February 2023 Archive

Nicolas Cage already has ideas for more Dracula movies28 February 2023
Woody Harrelson wasn't a fan of True Detective season 228 February 2023
Stranger Things star wants to be this Batman villain in the new DCU28 February 2023
Mike Flanagan wants to take on this classic horror movie franchise28 February 2023
Greef Karga explained - who is The Mandalorian's ally?28 February 2023
Star Trek Picard season 3 won't feature the Borg, says showrunner28 February 2023
Jason Momoa's Fast and Furious character is "pure chaos" says director28 February 2023
Hulk actor reveals Ang Lee was "tortured" by making Marvel movie28 February 2023
Donnie Yen made his Star Wars character better with these changes28 February 2023
New Lord of the Rings movies haven't changed any Rings of Power plans28 February 2023
Outer Banks cast will "derail" scenes by having too much fun28 February 2023
Billions season 7 officially bringing back fan-favourite character28 February 2023
Helen Mirren changed one thing about her Yellowstone 1923 character28 February 2023
Cobra Kai season 6 ending the TV series wasn't Netflix's decision28 February 2023
Anthony Mackie has no idea what Captain America 4 will be about28 February 2023
This Ant-Man 3 fan theory completely changes the ending28 February 2023
Yellowstone 1923 star reveals which scene "destroyed" her28 February 2023
Giancarlo Esposito misses his Breaking Bad character for this reason28 February 2023
Gollum from The Lord of the Rings got to keep his precious after all28 February 2023
Black Panther 2 and Angela Bassett win major awards27 February 2023
The Last of Us episode 7 was inspired by this classic rom-com27 February 2023
Tom Hiddleston is returning to one of his best non-MCU roles27 February 2023
Jennifer Coolidge was almost an MCU character in Ant-Man 327 February 2023
Percy Jackson TV series star is "spot on" to character, says author27 February 2023
Ghostbusters Afterlife has a Terminator reference you probably missed27 February 2023
Alicia Silverstone hated her Batgirl costume in Batman and Robin27 February 2023
Stunt performer on Will Smith movie hates how these scenes came out27 February 2023
Schwarzenegger's Netflix series is finally revealed in first trailer27 February 2023
Five bizarre true stories that could inspire Cocaine Bear 227 February 2023
Tom Cruise sneaks into cinemas to watch his own movies27 February 2023
Pokémon getting stop-motion Netflix series starring Psyduck27 February 2023
Virgin River season 5 just got a major update from Martin Henderson27 February 2023
Dwayne Johnson has a truly terrible Schwarzenegger impression27 February 2023
Bryan Cranston's wife gave Breaking Bad her approval in the best way27 February 2023
Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello tried to make this superhero movie27 February 2023
Schitt's Creek season 7 teased by Eugene Levy27 February 2023
Rocky's sweetest moment was a lucky accident27 February 2023
Bette Midler wants to join this hit comedy series27 February 2023
Austin Butler reveals that Elvis sent him to the emergency room27 February 2023
Friendship ended with Cocaine Bear, now Meth Gator is our best friend27 February 2023
Scream fan event confirms major Ghostface fan theory27 February 2023
Everything Everywhere just set an amazing awards season record27 February 2023
The Last of Us TV series mistakes fixed Game of Thrones-style by HBO27 February 2023
Sounds like this Marvel villain is joining Kang in Avengers 527 February 2023
Rian Johnson slams streaming services cancelling so many TV series27 February 2023
Today is a very important day in the Alien timeline27 February 2023
Yellowstone 1923 character will be "a different man" in season 227 February 2023
What song plays at the end of The Last of Us Episode 7?27 February 2023
The Last of Us TV series - who is Riley?27 February 2023
The Last of Us TV series episode 7 recap (2023) - what's left behind27 February 2023
In Bruges has a bizarre Harry Potter movie connection26 February 2023
Rings of Power season 2 will be very different due to this change26 February 2023
Liam Neeson gives controversial opinion on Star Wars series26 February 2023
Paul Rudd thinks this is his weirdest Marvel movie moment26 February 2023
Pokémon anime series unveils Pikachu replacement after Ash's exit26 February 2023
Yellowstone star speaks on Kevin Costner season 5 "drama"26 February 2023
Pedro Pascal forgot he'd been cast in The Last of Us TV series25 February 2023
Mike Flanagan's The Dark Tower series gets a worrying update25 February 2023
Paul Rudd gives serious response to MCU and Star Wars crossover idea25 February 2023
Clint Eastwood inspired one of the best Star Wars series25 February 2023
The White Lotus season 3 location might have just been revealed25 February 2023
Sherlock Holmes 3 is being delayed by Robert Downey Jr25 February 2023
Doctor Who's first ever companion is "honoured" fans want her back24 February 2023
Ant-Man 3 star is "very glad" people love MODOK's bum24 February 2023
Kelsey Grammer almost cancelled the Frasier reboot, here's why24 February 2023
Cocaine Bear had one scene that was too violent, says Elizabeth Banks24 February 2023
Sam Claflin was "sh*tting himself" over Hunger Games role24 February 2023
The Little Mermaid star calls live-action remake "a lot more modern"24 February 2023
Hugh Jackman wants to get more buff than Ryan Reynolds for Deadpool 324 February 2023
You can now own Raccacoonie from Everything Everywhere All at Once24 February 2023
How car crash videos got the cast in the mood for Succession season 424 February 2023
Spielberg is wrong about the worst Indiana Jones movie24 February 2023
1923 star isn't sad his character died because he met Harrison Ford24 February 2023
Alden Ehrenreich "loves" his MCU character in Ironheart24 February 2023
The Lord of the Rings anime movie needs your attention too24 February 2023
Hawkeye's MCU musical is officially coming to a Disney park24 February 2023
Five things we want to see from Creed 324 February 2023
Umbrella Academy season 4 cast adds The Last of Us star24 February 2023
The Last of Us episode 6 has a hilarious background mistake24 February 2023
Mike Flanagan reveals Midnight Mass season 2 ideas24 February 2023
Helen Mirren soldiered through this Shazam 2 stunt injury24 February 2023
Ray Liotta gave Elizabeth Banks the confidence to direct Cocaine Bear24 February 2023
Bryan Cranston explains Walter White’s “impotent moustache”24 February 2023
Naruto creator thinks this anime character deserves a spin-off24 February 2023
Anthony Mackie says Captain America’s ass will still make us happy24 February 2023
Colin Farrell calls The Penguin show makeup "even better" than before24 February 2023
Creed 3 reviews celebrate Michael B Jordan's directorial debut24 February 2023
Yellowstone star has theory for how she's related to the Dutton family24 February 2023
A new Lord of the Rings movie could still be good, and here's how24 February 2023
Meat's back on the menu with more Lord of the Rings movies, boys!24 February 2023
Timothy Olyphant returning for Justified drama series spin-off24 February 2023
Steven Yeun has joined the MCU, in an undisclosed role in Thunderbolts23 February 2023
Cocaine Bear review (2023) - a f***ing bear did cocaine!23 February 2023
Zac Efron is so ripped in new sports movie, he's distracting the cast23 February 2023
1899 creators already making another Netflix series23 February 2023
Ted Lasso star reveals the hardest moment of the comedy series to film23 February 2023
Dungeons and Dragons movie might be changing actual DnD rules23 February 2023
How Netflix movie My Father's Dragon saved Cartoon Saloon23 February 2023
Avatar 2 has an obscene amount of different theatrical versions23 February 2023
This Beetlejuice animation test is pure nightmare fuel23 February 2023
Suzume review (Berlinale 2023) - Makoto Shinkai's best anime movie yet23 February 2023
HBO didn't make The Last of Us TV series because of the game23 February 2023
Is Jack Crusher Jean-Luc's son - Star Trek Picard season 323 February 2023
Outer Banks star almost played beloved Stranger Things character23 February 2023
Star Trek Picard season 3 episode 1 is now streaming for free23 February 2023
Wonder Woman star hopes for DC movies return23 February 2023
Ghostbusters is the "most difficult" movie Ernie Hudson's ever made23 February 2023
Amanda Seyfried "secretly hoped" this was her dad in Mamma Mia!23 February 2023
Ray Liotta loved making Cocaine Bear for one very lovely reason23 February 2023
X-Men star would "love to explore" Marvel movies return23 February 2023
Star Trek Picard season 3 episode 2 recap (2023) - the son23 February 2023
Cocaine Bear screenwriter on why movie was "too perfect not to pursue"23 February 2023
Tom Hardy reveals Venom 3 has started pre-production22 February 2023
Emma Thompson really hates Oscars campaigning, here's why22 February 2023
Hugh Jackman wants to challenge Ryan Reynolds' Wrexham AFC22 February 2023
Horror movie studios protect one thing more than babies22 February 2023
Paul Mescal doesn't care for this aspect of superhero movies22 February 2023
Avatar 2 only has two shots without any VFX, here they are22 February 2023
Evangeline Lilly could've starred in a different Marvel movie22 February 2023
Stranger Things star wants season 5 return despite his character dying22 February 2023
Groot's new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 form revealed in Marvel toys22 February 2023
Former Yellowstone star wants to do (another) prequel TV series22 February 2023
James Cameron thinks Marvel villain Thanos had a point22 February 2023
Fast and Furious star names favourite scene in the action movies22 February 2023
Spielberg still making TV series based on unfinished Kubrick movie22 February 2023
The Whale is now available on VOD22 February 2023
Toy Story 5 will be "surprising" for fans, says Pixar movies boss22 February 2023
Bloaters and Clickers aren't the scariest infected in The Last of Us22 February 2023
70-year-old Cocaine Bear star has cutest reaction to the action movie22 February 2023
Babylon is now streaming on Paramount Plus22 February 2023
Ant-Man 3 never included fan-favourite MCU character, says director22 February 2023
How to watch Babylon - can you stream the new Damien Chazelle movie?22 February 2023
Sex Education season 5 gets a disappointing cast update22 February 2023
Ant-Man 3 is tied for the lowest-rated MCU movie on Rotten Tomatoes21 February 2023
Pokemon anime series finale has a cameo "everyone wants to see"21 February 2023
Jennifer's Body reaction was "unjust", says horror movie star21 February 2023
The Winchesters is bringing back another loved Supernatural character21 February 2023
Austin Butler got the role of Elvis because of this renowned actor21 February 2023
Liam Neeson never did a James Bond movie because of his wife21 February 2023
Sarah Michelle Gellar won't return to I Know What You Did Last Summer21 February 2023
Happy Death Day 3 gets promising update from director21 February 2023
Michael Bay nearly made this Keanu Reeves movie, and we wish he had21 February 2023
Jeremy Strong provided one of Succession season 3's best scenes21 February 2023
I Am Legend 2 is bringing back Will Smith, here's how21 February 2023
Ant-Man still has one of the best Marvel movie endings21 February 2023
Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania Easter eggs you probably missed21 February 2023
James Cameron wants to make another new movie between Avatar 3 and 421 February 2023
The Last of Us star found playing this character "terrifying"21 February 2023
Super Mario Bros movie runtime revealed, and it's the perfect length21 February 2023
Mindhunter season 3 gets disappointing update from David Fincher21 February 2023
Smile is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video21 February 2023
Karen Gillan breaks down embarrassing Nebula poster for GotG 321 February 2023
Zachary Levi compares Shazam to beloved Marvel character21 February 2023
David Harbour thinks Stranger Things season 5 is right time to end21 February 2023
Fast and Furious cast reveal their favourite cities to film the movies21 February 2023
Star Wars Ahsoka release date gets exciting update from Rosario Dawson21 February 2023
Frasier reboot probably won't bring back iconic comedy series location21 February 2023
Julia Roberts drove Steven Spielberg mad on this movie set21 February 2023
Rob McElhenney teases new faces for Welcome to Wrexham season 220 February 2023
Frasier reboot will pay tribute to Kirstie Alley, says Kelsey Grammer20 February 2023
Paul Mescal reveals when Gladiator 2 starts filming20 February 2023
Best BBC iPlayer VPN 202320 February 2023
The Flash star had a terrible Pirates of the Caribbean audition20 February 2023
Scream 6 directors defend controversial Ghostface trailer moment20 February 2023
Will Smith almost lost one of his best movies to this Friends star20 February 2023
Pokemon's massive Wailord plushie will devour us all20 February 2023
Michael Jordan had one request for Ben Affleck’s new sports movie20 February 2023
Reincarnated as a Slime season 3 release date coming next year20 February 2023
The Last of Us episode 7 bringing in fan-favourite character20 February 2023
All Quiet On the Western Front upsets Oscars race (again)20 February 2023
Has Boruto Naruto Next Generations finished?20 February 2023
Does Tommy die in The Last Of Us?20 February 2023
Star Wars Andor season 2 release date gets update from Tony Gilroy20 February 2023
Letitia Wright clarifies her Black Panther 3 update20 February 2023
The kid from Superbad who drew d*cks is now super rich20 February 2023
5 videogame TV series that need to happen after The Last of Us20 February 2023
The Last of Us - can Ellie's blood cure infection?20 February 2023
The Last of Us - what are Bloaters?20 February 2023
Does Joel die in The Last of Us episode 6?20 February 2023
The Last of Us TV series episode 6 recap (2023) - no peace, not yet20 February 2023
Cocaine Bear director reveals her one condition to make Cocaine Shark19 February 2023
Kevin Feige says The Marvels matches "chill-inducing" Avengers moment19 February 2023
Everything Everywhere All at Once just won another major award19 February 2023
Emma Mackey got given a special nickname on thriller movie set19 February 2023
Rob McElhenney fears he will die before Welcome to Wrexham season 219 February 2023
The new Hellboy movie will be different for one important reason19 February 2023
Kingsman 3 gets promising update, but will have much less fighting18 February 2023
How Dungeons and Dragons movie runtime compares to real DnD campaign18 February 2023
Michael Douglas compares Ant-Man 3 to taking drugs18 February 2023
Scream 6 plot leak inspires Ghostface to send a spoiler warning18 February 2023
Aaron Paul nearly lost Jesse Pinkman role to major Netflix star18 February 2023
Lord of the Rings star Orlando Bloom weighs in on Rings of Power18 February 2023
Even Keanu Reeves thinks John Wick 4 might have "gone too far"18 February 2023
Steven Spielberg initially rejected Jaws theme thinking it was a joke18 February 2023
Love Actually star gives us hope for the romance movie's saddest plot18 February 2023
Evangeline Lilly reveals performance that still makes her cringe18 February 2023
Creed 3 is inspired by these five anime series, says Michael B Jordan18 February 2023
This Meryl Streep movie made her forget how to act18 February 2023
Fast and Furious 10 director promises "tremendous casualties"18 February 2023
You can now watch Naruto for free legally online18 February 2023
Who plays MODOK in Ant-Man 3?18 February 2023
Ant-Man 3 - why was Cassie Lang recast?18 February 2023
Everyone who dies in Ant-Man 318 February 2023
How many post-credit scenes does Ant-Man 3 have?18 February 2023
Is Mr Fantastic in Ant-Man 3?18 February 2023
Ant-Man 3 ending and post-credits scenes explained18 February 2023
Who does William Jackson Harper play in Ant-Man 3?18 February 2023
Is Michael Peña in Ant-Man 3?18 February 2023
Who are the Council of Kangs in Ant-Man 3?18 February 2023
Who are the Kang Variants in Ant-Man 3?18 February 2023
What is the Quantum Realm?17 February 2023
Fantastic Beasts was nearly even worse, if you can believe it17 February 2023
Olivia Colman plays an adorable prank on Paul Rudd during interview17 February 2023
Yellowstone 1923 set an incredible Cowboy Camp record17 February 2023
Wednesday season 2 will have more Addams Family dancing, says star17 February 2023
Paul Rudd shares Anchorman scene the cast almost couldn't film17 February 2023
James Cameron doesn't want to meet Avatar superfans17 February 2023
Best Peacock VPN 2023 - three picks that actually work17 February 2023
Matt Damon almost took a superhero movie role from Ben Affleck17 February 2023
Is Kang stronger than Thanos? Who's the deadlier Marvel villain?17 February 2023
Pedro Pascal was traumatised by his first Star Wars movies17 February 2023
Justice League Dark DC movie gets yet another disappointing update17 February 2023
Is the Tetris movie based on a true story?17 February 2023
Who is MODOK in Ant-Man 3?17 February 2023
Lion King's original ending would have been way too dark for kids16 February 2023
M. Night Shyamalan reveals the one thing he won't let his actors do16 February 2023
Only two Marvel series expected for Disney Plus this year16 February 2023
M3GAN 2 will take a "little bit of time", says Jason Blum16 February 2023
Ridley Scott made Matt Damon cry for real during The Martian shoot16 February 2023
Yellowstone cast are "always ready to die" in the TV series16 February 2023
Idris Elba says he isn't "going to be" new James Bond16 February 2023
Frasier reboot not bringing back other stars is "great", says Grammer16 February 2023
Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen have "plans" for Marvel movies return16 February 2023
Will there be an Aggretsuko season 6?16 February 2023
Ever wanted to see Liam Neeson punch Jimmy Fallon? You're in luck16 February 2023
DiCaprio had the best inspiration in Wolf of Wall Street's drug scenes16 February 2023
Star Trek Picard - USS Titan's return explained16 February 2023
Star Trek Picard - who is the Red Lady?16 February 2023
Ana de Armas is quitting action movies after John Wick spin-off16 February 2023
Baby Rocket revealed in GotG 3 LEGO, and OMG the cuteness16 February 2023
Michelle Pfeiffer's Grease 2 audition sounds incredibly embarrassing16 February 2023
Star Trek Picard - who is Rachel Garrett from Yesterday's Enterprise?16 February 2023
Star Trek Picard season 3 episode 1 recap - old friends16 February 2023
Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania review (2023) - let Kang rule the MCU16 February 2023
How to watch Star Trek Picard season 3 - is it on streaming?16 February 2023
Marlon Brando scared Eddie Murphy with his impression of this movie16 February 2023
Ethan Hawke thought Robin Williams hated him after this movie15 February 2023
Neil Gaiman teases Good Omens season 2 with Aziraphale’s diary15 February 2023
Chris Hemsworth just found his doppelganger on Twitter15 February 2023
Aaron Taylor-Johnson cleverly avoids new James Bond rumours15 February 2023
True Detective season 4 release date is "coming soon" says HBO15 February 2023
Squid Game season 2 starts filming this summer, confirms star15 February 2023
Please leave Christian Bale’s Batman out of The Flash15 February 2023
The Last of Us set banned the word "zombie" for a specific reason15 February 2023
Ant-Man 3 was shutdown by an unexpected feacal disaster15 February 2023
Ant-Man 3 — eight things we learned from the press conference15 February 2023
Book of Boba Fett had to bring back Din Djarin and Grogu, here's why15 February 2023
Pixar loves Everything Everywhere's Ratatouille scene15 February 2023
Emily Blunt got confused for a Disney princess making this movie15 February 2023
Kevin Feige promises "big ideas" for Tom Holland's Spider-Man 415 February 2023
Harrison Ford is becoming the US president (again)15 February 2023
Lady Gaga's Harley Quinn revealed in first Joker 2 image15 February 2023
The Mandalorian probably won't become a Star Wars movie15 February 2023
Steven Spielberg tells Tom Cruise he "saved Hollywood's ass"14 February 2023
The Last of Us star isn’t “afraid” of homophobic critics14 February 2023
Suzume special screening announced with Makoto Shinkai in attendance14 February 2023
The Boys marks Valentine's Day with hilariously dark post14 February 2023
Ted Lasso season 3 release date revealed in new trailer, and it's soon14 February 2023
Super Bowl brings back funny Rihanna moment for Ethan Hawke14 February 2023
Was the Titanic filmed on a real ship?14 February 2023
Titanic review (1997) - James Cameron somewhat stands the test of time14 February 2023
The Flash movie has a great tribute to Batman actor Adam West14 February 2023
Christoph Waltz is "definitely" up for Alita Battle Angel 214 February 2023
Sung Kang wants Gal Gadot back in the Fast and Furious movies14 February 2023
Is Titanic based on a true story?14 February 2023
Michael Kelly and more stars join The Penguin series cast14 February 2023
Halloween Ends is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video14 February 2023
Captain America "isn't a superhero" in his next Marvel movie14 February 2023
Supernatural made You season 4 a better whodunnit, here's how13 February 2023
Wednesday has more fans than House of the Dragon, and here's the proof13 February 2023
The Last of Us TV series just did Melanie Lynskey dirty13 February 2023
Michelle Rodriguez reveals her favourite Fast and Furious movie13 February 2023
Glasgow is the star of this year's Super Bowl trailers13 February 2023
Pedro Pascal loves The Mandalorian armour, even if it makes him blind13 February 2023
Harrison Ford can't wait to film 1923 season 2, and here's why13 February 2023
Penn Badgley’s sex scene comments are a win for puritans13 February 2023
Halle Berry calls out her own awards show fall in hilarious video13 February 2023
The Super Mario Bros are now available for actual plumbing13 February 2023
The Last of Us episode 5 was inspired by this classic DC comic13 February 2023
Titanic and Avatar 2 lead box office as James Cameron laughs13 February 2023
James Gunn introduces the cutest new MCU character13 February 2023
New Guardians of the Galaxy 3 trailer has Quill bringing us up to date13 February 2023
The Flash trailer reveals two Ezra Millers, two Batmen and Supergirl12 February 2023
Sydney Sweeney doesn't want your praise for White Lotus12 February 2023
Star Trek 4 just got promising update and it might not be dead, Jim12 February 2023
The Lord of the Rings movies nearly killed off 3 of the hobbits11 February 2023
Harrison Ford had to listen to Indiana Jones theme during colonoscopy11 February 2023
Penn Badgley had one sex scene demand for You season 411 February 2023
David Attenborough perfectly explains Cordyceps from The Last of Us11 February 2023
General Grievous' fight with Obi-Wan was originally even more epic11 February 2023
Thunderbolts movie gets a disappointing update from Sebastian Stan11 February 2023
Vin Diesel teases final Fast and Furious villain, and it involves AI11 February 2023
The Last of Us TV series episode 5 recap (2023) - into the fire11 February 2023
Chariots of Fire director Hugh Hudson passes away at 8611 February 2023
Michael Douglas wants to do more Marvel movies, on one condition11 February 2023
One Predator scene changed how action movies are made10 February 2023
Forrest Gump 2 nearly happened, and it sounds dreadful10 February 2023
The Pokémon movies are better than you think10 February 2023
Steve Carell was in real pain for iconic 40-Year Old Virgin scene10 February 2023
Jenna Ortega was meant to be in You season 4, here's why she isn't10 February 2023
Fast and Furious 10 trailer has Momoa trying to destroy Dom Toretto10 February 2023
Jonathan Majors wants Robert Downey Jr in Avengers 510 February 2023
Magic Mike 3 ending explained10 February 2023
Who plays Rhys in You?10 February 2023
This Clint Eastwood movie "strongly influenced" Yellowstone10 February 2023
Is You based on a real story?10 February 2023
Paul Mescal's first TV role is delightfully perfect10 February 2023
Reese Witherspoon once acted out her own rom-com to a full plane10 February 2023
Michael Keaton almost wasn't Vulture, and his replacement was perfect10 February 2023
Vin Diesel compares Fast and Furious movies to Lord of the Rings10 February 2023
Star Trek Picard season 3 review (2023) - another swing, another miss10 February 2023
Patrick Stewart teases Deadpool 3 cameo alongside Hugh Jackman10 February 2023
Zack Snyder isn't interested in DC movies return, says James Gunn10 February 2023
How to watch Blue Jean10 February 2023
Blue Jean (2023) review - a grounded, compassionate debut10 February 2023
Magic Mike 3 review (2023) – It is time to get off the pony10 February 2023
Al Pacino knows the perfect actor to replace him in Heat 29 February 2023
Cocaine Bear writer has perfect reason for writing the thriller movie9 February 2023
Uh oh, Avatar 2 might be making 3D movies trendy again9 February 2023
Spider-Man Noir TV series coming from Amazon9 February 2023
The Last of Us star hits back at social media body shaming9 February 2023
Jason Momoa's Fast 10 movie villain is "bad news" for Dom Toretto9 February 2023
Lost creator's new drama series was rejected for a strange reason9 February 2023
Attack on Titan season 4 part 3 premiere runtime revealed9 February 2023
Is Magic Mike based on a true story?9 February 2023
When can I watch You season 4 part 2?9 February 2023
Pam Grier struggled making Jackie Brown for one particular reason9 February 2023
We have Steven Soderbergh to thank for the best MCU movie9 February 2023
Netflix clarifies new password sharing rules for the streaming service9 February 2023
Brendan Fraser almost played Superman, but doesn't regret missing out9 February 2023
Frozen 3, Zootopia 2, and Toy Story 5 announced by Disney9 February 2023
What is the Force in Star Wars?9 February 2023
What happens to Joe's son in You?9 February 2023
You season 4 part 1 review (2023) - deliciously unhinged as ever9 February 2023
You season 4 part 1 ending explained9 February 2023
You season 4 release date, plot, trailer, cast, and more9 February 2023
You season 3 recap - what happened at the end of You season 3?9 February 2023
Harrison Ford did The Fugitive so he could have a beard8 February 2023
Percy Jackson TV series cast celebrates wrapping filming8 February 2023
M Night Shyamalan's Knock at the Cabin erases the original author8 February 2023
Vin Diesel calls Fast and Furious scene best moment in film history8 February 2023
Ed Sheeran surprises Lord of the Rings fans during Hobbiton tour8 February 2023
Scientists have made the T-1000 Terminator in real life (kind of)8 February 2023
Who is Luke Skywalker in Star Wars? All you should know about the Jedi8 February 2023
This Winona Ryder movie was written for Stanley Kubrick8 February 2023
James Cameron defends spoiler in Terminator 2 trailer8 February 2023
Seth Rogen says The Interview caused "seismic shifts in Hollywood"8 February 2023
Titanic - could Jack have survived with Rose?8 February 2023
Ryan Reynolds' Welcome to Wrexham just got a disappointing update8 February 2023
How to watch The Flash season 98 February 2023
Fantastic Four MCU movie starts filming in 2024, confirms director8 February 2023
Will there be a The Flash season 10?8 February 2023
Yes, Constantine 2 is still happening despite DC movies changes8 February 2023
Kang in Ant-Man 3 is the "most powerful" Marvel villain in multiverse8 February 2023
Breaking Bad Super Bowl ad is Walter White's "retiring episode"7 February 2023
Samuel L. Jackson has the best awards season voting strategy7 February 2023
Fawlty Towers getting Frasier reboot treatment with John Cleese7 February 2023
Winnie the Pooh was originally M3GAN-sized in Blood and Honey7 February 2023
The best Dexter character might get their own TV series7 February 2023
New Planet of the Apes movie will continue Caesar’s legacy7 February 2023
Sam Worthington nearly shot a poodle preparing for Avatar7 February 2023
Has Kang already killed Thor in the MCU?7 February 2023
Your browser is broken – time to try Opera GX instead7 February 2023
Creepypasta that inspired Severance becoming horror movie7 February 2023
This Ant-Man villain almost debuted in Iron Man 2 instead7 February 2023
Liam Neeson does not want to do a Star Wars series spin-off7 February 2023
Edgar Wright had a bizarre rule while making Scott Pilgrim7 February 2023
Ewan McGregor had to use a wig for Obi-Wan Kenobi, and hated it7 February 2023
Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson found this rom-com scene difficult7 February 2023
John Krasinski announces new A Quiet Place movie has started filming7 February 2023
Melanie Lynskey and TLoU creator bonded over a very different game7 February 2023
Have we all just forgotten that Ant-Man is immortal?7 February 2023
Kang conquers critics' hearts as Ant-Man 3 reactions land online7 February 2023
Yellowstone isn't ending anytime soon, says Paramount7 February 2023
Wait, Margot Robbie's husband was in Harry Potter?7 February 2023
Yellowstone season 5 might be the end of the Kevin Costner series7 February 2023
Rebel Wilson says Russell Crowe told her to "f*ck off" when they first met6 February 2023
Adam Sandler changed Salma Hayek's career with this comedy movie6 February 2023
I Know What You Did Last Summer sequel in the works6 February 2023
Who's bigger, Lord of the Rings' Smaug or Game of Thrones' Balerion?6 February 2023
Emma Roberts is "not a superhero" in upcoming Spider-Man movie6 February 2023
New Attack on Titan poster spoils anime series ending6 February 2023
Giancarlo Esposito explains how his Breaking Bad villain was so scary6 February 2023
Ashton Kutcher found Triangle of Sadness "terrifying", here's why6 February 2023
Stranger Things season 5 release date teased by Finn Wolfhard6 February 2023
Black Panther movies have a secret rule that spoiled Wakanda Forever6 February 2023
Yellowstone 1923 star explains her character's life-changing choices6 February 2023
Christopher Sabat reveals his favourite Dragon Ball Super Broly scene6 February 2023
This Martin Scorsese movie convinced Paul Rudd to take acting serious6 February 2023
Network N Media is hiring a group editor6 February 2023
The Witcher author gives short and sweet Netflix series review6 February 2023
Who is Kathleen in The Last of Us?6 February 2023
M Night Shyamalan just beat Avatar 2 at the box office6 February 2023
The Last of Us episode 5 is coming earlier because of the Super Bowl6 February 2023
How to watch Magic Mike’s Last Dance6 February 2023
Bradley Cooper started his career on this HBO series6 February 2023
The Last of Us - what are hunters?6 February 2023
The Last of Us episode 4 - what song played at the end?6 February 2023
I never played The Last of Us before the TV show and I have no regrets6 February 2023
The Last of Us - what's in the sinkhole in episode 4?6 February 2023
The Last of Us episode 4 recap (2023) - Kansas City, here we come6 February 2023
Don't forget 1923 episode 5 is on tonight5 February 2023
David Harbour's closet has a Hellboy photo and you won't guess why4 February 2023
Bruce Willis had a vicious feud with this director after Cop Out4 February 2023
Michael B Jordan says Creed 4 is definitely happening4 February 2023
Bella Ramsey is excited for The Last Of Us season 2 love story4 February 2023
The Mandalorian season 3 has an "epic battle," teases Pedro Pascal3 February 2023
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