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Star Wars Andor episode 8: is there a time jump?

After Cassian Andor was sentenced to six years in prison, many viewers expected a Star Wars Andor episode 8 time jump, but is that the case?

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor

Is there a time jump in Star Wars Andor episode 8? After the events of Andor episode 7, which saw Cassian arrested and sentenced to six years in prison, many fans predicted we may see a time jump at some point in the Star Wars series to cover this time period.

We’ve already seen the Game of Thrones spin-off TV series House of the Dragon employ the use of time jumps to help develop its storylines to good effect. So, it wouldn’t be a surprise for this sci-fi series to do the same when advancing the plot for our new favourite Star Wars character.

So, does Star Wars Andor episode 8 have a time jump? Warning, spoilers ahead, as we offer up the answer to this question for you.

Does Star Wars Andor episode 8 have a time jump?

The short answer is yes it does. The long answer is, the time jump in question is not quite as significant as we first suspected it would be, as the episode only fast forwards 30 days.

In fact, the events of Andor episode 8 follow on almost immediately from the previous episode, and we spend a lot of time with Cassian Andor just getting used to his surroundings on the new Andor planet Narkina 5 and adjusting to prison life – like having to take his shoes off.

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But then, towards the end of the episode, a caption on the screen tells us we are now “30 shifts later,” which we assume equates to 30 days. We can’t imagine the inmates on board the floating facility get many days off, after all.

We’ll have to see when the next episode of Andor picks up, but until then, check out our guide to the Andor cast, or Andor filming locations, or find out what BBY means in Star Wars. Alternatively, take a look at our guide to the Andor season 2 release date.