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Why does M3GAN do a dance?

Clips of dangerous dancer M3GAN went viral before the horror movie even came out, but you may be wondering why M3GAN does a dance at all.


Fabulous robot doll M3GAN became famous before her movie was even released, thanks to going viral for her TikTok style dances in the trailer. M3GAN memes have been everywhere, and she’s been particularly embraced by the gay community. Get your wigs ready for the Halloween outfits now. M3GAN becoming an internet sensation has already helped propel the movie to box office success in the US, and it’s now being released internationally.

In the comedy horror movie, newly-orphaned Cady (Violet McGraw) moves in with her Aunt Gemma (Allison Williams) who works for a leading toy company. Gemma pairs Cady with the robot companion that she is developing, called M3GAN, to help with Cady’s grief and also to test M3GAN out. M3GAN becomes fiercely protective of Cady, with murderous consequences…

If you loved the M3GAN trailer as much as everyone else, you’re surely an admirer of M3GAN’s moves. But you may be wondering: why does M3GAN do a dance? Fear not, we have got you covered here at The Digital Fix, with answers to all of your burning questions.

Why does M3GAN do a dance?

The trailer implies – and you would assume from Cady’s age – that M3GAN and Cady bond by doing TikTok dances together. However, this was possibly mostly cut from the movie, because we only see a very brief few seconds of M3GAN and Cady dancing together.

Therefore, the big moment from the trailer – when M3GAN dances down a red corridor, pulls the blade off a conveniently placed paper cutter (guillotine), and starts chasing one of her victims – comes pretty much from out of nowhere. If you hadn’t seen the trailer before watching the movie, it would be an even funnier and more bizarre moment. Because it really is quite a sudden and shocking move for the M3GAN doll, who has mostly maintained her composure in public up until this point.

The moves we see in the trailer are all great – her swooping arms, kicking legs and cartwheels. They are only very slightly jerky and shuddery, suggesting her robot nature and adding to her uncanny valley creepiness. It’s all part of demonstrating that M3GAN has bypassed her programming and gone fully unhinged.

Amie Donald on the set of M3GAN

Credit must go to 11-year-old Amie Donald (pictured above, on the set of M3GAN), who was the physical performer for the killer doll. She performed many of M3GAN’s stunts, such as the horrifying crab-crawl on all-fours that she does through a forest in pursuit of a school bully.

“Looking at the person makes it so much more creepy than if you’re just doing a dance,” Donald told The LA Times. She not only performed her own stunts, but also co-choreographed the killer dance sequence from the film that went viral on TikTok. “When you look at them, it makes them feel unsettled.”

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