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The Last of Us TV series causes Depeche Mode streams to skyrocket

Depeche Mode is enjoying some renewed interest thanks to The Last of Us TV series using one of the band's hit songs in the first episode

Bella Ramsey as Ellie in The Last of Us

Being on a popular TV series is some of the best advertising a musician can get. Just ask Kate Bush after the Netflix series Stranger Things used ‘Running Up That Hill’, or Metallica, both of whom shot to the top of the charts. Depeche Mode hasn’t had the same luck after appearing on The Last of Us yet, but one song is picking up steam.

The tune ‘Never Let Me Down Again’ from the iconic British group was featured in The Last of Us episode 1, causing fans of the horror series to jump on their service of choice to listen to it properly. This, according to Luminate, a company that quantifies streaming data, has led to a bump of daily listens of over 200%, from 26,000 to 83,000.

While not Kate Bush numbers yet, that’s a serious increase and all thanks to one need-drop in the thriller series. As The Last of Us gains in popularity, there is no doubt so will the song.

Someone in Depeche Mode has quickly seen the opportunity and knows how to game an algorithm by putting The Last of Us on the song’s music video. Savvy – we see you!

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If you’re unfamiliar with The Last of Us and want to know what all the fuss is about, the show follows Joel and Ellie, two survivors in a zombie-ridden dystopia, as they journey across the US. They’ve to navigate the infected while figuring each other out. It’s dark, violent, and based on an incredibly popular PS5 game.

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