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Star Wars Andor: why was Cassian arrested?

If you've been watching Star Wars Andor, you may be wondering why Cassian was arrested in episode 7 and we've got the answers for you

Why was Cassian Andor arrested? Diego Luna as Cassian Andor

Why was Cassian arrested in Star Wars Andor? The Star Wars series is heading into the final stages of its first season, and in Andor episode 7 we saw our hero arrested on the planet Niamos. But what exactly did he do wrong?

The Star Wars character Cassian Andor has certainly had his fair share of brushes with the law, but he’s always managed to find a way out of trouble, until now. As we reach Andor episode 8, we see Cassian sent to a prison facility, and the sci-fi series has taken a pretty bleak turn.

We’re sure Cassian is questioning all his life choices now, and you may be wondering why Cassian was arrested in the first place? Well, we’ve got the answers for you here. Beware, spoilers ahead.

Why was Cassian arrested?

Cassian Andor was essentially the victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He also fell foul of the fact that the Galactic Empire is tightening its grip on all corners of the galaxy and imprisoning anyone it can to add to its army of slave workers.

While strolling along the beach front on the new planet in Andor Niamos, Cassian got stuck in the middle of a chase between some Shore Troopers and some criminals, and was mistakenly associated with the offenders. While Cassian may have committed his fair share of crimes through the course of the TV series, he was actually innocent in this instance.

Why was Cassian Andor arrested? Diego Luna as Cassian Andor in Andor episode 7

Unfortunately, the Shore Troopers took one look at Cassian and just assumed he looked dodgy too, so they arrested him and got him sent to the Narkina 5 prison facility for six years. Fate works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it?

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