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Andor: Admiral Yularen explained

Andor: Admiral Yularen explained. Admiral Wullf Yularen appears in the new Star Wars series Andor in a small cameo role - let's find out more about him.

Andor: Admiral Yularen explained

Andor: Admiral Yularen explained. In Andor episode 7, there was a rather surprising Star Wars cameo. It was one of those good, old fashioned, blink-and-you-miss-it ones, and it will be a cameo appearance that even a lot of the most die-hard devotees will have missed. Andor episode 7 saw the first live-action appearance of Admiral Yularen since Star Wars movie A New Hope.

That’s right, the character who was briefing the Imperial officers, and who had boasted about his meeting with Emperor Palpatine, was none other than Admiral Yularen himself. Perhaps you recognised him, his voice, or you spotted his name mentioned in the subtitles. Either way, we won’t blame you if you don’t know too much about the character, or if your memory about his lore is a bit rusty.

We’re here to help. In this guide to Admiral Yularen explained, we’ll give you the character’s backstory, where he has popped up in Star Wars canon before, and what his appearance in the newest Star Wars series means.

Admiral Yularen explained: Wullf Yularen’s backstory

Prior to becoming an admiral, Wullf Yularen served as a military officer for the Galactic Republic. With the outbreak of the Clone Wars (orchestrated by Count Dooku and Emperor Palpatine) Yularen was given the rank of Admiral, and he served under General Anakin Skywalker.

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He served with distinction throughout the Clone Wars, and played a key role in many of the most well-known battles like Geonosis and Christophsis. He was the commander of the Galactic Republic’s flagship naval vessel, Resolute, until its destruction. During the conflict, Yularen cemented himself as one of the most important and respectable admirals in the navy of the Galactic Republic. In the Clone Wars animated series, Yularen serves as the narrator at the start of the episodes, which if you ask me, makes him pretty iconic.

After the Galactic Republic was replaced by the Galactic Empire, Yularen left the navy and joined the Imperial Security Bureau as a colonel. He returned to the reformed Naval Intelligence Agency before too long as the deputy director, and in this post he assisted Grand Admiral Thrawn in his attempts to root out the growing rebellion.

Yularen was eventually killed in the battle between the Rebellion and the Empire. He was assigned to the Death Star, and was on board when it destroyed in the Battle of Yavin.

Andor: Admiral Yularen in Rebels

Admiral Yularen explained: Wullf Yularen in Andor

When we see Yularen in Andor, it appears to be during his time as a colonel in the Imperial Security Bureau (the ISB). In the sci-fi series, following the rebel’s heist on Aldhani, he instructs the Imperial Security Bureau officers that the Empire will be tightening its grip on civilians in an attempt to crack down on the growing rebellion and find Cassian Andor.

Yularen explains that he received his instructions from Emperor Palpatine, and that makes clear that at this point in his career at the Imperial Security Bureau, he still wields authority and influence over those in the highest positions of power.

As the rebellion escalates in Andor, we could see more of Yularen in Andor season 2 if the character remains the stand-in for those at the very top: Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine. If not, you could always learn more about Syril Karn while you’re here.