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X-Men star Kelly Hu will return to the MCU on one condition

Kelly Hu, who played X-Men character Lady Deathstrike, is open to doing more Marvel movies and TV series, though she has a particular demand

Kelly Hu in X2: X-Men United

X-Men characters are starting to seep into the MCU Marvel movies. We’ve had Patrick Stewart return as Professor X, and Hugh Jackman will play Wolverine in Deadpool 3. Kelly Hu, who portrayed Lady Deathstrike in the X-Men movies, has told us she’d jump back into the franchise, but she has a stipulation.

“I absolutely would,” Hu told The Digital Fix when asked is she’d join the MCU. “But I hope that I have a couple of great stunt women, so I don’t have to be the one getting injured,” she adds, laughing.

Hu was movie villain Yuriko Oyama in X2, a mutant who has a similar healing ability to Wolverine and the power to grow her nails like massive claws. She and Logan get into a nasty tussle that leaves her worse for wear, but now that the multiverse is a thing, anyone can return at any time.

Remembering her time on X2, Hu speaks highly of performing opposite Jackman. “I don’t think he was ever a martial artist, but he’s a dancer,” she explains. “So even when he fights, it’s violent, and it’s rough, but he’s still so graceful, right? He is just such a pro. I mean, there’s nothing that Hugh Jackman can’t do. He’s so nice. He is the biggest gentleman you will ever come across.”

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Hu has enjoyed a long career in action movies and animated series, and currently you’ll be able to see her in BMF season 2. She joins the drama series as Detective Veronica Jin, one of the investigators charged with looking into the Flenory brothers and their burgeoning crime empire.

You can check out the thriller series, created by Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson, when it premieres January 6 on Starz. Meanwhile, have a look at our guide to Marvel’s Phase 5 and the best superhero movies for more heroism and villainy.