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Star Wars: how old is Cassian in Andor?

How old is Cassian in Andor? Ever since Rogue One, fans have been wondering how old the rebel is, and in the new series Andor that's an even bigger question

Star Wars Andor: how old is Cassian in Andor?

The new Star Wars series Andor has come to an end, and what a journey it’s been. We’ve followed Cassian Andor through his many misadventures, from his escape from Ferrix on Luthen Rael’s ship to the heist on Aldhani, to his time in prison at Narkina 5.

It’s safe to say that the Star Wars character has been through a lot in a short time on the prequel sci-fi series. And, for some people, stress ages you. But not Andor. Still, audiences have been asking how old is Cassian in Andor?

How old is Cassian in Andor?

In the Star Wars movie Rogue One, Cassian Andor is 26. The TV series is set 5 years prior to Rogue One, making Cassian Andor 21 years old in Andor.

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That might come as a surprise to some audiences, especially given that Diego Luna himself is in his early 40s. But, thankfully, the actor has retained his youthful looks – especially when he’s clean-shaven.

Whether you believe that Cassian Andor looks 21 or not, it doesn’t really matter to the story. Whether he’s meant to be 21 or 91, Luna has still managed to give an excellent performance, and Andor remains the best piece of Star Wars media for a very long time. While you’re waiting for Andor season 2, check out our Andor episode 12 review or our guides to the characters Syril Karn, Dedra Meero, Luthen Rael, and Maarva.