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What planets is Andor set on?

The new Star Wars series is taking us all around the galaxy and here are all the planets that Andor is set on during the course of Andor season 1

What planets is Andor set on? Diego Luna as Cassian Andor

What planets is Andor set on? The new offering from the world of Star Wars is proving to be a veritable treat for fans of the science fiction movie franchise, with thrilling stories and impeccable technical elements combining to make Andor the best Star Wars series to date.

Through the course of the sci-fi series we’ve seen the Star Wars character Cassian Andor cross paths with members of the Rebellion and plenty of Star Wars villains as he hops from planet to planet. The TV series may be confined to the streaming service Disney Plus, but it’s taking audiences across the galaxy week by week.

We can’t all be equipped with a map of the star systems, though, so we’ve put together a guide on all the planets Andor is set on for you so you never have to feel lost.

The planets Andor is set on:

  • Ferrix
  • Aldhani
  • Coruscant
  • Niamos
  • Narkina 5
  • Segra Milo

What planets is Andor set on? Diego Luna as Cassian Andor


This is the first planet we visit, and we spend most of Andor episode 1-3 here, and is technically the home planet of our leading man Cassian Andor. Though this is not where he was born, this is where he has grown up under the watchful eye of his adoptive mother Maarva. It’s also home to Cassian’s close ally, Bix Caleen.

Ferrix is an industrial planet, home to a vast array of workers across various trades such as construction, transport, and scrap dealers. The planet becomes heavily occupied by Imperial forces after the heist on Aldhani, putting all its inhabitants in danger at the hands of the Galactic Empire.

What planets is Andor set on? Diego Luna as Cassian Andor


A planet rich in forestry and foliage, Aldhani is one of the most beautiful settings we’ve seen in Andor and indeed across any of the Star Wars movies too. But, behind the lush woodland, lies an Imperial base and a regime which has caused the Aldhani natives to live in fear as their numbers dwindle.

Aldhani also plays host to the incredible heist we see in Andor episode 6, as the Eye of Aldhani provides a stunning backdrop for this act of rebellion. It’s on Aldhani that Cassian meets the likes of Vel Sartha, Karis Nemik, and Arvel Skeen.

What planets is Andor set on? Genevieve O'Reilly as Mon Mothma


Anyone who’s watched Star Wars before will recognise the name Coruscant. It’s essentially the home of the Galactic Empire and forms the base for the Imperial political regime. The Senate, who you will remember from 2000s movies like Attack of the Clones, meet here to discuss the political agenda for the whole galaxy.

It’s here that Mon Mothma takes her base as she plots to bring down the Empire from within, and it’s also home to Luthen Rael, the mysterious antiques dealer. Audiences have been treated to many visits to his shop, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving as we explore the Easter eggs in Luthen Rael’s collection. It’s also the home of Syril Karn, so it’s a pretty busy place.

What planets is Andor set on? Diego Luna as Cassian Andor


We only get a brief to the beach planet Niamos, but it sure is an eventful one. In Andor episode 7, Cassian flees his home planet of Ferrix and lands on this seeming party island, but his stay soon turns to disaster when he is wrongfully arrested.

Niamos may have golden beaches and lapping waves (and a brilliant club mix theme tune to boot), but once again, the Imperial forces have taken over the planet and tightened their grip on its citizens, leading to Cassian being arrested.

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Narkina 5

In Andor episode 8, Cassian is transported from Niamos to Narkina 5, which is essentially a load of floating prisons on the sea. Within these facilities, prisoners are turned into slaves, forced to take part in dangerous production lines to create weapons for the Empire.

We’re not sure how long Cassian will actually stay on Narkina 5 for, but he is sentenced to six years imprisonment, so we better get used to the place. It’s here that Cassian and Melshi first meet, under the watchful eye of Kino Loy. Eventually Cassian’s plan to escape Narkina 5 is put into action in Andor episode 10.

What planets is Andor set on? Forest Whitaker as Saw Gerrera

Segra Milo

In the closing moments of episode 8, we follow Luthen Rael on a trip to the planet Segra Milo, as he looks to form alliances with other Rebels across the galaxy. This Earth-like planet is the current base of none other than Saw Gerrera, who we first met in Rogue One.

We don’t get much of a good look at the planet just yet, but we’re sure that will come further down the line as Gerrera potentially plays a bigger part in the show.

That’s all the planets Andor is set on for now, but as we discover new worlds we will be sure to add them to this most unique travel planner. Until then, check out guide to the Andor filming locations to see the real places the show has used, or learn more about the Jedi and the Sith. Alternatively, check out our guide to the Andor season 2 release date.