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New short Pixar movie is bringing back this beloved character

A new short Pixar movie is revisiting the world of 2009 hit Up for Disney Plus, as we see widow Carl prepare for his first date since the death of Ellie

Carl in the Pixar movie Up

We all know that Up is one of the best Pixar movies of all time — but the family movie‘s opening sequence, which showed Carl’s romance with Ellie before she tragically passed away, still breaks my heart.

Released back in 2009, the animated movie followed Carl as he decided to follow his dream of being an adventurer by tying thousands of balloons to his house and flying away. After landing in the South American wilderness, he ends up meeting Golden Retriever Dug, who can communicate in English with a special collar, and Russell — a young Boy Scout who stowed away on his house.

Since September 2021, Dug has returned in a number of charming shorts on streaming service Disney Plus. Entitled Dug Days, the mini-animated series follows Dug and his life with Carl with the suburbs. Scheduled for a February 1o release, this ‘Dug Days’ short, subtitled ‘Carl’s Date,’ follows Dug as he tries to help Carl prepare for his first date since Ellie died.

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The official synopsis for the episode is as follows: “Carl Fredricksen reluctantly agrees to go on a date with a lady friend—but admittedly has no idea how dating works these days. Ever the helpful friend, Dug steps in to calm Carl’s pre-date jitters and offer some tried-and-true tips for making friends—if you’re a dog.”

It’s been confirmed that Ed Asner, the original voice of Carl, lent his voice for the short before passing away back in August 2021.  If you want more wholesome content, check out our guides to the best feel-good movies, best romance movies, and best rom-coms.