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What are the monsters in Unwelcome?

The monsters from Unwelcome aren't some made up fairy tale, they're part of Irish folklore. Here's everything you need to know about these mischievous imps

What is the monster in Unwelcome?

What are the monsters in Unwelcome? Unwelcome is a fascinating film about toxic masculinity and the perils of being an outsider in a society that you don’t really understand. Oh, and it’s also got little goblins in it as well.

The horror movie focuses on Jamie (Douglas Booth) and Maya ( Hannah John-Kamen), a young couple from London who move out to the Irish countryside after a violent confrontation with some young thugs. It turns out, though, that the grass isn’t always greener (even in Ireland) when the couple discover their new home comes with responsibilities.

At the bottom of their garden is a door, and the couple must leave a blood offering at that door every day lest they annoy the creatures on the other side. Part monster movie, part home invasion thriller movie, Unwelcome is an absolute blast, and we recommend you see it as soon as possible. However, if you want to know what the monsters in Unwelcome are, then we’ve got you covered.

What are the monsters in Unwelcome?

The creatures in Unwelcome are known as Redcaps. In folklore, these mischievous and malevolent goblins would murder travellers and soak their caps in their victim’s blood, dying them red in the process. 

Several characters in Unwelcome also refer to the goblins as the Far darrig. Far darrig is a corrupted form of the Irish Gaelic, “fear dearg”, which translates to “Red Man.” The Red Men in Irish folklore share some qualities with the Redcaps, but they also have a habit of stealing babies and replacing them with doppelgangers.

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The Redcaps in Unwelcome are sort of a fusion of both stories. They’re mischievous and violent, killing those who wander unknowingly into their forest, but they’re also magical creatures who trade children for favours.

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