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Is Wolf Pack related to Teen Wolf?

The new Teen Wolf movie is now streaming, as if a new werewolf series called Wolf Pack, but what are the connections between the two

Wolf Pack season 2 release date: Sarah Michelle Gellar in Wolf Pack

Is Wolf pack related to Teen Wolf? While it was on air, Teen Wolf was one of the most popular series on television.

Now, fans Teen Wolf have a lot to celebrate. Not only is there a new movie sequel to the TV series, debuting on Paramount Plus, but there’s also a new drama series called Wolf Pack that has got fans of Teen Wolf interested, too.

But what are the connections between Teen Wolf and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Wolf Pack? Do the two take place in the same universe, with the same characters, or are they separate?

Is Wolf Pack related to Teen Wolf?

Wolf Pack is not related to Teen Wolf, and it isn’t a spin-off of the show or set in the same universe. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any links between the two shows.

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In fact, both Wolf Pack and Teen Wolf were developed for TV by producer Jeff Davis. This means that audiences, and fans of Teen Wolf, can expect some stylistic similarity between the two fantasy series.

Beyond that, both TV shows are also thematically linked. They’re both supernatural teen dramas, which centre around a group of characters who transform into wolves and have to learn to deal with all the challenges (and opportunities) of living with that. So, if you loved Teen Wolf, Wolf Pack will likely be one to add to your to-watch list.

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