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Is Saw Gerrera in Andor episode 8?

We know that Forest Whitaker's Saw Gerrera will show up at some point in Star Wars Andor, so is episode 8 the time for him to reappear?

Forest Whitaker as Saw Gerrera in Star Wars Andor

Is Saw Gerrera in Andor episode 8? We’ve known for a while now that the Star Wars character Saw Gerrera will have a part to play in the new Star Wars series Andor. Over the course of the first seven episodes of the TV series, we haven’t seen or even heard a mention of Saw, so when is he going to show up?

You may remember Saw Gerrera, played by legendary actor Forest Whitaker, from the Star Wars movie Rogue One. He played a key role in the Rebellion and helped Jyn Erso steal the Death Star plans, so it makes sense that he will crossover into the story of Cassian Andor in this new sci-fi series.

So, is Saw Gerrera in Andor episode 8? If you’re tired of waiting for the big man to show up, we can tell you right now if he makes an appearance this week. Warning, spoilers ahead.

Is Saw Gerrera in Andor episode 8?

Yes, Saw Gerrera makes a short appearance in Andor episode 8. When we see him, he’s residing on one of the new planets Andor is set on, called Segra Milo and is visited by Luthen Rael.

If you recall Andor episode 7, Luthen Rael’s plan is to provoke the Empire and cause them to be more ruthless with the citizens of the galaxy, which he hopes will then cause more to join the Rebel cause. He meets with Saw because he wants him to help expedite this process.

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Whether he agrees to this collaboration remains to be seen, but Saw sure ain’t keen on the idea at first. Until the next episode provides more answers, why not find out whether Emperor Palpatine will be in Andor, or why Andor has to take his shoes off on Narkina 5. Alternatively, check out our guide to the Andor season 2 release date.