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Will there be a Teen Wolf season 7?

Teen Wolf ran for six very successful series but with the new werewolf movie brining in a lot of new fans we're wondering if won't get a season 7

Scott from Teen Wolf

Will there be a Teen Wolf season 7? Adapted from the 1985 Michael J Fox movie of the same name, the Teen Wolf TV series followed recent werewolf convert Scott McCall (Tyler Posey). Poor Scott had it rough. Not only did he have to deal with turning into a wolf at night while also facing off against supernatural threats, he still had to go to high school.

The TV series was very popular during its original run, and fans were devastated when it was announced the show was ending. Still, the horror series had a bit of a revival in 2023 after Paramount Plus dropped a Teen Wolf film on their streaming service. The werewolf movie has had a warm welcome, and fans wonder if they might finally get a Teen Wolf season 7.

Will there be a Teen Wolf season 7?

As things currently stand, there are no plans for a Teen Wolf season 7. Teen Wolf ran for six seasons between 2011 and 2017, with the sixth series bringing Scott and his pack’s story to an end.

Don’t worry, though; the story doesn’t end there. The Teen Wolf movie, released on January 26, 2023, is a continuation of the original series. The horror movie catches up with Scott sixteen years after the events of season 6.

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The film’s been a massive hit for Paramount Plus, becoming the streaming service’s most-watched original movie on its first day of debut. It’s possible, then, that the revived interest in the world of Teen Wolf will convince Paramount to do more with the franchise, although we imagine it’ll be more movies than a full-blown series.

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