November 2022 Archive

How Sylvester Stallone helped Matt Damon make Good Will Hunting30 November 2022
Anya Taylor-Joy hasn’t spoken to Charlize Theron about Furiosa yet30 November 2022
The White Lotus season 2 has a Jurassic Park cameo you probably missed30 November 2022
Sony reportedly wants Spider-Man 4 released by 202430 November 2022
Lord of the Rings: what happens to Sauron when he dies?30 November 2022
Andor finale could’ve been even better had Disney not changed one word30 November 2022
Brendan Fraser shares every actor's "best-kept secret"30 November 2022
Network N is hiring an Ecommerce Coordinator - apply while you can!30 November 2022
Network-N is hiring a Ecommerce Managing Editor – apply while you can!30 November 2022
Super Mario Bros fans split on Chris Pratt's "Wahoo!"30 November 2022
What is Morticia Addams' power in Wednesday?30 November 2022
Top Gun 2 actor wants Tom Cruise to play Santa Claus30 November 2022
Are Willow and Star Wars connected?30 November 2022
Who voices Princess Peach in the new Mario movie?30 November 2022
Is Val Kilmer's Madmartigan in the Willow Disney Plus series?30 November 2022
John Carpenter has his own personal Nicolas Cage festival at home30 November 2022
Is Willow 2022 a sequel?30 November 2022
Violent Night director Tommy Wirkola on making a new Christmas classic30 November 2022
Violent Night review: your weird mate's new favourite Christmas movie30 November 2022
Alice in Borderland season 2 release date, cast, story, and more30 November 2022
Martin Scorsese loves Derry Girls30 November 2022
Emily in Paris season 3 release date speculation, cast, story and more30 November 2022
Jack Ryan season 3 release date, cast, story, and more30 November 2022
James McAvoy explains where the X-Men movies went wrong29 November 2022
Billie Eilish isn't in Euphoria season 3, but she wants to be29 November 2022
Five years ago today Marvel released the best MCU movie trailer29 November 2022
James Gunn would like to remind you the original Groot is dead29 November 2022
Zoe Saldana feels "stuck" doing Avatar and Marvel movies29 November 2022
Mickey Mouse isn't just a Disney icon; he is living history29 November 2022
Dwayne Johnson pays back store he shoplifted from as a teen29 November 2022
Frasier reboot will "honour" fan-favourite John Mahoney29 November 2022
No, Toy Story does not contain an f-bomb29 November 2022
Andor made Diego Luna feel like the "luckiest actor ever"29 November 2022
How much did Avatar 2 cost to make?29 November 2022
Succession star Brian Cox asks for Edinburgh Filmhouse support29 November 2022
Fred Armisen shaved his head for Wednesday29 November 2022
Does Thing die in Wednesday?29 November 2022
Top Gun 2 has the cutest tribute to original action movie's director29 November 2022
Is Wednesday Addams a human?29 November 2022
Knives Out has a sneaky Joseph Gordon-Levitt cameo29 November 2022
James Cameron thought Avatar logo font was an original design29 November 2022
Ryan Reynolds tweeted this small MCU character and we need answers29 November 2022
Squid Game star doesn't see anything wrong with fans copying games29 November 2022
George Takei calls William Shatner a "cantankerous old man"29 November 2022
The best MCU character might not return for Ant-Man 328 November 2022
Bones and All star started acting because of Brendan Fraser28 November 2022
James Gunn explains how Nebula got Rocket's Christmas present28 November 2022
Will Smith responds to fans who reject his comeback28 November 2022
Virgin River star believes Hope changes "for the better" in season 528 November 2022
The true story that inspired House of the Dragon28 November 2022
John Malkovich's Spider-Man 4 Vulture wings have been revealed28 November 2022
Popular Star Wars Funko Pop 35% off for Cyber Monday28 November 2022
Hugh Jackman taught Dafne Keen an important lesson making Logan28 November 2022
Who plays young Morticia in Wednesday?28 November 2022
Why is Wednesday Addams having visions in the Netflix series?28 November 2022
What cello song does Wednesday play?28 November 2022
Samuel L Jackson doesn't do nude scenes for one specific reason28 November 2022
Why is Wednesday sent to Nevermore Academy in the Netflix series?28 November 2022
Is Uncle Fester in Wednesday?28 November 2022
Weird Al couldn't do a Harry Potter parody, and we feel cheated28 November 2022
Wednesday: what is the Nevermore Academy monster?28 November 2022
Wednesday: who is the Nevermore Academy monster?28 November 2022
Hugh Grant hated filming iconic Love Actually scene28 November 2022
Tom Cruise almost got arrested making Mission: Impossible28 November 2022
You can now own this iconic Spider-Man outfit from the animated series28 November 2022
New Disney movie may be one of the biggest box office bombs ever28 November 2022
Fast and Furious fan theory has shocking links to the Transformers28 November 2022
Netflix: is Wednesday worth watching?28 November 2022
Star Wars goof reveals Luke's lightsaber was made in New York28 November 2022
Who is Wednesday Addams' boyfriend?28 November 2022
Why Sylvester Stallone will never watch Creed 328 November 2022
Scorsese has priceless reply when daughter tells him about Goncharov28 November 2022
How old is Wednesday in the new Netflix series?28 November 2022
How many Knives Out movies will there be?28 November 2022
Wednesday fans are going wild over how Netflix filmed Thing28 November 2022
Rings of Power: was Sauron originally a man?28 November 2022
Lord of the Rings: is Aragorn in The Rings of Power?28 November 2022
Rings of Power: Wizards and the Istari explained28 November 2022
Rings of Power: Harfoots explained28 November 2022
Lord of the Rings: why was Sauron just an eye?28 November 2022
Rings of Power: Durin explained28 November 2022
Rings of Power: Celebrimbor explained28 November 2022
Rings of Power: Balrogs explained28 November 2022
Rings of Power: Orcs explained28 November 2022
Rings of Power: Morgoth explained28 November 2022
Rings of Power: Númenor and the Númenóreans explained28 November 2022
Rings of Power: what are the Silmarils?28 November 2022
Rings of Power: the Elven king Gil-Galad explained28 November 2022
Rings of Power: Valinor explained28 November 2022
Bob Hoskins was paid $200,000 to lose a role to Robert De Niro27 November 2022
LEGO Star Wars The Mandalorian sets up to 30% off for Black Friday27 November 2022
Quentin Tarantino's Cinema Speculation up to 58% off for Black Friday27 November 2022
Star Trek TOS and TAS both 36% off for Black Friday27 November 2022
Original "uncut" Psycho among hidden gems in Black Friday sale26 November 2022
Celebrate The Godfather's 50th anniversary with Black Friday boxset26 November 2022
Taika Waititi says upcoming sports movie was an "antidote" to Thor26 November 2022
Andor creator reveals length of Luthen Rael and Saw's relationship26 November 2022
All of Game of Thrones is 47% off in Black Friday sales26 November 2022
James Gunn explains Groot's big change in GotG Holiday Special26 November 2022
Greta Gerwig thinks her Barbie movie could be a "career-ender"26 November 2022
MCU series creator is proud that they made the "horniest Marvel show"26 November 2022
Quentin Tarantino explains the one reason why teens love MCU movies26 November 2022
David Bowie packed this item of clothing down his tights for Labyrinth26 November 2022
James Cameron paid $1 million to save director's father from abduction26 November 2022
Game of Thrones' secret spin-off show discussed by Star Wars actor26 November 2022
Star Wars: can Darth Vader use force lightning?26 November 2022
Will there be a Walking Dead season 12?25 November 2022
It’s time to give Henry Cavill what he really wants: a Warhammer movie25 November 2022
Strange World producer "could see" TV series happening25 November 2022
How Glass Onion subverts the scorned woman trope25 November 2022
Producer Roy Conli says Walt Disney would love Strange World25 November 2022
Margot Robbie shares Scorsese's secret that makes movies look great25 November 2022
Wednesday ending explained25 November 2022
Wednesday season 2 will feature The Addams Family, but not too much25 November 2022
Marvel movies are "hard on filmmakers" admits MCU producer25 November 2022
Why did the Addams Family name their daughter Wednesday?25 November 2022
Woody Harrelson and Michael J Fox once drank cobra blood together25 November 2022
James Van Der Beek's daughter's first meme was from Dawson's Creek25 November 2022
Lego Star Wars advent calendar is 30% off for Black Friday25 November 2022
New Netflix series lets you decide the ending (sort of)25 November 2022
Horror movie legend was on The Masked Singer to help rescue animals25 November 2022
Indiana Jones 5 director got brilliant advice from Steven Spielberg25 November 2022
The Guardians Holiday Special has a DC movie cameo you might miss25 November 2022
Star Wars: how did Darth Vader die?25 November 2022
Andor season 2 will include one of the best Rogue One characters25 November 2022
Lord of the Rings: what race is Gollum?25 November 2022
Chris Hemsworth was terrified making new Mad Max movie Furiosa25 November 2022
Black Panther 2 director thanks fans for holding pee during movie25 November 2022
Where was Wednesday filmed?25 November 2022
The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special ending explained25 November 2022
Who voices Cosmo in The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special?25 November 2022
Every song in The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special25 November 2022
Does The Guardians Holiday Special have a post-credit scene?25 November 2022
What movie was Kevin Bacon watching in the Guardians Holiday Special?25 November 2022
Do The Guardians of the Galaxy have a new spaceship?25 November 2022
Is Gamora in The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday special?25 November 2022
Is Yondu in The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special?25 November 2022
Joe Jonas lost Spider-Man to Andrew Garfield, and it destroyed him24 November 2022
Strange World directors tease "crazy ideas" for sequel24 November 2022
One of the best Jake Gyllenhaal movies is now streaming on Netflix24 November 2022
Kelsey Grammer reveals why Frasier reboot isn't bringing back Niles24 November 2022
This Margot Robbie movie made her realise she's good at acting24 November 2022
Strange World ending and post-credit scenes explained24 November 2022
Strange World: when is the new Disney movie on Disney Plus?24 November 2022
Quentin Tarantino's next movie will be his last for this reason24 November 2022
How many seasons of The Witcher will there be?24 November 2022
Henry Cavill's Superman is essential to DCEU, says Dwayne Johnson24 November 2022
Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 release date, plot, and more24 November 2022
Rogue One writer has great Star Wars series idea that we need to see24 November 2022
Disney producer reveals if Tangled 2 will ever happen24 November 2022
Andor finale has two specific historical inspirations24 November 2022
I love Andor, but it has one major flaw24 November 2022
Matthew McConaughey turned down the MCU to do one of his worst movies24 November 2022
Star Wars: who is Anakin's father?24 November 2022
Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi release date - when does the Disney Plus show start?24 November 2022
The Book of Boba Fett finale ending and post-credit scene explained24 November 2022
Obi-Wan Kenobi - What happened to the Grand Inquisitor?24 November 2022
Andor episode 11 review: a small and sombre step towards a big finale24 November 2022
Andor episode 10 review: Star Wars at its most uplifting24 November 2022
Andor episode 9 review: the net closes in24 November 2022
Andor episode 8 review: a chance to catch your breath24 November 2022
Andor episode 7 review: doubling down24 November 2022
Andor episode 6 review: a celestial spectacle24 November 2022
Is Matt Smith in Star Wars?24 November 2022
Andor episode 5 review: Slow and steady wins the race24 November 2022
Andor episode 4 review: The game is afoot24 November 2022
Andor episodes 1-3 review: Enticing espionage and working class vibes24 November 2022
Jennifer Lawrence has a Yellowstone connection even she's surprised by23 November 2022
Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special review: Drax and Mantis shine23 November 2022
1899 creators hint the Netflix series will end after season 323 November 2022
Kevin Bacon "loved" playing himself as an MCU character in GotG23 November 2022
Jim Carrey pitched a horror movie with Everything Everywhere directors23 November 2022
Jake Gyllenhaal's mind is blown learning Dennis Quaid played his dad23 November 2022
Halle Berry proudly reveals her favourite James Bond23 November 2022
Is Christina Ricci in Wednesday?23 November 2022
Topher Grace defends Avatar 2 from “haters”23 November 2022
Fast and Furious 7 ending was originally "very different"23 November 2022
Chris Evans is not a movie star, says Quentin Tarantino in MCU rant23 November 2022
Who is playing Wednesday Addams in the Netflix series?23 November 2022
Top Gun's first takes had to be discarded for one gross reason23 November 2022
Strange World director and writer reveal their surprising inspirations23 November 2022
Andor episode 12 review: a fitting send-off, for now23 November 2022
Lord and Miller explain two new Spider-Verse 2 dimensions22 November 2022
Lord of the Rings star believes in elves because of Mount Doom22 November 2022
Emily Blunt is "out" if a movie script has these three words22 November 2022
Andor becomes a '70s sci-fi series in this amazing Star Wars video22 November 2022
The Flash movie uses "new technology" for all the variant superheroes22 November 2022
How Spielberg's failed James Bond movie changed cinematic history22 November 2022
Attack on Titan creator apologises for controversial ending22 November 2022
The Next Generation star asked JJ Abrams about directing Star Trek 422 November 2022
How to watch Strange World: can I stream the new Disney movie?22 November 2022
Andor season 2 can happen fast, if Disney does one thing22 November 2022
Charlie Hunnam became the best biker in the Sons of Anarchy cast22 November 2022
James Cameron gave back his Titanic paycheck because it cost so much22 November 2022
Avatar 2 needs to make a silly amount of money just to break even22 November 2022
Harry Potter: did Bellatrix and Voldemort have a kid?22 November 2022
Quentin Tarantino has great response for people who dislike his movies22 November 2022
Jonathan Majors loves being the new Marvel villain, and here’s why22 November 2022
Lord of the Rings: what would happen if Sauron got the One Ring?22 November 2022
Rian Johnson says “being wrong” is normal for Star Wars fans21 November 2022
James Cameron has defended Avatar from "about ten lawsuits"21 November 2022
Virgin River season 5 has wrapped filming, according to stars21 November 2022
Ryan Gosling has "a lot" of wild Ken looks in Barbie movie21 November 2022
Strange World review (2022): Disney explores a new lost world21 November 2022
Samuel L Jackson nearly lost Pulp Fiction role to this iconic actor21 November 2022
David Tennant trolls his own son over House of the Dragon fame21 November 2022
Dustin Hoffman turned down Rambo because it was too violent21 November 2022
David Oyelowo spent seven years campaigning for a Yellowstone spin-off21 November 2022
Harry Potter movies made it harder for Tom Felton to get other roles21 November 2022
Mike Flanagan says he was tricked into creating the Flanaverse21 November 2022
New The Making of The Rings of Power series unveils stunning BTS work21 November 2022
The Wonder ending explained21 November 2022
Spirited ending explained21 November 2022
Lost Martin Scorsese movie, Goncharov, takes over the internet21 November 2022
The Netflix series is wrong, Blockbuster always sucked21 November 2022
Why Matt Damon turned down over $280 million to star in Avatar21 November 2022
Is 1899 connected to Dark?21 November 2022
Jessica Chastain wants to do James Bond movie, but not as a Bond girl21 November 2022
Tom Cruise keeps ruining Call The Midwife scenes with his helicopter21 November 2022
Captain America 3 was like Kingsman before Kevin Feige stepped in21 November 2022
Power Rangers star Jason David Frank dies aged 4920 November 2022
Jon Hamm is so attractive his Mad Men co-stars forgot their lines20 November 2022
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 will reveal huge Rocket mystery20 November 2022
House of the Dragon's coronation nearly involved much more death20 November 2022
David Harbour's failed Hellboy reboot impacted him in a big way20 November 2022
Rings of Power beat House of Dragon for viewers, with one huge caveat20 November 2022
Indiana Jones 5 initially ignored one big issue, then it was rewritten20 November 2022
First ever MCU Disney Plus script revealed by Kevin Feige20 November 2022
Nicolas Cage's Dracula will be tormenting torturer in Renfield movie19 November 2022
Percy Jackson TV series has cast new Greek Gods19 November 2022
James Gunn's DC movie plan will be unveiled at the start of 202319 November 2022
First images from Indiana Jones 5 are revealed, showing new villain19 November 2022
Chris Hemsworth wants MCU and DCEU crossover, with Thor vs Aquaman19 November 2022
Avatar 2's runtime will surprise even fans of the first movie19 November 2022
Quentin Tarantino shares important detail about his final movie19 November 2022
Rings of Power season 2 will continue to increase diversity19 November 2022
Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special will involve a big reveal19 November 2022
You can now buy the house from The Goonies (if you’re a millionaire)19 November 2022
Brendan Fraser shares heartwarming Leonardo DiCaprio memory19 November 2022
Jordan Peele tricked Nope star when offering him the part18 November 2022
Ironheart actor reveals what she learned from Black Panther cast18 November 2022
Daredevil star shares heartwarming Charlie Cox memory18 November 2022
Brendan Fraser defends the worst part of The Mummy 218 November 2022
Martin Scorsese’s parents didn't like this about his movies18 November 2022
School of Rock actor teases 20 year reunion18 November 2022
Daniel Craig reveals why he wanted that No Time To Die ending18 November 2022
Will Ferrell kept the most bizarre memento from his movies18 November 2022
Ke Huy Quan’s mum ruined his first audition for Indiana Jones 218 November 2022
New Spider-Man series coming to Amazon Prime Video18 November 2022
Chris Hemsworth thinks the next Thor movie should be the last18 November 2022
Spirited director Sean Anders on creating a Christmas extravaganza18 November 2022
Top Gun's volleyball scene nearly got the director fired18 November 2022
Zack Snyder fans campaign for his DC movies return18 November 2022
This Steven Spielberg movie has secret meaning even he didn’t realise18 November 2022
Is the new Netflix series 1899 a German or English show?18 November 2022
Leslie Mann regrets George of the Jungle lion scene18 November 2022
Disenchanted (2022): a bit of a hit-and-miss(enchanted)18 November 2022
We're The Millers director was surprised by Will Poulter meme18 November 2022
Daemon's dragon Caraxes is like a racing dog in House of the Dragon18 November 2022
Will there be a Dead To Me season 4?18 November 2022
Fast and Furious 10 is one of the most expensive movies ever made18 November 2022
Inside Job season 1, part 2 ending explained18 November 2022
Marvel movies are boring people, and there are stats to prove it18 November 2022
MCU movies and DC movies aren't the issue with cinema, says James Gray18 November 2022
Bradley Cooper set to play Bullitt in Steven Spielberg's new version18 November 2022
Brendan Fraser wasn't sure if he'd survive making The Mummy17 November 2022
Big Hero 6 2 isn't happening any time soon, says director17 November 2022
Quentin Tarantino is making a TV series next year17 November 2022
Colin Farrell became Dr. Dolittle to prepare for Banshees of Inisherin17 November 2022
Spirited (2022) review: a Christmas miracle17 November 2022
Stranger Things fan-favourite to star in A Quiet Place movie17 November 2022
Alien movie you forgot about seems to be happening17 November 2022
Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio was a “cross-continent puppet mill"17 November 2022
Harry Potter: who did Dumbledore have a crush on?17 November 2022
Anya Taylor-Joy does Mad Max car stunts, but she can't drive17 November 2022
America Chavez star wants to follow Wong's path in MCU17 November 2022
Amy Adams loves that Henry Cavill's back as Superman17 November 2022
Hannibal series creator aware of effect Mads Mikkelsen has on fans17 November 2022
The Witcher: why did Geralt's hair turn white?17 November 2022
Armageddon Time (2022) review: a cathartic coming-of-age tale17 November 2022
Sly Stallone blames Rambo for this gangster movie flopping16 November 2022
Brendan Fraser stopped artists being cheated on one of his movies16 November 2022
Charlie Hunnam has an idea for possible Sons of Anarchy return16 November 2022
Chris Evans might have a girlfriend: and it's none of your business16 November 2022
Andor season 2 is "very different" but "satisfying," says Tony Gilroy16 November 2022
Yellowstone character will "explode" in season 516 November 2022
National Treasure Edge of History release date, plot, cast, more16 November 2022
Tom Cruise turned down Edward Scissorhands for a very weird reason16 November 2022
Voldemort actor Ralph Fiennes will happily do more Harry Potter movies16 November 2022
James Gunn drops huge hint he may be working on new DC movie character16 November 2022
Is The Wonder based on a true story?16 November 2022
Kelsey Grammer challenges Disney for MCU return as X-Men character16 November 2022
Canceled Amazing Spider-Man 3 was like a breakup for Andrew Garfield16 November 2022
Lord of the Rings: how old is Gandalf?16 November 2022
Star Trek 4 doesn't "feel real" to Zachary Quinto yet16 November 2022
Steven Spielberg sends Indiana Jones actor Christmas gift every year16 November 2022
Is The Princess Diaries 3 confirmed?16 November 2022
Avengers group chat roasted Chris Evans for being sexiest man alive16 November 2022
The Muppet Christmas Carol coming to UK theatres for 30th anniversary16 November 2022
James Gray on being more honest and more direct with Armageddon Time16 November 2022
Eminem was nearly in a Grand Theft Auto movie but Rockstar said no16 November 2022
Black Panther 2 star confirms who's the new king of Wakanda15 November 2022
Disney bows to pressure, adds butt back to classic Tom Hanks movie15 November 2022
Channing Tatum sizzles in Magic Mike's Last Dance trailer15 November 2022
Jonathan Majors threw himself out of a moving car trying to be Batman15 November 2022
Andy Serkis would "100%" do Snoke Star Wars series on Disney Plus15 November 2022
How Margot Robbie left the Barbie director dumbfounded15 November 2022
BioShock movie could start filming soon, says director15 November 2022
Stranger Things season 5 made Netflix producers cry15 November 2022
Scream 6 has some classic Ghostface chases, teases Jenna Ortega15 November 2022
Virgin River star reveals effect of online death threats15 November 2022
Aftersun (2022) review: a tender, melancholic debut by Charlotte Wells15 November 2022
Black Panther 2: who is T'Challa's son?15 November 2022
Joaquin Phoenix and James Gray are planning to work together again15 November 2022
Constantine 2 director wants "hard" R-rating for Keanu Reeves movie15 November 2022
Nick Nolte sabotaged his Superman audition in the weirdest way15 November 2022
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child movie reportedly being blocked15 November 2022
Smile is now streaming on Paramount Plus15 November 2022
Top Gun 2's hardest scene to film didn't involve any planes15 November 2022
Robert Downey Jr gave Ironheart star great advice on Iron Man's legacy15 November 2022
Firefly Lane season 2 release date, plot, cast, and more15 November 2022
House of the Dragon star is now "done" with fantasy series15 November 2022
Greta Gerwig reportedly making new Narnia movies for Netflix14 November 2022
Sam Neill suggested this iconic Jurassic Park moment14 November 2022
Black Panther 2: all the Easter eggs you missed in Wakanda Forever14 November 2022
Game of Thrones star will be "surprised" if he's in Jon Snow spin-off14 November 2022
Kelsey Grammer gives exciting update on Frasier reboot14 November 2022
Outlander star Sam Heughan is "desperate" to join Lord of the Rings14 November 2022
Margot Robbie's Pirates of the Caribbean movie is apparently cancelled14 November 2022
Andor creator didn’t know he’d written first gay couple in Star Wars14 November 2022
Sly Stallone remembers "unhealthy" competition with Schwarzenegger14 November 2022
Black Panther director learned to swim to film underwater scenes14 November 2022
The comic book that paved the way for the MCU’s Black Panther14 November 2022
Where The Crawdads Sing is now streaming on Netflix14 November 2022
Dwayne Johnson congratulates Chris Evans on being sexiest man alive14 November 2022
Harrison Ford goes full Western in Yellowstone 1923 trailer14 November 2022
Tom Holland joins the Spider-Verse in this great Spider-Man animation14 November 2022
Lord of the Rings: are there female orcs?14 November 2022
Daniel Radcliffe reacts to Alan Rickman's Harry Potter criticism14 November 2022
Warrior Nun season 2 release date. cast, trailer, and more14 November 2022
Timothée Chalamet fans get Bones and All premiere shut down14 November 2022
Thunderbolts brings a "bomb" to the MCU, says David Harbour14 November 2022
Yellowstone creator laughs at "red-state Game of Thrones" criticism14 November 2022
Stranger Things star thinks Nancy shouldn't be with Steve13 November 2022
Ash Ketchum from Pokémon has finally achieved his dream after 25 years13 November 2022
Captain America 4 just got a huge filming update13 November 2022
The man who inspired a Steven Spielberg classic has died13 November 2022
Lord of the Rings: are Aragorn and Elrond related?13 November 2022
Rick Riordan has a disappointing update on Percy Jackson series cameos13 November 2022
Here's the real reason why Andor's Luthen Rael hates Empire so much13 November 2022
John Wick 4 is set to have a lot more dogs13 November 2022
Millie Bobby Brown reveals controversial favourite Sherlock actor13 November 2022
The real-life beef between Star Trek's Kirk and Sulu continues13 November 2022
First images of Ford & Mirren in 1923 Yellowstone spinoff look amazing13 November 2022
Kino Loy's fate teased by Andor episode 10 director12 November 2022
New Avatar: The Last Airbender anime movie has just got a huge update12 November 2022
Steven Spielberg slams the decision making behind Dune movie release12 November 2022
Aubrey Plaza joined the MCU for one simple reason, and we can relate12 November 2022
James Gunn wants to hear your DC movie ideas12 November 2022
Yellowstone season 5 star hints at serious upcoming change12 November 2022
There's a huge Harry Potter cameo in Andor, and no one's noticed12 November 2022
This classic George Clooney movie is getting a TV remake12 November 2022
Studio Ghibli's Star Wars short is now streaming on Disney Plus12 November 2022
Halloween may be over but this movie doll is pure nightmare fuel11 November 2022
James Marsters remembers when he realised Dragon Ball movie would flop11 November 2022
Kevin Costner will leave Yellowstone when "it's not right" anymore11 November 2022
Kevin Conroy's 9/11 story proves why he was the greatest Batman11 November 2022
Steven Spielberg says Warner Bros threw filmmakers "under the bus"11 November 2022
The Office actor just changed his name to protest climate change11 November 2022
Harry Potter TV series not in development, but could happen soon11 November 2022
Andor creator Tony Gilroy doesn't think Syril Karn is a fascist11 November 2022
Mia Goth's real voice has the internet collectively shocked11 November 2022
Kevin Conroy, star of Batman: The Animated Series, has passed away11 November 2022
Black Panther 2 producer Nate Moore hopes film brings fans "catharsis"11 November 2022
John Wayne rejected an offer to work with Clint Eastwood11 November 2022
Dave Bautista really wants to be in the Gears of War Netflix movie11 November 2022
JK Simmons is Santa Claus in Dwayne Johnson's Christmas movie11 November 2022
James Gunn hasn't called Zack Snyder since taking over the DCEU11 November 2022
Tim Robbins did some solitary confinement to prepare for Shawshank11 November 2022
Wakanda Forever: who does Michaela Coel play in Black Panther 2?11 November 2022
Wakanda Forever: is Killmonger in Black Panther 2?11 November 2022
Wakanda Forever: does Namor die in Black Panther 2?11 November 2022
Black Panther 2 ending and post-credit scene explained11 November 2022
Wakanda Forever: everyone who dies in Black Panther 211 November 2022
Black Panther 2: who rules Wakanda after T’Challa dies?11 November 2022
Here's when The Penguin HBO series takes place in The Batman timeline11 November 2022
Wakanda Forever: where is Nakia in Black Panther 2?11 November 2022
Black Panther 2: what is Vibranium?11 November 2022
Black Panther: who is Shuri?11 November 2022
Wakanda Forever: who is the Black Panther 2 villain?11 November 2022
Wakanda Forever: how does the new Black Panther get their powers?11 November 2022
Black Panther 2: how does T’Challa die?11 November 2022
Wakanda Forever: where is W’Kabi in Black Panther 2?11 November 2022
Chris Evans misses being Captain America in the MCU11 November 2022
Black Panther 2: why does Namor want to kill Ironheart?11 November 2022
Wakanda Forever: who is the new Black Panther?11 November 2022
Black Panther: who is Ironheart?11 November 2022
Wakanda Forever: is Doctor Doom in Black Panther 2?11 November 2022
How to watch Black Panther 2: can I stream Wakanda forever?11 November 2022
Does Black Panther 2 have a post credit scene?11 November 2022
Wakanda Forever: why can't there be another Black Panther?11 November 2022
Rings of Power: what are the Valar?11 November 2022
Rings of Power: Elrond explained11 November 2022
The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special release date and more11 November 2022
Andor creator didn’t know about certain Star Wars Easter eggs10 November 2022
Christina Applegate refused to audition for Married... With Children10 November 2022
Lindsay Lohan has an amazing memory for quotes from her movies10 November 2022
Harry Potter fans are struggling with Imelda Staunton in The Crown10 November 2022
Guillermo del Toro reveals At The Mountains Of Madness test footage10 November 2022
It's Keanu Reeves vs Bill Skarsgard in first John Wick 4 trailer10 November 2022
Studio Ghibli working on Star Wars project with Lucasfilm10 November 2022
Jason Momoa drops Lobo hints after James Gunn's ominous DC post10 November 2022
The Witcher: why is Geralt special?10 November 2022
Anya Taylor-Joy chose A24 movie over Disney series and has no regrets10 November 2022
The Handmaid's Tale season 5 finale had 500 extras filmed in one night10 November 2022
Stranger Things season 5 should give Hopper "peace" says David Harbour10 November 2022
Constantine 2 has Keanu Reeves, but there's no script yet10 November 2022
Ryan Coogler isn't Kevin Feige's top choice for Black Panther 310 November 2022
Is The Whale a true story?10 November 2022
William Shatner wants Jonah Hex TV series from James Gunn9 November 2022
Scream 6 is so "gore-heavy", you won't notice Neve Campbell's absence9 November 2022
Steven Spielberg cried a lot while making new movie, says Seth Rogen9 November 2022
Sean Penn gives one of his Oscars to president of Ukraine9 November 2022
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