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The Lord of the Rings villain sad he didn't get to play Gandalf31 March 2024
One Jaws scene was so gory that Steven Spielberg refused to include it31 March 2024
The 28 best adventure movies of all time, ranked31 March 2024
William Shatner thought the Michael Myers Halloween mask was a joke31 March 2024
The Walking Dead star finished horror series with two broken feet31 March 2024
Why the Little Shop of Horrors director's cut almost ruins the movie31 March 2024
Jason Momoa got the Dune casting call while on top of a mountain31 March 2024
Classic teen movie almost starred Ben Affleck instead of Paul Rudd31 March 2024
Keanu Reeves gave John Wick 4 stunt-people $7,000 Rolex watches31 March 2024
Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly considered quitting Ant-Man after Edgar Wright left film31 March 2024
Kevin Smith alleges Harvey Weinstein ruined Robin Williams' Good Will Hunting deal31 March 2024
Timothée Chalamet had a secret YouTube business where he modded Xbox controllers31 March 2024
The prototype Sam Raimi Green Goblin mask is still terrifying31 March 2024
Will Ferrell explains why he turned down $29 million to make Elf 231 March 2024
Michael Keaton reveals he created Beetlejuice’s unique look30 March 2024
Keanu Reeves fans reckon he's immortal30 March 2024
Frank Oz shares the story behind Yoda's speaking style in Star Wars30 March 2024
The Walking Dead creator wanted to kill this character for fun30 March 2024
James Gandolfini’s son's touching tribute to his dad left Sopranos prequel crew in tears30 March 2024
Tim Burton reveals why he chose Michael Keaton to play Batman30 March 2024
The surprising role Leonardo DiCaprio regrets turning down30 March 2024
Gerard Butler injured three stuntmen in one day making this movie30 March 2024
Matt Damon And Ben Affleck say Kevin Smith saved Good Will Hunting30 March 2024
Why the Marvel Cinematic Universe wouldn't exist without Snipe's Blade30 March 2024
Taxi Driver writer disagrees with Martin Scorsese on Marvel movies30 March 2024
Paddington 2 is the best Hugh Grant movie, and we’re tired of pretending it’s not30 March 2024
Bono teased Matt Damon for becoming so popular in Ireland30 March 2024
George Lucas got his head stuck in the mechanical shark used in Jaws30 March 2024
Woody Harrelson wants to make Zombieland 330 March 2024
Chris Rock has a role in this Superman movie that never got made29 March 2024
Jonah Hill almost drowned promoting 21 Jump Street with Channing Tatum29 March 2024
Malcolm McDowell didn't want to talk about A Clockwork Orange for a decade29 March 2024
The Walking Dead cast had to go to 'zombie school' before filming29 March 2024
Andrew Garfield explains the downside of playing Spider-Man29 March 2024
Daniel Craig advice to the next James Bond was "don't be sh*t"29 March 2024
Denis Villeneuve was only "half-satisfied" by David Lynch's Dune29 March 2024
Elijah Wood explains making his Lord of the Rings audition tape29 March 2024
The director of Ben Affleck's worst movie won't even name it out loud29 March 2024
Aquaman star Jason Momoa says superhero movies are "like Greek mythology"29 March 2024
What Marvel took from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind29 March 2024
This Marvel legend owns a disgusting prop from the best Superman movie29 March 2024
Kelsey Grammer almost didn't play Frasier Crane at all28 March 2024
Willem Dafoe pulled incredible prank on Alfred Molina during Spider-Man 228 March 2024
Sons of Anarchy boss also wrote one of the best Jake Gyllenhaal movies28 March 2024
The 25 best zombie movies ever28 March 2024
Why Colin Firth is still the best Mr Darcy28 March 2024
How to watch The Nun 2 and all The Conjuring movies in order,28 March 2024
Jeff Daniels reveals everyone who didn't want him cast in Dumb And Dumber28 March 2024
Matt Damon shares secret of how Tom Cruise gets to do his own stunts28 March 2024
Jennifer Lopez loves Yellowstone so much Ben Affleck is "disturbed"28 March 2024
Yellowstone star still hasn't even met Kevin Costner on the TV series28 March 2024
New Game of Thrones spin-offs we want to see after House of the Dragon28 March 2024
Henry Cavill helped design The Witcher’s most awesome fight scene28 March 2024
This classic TNG character has secret cameo in Star Trek Picard28 March 2024
Peter Jackson's alternate ending would have ruined Lord of the Rings28 March 2024
Sigourney Weaver was not the first choice to play Ripley in Alien28 March 2024
Rey was originally related to everyone's favorite Jedi in Star Wars27 March 2024
Cheers stars just had a touching reunion in the show's iconic bar27 March 2024
Glenn Close thought one of her best movies would end her career27 March 2024
Keanu Reeves once visited Lance Reddick for his birthday wish27 March 2024
How Arnold Schwarzenegger tricked Stallone into making his worst movie27 March 2024
Sons of Anarchy cast really cried over this character's death27 March 2024
Ben Affleck was almost cut from one of the best vampire movies27 March 2024
Liam Neeson was unhappy with Steven Spielberg during Schindler's List27 March 2024
Robert De Niro was unimpressed by DiCaprio's improvisation27 March 2024
The Simpsons writer explains towel joke, and it's not what you think27 March 2024
Barbara Streisand once refused to meet Zac Efron27 March 2024
Steven Spielberg thinks one of his movies is perfect, but not Jaws27 March 2024
Tim Burton needed a translator for Jack Nicholson on Batman26 March 2024
Martin Scorsese needed one word to make the Goodfellas script perfect26 March 2024
Helen Mirren was “unbelievably uncomfortable” making this movie26 March 2024
This Kevin Bacon movie almost featured a sexy shower scene26 March 2024
Who trained John Wick?26 March 2024
Bob Odenkirk says Better Call Saul turned him into a “basket case”26 March 2024
Charlie Hunnam reveals big step other Sons of Anarchy cast didn't take26 March 2024
Ben Affleck used to work on a script dressed as Batman26 March 2024
Robin Williams's favorite anime movie is an absolute classic26 March 2024
Who will be the next James Bond?26 March 2024
John Wick director wants Clint Eastwood and Matt Damon in the movies26 March 2024
Jeff Bridges explains why his sci-fi cult classic could never fail26 March 2024
Al Pacino reveals the only role he regrets turning down26 March 2024
John Carpenter's Halloween originally had a much worse title26 March 2024
Jack Nicholson turned down The Godfather for this one reason25 March 2024
George Clooney calls this movie the "scariest" of his career25 March 2024
Michael J Fox thinks he was the "worst actor of all time" in this role25 March 2024
Idris Elba is a real action movie hero, protects woman being attacked25 March 2024
Everyone forgets Matt Damon's in this Studio Ghibli movie25 March 2024
The original design of The Nun in The Conjuring is horrifying25 March 2024
Tom Cruise wants to make movies in the 2040s inspired by Harrison Ford25 March 2024
This Orson Welles movie has the best battle scene ever, says Scorsese25 March 2024
Ridley Scott has one major criticism of Joker, and he's right25 March 2024
Iconic director regrets turning down one of Ben Affleck's best movies25 March 2024
Patrick Stewart needs a new Star Trek movie to explore two things25 March 2024
The Western has always been a genre for women, too25 March 2024
Danny DeVito got Arnold Schwarzenegger high making Twins25 March 2024
Clint Eastwood helped make ice cream legal in a city in California25 March 2024
The five Yellowstone characters most likely to die in the final season25 March 2024
Idris Elba reveals The Wire had a negative impact on his career25 March 2024
Denzel Washington thinks this is the best scene in Training Day24 March 2024
Robert Shaw had a limp in this movie due to a real injury24 March 2024
Joe Pesci nearly played this iconic Disney character24 March 2024
Matt Damon's trip to the Gone Girl set sounds pretty traumatic24 March 2024
This Leonardo DiCaprio movie convinced Michael J Fox to retire24 March 2024
The best Tom Hanks movies ever made24 March 2024
Heath Ledger's Joker had some shocking real life inspiration24 March 2024
Star Wars mystery from George Lucas left fans confused for 25 years24 March 2024
This Ben Affleck movie has an "absolutely on point" bank robbery24 March 2024
The best Harrison Ford movie is actually based on a TV series24 March 2024
Die Hard has a Frank Sinatra prequel you've never seen24 March 2024
Independence Day star reveals why the 2016 sequel flopped24 March 2024
Tom Cruise's casting process for Mission Impossible is brutally honest24 March 2024
Game of Thrones cruelest character makes Cersei look kind24 March 2024
The Witcher armorer rejected "weird" weapons requests from cast24 March 2024
These movies have the highest kill counts, and they're ridiculous24 March 2024
Nicolas Cage took on this movie after he went viral24 March 2024
One of Leonardo DiCaprio's most iconic movie scenes was improvised23 March 2024
Fight Club writer reveals change he didn't like in David Fincher movie23 March 2024
Ryan Gosling has a cameo in this brilliant horror movie23 March 2024
You've never seen the third highest-grossing actor's face23 March 2024
Christian Bale starred in this terrible Disney musical23 March 2024
Steve Buscemi helped find survivors as a firefighter after 9/1123 March 2024
Kelsey Grammer originally wanted to "kill" Frasier after Cheers23 March 2024
Yellowstone star said creator was crazy to plan ahead, but it paid off23 March 2024
Ben Affleck actually replaced Jon Hamm on one of his best movies23 March 2024
Game of Thrones fans have been saying Khaleesi wrong this whole time23 March 2024
Bill Paxton was genuinely “worried” about his most iconic Alien role23 March 2024
Chris Pine reveals movie fans talk about most, and it's not Star Trek23 March 2024
Kevin Costner made his most forgotten Western when the genre was dead22 March 2024
Stephen King is the original Stan Lee... hear me out22 March 2024
The 45 best fantasy movies of all time22 March 2024
No, Stanley Kubrick didn't hate Stephen King's version of The Shining22 March 2024
John Carpenter hates all the Halloween sequels for one simple reason22 March 2024
Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction cast wish list has many surprises22 March 2024
Ben Affleck and Matt Damon blew Good Will Hunting money in six months22 March 2024
Every Marvel series ranked, from worst to best22 March 2024
Guillermo del Toro planned to make the "Scarface" of Star Wars movies22 March 2024
If you don't understand Fight Club, David Fincher can't help you22 March 2024
Horror legend Wes Craven could have saved the worst Superman movie22 March 2024
Only one problem stopped Paul Walker doing his Fast and Furious stunts22 March 2024
Stallone doesn't think this Rocky movie belongs in the franchise22 March 2024
How Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho broke Hollywood taboos22 March 2024
Pedro Pascal made one decision that vastly improved The Mandalorian22 March 2024
Lord of the Rings movies ditched Middle-earth's most horrific villains21 March 2024
Clint Eastwood got Dirty Harry role because of Paul Newman's politics21 March 2024
This Sons of Anarchy episode was a moment of "no turning back" for Jax21 March 2024
Robert Redford refuses to watch his own movies for a suprising reason21 March 2024
Leonard Nimoy explains why his underrated Liam Neeson movie flopped21 March 2024
Show some respect to Matt Damon's name, we beg you21 March 2024
The 13 best alien movies of all time21 March 2024
Ben Affleck's kids love this movie because they can make fun of him21 March 2024
Carl Weathers explains how he got so ripped for Predator21 March 2024
Taylor Sheridan shares the one Hollywood trope he's "allergic" to21 March 2024
Q is actually the real villain in the James Bond movies, here's why21 March 2024
Nicolas Cage has a list of four directors he needs to make movies with21 March 2024
Tom Cruise almost robbed us of Ian McKellen's Gandalf21 March 2024
Steven Spielberg stepped in to save a Jaws rip-off from the court room21 March 2024
Yellowstone stars had an "intense" wedding anniversary while filming21 March 2024
Game of Thrones happened because the creators answered this question20 March 2024
Harrison Ford's Star Wars death absolutely "terrified" his co-star20 March 2024
Star Trek Picard dog actor was sacked for the funniest reason20 March 2024
Alien timeline in order, from Prometheus to Resurrection, Romulus next20 March 2024
Ben Affleck and Matt Damon made a TV series you probably haven't seen20 March 2024
Bill Paxton perfectly explained why James Cameron was right for Aliens20 March 2024
William Shatner fought to make Kirk more "vulnerable" in Star Trek 220 March 2024
Keanu Reeves got help from royalty to shoot beautiful John Wick scene20 March 2024
Denzel Washington rejected one of Will Smith's best action movies20 March 2024
John Williams laughed when he first saw Jaws, and we get why20 March 2024
Clint Eastwood inspired a Hollywood rule to stop him firing people20 March 2024
The 101 best TV series of all time, ranked19 March 2024
The hidden meanings behind the Rocky and Creed villains19 March 2024
Idris Elba got his role in The Wire thanks to a bet19 March 2024
Charlie Hunnam's favorite movie is this underrated Scorsese thriller19 March 2024
Game of Thrones star was fired from Disney movie because of laughing19 March 2024
Star Wars' Obi-Wan forgotten enemy nearly killed him long before Vader19 March 2024
Yellowstone star thinks these characters are "soulmates"19 March 2024
Michael Fassbender's neighbours hated his Alien Covenant preparation19 March 2024
This underrated episode sums up the very best of Star Trek TNG19 March 2024
Ben Affleck is a fan of Yellowstone, and here’s why19 March 2024
The most disturbing Spider-Man villain is way too dark for the MCU19 March 2024
Even Stephen King's wrong about the best Stephen King movies19 March 2024
Tom Hardy and Christian Bale used secret code on Batman to fix scenes19 March 2024
This Tom Cruise Mission Impossible running montage is so satisfying19 March 2024
Bryan Cranston adores this forgotten Western for a touching reason19 March 2024
Jared Padalecki's Rotten Tomatoes record is stranger than Supernatural18 March 2024
Hugh Grant hung out with the actual mob to do this comedy movie18 March 2024
The 10 best Guy Ritchie movies to see after The Gentlemen Netflix show18 March 2024
This monster was too terrifying for the Harry Potter movies18 March 2024
Sons of Anarchy fans call this the TV series' most satisfying scene18 March 2024
Jeff Bridges had one reservation about doing The Big Lebowski18 March 2024
Clint Eastwood wanted to return as Dirty Harry in very surprising way18 March 2024
The 12 best Ryan Gosling movies of all time18 March 2024
Ben Affleck and Matt Damon share the sweetest Brendan Fraser memory18 March 2024
Kyle MacLachlan was glad this scene was cut from David Lynch's Dune18 March 2024
The DCU made a big mistake rejecting the perfect crossover idea18 March 2024
Martin Scorsese learned an important lesson making Raging Bull18 March 2024
The best Keanu Reeves movies ever18 March 2024
Helen Mirren wanted Nick Frost's role in Shaun of the Dead18 March 2024
Breaking Bad creator admits finale contains his "dumbest" decision18 March 2024
Quentin Tarantino loves this 2000s teen movie, and so do we18 March 2024
Samuel L. Jackson thinks this deleted scene would've won him an Oscar18 March 2024
McConaughey had a bizarre rule for the cast and crew on Reign of Fire17 March 2024
One of Leonardo DiCaprio's biggest hits started as a low-budget horror17 March 2024
Robert Redford says one of his best movies was "simply tossed away"17 March 2024
The best Stanley Kubrick movie has a fascinating origin you never knew17 March 2024
Kelsey Grammer once had an incredibly awkward Star Wars audition17 March 2024
The 12 best feel-good movies of all time17 March 2024
Christopher Lee proved he should have been Gandalf in an awful TV show17 March 2024
Robert Pattinson's Batman was invincible, but not because of his suit17 March 2024
Henry Cavill was "intimidated" by Ben Affleck for this massive reason17 March 2024
Vin Diesel is a bigger star than Dwayne Johnson, and we can prove it17 March 2024
All of Star Trek's problems can be solved by one simple theory17 March 2024
Daniel Craig ran away after breaking Dave Bautista's nose making Spectre17 March 2024
Elizabeth Olsen admits she was "freaked out" by this MCU movie moment17 March 2024
Chris Pratt reveals the movie that made him see Westerns differently17 March 2024
Sons of Anarchy star learned about their death scene because of a joke17 March 2024
Lord of the Rings star shares Merry and Pippin's fate after the movies16 March 2024
John Carpenter rejected iconic Tarantino movie star for The Thing16 March 2024
Alan Ritchson almost lost Reacher role for the silliest reason16 March 2024
Matt Damon rejected one of The Dark Knight's best Batman villain roles16 March 2024
The West Wing happened because of a bluff by the TV series creator16 March 2024
Tommy Lee Jones gives perfect reason people still love The Fugitive16 March 2024
Tom Cruise made sure the best Guy Ritchie movie actually came out16 March 2024
Jack Nicholson almost lost one his best roles because of The Shining16 March 2024
Training Day director had one big worry over Washington's famous adlib16 March 2024
Robin Williams improvised Good Will Hunting's best line16 March 2024
The best scene in Jaws was actually written over the phone, somehow16 March 2024
Evil Dead might be the best horror movie series ever, for one reason16 March 2024
Michael Caine didn't know how to drive when he made The Italian Job16 March 2024
Reacher star Alan Ritchson played Aquaman long before Jason Momoa16 March 2024
Margot Robbie didn't have to audition for her DCU role, here's why16 March 2024
Jennifer Lawrence went deaf for a week after Hunger Games water stunt15 March 2024
Ben Affleck only starred in one horror movie, and it was a disaster15 March 2024
Wonder Woman had one scene that undermines the whole movie15 March 2024
Matt Damon's most requested autograph is for a movie he isn't even in15 March 2024
Sean Bean is right about his death in Lord of the Rings, and he'd know15 March 2024
Hitchcock's most challenging Psycho shot didn't involve any gore15 March 2024
Gene Hackman and Top Gun secretly inspired a modern sci-fi classic15 March 2024
Ronald Reagan's "worst movie" literally saved him from assassination15 March 2024
Leonardo DiCaprio's first role was in one of the worst movies ever15 March 2024
Richard Dreyfuss got his best Spielberg role by roasting Al Pacino15 March 2024
Barbie movie was a "terrible idea" until Greta Gerwig wrote one scene15 March 2024
George Clooney got Batman role thanks to his vampire-fighting skills15 March 2024
The 10 best Clint Eastwood movies of all time15 March 2024
Star Wars movies only showed us the most useful Jedi trick once15 March 2024
Brendan Fraser starred with Marlon Brando in a movie nobody has seen15 March 2024
Matthew Vaughn quit X-Men after dirty trick was pulled on Halle Berry15 March 2024
Matt Damon has one regret even bigger than turning down $250 million14 March 2024
Clint Eastwood rejected a Dirty Harry sequel because it was "too grim"14 March 2024
Robert De Niro and Joaquin Phoenix had a big disagreement over Joker14 March 2024
Ryan Reynolds passed out making one of the scariest movies ever14 March 2024
Tom Selleck reveals the truth about Three Men and a Baby's ghost14 March 2024
Yellowstone star's cowboy dreams were ruined by Taylor Sheridan14 March 2024
There's one Superman movie you've never seen, and you don't want to14 March 2024
Star Trek's greatest hero isn't a human, and isn't even in Starfleet14 March 2024
Forget The Shining, this is Jack Nicholson's scariest role14 March 2024
Robert Downey Jr's "ice cold" demand left Marvel legends freezing14 March 2024
Jeff Bridges was "furious" with Robert Downey Jr during Iron Man14 March 2024
Leonardo DiCaprio was "outraged" by James Cameron over Titanic scene14 March 2024
Steven Spielberg's best movie was so realistic, it needed a helpline14 March 2024
Kurt Russell kept asking John Carpenter one question during The Thing14 March 2024
Paul Newman hated making one of his best movies13 March 2024
Lord of the Rings stars plan to be buried with Aragorn for real13 March 2024
Snowpiercer had to follow a bizarre rule when making the TV series13 March 2024
Batman was replaced by one of his best villains, and it was great13 March 2024
Marlon Brando tried to convince Scorsese not to make Goodfellas13 March 2024
Fast and Furious actually got something right about going to space13 March 2024
Bruce Willis' TV series has an amazing overlooked Orson Welles cameo13 March 2024
Cameron gave Schwarzenegger's notes on Terminator the perfect clapback13 March 2024
Everyone's favorite Star Wars character was really killed off once13 March 2024
Sandra Bullock's best movie was literally cursed by a witch13 March 2024
John Carpenter ignored studio advice on two of his best movies13 March 2024
Writer says that Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek ideas were 'wonderful'13 March 2024
De Niro shut down production on Scorsese movie for unbelievable reason13 March 2024
Game of Thrones' biggest mistake was killing this character13 March 2024
Ben Affleck sent George Clooney a three-page email to beg for one part13 March 2024
Star Trek made Sean Connery a god after he turned it down13 March 2024
Yellowstone Rip actor Cole Hauser is unrecognizable in this comedy12 March 2024
Arnold Schwarzenegger had to eat actual dead vulture making Conan12 March 2024
Nick Offerman nearly played our favorite Lord of the Rings character12 March 2024
Ben Affleck reveals the acting lesson he learned from being a director12 March 2024
Scorsese reveals one of his best movies was called "flop of the year"12 March 2024
Nicolas Cage had "horrendous time" making one of his best movies12 March 2024
Mads Mikkelsen's James Bond role nearly cost him his career12 March 2024
Patrick Stewart was jealous of a Star Trek TNG actor's confidence12 March 2024
Michael Keaton wanted Batman Forever to be like Nolan's DC movies12 March 2024
Steven Spielberg used "charm of the devil" to land Jurassic Park star12 March 2024
The 30 best Marvel characters of all time, ranked12 March 2024
Barbra Streisand repeatedly chased Redford for classic romance movie12 March 2024
Steve Buscemi had this perfect first reaction to doing Armageddon12 March 2024
Del Toro confirms he was giving the worst Star Wars villain a movie12 March 2024
Sylvester Stallone had really gruesome injuries after making Rocky 211 March 2024
Lord of the Rings movies had "one big problem" from Tolkien's writing11 March 2024
Steven Spielberg fell in love with Tom Hanks in a surprising place11 March 2024
Band of Brothers star "didn't love" being part of the TV series11 March 2024
Nicole Kidman starred in longest film shoot ever, it sounds exhausting11 March 2024
John Candy admitted something truly sad while making Cool Runnings11 March 2024
Patrick Stewart "stormed off set" on Star Trek TNG because of the cast11 March 2024
Here’s why Michael Myers killed his sister in Halloween11 March 2024
The Departed's ending had a hidden detail that makes it even better11 March 2024
Game of Thrones left out one of the books' most brutal characters11 March 2024
McConaughey's hilarious first role was a "fairly robust" death scene11 March 2024
Tom Hanks called out advert using fake AI version of himself11 March 2024
Denzel Washington says a drug kingpin told him to win an Oscar11 March 2024
How many Oscars has Jamie Lee Curtis won?11 March 2024
Marvel's Stan Lee was friends with an Oscar winner in World War Two11 March 2024
The Fast and Furious 10 cast featured four Oscar winning actors10 March 2024
Remembering the best Oscars moments ever10 March 2024
Harrison Ford once made an Exorcist knockoff you've never seen10 March 2024
Frasier creators admit the comedy series is built on lies10 March 2024
Stephen King had no idea one of his weirdest movies was even happening10 March 2024
Sandra Bullock blocked her biggest movie's groundbreaking plans10 March 2024
The best Bluetooth Speakers for 2024 - Marshall, Sony, and more10 March 2024
Matt Damon had to learn a truly odd skill for the Jason Bourne movies10 March 2024
Patrick Stewart slams one Star Trek movie as "particularly weak"10 March 2024
Christopher Nolan reveals the one star he had to "beg" to do his movie10 March 2024
Clint Eastwood's biggest mistake has finally been explained10 March 2024
Donald Sutherland confesses he was "stupid" to reject classic horror10 March 2024
Barry Keoghan's failed Batman audition was inspired by Stanley Kubrick10 March 2024
Guardians of the Galaxy 3's most emotional scene got it wrong10 March 2024
Aliens star Lance Henriksen hates one director, but won't say who10 March 2024
Anthony Bourdain's pick for best food movie is surprising, but correct10 March 2024
Bruce Willis mocked Ben Affleck during Armageddon after Oscar success10 March 2024
Sarah Connor in T2 becomes even cooler with these overlooked details10 March 2024
Luke Skywalker actually uses his lightsaber way less than you think9 March 2024
James Bond's most shocking moment was actually full of mistakes9 March 2024
Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek movie would be amazing, and I need it9 March 2024
Meg Ryan has a surprising MCU connection thanks to You've Got Mail9 March 2024
James Cameron almost died filming his most daring movie9 March 2024
Top Gun 2's most surprising scene shot down by astronaut9 March 2024
Jack Nicholson added a perfectly gruesome detail to The Departed9 March 2024
Kevin Bacon was "horrified" when his six degrees game started9 March 2024
Saw X is so violent that someone called the cops for real9 March 2024
Sylvester Stallone says you should watch this classic before Rocky9 March 2024
Matt Damon says Steven Soderbergh "saved his bacon" for iconic scene9 March 2024
Harrison Ford was told to change his name, but had the best response9 March 2024
Robert Redford made today's most underrated thriller series possible9 March 2024
Leonard Nimoy was disappointed by Star Trek VI for one specific reason8 March 2024
Tom Hanks will blow your mind with one simple Star Wars fact8 March 2024
Kevin Costner is getting called out for Robin Hood, and he deserves it8 March 2024
Happy Days almost had a ridiculous title, but cigarettes helped fix it8 March 2024
Michelle Pfeiffer's first ever audition was for Robert De Niro classic8 March 2024
Denzel Washington says we've all been pronouncing his name wrong8 March 2024
Jake Gyllenhaal reveals key lesson he learned on Brokeback Mountain8 March 2024
Ben Affleck has been advised to stick to directing after his 2023 flop8 March 2024
The Sound of Music's biggest change is being reversed after 58 years8 March 2024
Barack Obama terrified the director of this Julia Roberts movie8 March 2024
Carrie Fisher's daughter nearly had this huge modern Star Wars role8 March 2024
Sylvester Stallone's most badass movie may get another unwanted sequel8 March 2024
John Wayne rejected his own changes to this icon war movie8 March 2024
Kevin Costner inspired Gene Hackman to fall in love with acting again7 March 2024
Dolph Lundgren once stopped a robbery without even being there7 March 2024
Robert Duvall movie lauded for getting the "tension" of Stalin right7 March 2024
Nicole Kidman picked her three essential movies, and we have to agree7 March 2024
Donald Sutherland was "offended" by harsh review of this TV series7 March 2024
Leonardo DiCaprio says "mystery" drew him to Clint Eastwood movie role7 March 2024
Tom Hanks wishes he could have been in this Steven Spielberg classic7 March 2024
Robert Redford and Paul Newman had shocking role-reversal on one movie7 March 2024
Keanu Reeves proved he is The One by signing this unusual autograph7 March 2024
Stanley Kubrick really wanted to cast comedy legend as an ape in 20016 March 2024
Star Trek 2 director improved Shatner's acting with one sneaky trick6 March 2024
Harry Potter secretly redeemed Hermione Granger's darkest moment6 March 2024
Frasier star David Hyde Pierce was injured doing this ironic episode6 March 2024
Jerry Stiller forced King of Queens to reboot before it even started6 March 2024
Hugh Jackman nearly got this graphic and embarrassing injury on X-Men6 March 2024
Robert Redford used clever bet to make iconic Donald Sutherland movie6 March 2024
Judi Dench says you're all wrong about this James Bond fact6 March 2024
Taylor Sheridan writing rule is a disaster for Yellowstone's ending6 March 2024
Jackie Chan once pretended to be hurt so Bruce Lee would hold him6 March 2024
Tommy Lee Jones made one of the most "legally inaccurate" movies ever6 March 2024
Morgan Freeman is furious at Gene Hackman for one great reason6 March 2024
Neil deGrasse Tyson reveals the most scientifically stupid movie ever6 March 2024
Donald Sutherland was full of rage after watching this war movie6 March 2024
Rupert Grint has "weird relationship" with Harry Potter for one reason5 March 2024
Alfred Hitchcock gor banned from Disneyland because of this movie5 March 2024
Val Kilmer crowned the coolest character ever in this classic Western5 March 2024
Kevin Bacon thinks Sixth Sense caused one of his best movies to flop5 March 2024
Robert Redford shares his favorite ever movie role5 March 2024
George Lucas loves the most divisive Star Wars movie and he's right5 March 2024
McConaughey turned down $15 million to remake an iconic TV series5 March 2024
Ted Danson was one of the "most unhappy" people while making Cheers5 March 2024
Clooney calls this Paul Newman role one of the best performances ever5 March 2024
Jonathan Frakes has one demand for Star Trek Legacy, and it's a biggie5 March 2024
Tom Hanks' toughest movie uses way more special effects than you think5 March 2024
Matt Damon beat Edward Norton for one of his best movies5 March 2024
Gene Hackman says this car chase beats The French Connection5 March 2024
Kevin Bacon was actually "disappointed" by one of his biggest movies5 March 2024
James McAvoy almost passed out filming this movie scene4 March 2024
Jaws becomes ridiculous when you notice this detail4 March 2024
Paul Newman is the only person in the world to get this unique award4 March 2024
John Carpenter is baffled why anyone celebrates his Stephen King movie4 March 2024
Denzel Washington had to convince the director not to quit this movie4 March 2024
Star Wars villain was actually inspired by this US president4 March 2024
This Star Trek villain was written for Robin Williams4 March 2024
Independence Day's best character has a genuinely dark backstory4 March 2024
Sylvester Stallone created Rocky movies to fix a big Hollywood problem4 March 2024
Everybody Loves Raymond star thinks the title "invites hatred"4 March 2024
Tom Hanks rejected this great rom-com for a very ironic reason4 March 2024
This movie icon starred as the Predator, but was mysteriously fired4 March 2024
Keanu Reeves performed the best The Matrix stunt himself, and loved it4 March 2024
Christian Bale was warned his best movie was "career suicide"4 March 2024
Nicolas Cage's horse in this western movie tried to kill him3 March 2024
Tom Cruise became so good at stunts he literally forgot how to breathe3 March 2024
Richard Gere hit actor so hard making this movie they stormed off set3 March 2024
Jeff Bridges thinks this is his best movie3 March 2024
This Eddie Murphy movie inspired an actual law over 20 years later3 March 2024
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