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Who does Velma have a crush on?

The new Velma series is out and it shakes things up when it comes to the romance between members of Mystery Inc. So let's find out who Velma has a crush on

Who does Velma have a crush on? Velma in HBO max series

Who does Velma have a crush on? Everyone’s talking about a certain cartoon character again, after the new series Velma debutted on HBO Max.

Velma is the new animated series set around the famous Scooby-Doo characters in Mystery Inc. As the name suggests, the adult comedy series shines a spotlight on Velma, who is voiced by Mindy Kaling. It follows her adventures throughout her late-school years, and features a complicated love-square between her, Shaggy, Daphne, and Fred.

That, as well as the shake-up the relationships between the Mystery Inc. crew means that things are very uncertain when it comes to romance between the quartet. To help de-mystify things, we’re here to tell you who Velma has a crush on in the new TV series.

Who does Velma have a crush on?

Velma has a crush on Daphne in the new HBO Max Velma series. However, Shaggy has a crush on her, meaning that his heart gets just a little bit shattered on more than one occasion.

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This new multi-directional love square is new for the Scooby-Doo series, taking things in an entirely new direction and adding a lot of drama to the show. Velma, which is on the streaming service HBO Max, has received less-than-positive reviews, but reports suggest that it could already be renewed for a second season.

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