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The Boys savagely trolls streaming services (but especially HBO Max)

The Boys has announced a streaming service to parody other popular platforms for movies and TV series, though it's HBO Max that's a particular target

Anthony Starr as Homelander in The Boys

Vought International is keeping us entertained while we wait for The Boys season 4. Having previously had a go at Donald Trump, the sci-fi series is now taking aim at streaming services, with one in particular in its crosshairs.

The fictitious company revealed a revamped version of its bespoke platform on Twitter. Patrons can now enjoy a special new price that includes all the entertainment they could possibly need in one place. “To begin 2023, we’re proud to unveil the most effective restructuring in entertainment history,” the statement reads. “Vought plus-plus is now Vought plus again!”

As part of this change, the library and price have been altered. “We’ve unbundled your favourite apps like VTV Plus and VSPN Plus, and eliminated 35% of our films,” the tweet says. “All for the new low price of $119/month, plus!”

Not exactly a bargain, but then, we would say that. The Boys is clearly taking aim at the ever-shifting landscape of streaming platforms at the moment. It does seem like new services are popping up all the time, and keeping track of consolidation is tricky.

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Like, did you know Lionsgate Plus is a part of Amazon Prime Video in the UK? Well, now you do! There’s just so many ways to find the best TV series and best movies that’s a little interminable by times. That said, The Boys clearly has HBO Max in its sights, with the “eliminated 35% of our films”, since the Batgirl movie and a new Scooby-Doo animated movies were famously cancelled by Warner Bros, despite the former being filmed.

Vought always learns from the best when it comes to being the worst. Have a look at our guide to The Boys cast if you want more heroic satire, and peruse our list of the best superhero movies if you’d like more sincere heroism.