January 2024 Archive

Woody Harrelson was jealous of Matthew McConaughey for this role31 January 2024
Rocky star wanted to "knock out" Stallone over this action movie scene31 January 2024
Clint Eastwood and Spike Lee's feud was settled at a basketball game31 January 2024
Charlie Hunnam knows bikers hate this about Jax in Sons of Anarchy31 January 2024
Emily Blunt was forced to reject the MCU because of her worst movie31 January 2024
Martial arts legend rejected Matrix movies because he was scared of AI31 January 2024
Robert Redford rejected Michael J Fox from this classic drama movie31 January 2024
Jason Statham says Fast and Furious co-star was "director's nightmare"31 January 2024
Stephen King dislikes best horror movie ever, says it's "insulting"31 January 2024
Karen Gillan says this Jack Nicholson classic is her favourite movie31 January 2024
Grey's Anatomy actor "begged" Shonda Rhimes not to kill them off31 January 2024
Jonathan Frakes wishes he had become a Star Trek captain sooner31 January 2024
You may be surprised at which Star Trek actor has the most screentime31 January 2024
Christopher Walken worked with "aggressive" animals on DC movie set31 January 2024
Al Pacino explains why his best '80s movie is loved by rappers30 January 2024
Clint Eastwood reveals this Western was first script he "really liked"30 January 2024
Return of the Jedi only introduced the Ewoks because of Chewbacca30 January 2024
Matt Damon said script for one of his best thrillers was career ender30 January 2024
Yellowstone creator says his two best movies wouldn't get made today30 January 2024
Sean Bean reveals his favorite death scene, and he's spot on30 January 2024
Buzz Aldrin loves this sci-fi movie classic, and we trust him30 January 2024
Jenna Ortega reveals "traumatising" horror movie that still haunts her30 January 2024
Harrison Ford refuses to talk to Costner about Yellowstone, here's why30 January 2024
Ted Danson was almost replaced by this star before Cheers ended30 January 2024
Eddie Murphy turned down one of the best movies ever, and regrets it30 January 2024
Sylvester Stallone turned down stupid amount of money for this sequel30 January 2024
Star Trek legend Jonathan Frakes regrets this awful finale decision30 January 2024
John Carpenter says this Western is so good it nearly killed the genre29 January 2024
John Goodman was pushed into his worst movie by Steven Spielberg29 January 2024
Colin Farrell says death was "around the corner" making this TV series29 January 2024
One Harry Potter villain scared Stephen King, and it’s not Voldemort29 January 2024
Keanu Reeves reveals how he pulled off this "impossible" stunt29 January 2024
Helen Mirren reveals "embarrassing" Fast and Furious movies request29 January 2024
Michelle Pfeiffer defends one of her most underrated movies29 January 2024
Julia Roberts' Pretty Woman role nearly went to this '80s movie star29 January 2024
Jim Carrey's injury on Dumb and Dumber was real, it turns out29 January 2024
Even Tom Hanks admits his worst trilogy of movies is "hooey"29 January 2024
This Sons of Anarchy character was meant to die in the pilot29 January 2024
Sylvester Stallone has an awful pick for his best action movie29 January 2024
Yoda’s design is based on this man’s face, and the similarity is crazy29 January 2024
Daniel Radcliffe was 12 when he improvised great Harry Potter moment28 January 2024
Most of Yellowstone's horses come from the same surprising place28 January 2024
Star Trek's Kirk and Seven of Nine made one of the worst movies ever28 January 2024
George Lucas reveals what you forgot about Star Wars, and he's right28 January 2024
Denzel Washington learned brutal tricks from Navy Seals for this movie28 January 2024
Ray Liotta was grossed out by his own scene in this horror movie28 January 2024
Star Trek Voyager’s original Janeway actor quit for bizarre reason28 January 2024
Tom Hanks says Clint Eastwood included real life heroes in drama movie28 January 2024
Jennifer Lawrence got injured because her best movie went "too far"28 January 2024
Michelle Pfeiffer wore sunglasses to hide injury in this '80s movie28 January 2024
Harrison Ford regrets turning down one of George Clooney's best movies28 January 2024
Denzel Washington completely improvised Training Day's best scene28 January 2024
Robin Williams swore so much, this TV series needed a team of censors28 January 2024
Judi Dench reveals that she was shut down by Clint Eastwood on set27 January 2024
Nicolas Cage picks the best movie he's made, and he might be right27 January 2024
Yellowstone creator hated acting alongside this Hollywood legend27 January 2024
Yellowstone’s creator also wrote the best thriller movie of the 2010s27 January 2024
Sylvester Stallone feared for his life doing this action movie stunt27 January 2024
Ted Danson embarrassed Woody Harrelson in the worst way making Cheers27 January 2024
Why Jeri Ryan hated Seven of Nine's costume on Star Trek Voyager27 January 2024
Keanu Reeves made a stunning amount per word for John Wick 427 January 2024
Matt Damon compares movie co-star to Marlon Brando27 January 2024
Don't call Nicolas Cage an actor, he prefers this job title instead27 January 2024
Sons of Anarchy boss was surprised fans hated this character so much27 January 2024
Yellowstone creator shares "unfair" reason why he left Sons of Anarchy27 January 2024
This Stanley Kubrick movie changed Robin Williams's view on comedy26 January 2024
Matt Damon thinks this is one of his worst movies, and he's right26 January 2024
Prince declined this iconic '90s movie, and it would've been amazing26 January 2024
Morgan Freeman thinks this classic Western is one of the best movies26 January 2024
Tom Hanks says Clint Eastwood treated him like a horse on this movie26 January 2024
Sons of Anarchy creator reveals the one thing fans always asked for26 January 2024
Steven Spielberg says it was "a great honor" to make his best movie26 January 2024
How I Met Your Mother actually gave us Breaking Bad's best character26 January 2024
Stargate character felt "totally different" after this change26 January 2024
Meryl Streep inspired one of the best Al Pacino movie roles26 January 2024
Yellowstone has massive Sons of Anarchy connection you probably missed26 January 2024
This Clint Eastwood movie put "250 years worth of ass" on screen26 January 2024
Reese Witherspoon needed hypnotism to get through this drama movie26 January 2024
Paul Newman almost starred in one of Ryan Gosling's best movies26 January 2024
This Ben Affleck and Matt Damon movie is still criminally underrated26 January 2024
Deadpool star was traumatised by cut underwater stunt25 January 2024
Colin Farrell reveals the one movie that makes him feel ashamed25 January 2024
Michelle Pfeiffer reveals '80s movie audition left her "humiliated"25 January 2024
Donald Sutherland didn't know his bare ass would be in this movie25 January 2024
Kevin Bacon had to turn down bizarre role because of his wife's phobia25 January 2024
Clint Eastwood regrets making this Western, and we can see why25 January 2024
Matt Damon reveals "most profound" advice he got from Ben Affleck25 January 2024
Tom Cruise holds this awards record, but probably doesn't want it25 January 2024
Chris Hemsworth didn't get a callback for Thor, but his brother did25 January 2024
Giancarlo Esposito avoided Breaking Bad cast while filming this scene25 January 2024
Robin Williams was a "saint" for saving this star during talk show25 January 2024
Michelle Rodriguez won't do more Avatar movies for hilarious reason25 January 2024
George Lucas made Star Wars prequels because fans "didn't get" story25 January 2024
This classic Disney movie "mutilated" the original book, apparently25 January 2024
Here's how the Terminator was going to look before Schwarzenegger25 January 2024
Simon Pegg reveals the surprising thing that killed off zombie movies24 January 2024
Matt Damon really wanted someone else for this Good Will Hunting role24 January 2024
Keanu Reeves and this co-star didn't know they shared a crush24 January 2024
Richard Dean Anderson left Stargate for an extremely sweet reason24 January 2024
Friends actor says her boyfriend was furious with intimate Joey scene24 January 2024
Steven Spielberg regrets not directing this classic Tom Hanks movie24 January 2024
Keanu Reeves married Winona Ryder by accident24 January 2024
Nicolas Cage says Keanu Reeves "kicked my ass" without even fighting24 January 2024
Minnie Driver never wants a sequel to the best Ben Affleck movie24 January 2024
Richard Gere "really dislikes" Sylvester Stallone after this movie24 January 2024
Jack Nicholson rejected best The Godfather role for great reason24 January 2024
Clint Eastwood uses this Secret Service trick to keep his sets calm24 January 2024
Jason Momoa says Al Pacino flipped him off, and he creeped out Liam Neeson24 January 2024
Halle Berry was told this movie would be "the death" of her career23 January 2024
This is the deadliest actor in Hollywood, and it's not who you think23 January 2024
Sons of Anarchy creator reveals a hilarious thing not allowed on TV23 January 2024
Jim Carrey hated filming his best movie23 January 2024
Keira Knightley didn't think anyone would watch her best 2000s movie23 January 2024
Robert De Niro tried out a surprising job for one of his best movies23 January 2024
Denzel Washington's Training Day role wasn't written for a Black actor23 January 2024
Ben Affleck calls working on this movie the "worst experience"23 January 2024
Jonah Hill "immediately hated" this co-star in comedy movie Superbad23 January 2024
Everybody Loves Raymond star got the role because he was so angry23 January 2024
Angelina Jolie loved seducing Denzel Washington in this '90s movie23 January 2024
Mark Hamill hated saying this "cringe-inducing" Star Wars line23 January 2024
Steven Spielberg regrets adding this scene to one of his best movies23 January 2024
Clint Eastwood interview gets awkward when "adult film" is mentioned23 January 2024
Seinfeld producer says the comedy series became "unsustainable"22 January 2024
Steven Spielberg made movies thanks to this TV detective22 January 2024
Al Pacino nearly died making The Godfather 222 January 2024
Chris Hemsworth still hasn't forgiven this MCU character22 January 2024
Denzel Washington shares an amazing Oscars record with Jack Nicholson22 January 2024
Quentin Tarantino had a genuine reason to put bare feet in this movie22 January 2024
Sons of Anarchy's Stephen King character name has a subtle backstory22 January 2024
Paul Newman almost got co-stars arrested on this sports movie22 January 2024
Matt Damon’s most famous character was almost killed after one movie22 January 2024
Willem Dafoe lied about having a motorcycle licence to do this movie22 January 2024
Friends nearly cast this comedy movie legend as Phoebe22 January 2024
John Wayne and Kirk Douglas never saw "eye-to-eye" outside the movies22 January 2024
Carl Weathers got the Rocky gig by insulting Sylvester Stallone22 January 2024
Cheers star hated the beer the comedy series served21 January 2024
Burt Reynolds kept getting tackled for real making this sports movie21 January 2024
Steven Spielberg changed Jurassic Park's original horrific book ending21 January 2024
Clint Eastwood still owns an iconic prop from classic Western trilogy21 January 2024
Kurt Russell is the reason there's penguins in Mary Poppins21 January 2024
This Star Trek TNG cast member found his character's role "insulting"21 January 2024
Matt Damon left the set of this Brad Pitt movie to save Bourne21 January 2024
Marlon Brando's final movie will never be seen and no one knows why21 January 2024
Dustin Hoffman holds an incredible world record thanks to this movie21 January 2024
Clint Eastwood refused to leave movie set even though it was on fire21 January 2024
Sons of Anarchy star felt "overwhelming desire" to punch Idris Elba21 January 2024
Jamie Lee Curtis' mom stopped her from doing this iconic horror movie21 January 2024
Steven Spielberg won millions in a bet gone wrong with George Lucas21 January 2024
Michael Keaton turned down the best Bill Murray movie21 January 2024
Keanu Reeves reveals the toughest John Wick action scene20 January 2024
John Cusack knew Jack Black was this movie's "secret weapon"20 January 2024
This Wizard of Oz costume was disgusting for one horrible reason20 January 2024
Denzel Washington declined a huge role in the best detective movie20 January 2024
Harrison Ford says this Robert Duvall classic is his favorite movie20 January 2024
Sylvester Stallone had his "insides rearranged" by Rocky 220 January 2024
Dustin Hoffman regrets turning down Steven Spielberg four times20 January 2024
Ryan Reynolds blames Hugh Jackman for the worst X-Men movie20 January 2024
Nicolas Cage changed his name because of Apocalypse Now (sort of)20 January 2024
The bear in Cocaine Bear had too much cocaine during production20 January 2024
Robert Redford was rejected for this movie because he was too cool20 January 2024
New movies 2024 — the full release list of all upcoming films20 January 2024
Star Wars C3PO actor walked out of this classic science fiction movie20 January 2024
Charlie Hunnam was "most nervous" about this Sons of Anarchy scene20 January 2024
Matt Damon says his first big movie role could have killed him20 January 2024
Brendan Fraser got the funniest complaint after George of the Jungle19 January 2024
Keanu Reeves has "always wanted" to play the best X-Men character19 January 2024
Bella Ramsey thinks it's better this The Last of Us scene wasn't made19 January 2024
Ryan Reynolds "loved" making one of his worst movies19 January 2024
Barbara Streisand wanted these actors to remake A Star is Born19 January 2024
Sons of Anarchy star admits he can't ride a motorbike19 January 2024
A doctor thought Carl Weathers had died while filming Rocky 419 January 2024
Jonathan Frakes reveals how he directs Patrick Stewart on Star Trek18 January 2024
Steven Spielberg had touching reaction to meeting on-screen parents18 January 2024
Matt Damon only got this action movie role because Eminem said no18 January 2024
Tom Cruise cried when reunited with Top Gun Maverick co-star18 January 2024
Keanu Reeves wants Denzel Washington for "crazy" John Wick crossover18 January 2024
Brendan Fraser got the best advice from Ian McKellen making this movie18 January 2024
Patricia Arquette "blew" chance at one of the best Tom Cruise movies18 January 2024
Star Trek creator tried to sabotage the franchise's best movie18 January 2024
Will we get a World War Z 2 movie?18 January 2024
Sylvester Stallone regrets one thing about the best Rocky movie18 January 2024
Michelle Yeoh kept her name in Hollywood because of a James Bond movie18 January 2024
Jamie Lee Curtis hits back at claims Tom Cruise "saved" cinema18 January 2024
Tom Cruise's mother really didn't like this Mission Impossible stunt18 January 2024
Christian Bale was paid the legal minimum for American Psycho18 January 2024
Sharon Stone paid Leonardo DiCaprio to be in this Western18 January 2024
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone's old feud explained18 January 2024
This Star Trek actor played two different villains in the franchise18 January 2024
Charlie Hunnam ignored this Sons of Anarchy star for his last season18 January 2024
Clint Eastwood was almost totally cut out of his first movie18 January 2024
Marlon Brando scared Superman producers with this bizarre request17 January 2024
Jeri Ryan shares Seven of Nine Voyager scene she always hated17 January 2024
Hugh Jackman admits playing Wolverine has damaged him forever17 January 2024
Harrison Ford wasn't Spielberg's first choice for Indiana Jones17 January 2024
Tom Hanks says these are his three best movies, and he's very wrong17 January 2024
Pedro Pascal is banned from saying these two words17 January 2024
Tom Cruise finally reveals how close he got to Iron Man in the MCU17 January 2024
Bryan Cranston angrily scolded Breaking Bad star for forgetting lines17 January 2024
Benedict Cumberbatch refused to talk to his Western movie co-star17 January 2024
Matt Damon created a hilarious rule after punching stuntmen on Bourne17 January 2024
Star Trek's best actor refuses to go to space17 January 2024
Darth Vader never said his most famous Star Wars quote17 January 2024
Ben Stiller makes “no apologies” for his most controversial movie17 January 2024
Bette Midler turned down this horror movie because it was too violent17 January 2024
Ray Liotta brought "contagious enthusiasm" to Cocaine Bear says writer17 January 2024
Eddie Murphy stopped acting when named Worst Actor of the Decade17 January 2024
Bill Nighy says a celeb impression kept him sane on horror movie set16 January 2024
Spike Lee embarrassed his mother with rude James Bond movie question16 January 2024
Martin Sheen believes this is his best movie16 January 2024
Yellowstone 1923 star reveals the "hardest scene" they had to film16 January 2024
Paul Rudd regrets showing up in this classic TV series finale16 January 2024
Matthew McConaughey shares origin of his iconic catchphrase16 January 2024
Liam Neeson thought his most famous action movie speech was "corny"16 January 2024
M Night Shyamalan mortgaged his house in order to make this movie16 January 2024
Aubrey Plaza reveals the item she stole from Joe Biden's desk16 January 2024
Nicolas Cage names the one movie that inspired him to become an actor16 January 2024
Disney boss didn't understand Lion King after missing crucial scene16 January 2024
Matt Damon’s three favourite movies all star this one legendary actor16 January 2024
Liam Neeson had major Colin Farrell issue with Banshees of Inisherin15 January 2024
Al Pacino refused the best Star Wars role because it was too confusing15 January 2024
Dwayne Johnson has a hidden Star Trek cameo you probably never noticed15 January 2024
The best VPN for android: protect your smartphone15 January 2024
Rupert Grint says the Harry Potter movies were "suffocating"15 January 2024
Liam Neeson made Steven Spielberg recast him for this drama movie15 January 2024
Bradley Cooper tried to save Clint Eastwood $100,000 on this movie15 January 2024
Robert Downey Jr left jars of urine on set of Fincher movie in protest15 January 2024
Mark Ruffalo forgot he made a rom-com with Brie Larson15 January 2024
Madonna turned down one of the best sci-fi movies ever, and regrets it15 January 2024
Martin Scorsese found making his only Oscar-winning movie "unpleasant"15 January 2024
Paul Newman faked a car crash when he wasn’t bought a round of drinks15 January 2024
Val Kilmer's kids walked out when he tried to show them Batman Forever15 January 2024
Kate Hudson lost out on one of Nicole Kidman's best roles14 January 2024
Out of Sight is actually a sequel to this Tarantino movie14 January 2024
Robert Redford changed this movie because it made him sound bad in bed14 January 2024
No one ever said Star Trek's most iconic line14 January 2024
Martin Scorsese thinks The Godfather 2 is better for one reason14 January 2024
Steven Spielberg refused to direct a Harry Potter movie for one reason14 January 2024
Keanu Reeves kept the best prop from The Matrix14 January 2024
Kirk Douglas once earned $50,000 saying one word14 January 2024
Sorry Hollywood, but I’ve lost my appetite for Eat the Rich movies14 January 2024
The three highest-grossing movies of all time share the same actor14 January 2024
Matt Damon thinks this Spielberg classic is the "perfect movie"14 January 2024
Kirsten Dunst got the silliest nickname on the Spider-Man movies14 January 2024
Tom Hanks wasn't sure Forrest Gump's most iconic scene worked14 January 2024
Why Stephen King never cashed his Shawshank Redemption royalty cheque14 January 2024
Quentin Tarantino calls this one of the worst movies ever made14 January 2024
Mark Wahlberg still can't explain what The Happening is about13 January 2024
Tom Hanks thinks only four of his movies are "pretty good"13 January 2024
Liam Neeson got stabbed by Tim Roth making this drama movie13 January 2024
Titanic is secretly a time travel movie and we have the proof13 January 2024
Brendan Fraser describes “ugly” fight with Matt Damon on ‘90s movie13 January 2024
Tom Selleck regretted making this Marlon Brando movie13 January 2024
Jack Nicholson did his iconic A Few Good Men scene in one take13 January 2024
John Wick 4 star confirms Keanu Reeves kept up his kind tradition13 January 2024
Leonardo DiCaprio didn't want to do Titanic because it was "boring"13 January 2024
Charlton Heston has a second Ten Commandments role you probably missed13 January 2024
This classic Harrison Ford movie was written for Kevin Costner12 January 2024
Paul Rudd gave Bryan Cranston serious advice before this comedy movie12 January 2024
Kate Winslet turned down one of the best Lord of the Rings characters12 January 2024
The Shining actor cried happy tears when he worked with Clint Eastwood12 January 2024
Michael J. Fox's middle name doesn't start with a "J"12 January 2024
Denzel Washington and Quentin Tarantino feuded for years12 January 2024
Paul Newman once called Steve McQueen “chicken sh*t”12 January 2024
Eddie Murphy quit this Star Trek movie after making one demand12 January 2024
Ethan Hawke and Matt Damon were jealous of each other’s breakout roles12 January 2024
Robert De Niro explains why he turned down this iconic Tom Hanks role12 January 2024
Matthew McConaughey auditioned for Titanic, and thought he got it12 January 2024
Clint Eastwood taught Leonardo DiCaprio to fight the old-school way11 January 2024
Marisa Tomei got her Seinfeld role for the silliest reason11 January 2024
How Ben Affleck's hat shut down Gone Girl for four days11 January 2024
Jonah Hill was hospitalised by fake cocaine on Wolf of Wall Street11 January 2024
Jack Nicholson only ate cheese sandwiches while filming The Shining, and he hates cheese sandwiches11 January 2024
Val Kilmer almost fought this actor over Full Metal Jacket11 January 2024
Michael Jordan refused to let Idris Elba play him in a biopic11 January 2024
Kevin Costner has a sign for when he's unhappy on Yellowstone11 January 2024
Mark Hamill kept one Star Wars prop that he'll never sell11 January 2024
Jack Nicholson's Joker suit was this shade of purple for one reason11 January 2024
Scorsese reveals when he decided Ray Liotta had to star in Goodfellas11 January 2024
Nicolas Cage is embarrassed he asked his uncle Francis Ford Coppola to put him in The Godfather 311 January 2024
Steven Spielberg's first movie made exactly one dollar in profit11 January 2024
Adam West turned down playing James Bond, here's why11 January 2024
Brendan Fraser hated one of his George of the jungle co-stars11 January 2024
The Con Air director accidentally imprisoned Steve Buscemi for real10 January 2024
Timothy Olyphant turned down Vin Diesel's Fast and Furious role10 January 2024
Schwarzenegger lost muscle for Conan because he was "way too ripped"10 January 2024
Kevin Bacon says he's remembered most for this tiny role10 January 2024
Aubrey Plaza freaked out Robert De Niro when they worked together10 January 2024
Donald Sutherland turned down millions to make Animal House10 January 2024
Sarah Michelle Gellar protected Buffy cast and crew, says co-star10 January 2024
Sir Ian McKellen reveals why he turned down playing Dumbledore in Harry Potter10 January 2024
Tom Hanks didn't like Forrest Gump's most iconic line10 January 2024
Michael Douglas really regrets turning down this iconic Disney movie10 January 2024
Michael Bay made Ben Affleck get $20,000 new teeth for Armageddon10 January 2024
Carrie Fisher hid from Smallville crew so she could cool down10 January 2024
Jaws 19 from Back to the Future has an actual trailer, and it's great10 January 2024
Gerard Butler hospitalised Hilary Swank making this rom-com10 January 2024
Frozen singer regrets one thing about 'Let It Go'10 January 2024
Cursed Twilight doll terrified cast and crew as it came to life10 January 2024
Jason Momoa's Game of Thrones audition is exactly what you'd expect10 January 2024
Martin Scorsese thinks this actor is the best of his generation9 January 2024
Paul Newman once put a car in Robert Redford's living room9 January 2024
Gal Gadot had one request for doing Fast and Furious 69 January 2024
Platoon cast ruined a day's filming by getting too high9 January 2024
Harrison Ford made Daisy Ridley nervous during this Star Wars scene9 January 2024
Robert De Niro says this movie basically ended his directing career9 January 2024
Ben Affleck was even more broke after Good Will Hunting than before it9 January 2024
George Lucas hated Han Solo's best line in Empire Strikes Back9 January 2024
Why the Terms of Endearment script reduced Jack Nicholson to tears9 January 2024
Jack Nicholson was paid a ridiculous amount for A Few Good Men9 January 2024
Viggo Mortensen refused Aragorn Hobbit return for the best reason9 January 2024
Bryan Cranston can do a perfect Jack Nicholson impression9 January 2024
Bob Odenkirk understands why James Gandolfini wanted to leave Tony Soprano behind8 January 2024
Sylvester Stallone was hospitalised after punch from Dolph Lundgren8 January 2024
Quentin Tarantino says one of the best war movies is overrated8 January 2024
Russell Crowe hated Gladiator's best line and wanted to change it8 January 2024
Meryl Streep thought she was being badly insulted by Jennifer Lawrence8 January 2024
Tom Hanks has perfect answer for who should play him in a biopic8 January 2024
Denzel Washington had two rules for when he became famous8 January 2024
Richard Dreyfuss reveals moment he realised Spielberg was a genius7 January 2024
Forrest Gump has a surprising Kurt Russell cameo you probably missed7 January 2024
Channing Tatum hated this action movie so much he asked to be killed7 January 2024
James Gandolfini nearly played this iconic Tom Hanks character7 January 2024
Tom Hanks wishes more people would ask about this movie7 January 2024
Stanley Kubrick had to be forced to film Spartacus's most iconic scene7 January 2024
Clint Eastwood almost quit acting after making "the worst movie ever made"7 January 2024
Tom Felton improvised one of Draco Malfoy's best lines7 January 2024
Jack Nicholson wanted to work with Stanley Kubrick after The Shining7 January 2024
David Bowie gave Nic Cage his best acting advice7 January 2024
The Shawshank Redemption has a Dark Tower Easter Egg you never noticed7 January 2024
Michael J. Fox nearly quit acting thanks to Matthew Broderick7 January 2024
Mark Hamill wants George Lucas' most valuable item7 January 2024
Everyone forgets Lady Gaga was in The Sopranos6 January 2024
This sci-fi movie "scared the hell" out of Steven Spielberg6 January 2024
This is the best Star Wars movie you’ve never seen6 January 2024
Amanda Seyfried turned down the best MCU movie believing it’d flop5 January 2024
Val Kilmer came up with one of Top Gun 2's best scenes5 January 2024
Paul Newman turned down Ben-Hur because of this movie5 January 2024
Sopranos star used a witch to make sure this Spike Lee movie got made5 January 2024
Anthony Hopkins based Hannibal Lecter on this sci-fi movie villain5 January 2024
Jamie Foxx realised he wasn't the biggest star making this movie5 January 2024
Kevin Costner predicted Sean Connery's Oscar win5 January 2024
Jack Nicholson gives the best performance of all time in The Shining5 January 2024
Hugh Jackman ate chicken instead of taking steroids for Wolverine5 January 2024
Clint Eastwood knew Every Which Way But Loose was a "problem picture"5 January 2024
Michael Keaton is the best Batman, and one scene proves it5 January 2024
Daniel Radcliffe got Harry Potter job because he 'had balls'5 January 2024
Hugh Jackman once pissed himself mid-song on stage5 January 2024
Jordan Peele owns the weirdest prop from Stand By Me5 January 2024
This Matt Damon cameo saved a woman from a coma4 January 2024
Jonah Hill perfectly explains best director he's ever worked with4 January 2024
Game of Thrones was sold to HBO as "The Sopranos in Middle-earth"4 January 2024
James Cameron regrets this "cringe worthy" speech4 January 2024
Tom Hanks was desperate to be in one of the best Star Trek movies4 January 2024
Steven Spielberg shares his biggest Jaws regret4 January 2024
Mark Hamill says Harrison Ford could be a director, but for a big flaw4 January 2024
Matt Damon was called out by Clint Eastwood for asking to break director’s strict rule4 January 2024
Star Trek's Data isn't Starfleet's best artificial officer3 January 2024
Julia Roberts turned down this iconic rom-com, but doesn't regret it3 January 2024
The best M Night Shyamalan movies to watch3 January 2024
Ford and Connery filmed this Indiana Jones scene without trousers3 January 2024
Why Sopranos creator was annoyed fans wanted to see Tony die3 January 2024
James Gunn googled dumbest supervillain before putting Polka-Dot Man in Suicide Squad3 January 2024
Quentin Tarantino considered remaking Reservoir Dogs for his final movie3 January 2024
The best Black Mirror episodes ever made3 January 2024
Jack Nicholson wanted to boycott the 2003 Oscars3 January 2024
Samuel L Jackson believes this movie changed his career3 January 2024
Kirk Douglas quit Rambo mid-filming when his scenes were cut2 January 2024
Michael Imperioli realised something dark about Christopher after watching Sopranos prequel2 January 2024
Nicolas Cage was "shocked" when he found out he's a human being2 January 2024
Tom Hanks says this is the "crappiest" movie he ever made1 January 2024
Denzel Washington reveals the one movie he really regrets turning down1 January 2024
How James Gandolfini helped make Tony Soprano more ruthless1 January 2024
Stephen King had a two-word review for Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio1 January 2024
Matt Damon and Ben Affleck hid a blow job in Good Will Hunting script1 January 2024
Peter Jackson was pressured to kill one of the hobbits in Lord of the Rings1 January 2024
Why Jack Nicholson once spent three months living naked1 January 2024
Sigourney Weaver won't do Alien 5 for one very good reason1 January 2024