November 2021 Archive

The Howling coming to 4K in 202230 November 2021
Game of Thrones prequel Dunc and Egg gets The Pursuit of Happyness writer30 November 2021
Mad Max spin-off Furiosa trades Yahya Abdul-Mateen II for Tom Burke30 November 2021
Aquaman 2 is "stronger" and "more exciting", Dolph Lundgren says30 November 2021
Power Rangers is "uniquely practical" compared to Marvel movies, says Rose McIver30 November 2021
Extraction 2 is now filming30 November 2021
Star Wars: Ahsoka adds Pacific Rim: Uprising star Ivanna Sakhno to cast30 November 2021
Annabelle Wallis says she's spoken to James Wan about making Malignant 230 November 2021
Spider-Man producer says Tom Holland embodies everything about Peter Parker30 November 2021
Chucky season 2 coming in 202230 November 2021
Spider-Man: No Way Home "not the last" MCU movie, says Amy Pascal30 November 2021
Dwayne Johnson is now officially the People's Champion30 November 2021
Peacemaker hates Aquaman in new clip of DCEU HBO Max series29 November 2021
Magic Mike 3 coming to HBO Max with Channing Tatum and Steven Soderbergh29 November 2021
Recreate the movie theatre at home with $500 off Optoma CinemaX projectors29 November 2021
Jurassic World 2 director making disaster movie for Netflix29 November 2021
Save 67% off this LG GX soundbar this Cyber Monday29 November 2021
Henry Cavill celebrates Enola Holmes 2 wrapping with a run29 November 2021
Save 31% on an Amazon Echo Show 8 this Cyber Monday29 November 2021
Evil Dead won't have any "traditional form" any more, says Bruce Campbell29 November 2021
The Network N inclusion fund29 November 2021
Beauty and the Beast cast cried hearing Angela Lansbury record the soundtrack29 November 2021
Eternals director Chloé Zhao teases her "sci-fi western" Dracula movie on Instagram29 November 2021
Train to Busan director has "some ideas" for sequels beyond Peninsula29 November 2021
Dwayne Johnson claims Red Notice is now Netflix's most-watched movie29 November 2021
Blade MCU movie reportedly filming summer 202229 November 2021
Doctor Strange 2 reshoots because of Covid-19 delays, says Benedict Cumberbatch29 November 2021
Spider-Man trilogy and Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy up to 50% off in these Cyber Monday deals28 November 2021
Save 45% on a Samsung HW-Q600A soundbar this Black Friday28 November 2021
Save up to 47% on Funko Pop Advent Calendars and other vinyl figures28 November 2021
Save up to 35% on Star Trek Blu-ray box-sets in these Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals28 November 2021
Save up to 35% on Iron Man, Ant-Man, and War Machine MCU replica helmets28 November 2021
Save 14% on a NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV 4K HDR Streaming Media Player this Cyber Monday28 November 2021
Save 34% on Zack Snyder's Justice League Trilogy Ultra 4K box-set this Cyber Monday28 November 2021
Save 38% on a Roku Streambar this Cyber Monday28 November 2021
Save up to 54% on Wheel of Time book box-sets this Cyber Monday27 November 2021
LEGO Batman and other movie sets up to 31% off in Cyber Monday sales27 November 2021
Save 50% on this 4k Amazon Fire Stick this Cyber Monday27 November 2021
Save 68% on The Fifth Element 4K 20th anniversary edition this Cyber Monday27 November 2021
Save 65% on Mission: Impossible box-set Blu-ray collection this Cyber Monday27 November 2021
Save 67% on Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World's End Ultra 4k boxset this Black Friday27 November 2021
Save 35% on a 32" Toshiba Smart TV this Black Friday27 November 2021
Hulu Black Friday deal gets you one year's streaming for less than $1 a month27 November 2021
Next Doctor Who actor "can go anywhere", says David Tennant26 November 2021
Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man spotted on No Way Home merchandise26 November 2021
Jason Momoa as The Crow test footage shows Aquaman star in full makeup26 November 2021
Encanto ending explained: how does the new Disney movie end?26 November 2021
The Marvels set image reveals Ms Marvel's costume26 November 2021
Sony’s home theatre Blu-Ray player with in-built streaming is now 40% cheaper for Black Friday26 November 2021
Cobra Kai cast thank Andrew Garfield for surprise shout-out26 November 2021
Save 47% on Beats Solo³ wireless headphones with AppleCare Plus this Black Friday26 November 2021
Dwayne Johnson gives truck to navy veteran fan in heart-warming video26 November 2021
Hawkeye director Rhys Thomas talks finding Kate Bishop's "element of chaos", and Jeremy Renner's emotional intensity26 November 2021
Venom star Stephen Graham says Toxin is a "possibility"26 November 2021
Save 27% on the Amazon Fire 4K UHD Smart TV this Black Friday26 November 2021
Vera Farmiga says she'd only seen Iron Man when she signed on to Hawkeye26 November 2021
Green Goblin has his iconic 'man bag' in Spider-Man: No Way Home26 November 2021
Hawkeye's Jeremy Renner explains why he's only seen Avengers: Endgame once25 November 2021
Venom 2 opening scene now on YouTube25 November 2021
Keanu Reeves says he'd love to play Constantine again25 November 2021
Jordan Peele's Nope adds Interstellar and Tenet filmmaker25 November 2021
The Big Lebowski bowling alley going up for sale25 November 2021
Gorillaz movie in the works at Netflix25 November 2021
Encanto producer Clark Spencer on making his first musical movie for Disney25 November 2021
The best Ghostbusters sequel is now free on YouTube25 November 2021
Zoë Kravitz says Robert Pattinson's Batman transformation is "out of this world"25 November 2021
Dungeons and Dragons movie will be connected to a "bigger universe"25 November 2021
Amazon Lord of the Rings series filming in two UK locations in 202225 November 2021
Vera Farmiga's character in Hawkeye might be a vampire25 November 2021
Spider-Man: No Way Home gets TikTok updates from Daily Bugle25 November 2021
Evil Dead Rise is "much more excruciating" than previous Evil Dead movies, says Bruce Campbell25 November 2021
The best LG OLED TVs under $1,000 in Black Friday sales25 November 2021
Kelsey Grammer says he'd love to play Beast in the MCU X-Men movie24 November 2021
Netflix's The Mitchells Vs The Machines 4K and Blu-ray coming in December24 November 2021
Batgirl HBO Max movie filming in January, says JK Simmons24 November 2021
Star Wars: Ahsoka is "thrilling" to write, says Dave Filoni24 November 2021
Braindead and Bad Taste 4K restoration delayed by The Beatles, says Peter Jackson24 November 2021
Star Trek: Discovery season 4 available on Pluto TV in the UK24 November 2021
Encanto director thinks a Disney Plus TV series is the "right thing to do"24 November 2021
Wheel of Time season 2 is already halfway done24 November 2021
Encanto directors Jared Bush and Charise Castro Smith on their inspiration for the new Disney movie24 November 2021
Hawkeye producer Trinh Tran on bringing Kate Bishop into the MCU, and the freedom of Disney Plus TV series24 November 2021
Ant-Man 3 director says he "can't wait" to show Marvel fans what they've been up to as filming wraps24 November 2021
Hawkeye director hopes to work with Lucky the Pizza Dog again24 November 2021
Spider-Man fans think they've spotted Andrew Garfield in No Way Home trailer24 November 2021
Hellbound overtakes Squid Game as most popular Netflix series24 November 2021
Hawkeye: who is Kate Bishop in the MCU Disney Plus series?24 November 2021
Clifford the Big Red Dog getting big red sequel24 November 2021
Mass Effect TV series possibly coming from Amazon Prime24 November 2021
Hawkeye has a secret Iron Man reference in the first episode24 November 2021
Jurassic World: Dominion prologue has a T-Rex invade the cinema23 November 2021
Jeremy Renner says the original six Avengers still have their group chat23 November 2021
Henry Cavill identifies with the "solo nomad" Geralt in The Witcher23 November 2021
Hayao Miyazaki's last Studio Ghibli movie will be a "fantasy on a grand scale"23 November 2021
Star Trek: First Contact writer plays down Tom Hanks casting rumour23 November 2021
Doctor Who New Year's Day special confirmed, BBC releases synopsis and guest cast23 November 2021
Henry Cavill explains where he wanted Superman to go after Justice League23 November 2021
Hawkeye episodes 1 and 2 review (2021) - Hailee Steinfeld’s festive MCU debut hits the bullseye23 November 2021
Marvel producer explains why Hawkeye became Disney Plus series instead of a movie23 November 2021
Star Wars gifts for Christmas 202123 November 2021
Chris Pratt's Mario voice is "phenomenal" says producer23 November 2021
Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett will explore the death of Jabba the Hutt, says Jon Favreau23 November 2021
John Krasinski is playing Superman in DC League of Super-Pets23 November 2021
The Matrix 4 isn't a sequel, says co-writer David Mitchell23 November 2021
J. Jonah Jameson meets The Lizard in new Spider-Man: No Way Home teaser23 November 2021
Made in Abyss season 2 trailer teases island adventure for Riko and Reg22 November 2021
Keanu Reeves says joining the MCU "would be an honour"22 November 2021
The original Matrix is heading to IMAX theatres for the first time22 November 2021
Star Wars sequel trilogy characters could return, says Kathleen Kennedy22 November 2021
Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett will reveal the bounty hunter's "true character"22 November 2021
Carrie-Anne Moss's role in The Matrix 4 is "really interesting", says Jessica Henwick22 November 2021
Blade Runner TV series in development, says Ridley Scott22 November 2021
Scream inspired Michelle Pfeiffer in What Lies Beneath22 November 2021
Doctor Who fans call new Weeping Angels episode a "classic"22 November 2021
Kate Bishop is "like Jackie Chan" in Hawkeye, says director22 November 2021
The Witcher: Blood Origin has wrapped filming22 November 2021
Eternals star shares photo of cut Harry Styles scene22 November 2021
Star Wars: Ahsoka bringing Sabine Wren to live-action with Natasha Liu Bordizzo22 November 2021
Blade adds Delroy Lindo to MCU movie22 November 2021
The Wheel of Time is now available on Prime Video19 November 2021
Black Panther 2 production goes on hiatus while Letitia Wright recovers from on set injuries19 November 2021
Tony Todd wants Candyman sequel set in New York19 November 2021
Jeremy Renner says he'll play Hawkeye until the "damn" costume doesn't fit19 November 2021
South Park movie teaser shows grown up Stan and Kyle19 November 2021
Scarlett Johansson is teaming up with Marvel Studios for a "top-secret" project19 November 2021
Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 coming to Crunchyroll January 202219 November 2021
Venom 2 deleted scene shows Eddie and the symbiote bicker over love19 November 2021
Attack on Titan season 4 release date, trailer, plot, and everything else we know19 November 2021
Batgirl co-director says action movie is close to shooting19 November 2021
Wesley Snipes shares Blade advice with Mahershala Ali19 November 2021
Red Notice 2 and 3 would shoot back-to-back if greenlit, says director19 November 2021
Star Wars: Ahsoka Disney Plus series starts filming March 2022, for early 2023 release19 November 2021
Scream 5 release date, trailer, cast, and more - when does Ghostface return?19 November 2021
Kristen Stewart doesn't "give a sh*t" about Spencer's Oscar buzz19 November 2021
Ghostbusters: Afterlife ending and post-credit scenes explained19 November 2021
Ghostbusters: Afterlife: Gozer explained19 November 2021
Lily James and Sebastian Stan are unrecognisable in new trailer for Hulu's Pam & Tommy18 November 2021
Michael Keaton may have just confirmed he's in Doctor Strange 218 November 2021
Martin Scorsese and Jonah Hill to take on the Grateful Dead for Apple18 November 2021
The Muppet Christmas Carol soundtrack coming to vinyl for Black Friday18 November 2021
Encanto star John Leguizamo wishes Lin-Manuel Miranda would work on all his movies18 November 2021
Dwayne Johnson celebrates 25th anniversary of his first WWE match18 November 2021
Spider-Man: No Way Home was rewritten so it could go before Doctor Strange 218 November 2021
We’re hiring! The Digital Fix is looking for two new staff writers18 November 2021
Nightmare Alley trailer has Bradley Cooper lead Guillermo del Toro's circus18 November 2021
Encanto cast on why “heroes shouldn’t look one kind of way” in Disney movies18 November 2021
Jodie Whittaker's last Doctor Who special coming autumn 202218 November 2021
Dune almost ended at a later point from the book18 November 2021
Tom Holland says he doesn't want to play Spider-Man in his 30s18 November 2021
Under Siege remake coming from The Night Comes For Us director18 November 2021
Train To Busan remake now called Last Train to New York18 November 2021
Jason Reitman says he thought about Harold Ramis "constantly" while making Ghostbusters: Afterlife18 November 2021
Riz Ahmed's new sci-fi movie Encounter gets a mysterious new trailer18 November 2021
Brandon Routh open to playing Superman again if it's the "right story"17 November 2021
The Crown season 5 casts Prince William17 November 2021
Tom Holland asked Marvel to rewrite Spider-Man: No Way Home ending17 November 2021
New Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer fan reaction shows some people don’t understand the point of teasers17 November 2021
Sony LED 4K Smart TVs are up to $500 cheaper in early Black Friday sales17 November 2021
Clifford the Big Red Dog sets big red streaming record for Paramount Plus17 November 2021
The Division movie hopefully starting production this year, says Red Notice director17 November 2021
Spider-Man: No Way Home new trailer: Easter eggs and things you may have missed17 November 2021
Turning Red trailer shows Pixar's Teen Wolf but cuter and fluffier17 November 2021
Avatar: The Last Airbender Netflix series casts The Mandalorian actor as Uncle Iroh17 November 2021
Alien TV series from Noah Hawley could start filming in March 202217 November 2021
Spider-Man fans think Harry Osborn's Green Goblin is in No Way Home17 November 2021
Transformers: The Last Knight has been watched over eight million times on Netflix17 November 2021
Hailee Steinfeld's dad helped her train for Hawkeye17 November 2021
Jason Reitman wants the Ghostbusters mythology to "keep growing" from Afterlife17 November 2021
Spider-Man fans convinced Maguire and Garfield were edited out of new No Way Home trailer17 November 2021
Old faces return in new Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer17 November 2021
Star Trek: Discovery leaving Netflix, season 4 to launch in 202216 November 2021
Harry Potter cast to reunite for 20th anniversary special on HBO Max16 November 2021
Pumpkinhead remake from Paramount Players script finished16 November 2021
Netflix releases new trailer for Adam McKay's star-studded Don't Look Up16 November 2021
Harry Potter director wants to release his 3-hour long Philosopher's Stone cut16 November 2021
Red Notice ending explained - how does the Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds Netflix movie end?16 November 2021
Halle Berry wants to direct a Catwoman remake16 November 2021
Dwayne Johnson says he'd like to play James Bond16 November 2021
Spider-Man star says fans will "go crazy" when they see new No Way Home trailer16 November 2021
Mel Gibson in talks to direct Lethal Weapon 516 November 2021
Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, starring Ryan Reynolds, is now on Netflix16 November 2021
Tom Hanks explains why A League of Their Own is his favourite of his movies16 November 2021
Fraggle Rock reboot trailer brings the Fraggles to Apple TV15 November 2021
Halo TV series teaser introduces Pablo Schreiber's Master Chief15 November 2021
Downton Abbey 2 trailer brings the Crawley family to the south of France15 November 2021
New Spider-Man: No Way Home poster released15 November 2021
Eternals was inspired by Spirited Away and Final Fantasy 715 November 2021
One Piece fans are convinced a new movie is on the way15 November 2021
Jason Reitman says Ghostbusters: Afterlife is for people who wanted to be Ghostbusters15 November 2021
Spider-Man: No Way Home gets earlier UK release date15 November 2021
New Sword Art Online movie coming to UK and US in December15 November 2021
Encanto review (2021) – a Disney movie celebrating Colombia that’s full of potential15 November 2021
Red Notice has biggest opening day for Netflix movie15 November 2021
How to watch Ghostbusters: Afterlife – can you stream the new Ghostbusters movie?15 November 2021
This 41-foot-tall Baby Yoda will destroy us all15 November 2021
Doctor Strange 2 getting "significant" reshoots15 November 2021
Ms Marvel coming summer 2022 to Disney Plus13 November 2021
Pixar's Cars and Disney's Zootopia both given spin-off TV series12 November 2021
She-Hulk teaser gives first glimpse of 'Hulked-out' Tatiana Maslany12 November 2021
Predator prequel from The Boys director coming to Hulu in 202212 November 2021
Moon Knight first look shows Oscar Isaac in new Disney Plus Marvel series12 November 2021
Marvel gives huge update about upcoming TV series on Disney Plus Day12 November 2021
Marvel Zombies TV series coming to Disney Plus12 November 2021
The Princess and the Frog gets Disney Plus TV spin-off12 November 2021
Pixar's first TV series, Win or Lose, gets new logo for Disney Plus Day12 November 2021
X-Men Animated Series reboot officially confirmed by Disney12 November 2021
The Spiderwick Chronicles TV series coming to Disney Plus12 November 2021
Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi teases Darth Vader fight in Disney Plus series12 November 2021
The Home Alone reboot is available to stream on Disney Plus now12 November 2021
Andy Samberg and John Mulaney tease Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers movie for Disney Plus12 November 2021
Hocus Pocus 2 just gave us our first look at the Sanderson Sisters12 November 2021
Ice Age: Adventures of Buck Wild first trailer shows Simon Pegg-led Disney Plus spin-off12 November 2021
Baymax TV series gets first teaser trailer to celebrate Disney Plus Day12 November 2021
Jungle Cruise is available for free on Disney Plus now12 November 2021
No, Daredevil isn't getting an MCU reboot12 November 2021
Harry Potter director was told to forget hiring Daniel Radcliffe12 November 2021
Shang-Chi is available to watch on Disney Plus now12 November 2021
Crazy Rich Asians director making new Dr Seuss animated movie11 November 2021
Live-action Pinocchio to be released in 202211 November 2021
Dwayne Johnson says Black Adam "would never" shake hands with Henry Cavill's Superman11 November 2021
Jake Gyllenhaal may be starring in Road House reboot11 November 2021
Monsters Inc 20th anniversary short released by Pixar11 November 2021
Rob Zombie's The Munsters has a logo now11 November 2021
Anthony Mackie's Captain America will be "like Rocky", says Marvel producer11 November 2021
Marvel Eternals: who are the Celestials?11 November 2021
Dwayne Johnson trolls Ryan Reynolds and ignites new Hollywood feud11 November 2021
Henry Cavill "would absolutely love" to do another Superman movie11 November 2021
Christopher Walken paints over Banksy mural for new TV series11 November 2021
Benedict Cumberbatch says Spider-Man: No Way Home co-star Tom Holland is "gobsmackingly brilliant"11 November 2021
Quentin Tarantino gives a passionate defence of theatrical experience11 November 2021
Disney Plus will get movies quicker from theatrical release, says Bob Chapek11 November 2021
Transformers 7 and new Star Trek movie delayed by Paramount11 November 2021
Idris Elba confirms Luther movie has started filming11 November 2021
A24 greenlights fantasy epic The Legend of Ochi10 November 2021
Chucky TV series "becomes absolutely bonkers" teases Jennifer Tilly10 November 2021
Angelina Jolie wants to do more MCU crossover movies10 November 2021
Kim Cattrall of Sex and the City joins new US-version of Queer as Folk10 November 2021
Amazon Fire TV Stick is now half price in early Black Friday sales10 November 2021
One Piece live-action cast revealed by Netflix10 November 2021
Paul Rudd voted world's sexiest man and his reaction is adorable10 November 2021
Shang-Chi's Simu Liu trolls Marvel fans about Spider-Man fan theories10 November 2021
Squid Game creator shares alternate ending to first season10 November 2021
Leonardo DiCaprio to play Jim Jones in Jonestown Massacre movie10 November 2021
Will Ferrell's Elf costume sells for £175,000 at auction10 November 2021
Monster High live-action movie in production at Nickelodeon10 November 2021
Ghostbusters: Afterlife release date, trailer, cast, and more10 November 2021
The Matrix 4 almost didn't complete filming, says Jessica Henwick10 November 2021
Tom Holland confirms Jamie Foxx is in Spider-Man: No Way Home10 November 2021
Tom Hardy and Channing Tatum to star in Afghanistan evacuation movie10 November 2021
Gundam live-action Netflix movie gets first concept art9 November 2021
Halloween Ends will celebrate John Carpenter's entire body of work9 November 2021
Spider-Man '70s actor wasn't asked to appear in No Way Home9 November 2021
Netflix Yu Yu Hakusho live-action series gets release date of December 20239 November 2021
Eternals Easter Eggs - all the Marvel references and throwbacks you may have missed9 November 2021
Better Call Saul season 6 is being split into two parts9 November 2021
Squid Game season 2 announced by creator, currently in development9 November 2021
Jonathan Majors doesn't know Marvel's full plans for Kang9 November 2021
Aggretsuko season 4 trailer shared by Netflix9 November 2021
John Wick 4 title revealed by gifts for crew9 November 2021
Patty Jenkins' Star Wars: Rogue Squadron delayed indefinitely9 November 2021
Guardians of the Galaxy 3 has started filming9 November 2021
Quantum Leap and Dune star Dean Stockwell dies aged 859 November 2021
Hunger Games and Constantine director making Vulcan's Hammer sci-fi movie9 November 2021
Dwayne Johnson won't be playing Santa Clause, and Christmas is ruined9 November 2021
Jason Statham praises The Raid's Iko Uwais in Expendables 4 images9 November 2021
Idris Elba teases project with Will Smith8 November 2021
Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters to star in horror-comedy movie8 November 2021
Gal Gadot says Wonder Woman 3's Lynda Carter role is "even better this time"8 November 2021
Bungo Stray Dogs season 4 on the way8 November 2021
The Witcher's gore and violence is just "bells and whistles", says showrunner8 November 2021
The Last of Us game director finished on HBO series8 November 2021
Dune 2 reportedly filming in summer 20228 November 2021
Vin Diesel wants Dwayne Johnson in Fast 10 to "fulfill his destiny"8 November 2021
Eternals director cast Patton Oswalt and Harry Styles as a "package deal"8 November 2021
Kim Cattrall of Sex and the City joins How I Met Your Mother spin-off5 November 2021
Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man experience was "heart-breaking"5 November 2021
Charlie Cox says Daredevil season 4 would've included Bullseye5 November 2021
Christina Ricci convinced The Addams Family director to change the ending5 November 2021
Hellboy and Rambo could become TV series5 November 2021
Kristen Stewart is getting Guy Fieri to officiate her wedding5 November 2021
Wicked movie casts Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo as leads5 November 2021
Eva Husson: "I must have watched Mothering Sunday 200 times"5 November 2021
Kristen Stewart is happy that Twilight fans are happy5 November 2021
Nintendo spending around $450 million on "non-game entertainment"5 November 2021
Eternals ending and post-credits scene explained5 November 2021
Eternals director Chloé Zhao was inspired by Denis Villeneuve's Dune for IMAX5 November 2021
The Batman deleted synopsis calls Robert Pattinson "disillusioned"5 November 2021
Ghostbusters: Afterlife review (2021) - Amblin-style adventure and bustin’ ghosts, what’s not to love?5 November 2021
Edgar Wright has written Baby Driver 2, but isn't sure if it'll happen4 November 2021
Harry Potter director Chris Columbus would "love" to direct Cursed Child movie4 November 2021
Eternals had two more Marvel characters in first draft, says director4 November 2021
Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City trailer explains the evil Umbrella Corp4 November 2021
Taika Waititi directing movie based on Alejandro Jodorowsky's The Incal4 November 2021
Marvel Halloween Special adds Coco star as Werewolf By Night4 November 2021
Jujutsu Kaisen 0 trailer introduces new heroes for anime series prequel4 November 2021
Always Sunny season 15 gets a new release date4 November 2021
Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead sequel sounds like Aliens4 November 2021
Lost's Daniel Dae Kim joins Netflix's live-action Avatar series4 November 2021
Red Notice review (2021) - Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson are unbreakable in quippy Netflix thriller4 November 2021
Black Adam producer teases Wonder Woman crossover4 November 2021
BBC responds to claims it's given up creative control of Doctor Who4 November 2021
Gal Gadot to play the Evil Queen in Disney's new Snow White movie4 November 2021
Dwayne Johnson to stop using real guns in his movies after Rust shooting4 November 2021
Paw Patrol 2 set to battle it out with Dune 23 November 2021
Matt Smith's cut Star Wars role was "big"3 November 2021
Alvin and the Chipmunks creator is looking to sell the franchise3 November 2021
Zazie Beetz would "love" to do Deadpool 3, and Domino origin story3 November 2021
Harry Potter Wizard Chess is now half price on Amazon3 November 2021
The Harder They Fall is on Netflix now3 November 2021
If you like Squid Game you should check out Alice in Borderland3 November 2021
Watch Hellraiser actor Jamie Clayton get her mold for Pinhead role3 November 2021
Thor romances Jane in new Love and Thunder set photos3 November 2021
Dwayne Johnson's idea for Hobbs and Shaw 2 is the "antithesis" of Fast and Furious movies3 November 2021
Todd McFarlane developing new TV slate, potential Spawn cinematic universe3 November 2021
Ghostbusters: Afterlife was developed in near total secrecy3 November 2021
Morbius fans are confused as to whether the movie is set in the MCU or not3 November 2021
Dwayne Johnson says he loves jokes about his Vin Diesel feud2 November 2021
Zack Snyder finds star for Netflix's Rebel Moon in Sofia Boutella2 November 2021
It's a Wonderful Life charity table read happening with Jason Sudeikis and Mark Hamill2 November 2021
Beatles manager movie halts production, director likely to leave2 November 2021
Neil Gaiman reveals Good Omens season 2 first look2 November 2021
Robert Downey Jr and Matt Damon in talks for Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer movie2 November 2021
Kit Harington is unsure about his future in the MCU2 November 2021
Jodie Whittaker recalls Doctor Who advice David Tennant gave her2 November 2021
Morbius trailer may tease future of Spider-Man after MCU trilogy2 November 2021
New Morbius trailer has Jared Leto going full vampire2 November 2021
Dexter ending was "infuriating" says Michael C Hall2 November 2021
Jason Momoa says he feels "fine" after testing positive for Covid-192 November 2021
Michael B. Jordan is doing something "different" with Creed 3, says Jonathan Majors2 November 2021
Eternals 2 isn't necessarily a "must have" says Marvel producer2 November 2021
Maya Hawke responds to Kill Bill 3 casting rumours2 November 2021
Chris Pratt to voice Garfield in new animated movie2 November 2021
Jamie Lee Curtis wants to play the devil in new Exorcist movie1 November 2021
Doctor Strange 2 merchandise may have leaked the movie's villain1 November 2021
Rob Savage set to direct Stephen King's The Boogeyman for Hulu1 November 2021
Jumanji director joins Dwayne Johnson's Christmas action movie Red One1 November 2021
New teaser released for Roland Emmerich's action movie Moonfall1 November 2021
Hannah Waddingham and Doug Jones join cast of Hocus Pocus 21 November 2021
Disney Plus releases first trailer for The Book of Boba Fett1 November 2021
Zack Snyder says his new movie Rebel Moon is like Man of Steel "on steroids"1 November 2021
Sasuke explains how he feels about losing Rinnegan in new Boruto episode1 November 2021
Best celebrity Halloween costumes 20211 November 2021
Venom 2 and No Time To Die made October the biggest box office month of 20211 November 2021