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Why is Hyde not in That ’90s Show?

Netflix has brought back the popular sitcom That 70's Show and some old faces have returned as well but you want't be seeing Hyde on show, here's why

Why is Hyde not in That '90s Show?

Why is Hyde not in That ’90s Show? Netflix has revived the popular sitcom That ’70s show for a new generation and brought back several old favourites, including Red and Kitty Foreman, as well as Eric, Michael, and Jackie.

However, one character who won’t make an appearance on the Netflix series is Steven Hyde, Eric’s sarcastic and rebellious best friend. So why is Hyde not in That ’90s Show? Warning this article contains references to sexual assault.

Why is Hyde not in That ’90s Show?

Hyde is not in That ’90s because Danny Masterson has been accused of raping three women in separate incidents between 2001 and 2003. Masterson denies all the accusations made against him.

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In 2022 the case went to trial, but the judge declared a mistrial when the jury became deadlocked. A new trial date was set for March 2023. In That ’90s Show Hyde does not appear, nor is he mentioned by any of the other characters.

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