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Star Wars: Andor finale post-credit scene explained

Make sure you don't switch off the Star Wars: Andor finale before the post-credit scene, but just in case, here's what happens and what it means

Star Wars Andor post-credit scene explained: Diego Luna as Cassian Andor

What happens in the Star Wars: Andor finale post-credit scene? If you’ve been watching the Star Wars series, you’ll know that there haven’t been any post-credit scenes so far, but that all changes with the final episode of Andor season 1.

The sci-fi series wrapped up in spectacular fashion, leaving the fight between the Rebellion and the Galactic Empire on a knife-edge as we await Andor season 2. Lots happened during the course of the episode, but for those who stuck around after the credits, there are answers to a question we’ve been asking since Andor episode 8.

So, what happens in the Star Wars: Andor finale post-credit scene and what does it mean for the wider universe of Star Wars movies and TV series? We’ve got the answers for you, but beware, spoilers lie ahead.

Star Wars: Andor finale post-credit scene explained

The Andor finale post-credit scene shows some little Star Wars droids floating around in space constructing the Death Star, and the kicker is they’re using the mysterious creations being produced by Cassian and the other inmates at the Narkina 5 prison facility.

Ever since Cassian was arrested and sent to the Imperial prison, we had wondered what he and the other prisoners were building under the watchful eye of Kino Loy. The inmates were put to work on various production floors and forced to construct what appeared to be some kind of weapon or parts of a larger structure.

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Considering when Andor takes place in the Star Wars timeline, it was not outside the realm of possibility that Cassian Andor and the others were unwittingly helping to build the Death Star. Those theories have been proven correct by the post-credit scene.

It’s a short but sweet little scene and shows the process of putting together the Death Star in a rather stunning way. For more from the show, check out our guide to the Andor cast and the Andor season 2 release date. Or, dive deeper into Star Wars lore by learning more about the Jedi and the Sith.