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Tobey Maguire enjoys the Bully Maguire Spider-Man memes

Spider-Man actor Tobey Maguire revealed he's seen some of the memes from his Marvel movies, and he actually found them rather funny

Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 4

Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man movies may have included one of the webhead’s great highs, but it also had one of his lows, too. Spider-Man 3 isn’t high on anybody’s list of superhero movies, however we have gotten plenty of memes out of it. Maguire’s seen these jokes, and enjoyed them.

In a Reddit AMA, the Spider-Man actor revealed that he’s spotted the Bully Maguire memes around the information superhighway, and they’ve provided some chuckles. “Fairly neutral,” he started, when asked about his feelings towards funny images based on his work. “I did see the Bully Maguire videos, which was a funny discovery.”

If you haven’t seen, the Bully Maguire phenomena takes arrogant, emo Peter Parker from Spider-Man 3 and puts him in various other Marvel movies and TV series. These have ranged from Family Feud to the climax of Avengers: Endgame, and they’re all hilarious thanks to Maguire’s dialed up performance.

Truly, his jet black haircut and cartoonish demeanour make Sam Raimi’s third Spider-Man film halfway bearable if you view it as purely a comedy movie. Of course, there’s still the rest of the feature to worry about, but let’s focus on the good stuff.

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There’s been renewed adulation towards Maguire of late, since he joined Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield for Spider-Man: No Way Home. They team up to face a hodge-podge of movie villains from their respective eras as Spidey, creating a joyful celebration for longtime fans. No word on if Maguire will return to the role again, but he seems in good spirits about what he achieved.

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