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Robert Downey Jr sent Gerard Butler fan mail for this action movie

Gerard Butler makes fun throwback action movies, which are appreciated by audiences and Hollywood stars alike. Robert Downey Jr liked one in particular.

Gerard Butler in Plane

Gerard Butler is returning to cinemas with what he does best – simple, but high-concept action movies. This one is so good, it’s simply called Plane. Butler is still churning out action movies in the mode of those made in their 90s hey-day, and its appreciated by audiences and by others in his industry. Including Robert Downey Jr.

Speaking to Uproxx about making ‘throwback’ movies with the 90s action movie vibe, Butler says; “it’s funny because Robert Downey Jr. wrote me the nicest email after Olympus Has Fallen. This is the same vibe. He’s like, ‘We need more of these movies.'”

“These are the movies, when I was in New York as a kid, and people would shout at the screen and throw things and be like, ‘No!,’ and applaud and cheer. And I think that’s what this movie is, it’s a throwback to that, where literally you’re in the energy of the group and everybody’s either terrified or cheering you on.”

Butler also says that he was adamant about Plane’s one-word title and wanted it to be in the vein of “Flight, Airplane!, Airport, Volcano, and Twister…They’re fun. There are reasons that they’ve survived. There are reasons that audiences come out. It’s like you say, it’s a throwback to the ’90s movies where you’re just like, ‘Come on!’ One other thing I got to say about the movie is it has a lot of elements in it. It’s a drama, it’s an action movie, there’s survival elements, it’s a disaster movie.”

January and February 2023 is a great time for fun movies, including M3GAN, Sick, Plane, Cocaine Bear, Shotgun Wedding, Magic Mike 3, and Knock at the Cabin. We’ll continue to keep you update with what other new movies we have to look forward to in 2023.