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Star Wars Andor: is Kenari a real language?

Andor: is Kenari a real language? Cassian Andor was born on the planet of Kenari where he spoke the native language, but is it real?

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor in Rogue One Star Wars movie

Is Kenari a real language? The new Star Wars series Andor has been blowing fans away with its complex and thematically mature look at the development of the famous Rebellion‘s fight against the Galactic Empire, the subject of the original Star Wars movies.

The sci-fi series acts as a prequel to the Star Wars thriller movie Rogue One, exploring how Cassian Andor got involved in the rebellion against Emperor Palpatine and the Imperials. The TV series has gone even deeper than that, though, and it’s shown where Cassian Andor is native to, and how his adoptive parents came to find him.

As it turns out, the Star Wars character was born on the planet Kenari and lived in a small group alongside many other young natives to the planet. They all spoke a new language called Kenari, which we got to see a glimpse of before Cassian Andor was whisked away by Maarva and her partner. But is Kenari a real language?

Is Kenari a real language?

Despite sounding very convincing, Kenari is not a real language. Instead, it was created specifically for the Star Wars series and joins other famous made-up languages like Klingon from the Star Trek series, as well as Dothraki and Quenya from the two fantasy series Game of Thrones and Rings of Power respectively.

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If we get more flashbacks of Andor’s childhood on Kenari in Andor season 2 (maybe we might even find out why there are no adults around) then we’ll also get a closer look at the Kenari language – fictional or not.

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