September 2021 Archive

Super Mario Bros movie now Amazon best seller30 September 2021
Ridley Scott says Gladiator 2 "will be ready to go" soon30 September 2021
Halloween producer says Michael Myers will never fight Freddy or Jason30 September 2021
Rowan Atkinson and Olivia Coleman join Timothée Chalamet in Wonka prequel30 September 2021
What If...? fans think the MCU and Star Wars had a secret crossover30 September 2021
Thor: The Dark World director would "love" to do a Snyder Cut29 September 2021
Ruth Platt of Martyrs Lane: "Everyone's woken up to women making horror movies"29 September 2021
Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett coming to Disney Plus on December 2929 September 2021
Sex Education season 4 makes sense, but it shouldn’t happen29 September 2021
What If…? episode 8 review - we’re in the endgame now29 September 2021
Ryan Reynolds new movie Free Guy is streaming on Disney Plus now29 September 2021
Ben Affleck and Matt Damon explain why The Last Duel is their first script since Good Will Hunting29 September 2021
Billie Piper says she'd return to Doctor Who under the right circumstances29 September 2021
Eminem teases Venom 2 song, our most anticipated sequel of 202129 September 2021
Squid Game set to overtake Bridgerton as Netflix's most watched show29 September 2021
Original Super Mario Bros star John Leguizamo calls out animated reboot29 September 2021
No Time To Die review (2021) - 007's most emotional ride yet is a fitting farewell to Craig's Bond29 September 2021
Michael Myers of Halloween attends 6-year-old’s birthday party and she loves it28 September 2021
Babylon 5 reboot from original creator coming to The CW28 September 2021
James Gunn fan really wants him to put a ferret in Guardians of the Galaxy28 September 2021
Stranger Things spin-offs may be in the works at Netflix28 September 2021
The Boys spin-off based on X-Men parody greenlit by Amazon28 September 2021
David Bowie scores first trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson's Licorice Pizza27 September 2021
Seth Rogen’s mum has best reaction to him playing Donkey Kong in new Super Mario Bros movie27 September 2021
Russell T Davies is coming back to Doctor Who - here's what we want to see27 September 2021
The Walking Dead proved horror could be "pretty successful" on TV, says Greg Nicotero27 September 2021
First five Halloween movies coming to Netflix UK this October27 September 2021
Star Trek's William Shatner may be about to become oldest person to visit space27 September 2021
Demon Slayer season 2 coming to Crunchyroll in December27 September 2021
Sony reportedly planning Spider-Man and Sinister Six movie27 September 2021
HBO shares The Last of Us first look starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey27 September 2021
Demon Slayer season 2 release date, trailer, plot, and more27 September 2021
The Witcher season 3 officially announced25 September 2021
Henry Cavill shares first look at The Witcher season 225 September 2021
Army of Thieves gets quirky new trailer25 September 2021
Netflix's Cowboy Bebop shares first look at its funky title sequence25 September 2021
Netflix shares first look at Vikings: Valhalla25 September 2021
Cobra Kai season 4 gets a release date25 September 2021
Chris Hemsworth shares first Extraction 2 teaser25 September 2021
Netflix shares first look at Bridgerton season 225 September 2021
Netflix shares first trailer for The Sandman TV series25 September 2021
Sex Education season 4 officially announced25 September 2021
Netlix reveals new Ozark season 4 clip25 September 2021
Netflix shares dark new teaser for Stranger Things season four25 September 2021
Gal Gadot kicks Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson's butts in new Red Notice clip25 September 2021
Will Smith developing new musical movie Summertime24 September 2021
Russell T Davies to return as Doctor Who showrunner for 60th anniversary and beyond24 September 2021
The Morning Show's Nestor Carbonell on the dangers of cancel culture24 September 2021
The 'real haunted house' that inspired The Conjuring is on sale now24 September 2021
Greg Nicotero: "George Romero would love Creepshow on Shudder"24 September 2021
Little Mermaid live-action movie will feature new music, says Disney composer24 September 2021
Chris Pratt is playing Super Mario, internet reacts accordingly24 September 2021
Harry Potter star Tom Felton "on the mend" after collapse24 September 2021
Ewan McGregor's reaction to hearing Star Wars: Attack of the Clones for the first time is still iconic23 September 2021
Cruella director wants Emma Thompson in the sequel23 September 2021
Netflix announces Tiger King 2, more true crime series23 September 2021
Jason Momoa shouts out Game of Thrones in Dune training video23 September 2021
Harry Potter fans are all making the same joke about Secrets of Dumbledore23 September 2021
No Time To Die director calls out Sean Connery’s Bond23 September 2021
New One-Punch Man anime short produced and released by manga artist23 September 2021
Ice-T announces Law and Order: SVU's 500th episode is about to start filming23 September 2021
Eddie Murphy signs deal with Amazon Prime for three new movies23 September 2021
Daniel Craig explains his thoughts on a female Bond22 September 2021
Marvel's new movie The Eternals gets PG-13 rating22 September 2021
What if…? Episode 7 review - an entertaining Marvel and Hangover mash-up22 September 2021
Frozen spin-off Olaf Presents coming for Disney Plus Day in November22 September 2021
James Gunn shares the incredible story of when he met Bill Murray22 September 2021
Netflix acquires Roald Dahl Story Company, is planning new universe of content22 September 2021
The Many Saints of Newark review (2021) - Ray Liotta can't redeem plodding Sopranos prequel21 September 2021
Ray Liotta: "when The Many Saints of Newark came about, I wasn't on the tip of anybody's tongue"21 September 2021
Dexter star explains which episodes to watch before season 921 September 2021
Tom Cruise may lose cinematic space race to new movie The Challenge21 September 2021
F9 star would like to see a "really dark" R-rated Fast and Furious movie21 September 2021
Topher Grace trolls fans asking if he's in Spider-Man: No Way Home21 September 2021
Ray Liotta admits he's handled his career "a little too preciously"20 September 2021
Lord of the Rings composer Howard Shore in talks to score Amazon series20 September 2021
Michela De Rossi: "I was a coach on The Many Saints of Newark"20 September 2021
Ewan McGregor says Obi-Wan Disney Plus show won't disappoint20 September 2021
Tom Cruise literally drops in on hikers while filming Mission: Impossible stunt20 September 2021
Idris Elba reviewing GoldenEye goes viral20 September 2021
Noah Jupe and Jaeden Martell to star in Lost Boys reboot20 September 2021
Tom Holland shows off impressive boxing skills in training video20 September 2021
The Crown and Ted Lasso big winners at Emmys 202120 September 2021
Seth Rogen calls out Emmys for lack of Covid-19 safety measures20 September 2021
Why the Marvel Cinematic Universe needs to be R-rated in the future18 September 2021
Succession season 3 trailer brings Adrien Brody and Alexander Skarsgård to the HBO series17 September 2021
Disney’s Hocus Pocus 2 won’t be filming in Salem17 September 2021
The Morning Show’s executive producer Mimi Leder on tackling Covid-19 in season 217 September 2021
Succession season 3 release date, trailer, cast, and everything else we know17 September 2021
The Sopranos episodes to watch before The Many Saints of Newark17 September 2021
Dungeons and Dragons movie - should it be straight fantasy or more meta like Jumanji?17 September 2021
Cobra Kai creator says other Karate Kid spin-offs are being considered17 September 2021
You can hire a Dwayne Johnson doppelgänger to help you move17 September 2021
Malignant twist was inspired by director James Wan's wife17 September 2021
Nicolas Cage will never watch the movie where Nicolas Cage plays Nicolas Cage17 September 2021
Deleted Tom Hardy photo has fans convinced Venom is in Spider-Man: No Way Home17 September 2021
Gwendoline Christie joins Addams Family Netflix series as villain16 September 2021
Bryce Dallas Howard is directing a Flight Of The Navigator reboot16 September 2021
James Bond casting director breaks down intense process for 00716 September 2021
Paranormal Activity 7 gets new title, and R-rating16 September 2021
Nicolas Cage is "never going to retire"16 September 2021
Steve-O reveals three Jackass stunts that were cut16 September 2021
Christopher Nolan's new Universal deal sounds incredible16 September 2021
Venom 3 may explore the Spider-Verse says Tom Hardy16 September 2021
Twins sequel starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito, and Tracy Morgan in development15 September 2021
Jingle All The Way's Turbo Man is a real toy you can buy for Christmas15 September 2021
Andy Serkis says Venom and Spider-Man movie is "gonna happen"15 September 2021
Andrew Garfield calls Tom Holland the perfect Spider-Man15 September 2021
West Side Story trailer reveals Spielberg's first musical movie15 September 2021
Avatar: The Last Airbender's Aang voice actor reveals his favourite episodes15 September 2021
Steve Buscemi denies Batman and Robin sequel rumour15 September 2021
What If…? episode 6 review - Killmonger returns in an unfortunately pedestrian thriller15 September 2021
Haunting of Hill House's Mike Flanagan reveals what he needs to make a third season15 September 2021
Hellraiser producer David S Goyer calls new Cenobites "jaw dropping"15 September 2021
Locke and Key season 2 trailer promises new magic is coming to Netflix series14 September 2021
Hayley Atwell will voice Lara Croft for Netflix Tomb Raider anime series14 September 2021
Christopher Nolan reportedly bringing Oppenheimer movie to Universal14 September 2021
James Gunn wants to make Peacemaker season 214 September 2021
Andy Serkis and Cynthia Erivo join Idris Elba in Luther Netflix movie14 September 2021
Knives Out 2 has wrapped filming, says Rian Johnson14 September 2021
Spider-Man's Andrew Garfield still wants to see a Sinister Six spin-off14 September 2021
Daniel Radcliffe reveals his favourite Harry Potter movie14 September 2021
Colin Farrell's Penguin getting his own The Batman spin-off TV series14 September 2021
If you like What If...?'s Marvel zombies, you should watch Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress13 September 2021
No Time To Die release date, trailer, cast, and everything else we know13 September 2021
The Matrix 4 was inspired by Lana Wachowski losing her parents13 September 2021
Dexter season 9 release date, trailer, and more13 September 2021
Hawkeye trailer: six things you missed in the teaser for Disney Plus’s new Marvel show13 September 2021
Mad Max prequel Furiosa delayed by nearly a year13 September 2021
Cobra Kai season 4 release date, trailer, cast, and more13 September 2021
Keanu Reeves was blown away when he watched The Matrix 413 September 2021
Predator prequel Skulls has wrapped filming13 September 2021
Come Play review (2021) – a stretched out horror movie about loneliness and iPads13 September 2021
Fairy Tail anime series is getting a sequel13 September 2021
The Queen's Gambit, RuPaul's Drag Race, and WandaVision lead Creative Arts Emmys 2021 winners13 September 2021
Spider-Man: No Way Home fan theory claims Doctor Strange has been replaced13 September 2021
Upcoming anime movie Sing a Bit of Harmony coming to US and UK theatres early 202213 September 2021
Disney will release Marvel Eternals, and rest of 2021 movies exclusively in cinemas13 September 2021
Copshop review (2021) – Gerard Butler's new action movie outstays its welcome10 September 2021
Black Panther star opens up about filming new Marvel movie without Chadwick Boseman10 September 2021
The Batman star Jeffrey Wright describes the "panic" of filming during pandemic10 September 2021
Amazon announces range of TVs, new Fire TV stick10 September 2021
Superman turns evil and battles the Justice League in first Injustice trailer10 September 2021
Dungeons & Dragons star calls fantasy movie "action-packed" and "funny as hell"10 September 2021
Batman 1989 grappling hook coming from NECA in October10 September 2021
Halloween Kills streaming on Peacock same day as theatrical release10 September 2021
24 new season "still a possibility"9 September 2021
New Resident Evil movie gets R-rating for violence and gore9 September 2021
Chris Hemsworth's Extraction 2 training regime sounds intense9 September 2021
The Matrix Resurrections trailer brings back Neo and Trinity9 September 2021
Nicolas Cage to star in his first ever western movie9 September 2021
Andrew Garfield responds to Spider-Man: No Way Home rumours9 September 2021
Bob Odenkirk is filming Better Call Saul again following heart attack9 September 2021
Star Trek: Picard season 2 trailer teases dark new storyline and February release date9 September 2021
Halloween Kills review (Venice 2021) — Michael Myers battles the mob in David Gordon Green’s patchy sequel8 September 2021
Rick and Morty wanted Daniel Radcliffe to be the live-action Morty8 September 2021
Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence lead trailer for Netflix comedy movie Don't Look Up8 September 2021
What If...? confirms that Spider-Man's Uncle Ben exists in the MCU8 September 2021
Shang-Chi director shares which character survived in alternate ending8 September 2021
Cowboy Bebop Netflix star John Cho didn't realise how influential the anime is8 September 2021
What If…? episode 5 review – an overstuffed Marvel zombie apocalypse8 September 2021
Venom 2 release date, trailer, and more8 September 2021
Meet the people who designed the What If...? Marvel Multiverse8 September 2021
The Matrix 4 has 180,000 teasers, full trailer this week8 September 2021
Aquaman 2 director James Wan shares first look at Patrick Wilson's buff new look8 September 2021
Sex Education season 3 release date, trailer, cast, and more8 September 2021
Venom 2 uses CGI because Andy Serkis thought it would give Tom Hardy "freedom"7 September 2021
Sarah Shahi says Dwayne Johnson is incredible in Black Adam7 September 2021
Shang-Chi star mocks those who said MCU movie would flop with hilarious stock photo7 September 2021
Pheobe Waller-Bridge leaves Mr & Mrs Smith Amazon series7 September 2021
The Wire star Michael K Williams dies, aged 547 September 2021
Venom 2 director says Carnage will be "truly terrifying"7 September 2021
Dune 2 will film in 2022 "for sure", if Denis Villeneuve gets go ahead7 September 2021
Rick and Morty season 5 finale explains Rick's backstory6 September 2021
If you like What If...?'s evil Doctor Strange, you should watch Batman's 'Heart of Ice'6 September 2021
Train to Busan director's Netflix horror series gets first trailer6 September 2021
Ted Lasso's Brett Goldstein responds to bizarre theory that he’s a CGI character6 September 2021
Spider-Man: No Way Home IMAX trailer debunks popular fan theory6 September 2021
What Jason Momoa's new black suit may mean for Aquaman 26 September 2021
Mark Hamill tweets Mark Hamill, internet explodes6 September 2021
Last Night In Soho review (Venice 2021) - Edgar Wright’s '60s slasher movie is messy but entertaining4 September 2021
Shang-Chi ending and post-credit scenes explained4 September 2021
Dune review (Venice 2021) — Denis Villeneuve’s gasp-inducing sci-fi spectacle lives up to expectations3 September 2021
Save 24% on 4K Roku Streambar3 September 2021
Shang-Chi's Awkwafina thinks it'd be "cool" if Katy joined The Avengers3 September 2021
The Accountant 2 reportedly in development with Ben Affleck3 September 2021
Stephen King's Salem's Lot adaptation casts Alfre Woodard3 September 2021
Natalie Portman calls Thor 4 workout "really fun"3 September 2021
Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern is wildly popular on Netflix for some reason3 September 2021
Marvel's deleted Keanu Reeves tweet has reignited MCU casting hopes3 September 2021
New Alien 3 novel is another unused William Gibson screenplay3 September 2021
The Deer King review (EIFF 2021) - Studio Ghibli alumni create heartwarming directorial debut2 September 2021
Amazon shares first Wheel of Time trailer2 September 2021
Moonfall trailer sends Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson to fight the moon2 September 2021
Dune star Timothée Chalamet compares adaptation to Harry Potter2 September 2021
Shang-Chi star Fala Chen on chasing Marvel's first Asian led movie and working with Tony Leung2 September 2021
Lucifer shares images for upcoming season six animated episode2 September 2021
Dwayne Johnson shares trailer for upcoming Netflix action movie starring Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot2 September 2021
Gremlins animated series and Batman Christmas movie coming to HBO Max2 September 2021
Jamie Lee Curtis recalls Halloween moment that's the high point of her career2 September 2021
Marvel Shang-Chi star Fala Chen found out she'd been cast while in Antarctica2 September 2021
Mary Poppins is Disney’s accidental feminist movie2 September 2021
Anya Taylor-Joy got Mad Max role by nailing this movie speech2 September 2021
Charlotte Vega talks new Shudder horror movie Mosquito State2 September 2021
Paranormal Activity 7 coming to Paramount Plus in time for Halloween1 September 2021
Better Call Saul season 6 will "probably hit harder", says writer1 September 2021
Alita: Battle Angel director is trying to butter up Disney for a sequel1 September 2021
Scorpion fights Ultra Instinct Shaggy in new Mortal Kombat opening1 September 2021
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot casts its young Will Smith1 September 2021
Venom: Let There Be Carnage rated PG-13 in US1 September 2021
Shazam 2 director shares set photo as filming wraps1 September 2021
Ian McKellen has perfect response to Gandalf recasting rumours1 September 2021
What If…? Episode 4 review - things get strange in the best episode yet1 September 2021