for Apple TV12 January 2022
The Batman on track for March release date despite Omicron concerns, Warner CEO says12 January 2022
Free carry bag worth $59.99 available with the new Samsung Freestyle projector12 January 2022
Hayley Mills, the former child star, was gifted a replacement Oscar after hers was stolen12 January 2022
The Batman rated PG-1312 January 2022
Daniel Craig recalls "train wreck" James Bond announcement press conference12 January 2022
Benedict Cumberbatch is being compared to Ali G after new photoshoot12 January 2022
Spider-Man: No Way Home writers left "big characters" out of movie12 January 2022
The Book of Boba Fett may have just made the Star Wars Holiday Special canon12 January 2022
The Book of Boba Fett episode 3 review (2022) - how I learned to love the Boba12 January 2022
Gal Gadot to star in remake of Alfred Hitchcock's To Catch a Thief12 January 2022
Scream (2022) review – Ghostface returns for a sequel that sticks to slasher basics12 January 2022
A Quiet Place spin-off gains director of Nicolas Cage's Pig12 January 2022
Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl battle demons in trailer for new horror-comedy Studio 66611 January 2022
Spider-Man: No Way Home director producing Final Destination reboot for HBO Max11 January 2022
Steven Soderbergh's new thriller movie Kimi starring Zoe Kravitz gets first trailer11 January 2022
John Cena wants Peacemaker and Black Adam DCEU movie11 January 2022
Scream browser game makes you outrun Ghostface11 January 2022
Evil Dead Rise director shares ominous editing update11 January 2022
Keanu Reeves continues to be world's nicest man and flew Matrix 4 crew out for premiere11 January 2022
Hell or High Water TV series coming from Fox11 January 2022
The White Lotus season 2 adds Aubrey Plaza to cast11 January 2022
Courteney Cox shares origin of her dreadful Scream 3 haircut11 January 2022
Bob's Burgers movie trailer welcomes the Belcher family to the big screen11 January 2022
Andrew Garfield shares how Sony reacted to Spider-Man: No Way Home leaks11 January 2022
Michael Bay and Gareth Evans team up for The Raid remake on Netflix11 January 2022
Captain America: Civil War three way fight still makes Sebastian Stan proud11 January 2022
Kanye West Netflix documentary jeen-yuhs gets first teaser10 January 2022
Emily in Paris renewed for season 3 and 4 at Netflix10 January 2022
Scream house gets MTV Cribs tour from Dylen Minette10 January 2022
Bel-Air trailer shows gritty Fresh Prince reboot10 January 2022
Zendaya says Euphoria might get a Tom Holland cameo10 January 2022
Bill Murray confirms he's playing a villain in Ant-Man 310 January 2022
Dexter: New Blood ending explained10 January 2022
How to watch Scream 5 - can you stream the new Ghostface horror movie?10 January 2022
How to watch After Life season 3 - can I stream Ricky Gervais's new Netflix series?10 January 2022
Dexter star Michael C Hall hopes fans "appreciate" New Blood's ending10 January 2022
How to watch Dexter: New Blood - where can you stream Dexter season 9?10 January 2022
Andrew Garfield turned his Spider-Man: No Way Home lies into a game10 January 2022
How to watch Euphoria season 2 - where can I stream Zendaya's HBO series?10 January 2022
Scott Pilgrim anime series coming to Netflix10 January 2022
Full House cast pay tribute to Bob Saget after his passing10 January 2022
Golden Globes 2022: The Power of the Dog, Succession, and West Side Story night's big winners10 January 2022
Pixar's Turning Red going straight to Disney Plus7 January 2022
Star Trek: Picard shuts down production after 50 people catch Covid-197 January 2022
Dev Patel and Ralph Fiennes join Wes Anderson's Roald Dahl adaptation7 January 2022
Andrew Garfield says he’s "definitely open" to another Spider-Man movie7 January 2022
Enola Holmes 2 has completed filming, Netflix shares quick sneak peak7 January 2022
The Boys season 3 premieres in June7 January 2022
The Boys season 3 release date and everything else we know7 January 2022
Sidney Poitier, Oscar-winning star of Lilies of the Field and In the Heat of the Night, passes away7 January 2022
Elmo versus Rocco - 2022's most explosive celebrity feud explained7 January 2022
Exclusive Memoria clip shows Tilda Swinton recreating a mysterious sound7 January 2022
Dwayne Johnson is coming to Sesame Street to teach Elmo about cheat meals7 January 2022
Book of Boba Fett's Temuera Morrison teases big episode seven surprise7 January 2022
Ben Affleck says his favourite Batman scene is in The Flash7 January 2022
Benedict Cumberbatch reportedly set to star in Wes Anderson's new Netflix Roald Dahl movie7 January 2022
Fallout TV series gets Westworld director and Captain Marvel writer7 January 2022
Rooney Mara cast as Audrey Hepburn in new biopic for Apple TV Plus7 January 2022
Andrew Garfield reveals why he returned for Spider-Man: No Way Home7 January 2022
Invincible season 2 hasn't started recording yet, says Steven Yeun6 January 2022
Peter Bogdanovich, director of The Last Picture Show and What's Up, Doc? passes away6 January 2022
Tom Holland found Uncharted's director changes "quite stressful"6 January 2022
Michael B Jordan has "some ideas" for Denzel Washington joining the MCU6 January 2022
Cobra Kai has been trying to use this AC/DC song since the TV series started6 January 2022
Sebastian Stan doesn't know when Bucky's next MCU appearance is6 January 2022
New Moonfall trailer has Patrick Wilson going to war with the moon6 January 2022
Tobias Menzies to star in Apple TV series Manhunt6 January 2022
Denis Villeneuve wanted the "driest sound possible" for Dune's sandworms6 January 2022
Frankie Muniz denies rumours he can't remember filming Malcolm in the Middle6 January 2022
Jodie Whittaker names her favourite Doctor Who episode6 January 2022
Every Paranormal Activity movie is now on Paramount Plus6 January 2022
The Sopranos star Michael Imperioli joins cast of The White Lotus season 26 January 2022
Book of Boba Fett may have teased fan favourite Star Wars character5 January 2022
Spider-Man fans launch campaign to make fourth Tobey Maguire movie5 January 2022
New Pam and Tommy trailer gives Seth Rogen an incredible mullet5 January 2022
Archive 81 trailer reveals Netflix horror series produced by James Wan5 January 2022
Gal Gadot admits that singing 'Imagine' wasn't the best idea5 January 2022
Spider-Man: No Way Home writers explain film's dark twist and Peter's final decision5 January 2022
Morbius was delayed because of Spider-Man: No Way Home's box office5 January 2022
Uncharted film release date, trailer, cast, and more - when is Nathan Drake coming to theatres?5 January 2022
Noah Hawley says Alien TV series is going "slowly" but "great"5 January 2022
Spider-Man: No Way Home artist shares concept art of Tom Holland in Venom's black suit5 January 2022
New Beavis and Butt-Head movie "and more" coming to Paramount Plus5 January 2022
New Blood star Clancy Brown doesn't think Dexter "really cares" about his son5 January 2022
The Book of Boba Fett episode 2 review (2022) - the pulse-pounding origin of Boba Fett’s stick5 January 2022
Josh Hartnett joins cast of Christopher Nolan's new movie Oppenheimer5 January 2022
Vanessa Kirby in talks to replace Jodie Comer in Ridley Scott's Kitbag5 January 2022
Euphoria season 2 release date, trailer, cast, and more5 January 2022
Chris Evans to tap-dance his way into playing Gene Kelly4 January 2022
The Matrix 4 producer says no sequel is planned4 January 2022
Clancy Brown's John Wick 4 character will reveal more of the High Table4 January 2022
Kristen Bell's Netflix comedy series The Woman in the House gets wine-filled new trailer4 January 2022
The Lost Daughter is available to stream on Netflix now4 January 2022
Alexandra Daddario "loves" Percy Jackson movies, "so excited" for Disney Plus series4 January 2022
Scream breakfast cereal now available for pre-order, with talking Ghostface collector's box4 January 2022
Fast 10 director reveals plans with Paul Walker for last movie in franchise4 January 2022
Hawkeye ending and post-credits scene explained4 January 2022
After Life season 3 release date, cast, plot, and more4 January 2022
Peaky Blinders season 6 release date, trailer, and more4 January 2022
Netflix horror series All of Us Are Dead trailer promises teen zombie action4 January 2022
Harry Potter reunion producers fix Emma Watson and Oliver Phelps photo mistakes4 January 2022
Nicolas Cage Dracula movie inspired by Malignant and The Ring4 January 2022
Keanu Reeves in talks to star in Martin Scorsese's The Devil In The White City4 January 2022
Morbius release date delayed to April 20224 January 2022
Morbius trailer, release date, and more4 January 2022
The Digital Pix – our favourite TV series of 20212 January 2022