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Wednesday star Emma Myers attended an actual werewolf camp

Emma Myers, who plays Enid in Wednesday, has made her first talk show appearance and explained how she was sent to werewolf boot camp.

Emma Myers in Wednesday

Emma Myers is experiencing the limelight for the first time thanks to her role in Wednesday – which has been a monster hit for Netflix. Myers plays Enid – Wednesday’s bright and colourful roommate and best friend. Enid is a werewolf who hails from a large wolfpack in sunny California, and provides the perfect contrast to Wednesday.

Myers has just appeared on her first ever talk show – Jimmy Fallon. She told Fallon about attending werewolf boot camp to prepare for the role of Enid; “We did this werewolf boot camp one time. Because in episode 6, her parents and all of her family comes. Enid has four or five brothers and they really had to get them into the werewolf spirit.”

“So they asked me to come in and do werewolf boot camp and I was like; ‘OK – what does this mean?’ I have never done so much parkour in my life. Running on the floor on all-fours, jumping over things. We had these stunt guys pretending to be sheep, we would crawl around them in a circle. I think anybody who was walking past was like ‘what is going on in there?'”

Surprisingly, despite Wednesday’s enormous success, it hasn’t yet been renewed for a second season. We saw at the end of the first season [spoiler ahead] that Enid did finally manage to transform into a werewolf and save her best friend Wednesday when it mattered most. A second season will probably see Enid exploring her werewolf powers further.

There’s a chance that Wednesday might be leaving Netflix, as MGM who own the rights to The Addams Family, have merged with Amazon. This could potentially mean that it heads to Amazon Prime for future seasons. Netflix will obviously want to keep one of their biggest hits, during a somewhat troubled period for them.

While we wait to find out about the future of Wednesday, check out our guide to the filming locations.