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Star Wars Andor: how does Cassian plan to escape Narkina 5?

If you're watching Star Wars Andor you may be wondering how Cassian plans to escape the Narkina 5 prison facility, so we've laid out his plan for you

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor in Star Wars episode 8

How does Cassian plan to escape Narkina 5 in Star Wars Andor? If you’ve been watching the new Star Wars series you’ll now have seen Cassian arrested in Andor episode 7 and our hero was sent to a floating Imperial prison facility in Andor episode 8. So how is Cassian Andor going to get out of this mess?

We know he must get out somehow, because Cassian is one of the main characters in the Star Wars movie Rogue One where he helps the Rebellion against the Galactic Empire but things aren’t looking great for him right now. We’ve already solved the mystery of why does Andor have to take his shoes off on Narkina 5, and we worked out who Andy Serkis plays in Andor. But one big question still remains as the sci-fi series continues with Andor episode 9.

This new planet in Andor is not somewhere Cassian and his fellow inmates want to stick around for long, so how does Cassian plan to escape Narkina 5? Warning, spoilers ahead.

What is Cassian’s plan?

Cassian has a taste for rebellion, and he intends to co-ordinate a prison break so that he and any inmate brave enough to follow him can leave Narkina 5. The basis of Cassian’s plan depends on conspiring with other prisoners to overpower the guards on the facility and avoid the tunqstoid floors that can electrocute them.

In episode 9, we see Cassian sneaking away to the bathroom and cutting away at one of the pipes behind the wall. He doesn’t quite manage to finish the job yet, but we see him come back to this and the pipe plays a big part in the escape Cassian longs for. This pipe contains water, and that water affects the steel floors’ ability to shock the prisoners.

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It’s not quite clear how long Cassian was in prison for, but we saw him speaking to various other Star Wars characters within the facility to gain allies and work out how many guards there are in each area of the prison. Judging by what Cassian has learned already, there’s far more prisoners than guards, but can he inspire enough of them to join his mission to escape?

Finally, Cassian learns that the elevator bringing new inmates into room Five-Two-D is not connected to the tunqstoid system that delivers painful shocks to misbehaving inmates. Keep an eye on that situation as we move into the next episode of the TV series.

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