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How to watch Chainsaw Man: where can I stream the anime?

Ready to slash up some devils and dive into one of the best anime series of 2022? Here is everything you need to know about how to watch Chainsaw Man

How to watch Chainsaw Man: Denji transformed as a Devil

How to watch Chainsaw Man? When it comes to hit anime series released in 2022, Chain Saw Man undoubtedly ripped and tore its way through the pack. Holding a stellar rating of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, the animated series has been a massive success in the eyes of both critics and fans alike. But you may be wondering where you can tune into the celebrated carnage.

Chainsaw Man is an adaptation of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga of the same name. It follows the adventures of the anime character Denji – a young man with the powers of the chainsaw dog devil Pochita – as he joins the Public Safety Devil Hunters. Slashing devils while also chasing after the affections of his boss Makima, Denji must hunt down evil in exchange for his life.

There is no denying that Chainsaw Man is wildly popular, so if you are anxious to join the devil-hunting club, we’ve gathered all the information that you need to know down below. Here is how to watch Chainsaw Man online and what platforms you’ll need to stream the hit anime online.

Where can I watch Chainsaw Man?

The good news is that you can watch Chainsaw Man on multiple platforms. Chainsaw Man is available to stream on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Prime Video. Talk about spoiled for choice!

However, if you want our advice on which platform to go for when it comes to the horror anime, our preference is Crunchyroll. The streaming service offers both subbed and dubbed episodes of the TV series, and has been releasing new entries every week. So if you are keen to keep up to date and have easy access to variety when it comes to viewing, Crunchyroll is the place to head too.

Crunchyroll’s fan membership costs £4.99/$7.99 per month, while the Mega fan tier costs £5.99/$9.99 per month. Or, if you are an Amazon fan and want to try out a Prime membership to watch the anime, you can click our affiliate link here and begin your free 30-day trial now.

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Can I stream Chainsaw Man?

Yes! As mentioned above, you can stream Chainsaw Man on either Crunchyroll, Hulu or Prime Video. Season 1 of the animated series is set to have 12 episodes, and with 11 already released, you can settle in and binge all of Denji’s adventures in one go.

Chainsaw Man episode 12 will release on December 27, 2022, and officially wrap up the anime’s first season. So catch-up while you still can!

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