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This Extraction stunt was completed with a broken foot

Chris Hemsworth's action movie Extraction was a hit for Netflix, thanks to its great stunt work. Its most impressive stunt was performed with a broken foot.


Some of the hardest working – and least acknowledged – people in Hollywood are the stuntmen and women. None of the most successful movies of 2022 – Avatar 2, Top Gun 2, Jurassic World 3, or the Marvel movies Doctor Strange 2 and Black Panther 2 – would have been possible without the impressive stunt work performed by a team of people who are largely unknown.

Stunt people have to be physically and mentally tough, often performing through injuries, pain, or in the face of great danger. One example of this is the stuntmen on Chris Hemsworth’s Netflix movie Extraction. The director of Extraction – Sam Hargrave – is one of several stuntmen-turned-directors.

Action movie Extraction was praised for its stunt work, which included a 12-minute ‘oner.’ One part of it involved two stuntmen falling off a balcony, onto an awning, and then onto the street. Stunt coordinator Daniel Stevens told Corridor Crew’s Stuntmen React series about how one of the stuntmen powered through, despite having a broken foot.

“So Dan Carter is doubling Randeep and then Bobby Hampton doubling Hemsworth, they go off [the balcony] and Dan Carter landed with his foot underneath him and he broke his foot, completely twists his ankle backwards.”

“And then he still gets up does two more takes after that. So his foot is broken now, take three, and Sam [Hargrave] is like, ‘We need to go again.’ So I go to Dan, this is where it’s up to the stunt guy and I have to trust his judgment, and I’m like, ‘Can you do it again or not?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, I can do it again, just give me a minute.’ He’s icing it, he doesn’t even know his foot was broken. He knew he’d hurt his foot so he straps it up and we give him 10, 15 minutes. Take four goes off and it still doesn’t stitch to the shot before.”

Not only did he keep going with a broken foot, but he also got knocked out during the final take; “By now his foot is throbbing and it’s so much harder for him to push off over this edge, and he doesn’t get as much push-off and he came up short. This is the shot that made the film, and he actually gets knocked out cold in this take.”

“The back of his head clips the edge of the truck instead of hitting onto the top. I mean, everything’s padded, that’s all padded, the edge of the truck has two inches of foam on it, but it’s so much whiplash on his neck that he’s out cold. The shot actually is kind of cool, originally he was dropping out further and clipping the edge of the awning, but this one it looks like he’s trying to grab the gun as he’s going. That one won a world stunt award for him: Hardest Hit.”

Extraction was a hit for Netflix, and Extraction 2 is one of many new movies we’re looking forward to in 2023.