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Star Wars Andor: Is Vel Sartha related to Mon Mothma?

In Star Wars Andor episode 9 it was suggested Vel Sartha is related to Mon Mothma, but is that the truth or is it just another lie among Rebels?

Genevieve O'Reilly as Mon Mothma in Star Wars Andor

Is Vel Sartha related to Mon Mothma in Star Wars Andor? In the latest episode of the new Star Wars series, we saw two Star Wars characters interact for the first time and it was heavily suggested that the Rebellion leader Mon Mothma is actually related to Vel Sartha, the Rebel bandit who co-ordinated the heist on Aldhani in Andor episode 6.

We’ve already seen Mon Mothma become embroiled in Luthen Rael’s plan to invoke the wrath of Emperor Palpatine in Andor, and the senator’s involvement in the Rebellion is getting deeper every week. In Andor episode 9, this connection to the Rebels gains a new layer as Vel and Mon come face to face on Coruscant in a particularly tense Star Wars scene.

Vel is referred to as Mon’s cousin, but with all the lies and secrets going on in the sci-fi series we’re not sure what’s the truth and what isn’t now. So, is Vel Sartha related to Mon Mothma for real? Warning spoilers ahead.

Is Vel Sartha related to Mon Mothma?

Very little is actually known about Vel Sartha in the wider Star Wars universe, so at this moment in time all we know is that Vel seems to be Mon Mothma’s cousin. 

When Vel and Mon meet on Coruscant in the TV series, Vel converses with the senator and her husband Perrin Fertha about the ways of the Chandrilan people, which confirms that Mon and Vel are from the same planet in Andor.

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There’s also an alternative theory that Vel could actually be Mon’s daughter, which is plausible given the fact that Mon was married at the age of 15 as per Chandrilan customs.

Of course, it’s also possible (but unlikely) that this is all a disguise to explain the fact that Mon and Vel are meeting to discuss the Rebellion and the destruction of Emperor Palpatine and the Galactic Empire, and aren’t related at all. You’d think Mon’s husband would remember who his wife is related to, but then he doesn’t seem to care all that much so could easily be fooled.

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