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The Last of Us - why are Clickers blind?

In The Last of Us episode 2 Joel and Ellie met one of the deadliest forms of infected known as Clickers who, despite being blind, are vicious hunters

A Clicker from The Last of Us TV series

Why are Clickers blind in The Last of Us? The infected in The Last of Us TV series aren’t just shambling zombies. As the fungus that’s taken over their bodies takes root, they slowly mutate into more and more monstrous forms.

In The Last of Us episode 2, we met two Clickers, a form of advanced infected wandering the wasteland. While Joel (Pedro Pascal), Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and Tess (Anna Torv) managed to just about escape this vicious ghoul, it’s clear Clickers are exceptionally deadly monsters.

Thankfully, Clickers aren’t without their weaknesses. As we saw in the TV series, these fungal fiends are completely blind, and that gives our heroes a chance of surviving. Still, why are Clickers blind?

Why are Clickers blind?

Clickers are blind because their Cordyceps infection has progressed to the point that the fungus has erupted from their heads and covered their eyes. As Clickers can’t see, they’re forced to rely on a primitive form of echolocation (the clicking noise they make) to move around and hunt.

While being blind seems like a pretty big weakness, Clickers are still extremely dangerous and have superhuman strength far beyond an average infected.

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