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Star Wars Andor: Luthen Rael’s ship explained

Luthen's ship explained: Andor is packed full of interesting characters, and none more so than Luthen Rael, who also comes with a stunning new ship

Stellan Skarsgard as Luthen Rael. Luthen Rael ship explained

Luthen Rael’s ship explained. The Star Wars movies are packed full of iconic space ships, but after Andor episode 11, Luthen Rael‘s ship is everyone’s favourite new Star Wars ship, isn’t it? Luthen’s ship combines stylish simplicity with a gorgeous interior, and like Luthen Rael himself in the new Star Wars series, the ship is packed full of deadly surprises.

However, unlike so many other Star Wars ships like The Mandalorian‘s Razorcrest (rest in pieces), Luthen’s ship doesn’t have a spotlight shone on it, and is pretty discreet. This immediately makes the ship more mysterious, again like Luthen, and that just ensures that we want to know more about Luthen’s ship. So, let’s dig into the sci-fi series to find out what type of ship it is, what its powers are, and what makes it so special. Here’s Luthen Rael’s ship explained.

What class is Luthen Rael’s ship?

Luthen Rael’s ship is a Fondor Haulcraft. This was a type of ship that was used during the Imperial era of the galaxy, seemingly for commercial (and non-combative) use. Luthen uses his ship as a cover, as it allows him to travel the galaxy while maintaining the guise of an antique dealer.

Though his ship doesn’t have a name yet, setting it apart from other famous Star Wars ships, that doesn’t make it any less memorable. It has powerful modifications that enhance its abilities, enabling it to get him out of any sticky situations. So, with its plain exterior and hidden mods, Luthen’s ship is perfect for an undercover agent of the Rebellion.

Star Wars Andor: Luthen Rael's ship explained

How powerful is Luthen Rael’s ship?

With all its modifications, Luthen Rael’s ship is much, much more powerful than it looks from the outside. As we see so clearly in Andor episode 11, Luthen has made his ship formidable to face up against. We see this when Luthen’s ship is locked in the tractor beam of one of the Galactic Empire‘s huge vessels that monitors the galaxy for Rebellion activity.

However, Luthen’s ship has more than one trick up its sleeve. Firstly, the in-built Star Wars droid in the ship is hugely useful, and allows Luthen to access plenty of information whenever he needs to. Secondly, the hyperdrive system on Luthen’s ship is especially powerful, and allows him to fly through space at a surprising speed.

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Then, there’s the combat capabilities. These are modifications that have been secretly installed on the ship, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The first that we see is the projectile system that Luthen’s ship uses to destroy the tractor beam of the Imperial vessel. Not only does this look amazing, but it’s a neat and powerful tool. Luthen’s ship is also equipped with mounted turrets that it uses to destroy smaller aggressive Imperial vessels, and these seem to have a unique precision. Finally, and perhaps most remarkably, is the laser weapons attached to the ship’s flanks.

When activated, these emit straight laser beams that can scythe through incoming attacking enemy vessels, while being reminiscent of the ex-Sith Darth Maul’s famous lightsaber. In Andor episode 11, Luthen uses this to devastating effect when he activates the lasers and then spins his ship, cutting through the attacking Imperial craft before using his enhanced hyperdrive to escape. We need more of this in Andor season 2, please.

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