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M Night Shyamalan compares Knock at the Cabin to his best movie

M Night Shyamalan's next project is thriller movie Knock at the Cabin, and he reveals what other movie the film reminds him of in a new interview

Knock at the Cabin

M Night Shyamalan’s new movie is on the way, with the Knock At The Cabin release date just around the corner, and the film will no doubt be full of  plot twists, shocking turns, and spine-tingling scares. The acclaimed director, who is known for creating some of the best plot twists in movie history, revealed in a new interview with Total Film that Knock At The Cabin is similar to one of his most famous horror movies.

“Which of my other movies is Knock At The Cabin in the ballpark of?” he asked. “The closest, I think, is Signs, because both movies are confined, to some extent, and they’re both populated by such loveable families at the centre of apocalyptic events. I do think that you fall in love with both of those families. You laugh with them, are scared for them. You feel connected.”

Shyamalan then continued to add context around the upcoming thriller movie, which is a novel adaptation. “You know, the author of the book, Paul Tremblay, wrote it right around the time Trump was elected,” he explained. “He was feeling certain things about the world. It’s really interesting that maybe he wrote it then, and I’m making a different version of the story here. It’s a wonderful discussion that we’re all going to have when you watch the movie. Is humanity worth saving? Are we good? The human experiment – is this working?”

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He continued, “I think the things that I’m drawn to when I think of my own ideas, or, in this case, an adaptation, it’s taking genres and then bending them in new ways, or changing genres from what you thought you were watching. That’s the fun of audiences, for me. They come in thinking they’re watching something, and it changes and moves.”

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