February 2024 Archive

Matt Damon rejected Christian Bale's Oscar-winning movie role29 February 2024
DiCaprio brought the best actor ever out of retirement for this movie29 February 2024
Morgan Freeman thinks this great movies was a "big mistake"29 February 2024
Michael Douglas calls this comedy "the sickest movie in the world"29 February 2024
Game of Thrones nearly killed Jason Momoa's career for a stupid reason29 February 2024
Clint Eastwood's best movie gets slated by a war expert29 February 2024
Patrick Stewart picked this Star Trek movie as his favorite29 February 2024
Kevin Costner's Dances With Wolves called out for this mistake29 February 2024
Matt Damon and Ben Affleck remind us they're Hollywood's nicest actors29 February 2024
Denzel Washington got the cutest gift from his Man on Fire co-star29 February 2024
Ridley Scott had this major problem with Blade Runner movie29 February 2024
Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio's crime drama has the best cameo ever29 February 2024
Michael Caine was mistaken for a drug dealer because of his name29 February 2024
Richard Gere convinced Julia Roberts to do this rom-com29 February 2024
Jeff Bridges had to reject John Wayne to make this great Western29 February 2024
Robert Redford reassured Matt Damon about one of his worst movies28 February 2024
Morgan Freeman's look of terror was real in this Eastwood classic28 February 2024
This rom-com was pick as the best ever, and we agree28 February 2024
Taylor Sheridan nearly broke a 43-year Hollywood rule for Yellowstone28 February 2024
Mark Hamill says Star Wars prequels "impressed" him28 February 2024
Woody Harrelson hated this awful wig he was made to wear28 February 2024
Halloween producer hated this horrific plot twist28 February 2024
Ben Stiller reveals how Jake Gyllenhaal was almost Hansel in Zoolander28 February 2024
Robin Williams in Hook was like real life Aladdin Genie said co-star28 February 2024
Quentin Tarantino defends putting feet in his movies28 February 2024
Will Smith calls Wild Wild West his worst movie28 February 2024
The X-Files writers were branded "sick" over this banned episode28 February 2024
Everybody Loves Raymond ended for one very funny reason28 February 2024
Henry Cavill would "gladly" consider playing James Bond villain28 February 2024
Donald Sutherland didn't get hired for a year after his best movie28 February 2024
The Coen Brothers have the best nickname for John Goodman27 February 2024
Dennis Hopper felt he was in genuine danger filming this movie27 February 2024
Harrison Ford did this movie because he needed to escape Han Solo27 February 2024
Gene Hackman was fired from this iconic movie, and it "hurt"27 February 2024
Robert Redford's best movie had to change title because of Paul Newman27 February 2024
Denzel Washington rejected from audition on this Stanley Kubrick movie27 February 2024
Tom Hanks' worst movie was also Bruce Willis' biggest career regret27 February 2024
Tom Hardy revealed the huge pressure of his tiny Band of Brothers role27 February 2024
Kurt Russell got paid double for Stargate for this amazing reason27 February 2024
The Terminator deleted this iconic scene because of studio meddling27 February 2024
Sly Stallone explains why his Cobra is very different to Dirty Harry27 February 2024
Stephen King says this horror classic hasn't aged well, and he's wrong26 February 2024
Robin Williams broke Robert De Niro's nose while making this classic26 February 2024
Taylor Sheridan rejected this crossover idea for Yellowstone26 February 2024
Denzel Washington "outshot" real soldiers while making this movie26 February 2024
Clint Eastwood convinced this star to accept one of his best roles26 February 2024
William Shatner picks his favorite sci-fi movies ever. We agree.26 February 2024
Jennifer Lawrence was rejected immediately for this teen movie series26 February 2024
One of Kevin Costner's most iconic roles almost went to Harrison Ford26 February 2024
Matt Damon reveals how Stallone helped him make his best movie26 February 2024
William Shatner and Nimoy acted together before Star Trek even began26 February 2024
Daniel Radcliffe explains a decision that changed Harry Potter forever26 February 2024
How this M. Night Shyamalan movie changed from the comic26 February 2024
Tom Hanks's wife loves Forrest Gump for this unusual reason26 February 2024
Stephen King loves this "overlooked" movie a lot more than The Shining26 February 2024
Sam Neill says Spielberg made his life a "nightmare" on Jurassic Park26 February 2024
Jason Statham won this great role because Bruce Willis was "difficult"26 February 2024
Keanu Reeves feared John Wick 3 had "let everybody down"25 February 2024
Steven Spielberg predicted the future 20 years ago, and he was right25 February 2024
Jon Hamm doesn't think the Mad Men ending is confusing25 February 2024
It's a good job Marlon Brando was not in JFK, as he spoke too slowly25 February 2024
Richard Dreyfuss recalls how one Jaws accident nearly turned deadly25 February 2024
Robin Williams lost one of the best villain roles to Jack Nicholson25 February 2024
I still won't forgive the Harry Potter finale's worst book change25 February 2024
Christopher Nolan apologized to this Oppenheimer star for their role25 February 2024
Nicolas Cage thinks his best movie is this Martin Scorsese hidden gem25 February 2024
Matt Damon once rejected this Ben Affleck movie, and we get it25 February 2024
Princess Leia is George Lucas's biggest Star Wars mistake25 February 2024
Captain Kirk said he deserved an Oscar for the Star Trek movies25 February 2024
Tom Hanks "invited himself" onto Leonardo DiCaprio crime drama classic25 February 2024
Denzel Washington fans have decided these are his best ever roles25 February 2024
Whoopi Goldberg had this perfect reason for joining Star Trek25 February 2024
Kevin Costner made sure Whitney Houston was cast in The Bodyguard25 February 2024
Tommy Lee Jones was almost the movie villain in The Fugitive24 February 2024
The Exorcist's most vile scene was actually an accident24 February 2024
Scarlett Johansson almost cried when her best movie got booed24 February 2024
The World's highest-grossing actor has never starred in a movie24 February 2024
Al Pacino could be "absolutely terrible" sometimes, says Heat director24 February 2024
Marlon Brando actually wanted to retire after doing this comedy movie24 February 2024
Paul Newman calls this surprising movie his "best work"24 February 2024
Clint Eastwood and Spielberg rejected Matt Damon for the same reason24 February 2024
Robert De Niro had a "good time" making one of the biggest flops ever24 February 2024
Tom Hanks' darkest movie character was originally even more brutal24 February 2024
Barbie is actually way darker than you think thanks to this detail24 February 2024
Cloverfield has a King Kong cameo that you definitely missed24 February 2024
Sharon Stone starred in a truly horrendous Indiana Jones parody, twice24 February 2024
Shawshank director calls The Shining a "terrible Stephen King movie"24 February 2024
Sylvester Stallone tried to be Superman once, but wasn't allowed23 February 2024
Deadwood star was "pissed off" about the TV series' abrupt ending23 February 2024
Alfred Hitchcock refused to meet Spielberg for one bizarre reason23 February 2024
Keanu Reeves has the perfect reason for always being so nice to people23 February 2024
Richard Gere tried to change one of the best movie endings ever23 February 2024
Kevin Bacon was sent home from this comedy movie for laughing too much23 February 2024
This Cheers star is the fourth highest-grossing actor of all time23 February 2024
Taylor Sheridan is "disappointed" in how John Dutton's story ends23 February 2024
This Forrest Gump theory about Jenny being the villian is so, so wrong23 February 2024
Ben Affleck's second Oscar win was the most "satisfying" of his career23 February 2024
Michael Keaton rejected one of Tom Hanks' best movies for this comedy23 February 2024
Ethan Hawke "couldn't speak" after watching this Spike Lee classic23 February 2024
Jean-Claude Van Damme thought this TV series was an intervention23 February 2024
Twister turned an actual town "to rubble", says Bill Paxton23 February 2024
Richard Dreyfuss joined Jaws cast after Jeff Bridges rejected the role23 February 2024
Jessica Chastain is "just waiting" to do a sequel to her best movie23 February 2024
James Cameron met his hero Kubrick, who kept asking about one movie22 February 2024
Jaws is so scary, even Steven Spielberg refuses to go in the water22 February 2024
Clint Eastwood is Morgan Freeman's favorite director for two reasons22 February 2024
How Tommy Lee Jones in Fast and Furious would've changed cinema22 February 2024
Saving Private Ryan has an overlooked detail that makes it far darker22 February 2024
Denzel Washington says Clint Eastwood is his hero, for one reason22 February 2024
Back to the Future star says ending sends "bad message" and he's right22 February 2024
The Truman Show is the fastest 'yes' Jim Carrey ever gave for a role22 February 2024
Ben Affleck once saved Matt Damon from being beaten up22 February 2024
John Wayne broke three ribs while making this forgotten Western22 February 2024
Timothy Olyphant was rejected for this Star Trek role for silly reason22 February 2024
Tom Hanks inspired Band of Brothers cast with this emotional speech22 February 2024
Great Denzel Washington movie is actually a remake this awful thriller22 February 2024
Halle Berry seriously hurt herself before John Wick 3 even started22 February 2024
Deadwood cast used to "crack up" at obscene language and violence22 February 2024
Clint Eastwood quit TV series after "three or four days" of executives21 February 2024
Kurt Russell was behind this famous UFO sighting21 February 2024
Harrison Ford has perfect response to having snake named after him21 February 2024
James Cameron says the world didn't listen to Terminator's warnings21 February 2024
Jim Carrey reveals biggest acting struggle, and it's totally relatable21 February 2024
Classic James Bond movie director was "mixed" on No Time To Die21 February 2024
Dolph Lundgren made a dreadful sequel to this Schwarzenegger movie21 February 2024
Vin Diesel wasn't the first choice for Dom Toretto in Fast and Furious21 February 2024
Ryan Gosling wanted to literally burn the house down on this movie21 February 2024
Denzel Washington made this great Don Cheadle movies happen21 February 2024
Kevin Costner made John Huston reject this movie21 February 2024
Rob Lowe believes he once met Bigfoot (yes, really)21 February 2024
Tom Hanks saved Saving Private Ryan thanks to Forrest Gump21 February 2024
Paul Newman once disappointed a fan because he was so bad at pool21 February 2024
Matthew McConaughey caused major controversy with bit of fried chicken21 February 2024
Martin Sheen once made an absurd WWII movie that used time travel21 February 2024
Ted Lasso Jason Sudeikis has this incredible connection to Cheers20 February 2024
Zoe Saldaña's Star Trek cast mates made it "hard to stay in character"20 February 2024
Meryl Streep almost died doing her own stunt on this thriller movie20 February 2024
Martin Scorsese was "totally shocked" by the controversy of this movie20 February 2024
Bruce Almighty's funniest scene almost turned ridiculously violent20 February 2024
Oppenheimer's most shocking scene was improvised20 February 2024
Leonard Nimoy reveals how William Shatner made Spock better20 February 2024
The West Wing star only wanted the TV series because of this actor20 February 2024
Tommy Lee Jones tried to change this iconic line in The Fugitive20 February 2024
Spielberg only added the scariest scene in Jaws at the last minute20 February 2024
Nicole Kidman thinks missing out on an Oscar was her "greatest choice"20 February 2024
This Tom Hanks movie was too profane, says creator of original comic20 February 2024
Al Pacino thinks Christopher Nolan hates him for this specific reason20 February 2024
Harry Potter – 16 facts you probably don't know about Hagrid20 February 2024
Robert Downey Jr wants to improve the best movie of all time20 February 2024
Ray Liotta never saw one of his best movies for a very sad reason19 February 2024
Stephen King calls this horror movie a "throat-ripping good time"19 February 2024
Michael J Fox was almost fired from his TV series for a bizarre reason19 February 2024
Tom Hardy thought he was "set up for failure" doing his best movie19 February 2024
Jim Carrey was "uncomfortable" on this movie set for surprising reason19 February 2024
Robert Shaw tried to start fight on Jaws after losing at ping-pong19 February 2024
Star Trek The Wrath of Khan had to change title because of Star Wars19 February 2024
Emily Blunt praises her "beautiful" Taylor Sheridan thriller movie19 February 2024
Paul Newman knew this Western would be a "$50 million dollar" movie19 February 2024
Kevin Costner and Clint Eastwood share one amazing Oscars record19 February 2024
Ridley Scott regrets making this movie, and we have to agree19 February 2024
Rob Lowe left the best TV series ever because it was "super unhealthy"19 February 2024
Will Smith did one of his best movies after Spielberg interrogated him19 February 2024
Games of Thrones star was "inconsolable" during the final season19 February 2024
These Harry Potter characters are evil, and they can't blame a Horcrux19 February 2024
Jim Carrey's comedy is inspired by Bill Murray... and an eccentric cat18 February 2024
Captain America's most twisted story is too dark for the MCU18 February 2024
Eddie Murphy got Beverly Hills Cop because of this movie scene18 February 2024
Harrison Ford made one of his best movies because of this thriller18 February 2024
Jim Carrey secretly appeared in his best movie twice18 February 2024
Sylvester Stallone can't do comedy, and thinks his voice is the reason18 February 2024
TNG legend Brent Spiner has a controversial Star Trek opinion18 February 2024
Dustin Hoffman had to "steal" his most famous movie line18 February 2024
Bill Paxton reveals why his classic Aliens role was "daunting"18 February 2024
Lord of the Rings fan favorite holds an unbeatable Oscar record18 February 2024
Incredible Rambo 3 scene absolutely slated by war expert18 February 2024
Robin Williams' first bad guy role was in this underrated Nolan movie18 February 2024
Sons of Anarchy star Tommy Flanagan was "heartbroken" by the ending18 February 2024
Sandra Bullock was offered Keanu Reeves's best movie before him18 February 2024
Jodie Foster wasn't meant to star in her best movie18 February 2024
Leonardo DiCaprio met the "most egocentric criminal", then became him17 February 2024
Jeff Bridges reveals the most underrated movie he's made17 February 2024
Emma Watson reveals why she decided not to quit Harry Potter17 February 2024
Tommy Lee Jones had one demand for doing The Fugitive17 February 2024
Jim Carrey says this Hollywood legend is his "unreachable" movie hero17 February 2024
Worf and O'Brien weren't the only TNG characters intended to join DS917 February 2024
Steve Buscemi thinks Pulp Fiction is secretly a sequel to this movie17 February 2024
John Wayne starred in one of the worst Westerns ever made17 February 2024
Samuel L. Jackson doesn't care about winning Oscars because people watch his movies17 February 2024
Why Stallone thought Rambo "would be the end" of his career17 February 2024
Tom Hanks hated this part of preparing for Cast Away17 February 2024
Spielberg says Jaws is a secret sequel to his most underrated movie17 February 2024
Margot Robbie and Christina Ricci were in a TV series you never saw17 February 2024
Liam Neeson would love to work with Denzel Washington for this reason17 February 2024
George Clooney lost this classic thriller to Brad Pitt, but we're glad16 February 2024
Robert De Niro's co-star in Midnight Run was perfect for one reason16 February 2024
Kevin Costner turned down the best movie ever to make his worst16 February 2024
Jim Carrey thinks every actor is afraid of this Hollywood legend16 February 2024
20 things you didn't know about Barbie16 February 2024
Leonard Nimoy's daughter gave William Shatner a beautiful message16 February 2024
Rick Moranis got Ghostbusters because this comedy legend rejected it16 February 2024
The best movie ever made only won one Oscar, surprisingly16 February 2024
Sylvester Stallone admits he used Rambo to escape a speeding ticket16 February 2024
Tom Hanks' amazing Forrest Gump accent was a lucky accident16 February 2024
Richard Gere made up his own version of tap dancing for this movie16 February 2024
Liam Neeson got a brutal action movie injury in this foolish way16 February 2024
Tom Cruise was told he'd never make it in Hollywood for silly reason16 February 2024
John Wayne changed movie fight scenes forever in one specific way15 February 2024
Clint Eastwood calls the role that saved his career a "fluke"15 February 2024
One of the best Robin Williams movies was meant to be a TV series15 February 2024
Charlie Hunnam stopped biking after Sons of Anarchy for a good reason15 February 2024
1883 cast all cried when this Yellowstone character died15 February 2024
Sigourney Weaver calls this her most underrated movie, and she's right15 February 2024
William Shatner perfectly explains the three types of Star Trek fan15 February 2024
Tommy Lee Jones calls one of his most divisive movies "noble failure"15 February 2024
This Star Wars actor nearly got arrested by armed police at the Oscars15 February 2024
Tom Selleck thinks Leonard Nimoy deserves more credit for this movie15 February 2024
Tom Hanks says his best movie had some "horrifying" special effects15 February 2024
Anne Hathaway's iconic Princess Diaries slip was a complete accident15 February 2024
Jack Nicholson wanted to play every single role in this sci-fi movie15 February 2024
Nicolas Cage wanted deadly snake in this scene to relax him, obviously15 February 2024
Yellowstone star says character is a cockroach, but loves them anyway14 February 2024
Steven Spielberg made Saving Private Ryan cast "resent" Matt Damon14 February 2024
Denzel Washington took the best movie advice from Steven Spielberg14 February 2024
Harrison Ford says Tom Clancy "never liked him" in their spy thriller14 February 2024
Russell Crowe is begging you, please stop asking him about this movie14 February 2024
Cole Hauser's favorite Yellowstone horse became his best friend14 February 2024
The 20 best romance movies of all time14 February 2024
Patrick Stewart confirms outrageous rumor about Troi in Star Trek TNG14 February 2024
The Truman Show was originally much darker than the movie we got14 February 2024
Jason Momoa won't let his kids see him in Baywatch14 February 2024
The 12 best romance anime of all time14 February 2024
Sharon Stone had to fight over Oscars nomination for her best movie14 February 2024
The best Valentine's Day movies 202414 February 2024
These Netflix secret codes will make your Valentine's day perfect14 February 2024
Bill Paxton compared Twister to Jaws for one reason, and he was right14 February 2024
The myth of The Wizard of Oz's 'dead munchkin' explained14 February 2024
Robert Downey Jr. accidentally crushed an actor on Sherlock Holmes14 February 2024
Arnold Schwarzenegger was branded as "sick" for his gruesome T2 pitch13 February 2024
The Godfather's best moment was improvised in sweetest way13 February 2024
Paul Newman was a fan of working with Kevin Costner on their hit drama13 February 2024
Tom Hardy found torturing Leo DiCaprio "very simple" on their thriller13 February 2024
Yellowstone's Jimmy actor was meant to be the most frustrating Dutton13 February 2024
One of Clint Eastwood's best movies has a sequel you've never heard of13 February 2024
Star Trek legend Jonathan Frakes says TNG cast were “assholes” on set13 February 2024
Band of Brothers star Damian Lewis was 'hypothermic' after this scene13 February 2024
Jeri Ryan rejected major Seven of Nine role in worst Star Trek movie13 February 2024
Al Pacino was glad he lost an Oscar because he was too high13 February 2024
Tom Hanks didn't know what to expect from his most surprising co-star13 February 2024
Why Clint Eastwood refuses a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame13 February 2024
Bill Paxton was poisoned while making Titanic, and his story is wild13 February 2024
Scarlett Johansson's favorite action movie is this absolute classic12 February 2024
Clancy Brown was paid "nothing" to do one of the best fantasy movies12 February 2024
Eddie Murphy considers this movie "garbage", and for good reason12 February 2024
Shockingly, John Wayne's favorite movie isn't a Western12 February 2024
Two Darth Vader actors share another weirdly specific sci-fi role12 February 2024
DiCaprio took a wild pay cut to star in this Clint Eastwood movie12 February 2024
Patrick Stewart had an alternate ending in mind for Star Trek Picard12 February 2024
Jamie Foxx admits he lied about one of his worst movies12 February 2024
Spielberg forgot he cast this Stranger Things star in a movie12 February 2024
Gwyneth Paltrow went into hiding for three weeks after her Oscars win12 February 2024
This Nicole Kidman movie is the centurydefinitive 21st ghost story12 February 2024
Tom Hanks originally had a really terrible title in mind for Cast Away12 February 2024
Paul Newman gave Tom Cruise one important lesson about filmmaking12 February 2024
Band of Brothers star was drunk during crucial meeting with Tom Hanks12 February 2024
Tom Clancy hated this thriller so much he had his name removed12 February 2024
Luke Grimes’ favorite actor isn’t Costner, it’s this Western legend11 February 2024
This is what the Bird Box monster looked like, and you're not prepared11 February 2024
Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones made one of the best Westerns ever11 February 2024
Jennifer Lawrence was "devastated" to miss out on this Disney movie11 February 2024
Bill Nighy had the most relatable reason for doing Harry Potter11 February 2024
Colm Meaney didn't want to play his Star Trek character as Irish11 February 2024
27-year-old The Simpsons mistake revealed, and now we can't unsee it11 February 2024
Scarlett Johansson's favorite Bill Murray movie isn't the one she's in11 February 2024
Jeff Bridges calls it a "relief" when he doesn't win Oscars11 February 2024
Jason Momoa has the most disgusting memento from Game of Thrones11 February 2024
Tom Hanks thinks one underrated comedy movie made his entire career11 February 2024
Denzel Washington almost messed up a sword fight with Morgan Freeman11 February 2024
Christian Bale taught Jennifer Lawrence an important lesson in acting11 February 2024
Glenn Close was in one of the best TV series ever made11 February 2024
Sylvester Stallone only ate three foods making Rocky 3, and regrets it10 February 2024
This Western icon nearly played John Dutton on Yellowstone10 February 2024
Clint Eastwood made Liam Neeson be shorter to star in this movie10 February 2024
John Goodman won't talk to Kirsten Wiig again for hilarious reason10 February 2024
Nicole Kidman broke three ribs thanks to this brutal costume10 February 2024
Denzel Washington had to "raise his game" for Matt Damon on this movie10 February 2024
Voyager actor refused Star Trek Picard return for one reason10 February 2024
George Clooney's favorite film is one of the best movies ever10 February 2024
Jennifer Lawrence still doesn't fully get one of her best movies10 February 2024
George Clooney refused to attend the Oscars for years for one reason10 February 2024
Luke Grimes has Clint Eastwood to thank for his Yellowstone role10 February 2024
Tom Hanks says this was the most "exhausting" movie he ever made10 February 2024
Samuel L. Jackson always removes these two things from his contracts10 February 2024
Harry Potter stars hated doing one of their biggest scenes together10 February 2024
Denzel Washington has a very convincing reason that remakes are OK10 February 2024
Stallone suffered "all kinds" of physical discomfort making Rocky 39 February 2024
Yellowstone star thinks fans would rather meet her character than her9 February 2024
Band of Brothers tank scenes called "nonsense" by history expert9 February 2024
Stallone "screwed up" the ending of this classic Schwarzenegger movie9 February 2024
Keanu Reeves went out of his way to make an 80-year-old grandmother's day9 February 2024
Viggo Mortensen wishes this Lord of the Rings character made the cut9 February 2024
James Bond movie star thinks Bond Girls "have a much better time" now9 February 2024
Jonathan Frakes wants one Star Trek TNG episode banned from streaming9 February 2024
Robin Williams had Mrs Doubtfire makeup on when he met Pierce Brosnan9 February 2024
Jennifer Lawrence respects Will Ferrell for this movie, and we agree9 February 2024
This actor has more Oscar nominations than anyone in history9 February 2024
The 10 best Yellowstone characters, ranked9 February 2024
Even Tom Hanks was intimidated by working with this Hollywood legend9 February 2024
Alec Guinness got Obi-Wan killed in Star Wars for funniest reason9 February 2024
Tom Hanks has no time for conspiracy theories, even after this role9 February 2024
Schwarzenegger was shocked by Linda Hamilton's Terminator 2 physique9 February 2024
Harrison Ford was fired after his first movie for hilarious reason8 February 2024
Brian Cox told Meryl Streep he "never liked" her, but for good reason8 February 2024
Russell Crowe came up with Gladiator's most brutal moment himself8 February 2024
Sylvester Stallone admits '80s action movie icon is "superior" to him8 February 2024
Spielberg calls one of the worst parts of Jaws a blessing in disguise8 February 2024
Yellowstone's Cole Hauser reveals what drew him to Rip Wheeler8 February 2024
Clint Eastwood let Jeff Bridges break this rule for his movies7 February 2024
Tom Hanks had a cameo in one of the best TV series you probably missed7 February 2024
Frank Sinatra was so obsessed with Star Trek it amazed Patrick Stewart7 February 2024
Michael Keaton "loved" making one of his worst movies7 February 2024
Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks this is the worst movie he ever made7 February 2024
Robin Williams once helped a very baked Jack Nicholson accept an award7 February 2024
Clint Eastwood was going to quit acting until he got this movie7 February 2024
Steven Spielberg has waited 40 years to make this Stephen King movie7 February 2024
Tom Hanks calls this sci-fi classic the best movie ever made7 February 2024
Denzel Washington understands why Al Pacino beat him for Best Actor at the Oscars7 February 2024
Brian Cox turned down Game of Thrones for this one reason7 February 2024
George Lucas didn't want Ford as Indiana Jones for the weirdest reason7 February 2024
Florence Pugh can't control her iconic frown, but we're very glad7 February 2024
Matt Damon gave Ben Affleck some pretty hard truths about his looks7 February 2024
Patrick Swayze loved jumping out of planes, so lawyers had to stop him7 February 2024
Keanu Reeves reveals how one director completely changed his life6 February 2024
Steven Spielberg tried to recruit Stephen King for this horror classic6 February 2024
The Shawshank Redemption has a Shining easter egg you've never noticed6 February 2024
James Gunn can't do Scooby-Doo 3 because Scooby is probably dead6 February 2024
This Oscar winner is even more obsessed with Yellowstone than you are6 February 2024
Clint Eastwood is responsible for one of Jim Carrey's weirdest roles6 February 2024
Linda Hamilton thought Schwarzenegger was a poser when she met him6 February 2024
Henry Cavill thought Tom Cruise gave him the worst gift, but was wrong6 February 2024
There's a joke in every episode of The Simpsons you've never noticed6 February 2024
Harrison Ford wouldn't be a movie star if it wasn't for this skill6 February 2024
Tom Hanks has a very good reason for why he doesn't play villains6 February 2024
Clint Eastwood thinks these are the best movies he's made6 February 2024
Jennifer Lawrence would love a sequel to her best movie series6 February 2024
Denzel Washington got complaints about one of his most violent scenes5 February 2024
Yellowstone star Luke Grimes refuses to watch the Western drama series5 February 2024
The Shawshank Redemption scene that hurt Morgan Freeman's arm5 February 2024
Michael Keaton improvised his best line as Batman, and it's a classic5 February 2024
John Wayne was wrong to turn down this Clint Eastwood movie5 February 2024
Alec Guinness fixed Star Wars, so George Lucas gave him a huge bonus5 February 2024
Joe Pesci almost had to leave a Sinatra concert because of his fans5 February 2024
Samuel L. Jackson thinks Django was the closest he got to an Oscar win5 February 2024
Leonard Nimoy said this Star Trek movie "derailed" the franchise5 February 2024
John Candy was drunk on this Tom Hanks movie thanks to Jack Nicholson5 February 2024
John Wayne was actually in Star Wars, but you never noticed5 February 2024
Tom Hanks loves that his most underrated movie is now a "cult classic"5 February 2024
How old was Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark?5 February 2024
This Breaking Bad star played a badass Star Trek character5 February 2024
Jonah Hill was "bummed" to miss out on best Justin Timberlake movie5 February 2024
Robert De Niro was actually turned down for this The Godfather role4 February 2024
New Stephen King movie learned an important lesson from Jaws4 February 2024
Kurt Russell saved this Western from disaster4 February 2024
Matt Damon came up with Ridley Scott's most underrated movie4 February 2024
Tom Hanks debuted in this horror movie you definitely haven't seen4 February 2024
Harrison Ford had perfect reaction to Mark Hamill's impression of him4 February 2024
Morgan Freeman doesn't like talking about his best movie4 February 2024
Tina Turner wanted to be in Mad Max for this simple reason4 February 2024
Clint Eastwood tried to change the ending to one of his best movies4 February 2024
Back to the Future's Clint Eastwood reference is deeper than you think4 February 2024
Matt Damon says your favorite Yellowstone actor should be "giant star"4 February 2024
Leonard Nimoy revealed secret to making the best Star Trek movies4 February 2024
Jennifer Lopez cut her co-star for real making this comedy movie4 February 2024
Quentin Tarantino says Ryan Reynolds Netflix movies "don’t even exist"4 February 2024
Tom Hanks learned his "greatest lesson" after partying too hard in '774 February 2024
Ben Affleck calls this movie a "big, big deal" for his career3 February 2024
Tommy Lee Jones appeared in the craziest advert ever, and we love it3 February 2024
Luke Skywalker is not the main Star Wars character, says George Lucas3 February 2024
Matt Damon calls rejecting this movie "the dumbest thing" he's done3 February 2024
Margot Kidder said Cavill was a better Superman than Reeve in this way3 February 2024
Leonard Nimoy believed Star Trek fundamentally changed his personality3 February 2024
James Bond was rejected by this star because he'd "sink the franchise"3 February 2024
Francis Ford Coppola reveals why The Godfather was a mistake3 February 2024
Katharine Hepburn once hit Jane Fonda with this brutal Oscars zinger3 February 2024
Carrie Fisher showed off amazing hidden talent Star Wars never used3 February 2024
The Shawshank Redemption cut a very strange Morgan Freeman scene3 February 2024
Ben Affleck tried to get out of this awkward scene in his first movie3 February 2024
William Shatner shares honest opinion on Strange New Worlds Kirk actor3 February 2024
Clint Eastwood's faith in Hollywood was restored by this sports movie3 February 2024
Gladiator's best scene is totally inaccurate, but we still love it2 February 2024
Ethan Hawke’s favourite movie is this Jack Nicholson classic2 February 2024
Tom Hanks reveals the worst review a movie can get, and he's right2 February 2024
Julia Louis-Dreyfus had one demand for her Seinfeld character2 February 2024
Lord of the Rings fans are convinced Frodo doesn't know Legolas's name2 February 2024
Clint Eastwood compares this action movie star to Katharine Hepburn2 February 2024
Sylvester Stallone has one reason you couldn't make The Godfather now2 February 2024
Yellowstone creator explains why he insists on using his own horses2 February 2024
Jennifer Lopez doesn't want to be compared to this action movie icon2 February 2024
The Exorcist has a bizarre hidden scare you almost definitely missed2 February 2024
Val Kilmer replaced Michael Keaton as Batman for one crucial reason2 February 2024
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