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Everyone who died in the Andor season finale

Everyone who died in the Andor season finale: the Andor season finale was a blast, but there was more than a fair amount of death on all sides

Everyone who died in Andor finale: Maarva Hologram

Here’s everyone who died in the Andor season finale. The new Star Wars series Andor season 1 ended with a bang. In fact, it ended with several bangs because the citizens of Ferrix decided that enough was enough, and inspired by Maarva‘s speech they fought back against the Imperials on the planet.

This led to one of the best Star Wars scenes of recent years, and the ensuing battle was equal parts exciting, tense, inspiring, and terrifying. Led by Dedra Meero and her death troopers, the Imperials lost their nerve and started to shoot at the civilians with their blasters. This escalated the conflict even more, and the Star Wars villain was almost killed by the frenzied crowd until she was saved by Syril Karn.

But, plenty of the servants of the Galactic Empire weren’t so lucky. And, there were some unfortunate citizens of Ferrix who also died in the chaos. It was all very fast-paced, and in case you missed anything (or just want to mourn) let’s do a rundown of everyone who died in the Andor season finale.

Who died in the Andor season finale?

  • Xanwan
  • Nurchi
  • Corv
  • Ferrix civilians
  • ISB officers

Everyone who died in Andor finale: Xanwan


Though you might have never known his name, Xanwan had his own important role in the sci-fi series. He was regularly helping Cassian Andor with his mischief, and was one of his close allies on Ferrix. It was even Xanwan who had the responsibility of telling Andor that his mother, Maarva, had died.

Well, now he’s dead too. During the conflict after Maarva’s funeral, he was shot by a blaster bolt, killing him instantly.

Everyone who died in Andor finale: Nurchi


Nurchi was a snitch, and was informing Dedra Meero of where he expected Andor to be at the funeral. He was seen earlier on in the series hassling Andor for money, so it was no surprise that he was willing to sell-out the people of Ferrix for credits. Nurchi died in an explosion during the battle and while we can’t say that he deserved to die, we’re not going to lose any sleep over it either.

Everyone who died in Andor finale: Corv


Corv was one of the high level ISB officers who was working with Dedra Meero. He had been spying on Maarva, while Luthen Rael‘s spy Cinta was spying on him.

He eventually clocked onto the fact that she was watching him, but she stabbed and killed him before he was able to do anything about it. Amid the chaos, no one noticed. It’s a dog eat dog world, and Cinta was the bigger dog.

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Ferrix civilians

Those were the named Star Wars characters who died, but they weren’t the only ones who came to their end during the uprising. Plenty of Ferrix citizens lost their lives too, especially after the ISB began to panic and started getting trigger happy.

Everyone who died in Andor finale: stormtroopers

ISB officers and troops

While plenty of Ferrix citizens died, they didn’t go down without a fight. They took out lots of the unarmoured ISB officers, as well as some stormtroopers too. Perhaps the most memorable stormtrooper death was when the time grappler, with his hammers, kicked a stormtrooper off the top of his tower. We don’t condone killing, but that was awesome.

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