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Star Wars Andor: what is Doctor Gorst doing?

There was a pretty shady character in Andor episode 9 torturing folks on Ferrix, but what is Doctor Gorst doing to people to cause so much pain?

Denise Gough as Dedra Meero in Star Wars Andor

What is Doctor Gorst doing in Star Wars Andor? There’s all sorts of nasty people popping up in the new Star Wars series, and there’s not even been a mention of the Sith. In Andor episode 9 there was a new Star Wars character who caught our attention for his vile methods of interrogation.

The main villain of the sci-fi series Dedra Meero may be the one pulling all the strings in the Imperial regime right now, but her new friend Doctor Gorst has just started putting his cruel work into action.

So what is Doctor Gorst doing exactly? We must warn you, the description gets pretty graphic, and there’s also spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched the new episode of the TV series yet.

What is Doctor Gorst doing in Star Wars Andor?

The new Star Wars villain Doctor Gorst has created a method of interrogation which uses the sounds of innocent children being murdered to put his ‘patients’ through unbearable pain as they are forced to listen to their screams. We did warn you it was pretty dark.

The mad scientist has no qualms in detailing exactly what he is going to do to Bix Caleen during the interrogation. Doctor Gorst explains how there was a massacre on an Outer Rim moon where the Dizon Fray species were all but wiped out in a brutal attack. Luckily for Gorst and the Galactic Empire, the whole thing was recorded, and the cries of the Dizonite children make for a particularly harrowing torture soundtrack.

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We’ve seen Star Wars movies employ the use of Force-based torture and interrogation before, but Doctor Gorst’s methods are far more sinister because they’re so simple and realistic. There’s no masked movie villain using space magic here from the likes of Emperor Palpatine or Darth Vader, this is just a sadistic man getting his kicks from the sounds of slaughter. It’s safe to say this is one of the darker Star Wars scenes in the whole franchise.

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