August 2022 Archive

Melissa Benoist could return to the Arrowverse in Superman and Lois31 August 2022
Jason Momoa wants to keep his dadbod after Fast and Furious 1031 August 2022
Taylor Lautner had a horrible diet to prepare for Twilight movies31 August 2022
Nicolas Cage and Ari Aster to team up for A24 comedy movie31 August 2022
Tom Hanks was set to play Jerry Maguire before Tom Cruise got the role31 August 2022
Pooh goes on a killing spree in Winnie the Pooh horror movie trailer31 August 2022
Ant-Man 3 director compares Marvel villain to Marlon Brando31 August 2022
The Rings of Power episode 1 and 2 review – a promising but slow start31 August 2022
House of the Dragon actors never interacted on set, and here’s why31 August 2022
The Matrix inspired Man of Steel’s epic final fight31 August 2022
Fast X star discusses Ramsey's growth in upcoming movie31 August 2022
Spider-Man: No Way Home predicted to dominate box-office a second time31 August 2022
James Gunn hints at Yondu influence on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 331 August 2022
Rian Johnson still wants to make his Star Wars trilogy31 August 2022
Sylvester Stallone brings superheroes to the real world in Samaritan31 August 2022
Ben Kingsley to reprise role as Trevor Slattery in MCU's Wonder Man30 August 2022
George Miller has backstories for every Mad Max: Fury Road character30 August 2022
Jeff Bridges wore most of his own clothes in The Big Lebowski30 August 2022
Daisy Ridley gatecrashes John Boyega interview to ask about MCU30 August 2022
John Williams wants to score the next James Bond movie30 August 2022
John Carpenter hints at more Halloween movies, depends on the money30 August 2022
Warner Bros deleted Batgirl movie footage from server, director says30 August 2022
Army of Thieves star wants to be in Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead 230 August 2022
Rian Johnson says The Last Jedi abuse got "boring after a while"30 August 2022
James Gunn explains the "long list" of actors he'll never work with30 August 2022
Fast and Furious 10 protested in LA due to copycat street racing30 August 2022
Hunter x Hunter, Berserk, and more coming to Netflix in new anime deal30 August 2022
James Earl Jones didn't want to be credited for Darth Vader's voice30 August 2022
Megan Thee Stallion has a cameo in She-Hulk30 August 2022
Jason Momoa teases "more Batmans" in Aquaman 2, or maybe he doesn't30 August 2022
Dwayne Johnson thinks you should take more naps30 August 2022
Marvel has someone in charge of the MCU timeline, and we've questions30 August 2022
How to watch Samaritan - Can you stream the new Sly Stallone movie?30 August 2022
Quentin Tarantino says this is the only movie he's too scared to watch29 August 2022
Clint Eastwood was once fired for "having a big Adam's Apple"29 August 2022
The Simpsons showrunner shares awesome way he'd end the TV series26 August 2022
Jeffrey Dean Morgan is joining The Boys season 425 August 2022
Succession is bringing back a lot of characters for season 425 August 2022
Samaritan review (2022) - Super Stallone kicks ass, enough said25 August 2022
She-Hulk sneakily introduced Wolverine into the MCU25 August 2022
Vin Diesel was offered silly money to appear in 2 Fast 2 Furious25 August 2022
How to watch Hulu in the UK25 August 2022
Danny DeVito (respectfully) demands to be in the live-action Hercules25 August 2022
First look at new drama series from Virgin River creator25 August 2022
Early test footage for Shrek is absolutely horrific25 August 2022
This is the only star in the Harry Potter cast who wasn't British25 August 2022
House of the Dragon star says show's goriest scene was brutal to film25 August 2022
Sly Stallone tried to "scare" Euphoria star on set of new action movie25 August 2022
The Umbrella Academy renewed for fourth and final season25 August 2022
The Nun 2 is finally moving forward at Warner Bros25 August 2022
Has the MCU finally found its Fantastic Four director?25 August 2022
Warner Bros can allegedly only afford two more movies this year25 August 2022
Superman fans are convinced Henry Cavill is in Black Adam25 August 2022
Harrison Ford's heartwarming tribute to Sean Connery goes viral25 August 2022
Chris Hemsworth unrecognisable on set of Mad Max prequel Furiosa25 August 2022
She-Hulk episode 2 review - The Girlbossification of Hulk25 August 2022
Did She-Hulk just tease that the Hulk has a wife and kid?25 August 2022
Shazam 2 and Aquaman 2 delayed again25 August 2022
Live action Pinocchio movie gets a new trailer24 August 2022
Top Gun: Maverick actor shuts down X-Men casting speculation24 August 2022
Dave Bautista is ready to return to Arrakis for Dune 224 August 2022
Bob Hoskins had no idea Super Mario Bros was based on a game24 August 2022
She-Hulk writer reveals one Daredevil change that Marvel won't allow24 August 2022
Eddie Redmayne almost played Lord Voldemort24 August 2022
Hellraiser 2022 gets a release date and a creepy teaser trailer24 August 2022
Daniel Kaluuya gave John Boyega this career-changing advice24 August 2022
Neil Gaiman can't wait for this Endless in Sandman season 224 August 2022
Why Clint Eastwood turned down making a fourth Sergio Leone western24 August 2022
She-Hulk scenes were added because of Maslany and Ruffalo's chemistry24 August 2022
What is the song in the Rings of Power trailer?24 August 2022
Which MCU characters will be on the Avengers in The Kang Dynasty?24 August 2022
Is Jason Momoa playing Dom Toretto's son in Fast and the Furious?24 August 2022
Idris Elba is sick of being asked if he'll play James Bond24 August 2022
Val Kilmer would like to play Batman again24 August 2022
Can Dragon Ball ever shake the ghost of Goku?24 August 2022
Conjuring director working on live-action King Kong Disney Plus series24 August 2022
George Lucas's comments on how Star Wars was 'abused' go viral24 August 2022
Beast isn't Jaws with a lion, says director and producer – it's unique24 August 2022
Karl Urban reveals craziest stunt he's ever done24 August 2022
Top Gun: Maverick director loves bizarre Tom Cruise fan theory23 August 2022
Fast X is filming in LA and residents aren't happy23 August 2022
Brendan Fraser nets his first award as the "Brenaissance" begins23 August 2022
The Batman 2 gets new writer, Warner Bros are "all in" on Matt Reeves23 August 2022
Community movie is happening, confirms creator23 August 2022
Only Murders In The Building season 2 killer chats to The Digital Fix23 August 2022
Matt Damon explains why they "don't make movies like they used to"23 August 2022
How to watch Beast - can I stream the new Idris Elba movie?23 August 2022
Andrew Garfield put himself through hell for Martin Scorsese movie23 August 2022
Minions movie ending changed in China23 August 2022
House of the Dragon opens to record-breaking viewing figures23 August 2022
Fate: The Winx Saga season 2 release date, plot, cast, more23 August 2022
Paul Rudd's Only Murders in the Building appearance explained23 August 2022
George Lucas's original Star Wars ending was really bleak23 August 2022
Woody from Toy Story's original design was undiluted nightmare fuel23 August 2022
Beast cast reveal the action movie's most challenging moments23 August 2022
Rick and Morty taught She-Hulk writer an important lesson23 August 2022
Nathalie Emmanuel unsure if Fast and Furious can top going to space23 August 2022
Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon 2 gets the go-ahead from Netflix22 August 2022
Henry Cavill doesn't just play Superman he is a super man22 August 2022
The Boys season 4 has started filming22 August 2022
John Cusack didn't like the Con Air script22 August 2022
Jack Quaid promises 'Spoimler' bromance on Star Trek crossover22 August 2022
Tom Cruise has defeated Thanos (at the box office)22 August 2022
Neil Gaiman doesn't sound sure Sandman season 2 will happen22 August 2022
Disney Plus announces when Thor: Love and Thunder will be streaming22 August 2022
The Last of Us trailer is here and the internet's lost its mind22 August 2022
Dustin Hoffman almost quit Oscar-winning Rain Man role22 August 2022
Sly Stallone loves action movies, even though they put him in hospital22 August 2022
House of the Dragon's big twist makes Robert's Rebellion a lot darker22 August 2022
District 10 is year and a half away from shooting says Sharlto Copley22 August 2022
Where to watch House of the Dragon22 August 2022
Don't skip House of the Dragon because of Game of Throne's ending22 August 2022
She-Hulk villain was supposed to be like a Kardashian22 August 2022
Beast review (2022) – Idris Elba takes South Africa by storm20 August 2022
Elijah Wood joins the cast of Yellowjackets19 August 2022
George RR Martin had mixed feelings visiting Game of Thrones set19 August 2022
Tom Selleck nearly played Indiana Jones19 August 2022
Beverly Hills Cop 4 starts filming soon, coming to Netflix19 August 2022
Buffy, the Vampire Slayer reboot reportedly in "purgatory"19 August 2022
National Treasure 3 is "really good" so far, Nicolas Cage involved19 August 2022
Is Orphan a true story - the shocking crime that inspired the horror19 August 2022
New Lord of the Rings movies could happen after studio buys rights19 August 2022
How dirty dishes and hamburgers inspired the Millennium Falcon design19 August 2022
Robert De Niro improvised Taxi Driver mirror scene19 August 2022
Harry Potter coins coming into UK currency for 25th anniversary19 August 2022
Furious 7 reportedly cut a stunt because it was too dangerous19 August 2022
New Super Mario Bros movie is "a lot of fun", says Charles Martinet19 August 2022
She-Hulk director dismisses Fleabag comparison19 August 2022
Surprise Sandman episode just dropped on Netflix19 August 2022
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero ending and post-credits scene explained19 August 2022
She-Hulk got review bombed on IMDb19 August 2022
Owen Wilson won't give Loki updates because of the Marvel police18 August 2022
Michelle Yeoh reveals why Tarantino didn't cast her in Kill Bill18 August 2022
Hilarious Euphoria blooper reel recreates Brokeback Mountain scene18 August 2022
Avatar removed from Disney Plus ahead of theatrical re-release18 August 2022
Twilight director regrets turning down Taylor Swift cameo18 August 2022
Dwayne Johnson calls Black Adam a "once-in-a-career" role18 August 2022
Akira Toriyama forgot this Dragon Ball Z character existed18 August 2022
Squid Game star is inspired by Arya Stark from Game of Thrones18 August 2022
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero cast - "this is one of our best dubs"18 August 2022
Amazon Lord of the Rings series release date - everything we know18 August 2022
Kevin Costner was going to do The Bodyguard sequel with Princess Diana18 August 2022
Scarlet Spider will feature in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 218 August 2022
One of the worst Ryan Reynolds movies is getting a sequel18 August 2022
She-Hulk was inspired by Olympian Misty Copeland18 August 2022
One-Punch Man season 3 is officially happening18 August 2022
Did She-Hulk accidentally reveal that Captain America is still alive?18 August 2022
She-Hulk: The first superhero origin story told from the female gaze18 August 2022
She-Hulk finally answers if Captain America was a virgin18 August 2022
Titania explained, who does Jameela Jamil play on She Hulk?18 August 2022
How does She-Hulk get her powers?18 August 2022
She-Hulk explains why Bruce Banner wasn’t the Hulk in Shang-Chi18 August 2022
Michael Mann has started filming his new movie Ferrari17 August 2022
Steven Spielberg beat James Cameron to Jurassic Park by mere hours17 August 2022
Mark Ruffalo isn’t tired of playing Hulk, he could do this all day17 August 2022
Cyberpunk 2077 Netflix anime series will release in September17 August 2022
Dragon Ball Z star believes that yes, Goku could beat Superman17 August 2022
George RR Martin compares House of the Dragon scene to Red Wedding17 August 2022
Fast Times At Ridgemont High was accused of being porn by studio execs17 August 2022
Ming-Na Wen hopes The Book of Boba Fett season 2 happens soon17 August 2022
She-Hulk will be in Avengers 5, says Mark Ruffalo17 August 2022
She-Hulk episode 1 review — Women don’t owe you Hulking17 August 2022
When is Thor: Love and Thunder on Disney Plus?17 August 2022
Quentin Tarantino has a frankly outrageous Indiana Jones opinion17 August 2022
Karen Gillan is certain Jumanji 4 will happen17 August 2022
Tom Cruise improvised the underwear dance in Risky Business17 August 2022
Kevin Bacon pays DJs not to play 'Footloose' at weddings17 August 2022
Fans shocked to learn Harry Potter doesn't cast spells in first movie17 August 2022
Jon Favreau wants George Lucas to cameo in The Mandalorian17 August 2022
Marvel Studios changed She-Hulk's origin because it didn't fit the MCU17 August 2022
Jurassic World star still wants Fast and Furious crossover17 August 2022
New gangster movie coming with two Robert De Niros16 August 2022
Fast and Furious 10 star calls action movie "an incredible ride"16 August 2022
Air Force One director Wolfgang Petersen dies aged 8116 August 2022
Here's exactly when Rings of Power will release on Amazon Prime Video16 August 2022
Predator actor wants to be Jason Voorhees next16 August 2022
Daniel Kaluuya doesn't care for Logan Paul's Nope review16 August 2022
Courteney Cox shares video to celebrate wrapping Scream 616 August 2022
Black Adam isn't a "typical" superhero movie claims director16 August 2022
David Fincher hid Starbucks cups everywhere in Fight Club16 August 2022
Academy apologises to Native American woman for 1973 Oscars abuse16 August 2022
Voldemort's real name in French is wonderfully silly16 August 2022
Kiefer Sutherland turned down Robin in Tim Burton's Batman16 August 2022
John Wick prequel TV series coming 2023 to Peacock16 August 2022
Better Call Saul ending explained16 August 2022
Severance season 2 is filming "pretty soon", says Adam Scott16 August 2022
Halle Berry almost got her own James Bond spin-off16 August 2022
Daredevil in She-Hulk is a "very much planned" role16 August 2022
New Saw movie coming Halloween 202316 August 2022
Orphan: First Kill review (2022) – a fine, just fine horror movie16 August 2022
Ezra Miller apologises for past behaviour and is seeking treatment16 August 2022
Guillermo del Toro's horrifying Netflix series coming in October15 August 2022
Bryce Dallas Howard paid "much less" than reported for Jurassic World15 August 2022
Indiana Jones 5 will be "badass", says Boyd Holbrook15 August 2022
Prey Comanche dub should become the standard in Hollywood15 August 2022
Severance cast was influenced by The Office, says Ben Stiller15 August 2022
Percy Jackson TV series has already filmed half of first book15 August 2022
Rings of Power has "deep roots" in Lord of the Rings and Tolkien15 August 2022
Johnny Depp to direct first film in 25 years with Al Pacino producing15 August 2022
Kendall Roy set for more pain in Succession season 4, says producer15 August 2022
Spider-Man star Tom Holland taking a break from social media15 August 2022
Star Wars: Rogue One coming back to IMAX with Andor first look15 August 2022
Star Wars: The Mandalorian season 4 already in production15 August 2022
Steve McQueen scared Bruce Lee out of buying a Porsche15 August 2022
Rob McElhenney explains origin of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia15 August 2022
Is Black Adam a villain?15 August 2022
Bob Odenkirk was almost the villain in Billy Madison15 August 2022
Michael Fassbender once played a satyr in a bizarre music video15 August 2022
Ewan McGregor isn't interested in joining the MCU15 August 2022
How to watch Orphan: First Kill - can I stream the new horror movie?15 August 2022
She-Hulk is on Tinder to promote Disney Plus show15 August 2022
Black Adam will "rip somebody in half", says Dwayne Johnson15 August 2022
Game of Thrones: which dragon becomes a White Walker?14 August 2022
Diane Keaton knew nothing about The Godfather when she auditioned12 August 2022
Rob Zombie almost made a Marvel movie12 August 2022
Scott Derrickson has some Black Phone 2 ideas12 August 2022
Ncuti Gatwa starts filming Doctor Who in November12 August 2022
Michael Mann shares why his James Dean biopic fell apart12 August 2022
Karl Urban would be "excited" for someone else to play Judge Dredd12 August 2022
We have the poop emoji to thank for Jordan Peele's movies12 August 2022
Joker 2 musical numbers more like A Star Is Born than In The Heights12 August 2022
Leslie Grace could appear as Batgirl in other DCEU movies12 August 2022
Lost writer thinks the MCU should slow down12 August 2022
Scooby-Doo 3 already exists, and it's not as bad as you think12 August 2022
Harrison Ford didn't get why he was voted Sexiest Man Alive12 August 2022
Clint Eastwood and Super Mario are in the same Dirty Harry movie12 August 2022
Training Day director felt "empowered" by Denzel Washington12 August 2022
The T-1000 gets eaten by a T-Rex in Jurassic Park (sort of)12 August 2022
Tales of the Walking Dead almost got a musical episode12 August 2022
Daniel Radcliffe avoids Harry Potter stores for fear of getting mobbed12 August 2022
Idris Elba says "you never know" to more Heimdall after Thor 412 August 2022
Michelle Rodriguez almost left first Fast and Furious movie12 August 2022
The Batman 2 isn't official yet, but Matt Reeves is still writing it12 August 2022
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero review - Piccolo is the best anime dad12 August 2022
Tuca and Bertie season 3 release date, plot, trailer, and more12 August 2022
Nope (2022) review — a timely and necessary takedown on fame and greed12 August 2022
Nope ending explained — how does the Jordan Peele horror movie end?12 August 2022
Martin Freeman is open to playing Bilbo Baggins again11 August 2022
Robert Pattinson's best movie was released five years ago today11 August 2022
Conan director responds to Jason Momoa calling movie "pile of sh*t"11 August 2022
Dwayne Johnson made "unpopular" call to take Black Adam out of Shazam11 August 2022
Harley Quinn season 3 features Arrowverse cameo11 August 2022
Does She-Hulk break the fourth wall?11 August 2022
Kurt Russell knew Event Horizon would be a cult classic11 August 2022
Is The Flash cancelled?11 August 2022
Is I Am Groot canon?11 August 2022
Rick and Morty season 6 trailer brings the usual crisis over reality11 August 2022
George RR Martin was "out of the loop" by Game of Thrones' last season11 August 2022
Disney Plus introducing ads later this year, getting more expensive11 August 2022
Disney is now the world's biggest streaming service11 August 2022
John Wick 4 is longest instalment in action movie franchise yet11 August 2022
New MCU character is inspired by one of the worst Star Wars creatures11 August 2022
Matt Smith kept his Doctor Who sonic screwdriver11 August 2022
Game of Thrones: When does House of the Dragon take place?11 August 2022
The bizarre history of the Fantastic Four movie you've never seen11 August 2022
Severance creator wants Barack Obama to appear in season 211 August 2022
Steve Martin is retiring after Only Murders in the Building11 August 2022
Major Harry Potter scene took five months because of bad weather11 August 2022
Here's when every Star Wars: Andor episode will be on Disney Plus11 August 2022
Michael Keaton shares real reason for Batman return11 August 2022
Brett Goldstein had two weeks to prepare for Thor 4 cameo11 August 2022
All American season 5 release date, plot details, cast, and more11 August 2022
R2-D2 and C-3PO have a secret Indiana Jones cameo10 August 2022
The NSFW origin of Jurassic Park's velociraptor noises10 August 2022
You can now buy actual Spider-Man web-shooters10 August 2022
Fantastic Beasts star wants to be in MCU's Fantastic Four movie10 August 2022
Jason Momoa thinks Conan reboot was "a big pile of sh*t"10 August 2022
Pulp Fiction's most tense moment was filmed backwards10 August 2022
Neil Gaiman: "This is The Sandman that I've had in my head"10 August 2022
Warner Bros DCEU plans included Crisis On Infinite Earths10 August 2022
You can now rent the Harry Potter Knight Bus (sort of)10 August 2022
Black Canary DCEU movie still happening after Batgirl cancellation10 August 2022
Prey director used Predator movie line to tell star she got the role10 August 2022
Event Horizon shocked studio bosses who first saw it, says director10 August 2022
John Cena shares advice from Dwayne Johnson that helped his acting10 August 2022
Stranger Things got Kate Bush song by writing her an essay10 August 2022
Will The Simpsons ever end?10 August 2022
Con Air director is working on an ultra HD remaster for Disney10 August 2022
31 of the best Doctor Who Big Finish audios are now under $110 August 2022
Leonardo DiCaprio really cut himself in Django Unchained scene10 August 2022
Ewan McGregor's favourite Star Wars character isn't Obi-Wan Kenobi10 August 2022
I Am Groot Marvel series is now streaming on Disney Plus10 August 2022
When is She-Hulk coming out?10 August 2022
Yellowjackets season 2 won't premiere until early 202310 August 2022
Harley Quinn season 3 release date - when is the DC HBO series back?10 August 2022
Jamie Foxx almost spoiled Spider-Man: No Way Home10 August 2022
Star Wars: The Mandalorian season 3 is "off the chain"10 August 2022
What’s in the Jurassic World: Dominion extended cut?10 August 2022
The Muppets studio is working on Five Nights at Freddy's movie10 August 2022
John Carpenter is "very proud" of Halloween Ends9 August 2022
Aquaman being Polynesian was Jason Momoa's idea9 August 2022
Arnold Schwarzenegger shares poignant advice his dad gave him9 August 2022
The Strangers has three new horror movies in the works9 August 2022
Thor 4 rom-com scenes were added in reshoots by Taika Waititi9 August 2022
We might get Friday the 13th movie news soon, dare we hope?9 August 2022
This is the worst death in the Netflix Sandman series9 August 2022
Percy Jackson TV series is adding non-book scenes9 August 2022
Tom Cruise inspired Christian Bale’s American Psycho performance9 August 2022
Brad Pitt has "sh*t list" of actors he avoids, says Bullet Train star9 August 2022
Zazie Beetz in talks to return for Joker 29 August 2022
Harry Potter cast pranked Daniel Radcliffe with a fart machine9 August 2022
Jodie Whittaker gave Star Wars: Andor actor the best advice9 August 2022
The Nice Guys is now streaming on Netflix9 August 2022
Tobey Maguire took 156 takes to get this Spider-Man scene right9 August 2022
Jason Momoa is "having the time of his life" on Fast and Furious 109 August 2022
Clint Eastwood reveals who his favourite Marvel character is9 August 2022
Thunderbolts: which MCU characters should be on the team?9 August 2022
Interdimensional film fan shares pics of Kubrick's Lord of the Rings9 August 2022
Ironheart set photos reveal worst Marvel villain is about to join MCU9 August 2022
Peter Jackson wanted Derren Brown to make him forget the LotR movies9 August 2022
Tom Cruise wants to make a musical and play Tropic Thunder role again9 August 2022
John Travolta pays tribute to Grease costar Olivia Newton-john8 August 2022
Grease star Olivia Newton-John dies aged 738 August 2022
How to watch Nope — Can I stream Jordan Peele's new horror movie?8 August 2022
Groot is translated in (some) Guardians of the Galaxy scripts8 August 2022
Josh Gad has a Ghostbusters: Afterlife cameo you've never noticed8 August 2022
Top Gun 2 just overtook Titanic to break another box office record8 August 2022
Amber Midthunder is "so proud" of Prey Comanche dub8 August 2022
Breaking Bad star has met with Marvel and wants to play Professor X8 August 2022
Vin Diesel teases Fast and Furious 10 scene at the colosseum8 August 2022
Anthony Hopkins wrote Bryan Cranston a great email about Breaking Bad8 August 2022
Rosario Dawson clarifies comments on The Punisher reboot8 August 2022
Jamie Foxx says new Spawn movie is like Joker8 August 2022
Harry Potter has two Radiohead cameos you probably missed8 August 2022
Michael Shannon almost played Cable in Deadpool 28 August 2022
Jean-Claude Van Damme was fired from the original Predator movie8 August 2022
This Stranger Things scene took two years to get right8 August 2022
Batgirl reportedly tested as well as Black Adam and It8 August 2022
Who is The Prodigal in Sandman?8 August 2022
Thor 4 director didn't know Hercules is a Marvel character8 August 2022
I’m excited about Amazon’s Rings of Power – but how gay could it be?6 August 2022
Omar Sy to lead John Woo's remake of action movie The Killer5 August 2022
This failed rom-com forced Bruce Willis into doing Armageddon5 August 2022
Sex Education season 4 has begun filming5 August 2022
Poor Kevin Bacon got covered in vomit making Apollo 135 August 2022
Batgirl directors share adorable email Kevin Feige sent them5 August 2022
Lord of the Rings star has a message for Rings of Power cast5 August 2022
Gwendoline Christie wants to return to Star Wars5 August 2022
Ghoster trailer has us questioning if Hollywood is even trying anymore5 August 2022
Quentin Tarantino has some seriously high praise for Top Gun 25 August 2022
Will Avengers: Secret Wars finally give us black suit Spider-Man?5 August 2022
Mickey Rourke's Con Air audition sounds like a disaster5 August 2022
Warner Bros has a ten year plan to make DCEU like the MCU5 August 2022
How Voldemort changed the design of a new Marvel villain5 August 2022
The Sandman: Who is Death?5 August 2022
Prey is now streaming on Disney Plus and Hulu5 August 2022
Where was the movie Prey filmed?5 August 2022
Ryan Reynolds looks like he's started training for Deadpool 35 August 2022
Bullet Train's secret cameo explained5 August 2022
Netflix Sandman ending explained5 August 2022
The Sandman review (2022) - Netflix has done the impossible5 August 2022
Alien TV series is trying to be like first two horror movies4 August 2022
Quentin Tarantino thinks this Spielberg movie is greatest ever made4 August 2022
Lady Gaga confirms that she will be in Joker 24 August 2022
Keanu Reeves to star in Devil in the White City TV series4 August 2022
Peacemaker season 2 is safe from cancellation, says James Gunn4 August 2022
Neil Gaiman allowed Netflix to make Sandman because he had control4 August 2022
Who voices Buzz in the Lightyear movie?4 August 2022
Jackie Chan movies inspired the action in Prey4 August 2022
Eternals 2 is happening, says Patton Oswalt4 August 2022
Joker 2 gets October 2024 release date4 August 2022
Tom Felton had no idea what Harry Potter was when he auditioned4 August 2022
Bullet Train ending explained4 August 2022
Moon Knight season 2 teased by Oscar Isaac on TikTok4 August 2022
Marvel Studios casts first non-binary actor in new MCU series4 August 2022
Mission: Impossible 8 might not be Tom Cruise's last4 August 2022
Move over Fast and Furious, John Wick could be going to space4 August 2022
Kevin Feige explains when Tom Holland truly became Spider-Man4 August 2022
Leslie Grace thanks fans in emotional response to Batgirl cancellation4 August 2022
Harry Potter is the OG nepotism baby4 August 2022
Back to the Future star really didn't like ending to first movie3 August 2022
Batgirl directors hope DCEU movie comes out "one day"3 August 2022
She-Hulk will stream on Disney Plus on Thursdays3 August 2022
Emma Watson almost quit Harry Potter because of the fame3 August 2022
Jason Momoa spotted 'working' as flight attendant because why not?3 August 2022
Character is key for Apple TV's new animated movie Luck3 August 2022
Dev Patel helped break up a knife fight in Australia3 August 2022
The Suicide Squad tried three actors for King Shark before Stallone3 August 2022
Prey review (2022) - the best Predator movie since Schwarzenegger3 August 2022
Lee Pace used sword from The Hobbit to practice for his new movie3 August 2022
Star Wars: Andor compares Donald Trump's politics to the Empire3 August 2022
Marilyn Monroe Estate and Brad Pitt defend Ana de Armas amid criticism3 August 2022
Cate Blanchett has a Hot Fuzz cameo you've never noticed3 August 2022
Lightyear is now streaming on Disney Plus3 August 2022
Alien TV series filming next year, could release in 20233 August 2022
Save Batgirl trends after DCEU movie reportedly cancelled3 August 2022
Dolph Lundgren supports Stallone over Rocky rights dispute3 August 2022
John Boyega not interested in the MCU "for now"3 August 2022
Exorcist star went to extreme lengths to create Pazuzu's demonic voice2 August 2022
Batgirl movie reportedly not being released by Warner Bros2 August 2022
Why Stranger Things casting directors weren't sure about Sadie Sink2 August 2022
Jake Gyllenhaal to take on iconic Patrick Swayze role2 August 2022
Community movie has had "movement", says Alison Brie2 August 2022
Logan Lerman is "excited" for Percy Jackson series, open to cameo2 August 2022
Riverdale goes viral for bizarre Scarlet Witch scene2 August 2022
Top Gun 2 has inspired Reese Witherspoon for Legally Blonde 32 August 2022
Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul's Better Call Saul cameo explained2 August 2022
Harry Potter Universal tour has a secret Voldemort reference2 August 2022
Clint Eastwood admired Robert Patrick's acting in Flags of Our Fathers2 August 2022
Bullet Train review (2022) – one of 2022's funniest movies yet2 August 2022
Al Pacino turned down The Devil's Advocate three times2 August 2022
Kevin Feige admires a really odd Spider-Man villain2 August 2022
The Flash season 9 is the end and Arrowverse fans are having a moment2 August 2022
Nick Offerman is in Mission: Impossible 8, calls it "incredible"2 August 2022
Michael Keaton hasn't seen his Batman movies, or any of the MCU2 August 2022
Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is MCU Phase 4 "epilogue"2 August 2022
Pam Grier is making a zombie movie, and we're here for it2 August 2022
Robert Patrick would have played his X-Files character "forever"1 August 2022
John Krasinski reacts to theory that Jim is The Office's real villain1 August 2022
John Wick 4 star teases action movie is influenced by 47 Ronin1 August 2022
Bollywood's remaking Forrest Gump and it looks really good1 August 2022
Colin Farrell says Matt Reeves is "all over" Penguin HBO Max series1 August 2022
Brad Pitt calls one of his movies "the most irresponsible" filmmaking1 August 2022
How the T-1000 became a blessing for Terminator actor Robert Patrick1 August 2022
Matt Smith calls Ncuti Gatwa a "sensational" choice for Doctor Who1 August 2022
Star Wars fans use AI to predict what adult Grogu will look like1 August 2022
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