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The Last of US TV series - Bill and Frank’s relationship explained

The Last of Us episode 3 introduces us to Bill and Frank two of the TV series' best characters, here's everythign you need to know about their relationship

Nick Offerman as Bill in The Last of Us

Warning spoilers ahead! The Last of Us episode 3 takes a break from telling Joel and Ellie’s story to instead focus on two new characters, Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank (Murray Bartlett). The two men seem like complete opposites. Bill is a paranoid survivalist, while Frank is more cultured and proper.

Yet despite this, the pair probably have one of the closest relationships out of any of The Last of Us characters we meet in the TV series, aside from Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey), of course. But who are Bill and Frank? Are they lovers in the game? Well, if you’ve got questions about the horror series, we’ve got answers. Here’s everything you need to know about Bill and Frank’s relationship.

Bill and Frank’s relationship explained

In the TV series, Bill and Frank are lovers and have been since the day they first met. While Bill was initially wary of Frank, the pair quickly bonded over a shared love of music and their mutual loneliness.

Bill and Joel lived together for several years, maintaining their compound away from the Boston Quarantine Zone. While they occasionally fought, they loved each other deeply, and the pair were incredibly protective of each other.

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Eventually, Frank became ill with a terminal illness and decided to end his own life. Frank asked Bill to marry him on his final day, and the pair staged a small wedding in their compound.

The evening after their wedding, Bill and Frank deliberately drank poisoned wine before going to bed to die peacefully in their sleep together.

Are Bill and Frank in a relationship in the game?

While it’s not explicitly stated, the videogame implies that Frank and Bill were in a relationship in the game. Bill refers to Frank deliberately as his “partner”, and Ellie also discovers what appears to be male pornography in the back of his truck. So putting two and two together, you can infer that, yes, they were romantic.

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