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Everyone who dies in Unwelcome

Unwelcome is a horror movie about Jamie and Maya, a young couple who get into trouble when they movie to rural Ireland and encounter some knife-wielding goblins

Everyone who dies in Unwelcome: Maya (Hannah John-Kamen )

Who dies in Unwelcome? Warning spoiler ahead! If you thought Joe Dante’s Gremlins were the deadliest goblins in town, then you need to watch the new movie Unwelcome.

The horror movie tells the story of Jamie (Douglas Booth) and Maya (Hannah John-Kamen), a young couple who find themselves living alongside terrifying creatures known as Redcaps. These little people aren’t content with just causing mayhem, though. No, These goblins have a taste for blood and aren’t afraid to get their knives dirty.

Here’s everyone who dies during Unwelcome. Warning spoilers for the monster movie ahead, so if you haven’t seen the new movie (and you really should), this is your last chance to escape.

Who dies in Unwelcome?

  • Rory
  • Eoin
  • Aisling
  • Killian
  • Daddy Whelan
  • Redcap Chief
  • Mother Redcap

Everyone who dies in Unwelcome: Rory


Rory is the first person to die in Unwelcome. The poor guy has the misfortune of running into the Redcaps while wandering through the woods looking for his lost dog Molly. While we don’t see what happens to him specifically, all those bones at the bottom of the Redcap den suggest it wasn’t pretty.

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Eoin Whelan

Eoin is the next to go. Eoin wanders into the woods to escape his cruel family, but when Maya runs into him, he turns violent. Fortunately for Maya, by this point in the film, she’s fed the Redcaps, and her little guardians come out of the trees to kill Eoin with their “little knives”. We don’t see exactly what happens to his body, but the Redcaps bring his head back as a weird gift for Maya.

Everyone who dies in Unwelcome: Aisiling Whelan

Aisling Whelan

Aisling, the Whelan’s only daughter, is jumped by the Redcaps in Maya and Jamie’s garden. The goblins manage to bring the girl to her knees before slicing open her belly and using her intestines as a skipping rope. We later see Aisling’s body being dismembered by the Redcaps, after which it was presumably gobbled up.

Everyone who dies in Unwelcome: Killian

Killian Whelan

The eldest Whelan child fares best against the Redcaps, managing to kill at least two, but sheer numbers eventually overwhelm him. He ultimately tries to flee Jamie and Maya’s house, but a waiting Redcap cuts his throat open when he gets in his van. Like his sister, Killian, or his corpse at least, is eventually dragged away into the woods.

Everyone who dies in Unwelcome: Daddy Whelan

Daddy Whelan

Armed with a shotgun, Daddy Whelan manages to scare off the Redcaps and corners Maya while she’s in labour. Threatening to shoot her from a distance that will kill the baby but not Maya, the day is saved by Molly, who attacks Daddy. In the confusion, Daddy drops his gun, and Maya gets her hands on it. As Daddy fights off Molly, Maya manages to shoot the patriarch of the Whelans, ending him once and for all.

Everyone who dies in Unwelcome: RRdcap chief

Redcap Chief

While a couple of Redcaps die during the Whelan’s attack, their leader is killed by Maya at the movie’s end for daring to abduct her baby.

Everyone who dies in Unwelcome: Mama Recap

Mother Redcap

Poor Mother Redcap was innocent in all this, but that doesn’t save her from Maya’s wrath. In the closing moments of Unwelcome, Maya crushes Mother Redcap’s head with her bare hands because this movie wasn’t wild enough.

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