May 2022 Archive

Amazing Spider-Man 2 used Hans Zimmer supergroup for the soundtrack31 May 2022
Karl Urban is "flattered" by Wolverine fancasting31 May 2022
Stranger Things 4 stars say Will's sexuality is "up to the audience"31 May 2022
Star Wars Twitter defends Moses Ingram against racist fans31 May 2022
Dwayne Johnson's daughter still doesn't believe he's Maui from Moana31 May 2022
The Bob's Burgers Movie cast on Covid-19 and Chipotle31 May 2022
Michael Keaton was up for doing Batman Forever31 May 2022
Half-Blood Prince cut Dumbledore's funeral because "it felt wrong"31 May 2022
Pinocchio trailer brings classic Disney movie to life with Tom Hanks31 May 2022
Rory Kinnear on his transformative roles in the horror movie Men31 May 2022
The Flash showrunner isn't sure he can save Legends of Tomorrow31 May 2022
Freddy Krueger gave us the Lord of the Rings movies (sort of)31 May 2022
Claudia Doumit and Nathan Mitchell on what's next for Neuman and Noir31 May 2022
Bo Burnham: Inside outtakes feature MCU-style post-credit scene31 May 2022
Fast 10 will see the franchise return to its roots, says Tyrese Gibson31 May 2022
Warner Bros CEO reportedly unhappy about Clint Eastwood’s last movie31 May 2022
Thor 4 fans love seeing Chris Hemsworth topless31 May 2022
Man watched 1,000 movies in lockdown, internet brands him an amateur30 May 2022
David Tennant and 100 British actors fight ageism in women's roles30 May 2022
George RR Martin doesn't understand Game of Thrones backlash30 May 2022
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 might draw from Sonic Adventure 230 May 2022
The Northman director doesn't want to do a Marvel movie30 May 2022
Jessie Buckley on Alex Garland and the collaborative process of Men30 May 2022
Robert Downey Jr compares becoming Spider-Man to "going down a k-hole"30 May 2022
2001: A Space Odyssey deleted scenes were kept in a salt mine30 May 2022
Fast and Furious inspires heist of 40 luxury cars in India30 May 2022
Saoirse Ronan almost joined Harry Potter cast in Order of the Phoenix30 May 2022
Steven Spielberg almost directed Superman30 May 2022
Kate Bush tops the charts again thanks to Stranger Things30 May 2022
The Boys' Eric Kripke on toxic masculinity, Soldier Boy, and Herogasm30 May 2022
Elvis review (2022) – Butler shines in a fun but confused tribute30 May 2022
We need to stop talking about Morbius or Sony will make another one30 May 2022
Ms Marvel star uses Black Widow and Captain Marvel poses30 May 2022
The Bob's Burgers movie may change season 13 opening, say creators30 May 2022
Star Wars announces return of Mace Windu and Qui-Gon Jinn30 May 2022
Bo Burnham Inside is the greatest filmmaking achievement of the decade30 May 2022
Who does Robert Englund play in Stranger Things season 4?28 May 2022
The Witcher school forced to close27 May 2022
Conjuring house that inspired the horror movie sells for silly money27 May 2022
Original Ahsoka actor wants to cameo in upcoming Star Wars series27 May 2022
Jon Hamm didn't mind keeping his shirt on for Top Gun 227 May 2022
Dan Mintz and Eugene Mirman on voicing the Bob's Burger Movie27 May 2022
Avengers: Endgame battle gets every hero's theme in epic TikTok27 May 2022
Vin Diesel and Ludacris call Fast X a mix of "sacrifices and miracles"27 May 2022
Laura Dern calls Jurassic World 3 star "the next Indiana Jones"27 May 2022
Spider-Man star paid a lookalike to attend Homecoming premiere27 May 2022
Jaws star becomes police chief where the movie was originally filmed27 May 2022
Obi-Wan Kenobi episodes 1 and 2 review - Jedi John Wick27 May 2022
Harrison Ford returns in first look at Indiana Jones 527 May 2022
Ray Liotta turned down Tim Burton's Batman because it was "stupid"27 May 2022
Dumbledore actor thought Fawkes prop was real in Chamber of Secrets27 May 2022
True Detective season 4 will star Jodie Foster27 May 2022
Star Wars actor says not to get hopes up for another Emperor return27 May 2022
When does Stranger Things season 4 part 2 start?27 May 2022
How did Hopper get to Russia in Stranger Things season 4?27 May 2022
Stranger Things season 4 review - cinematic television at its best27 May 2022
Stranger Things season 4 is now streaming on Netflix27 May 2022
Obi-Wan Kenobi is now streaming on Disney Plus27 May 2022
Jude Law to star in Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, coming 202327 May 2022
Winnie the Pooh horror movie is a thing that's apparently real26 May 2022
Fast Five's bank vault car chase was "much more violent" than expected26 May 2022
Star Wars: Andor trailer reveals August release date26 May 2022
Horizon, Gran Turismo, and God of War TV series in the works26 May 2022
Ray Liotta, star of Goodfellas, has passed away26 May 2022
Stan Lee wanted to play J Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man, but was too old26 May 2022
Sharknados aren't real, but sharkcanos are (no, really)26 May 2022
Men review (2022) - a gloriously gory surrealist nightmare26 May 2022
These are the best seats in the cinema26 May 2022
Rory Kinnear open to returning to James Bond franchise26 May 2022
Blue Beetle movie costume revealed in set photos, and fans love it26 May 2022
Dobby from Harry Potter is a Gucci model in new Chip 'n Dale movie26 May 2022
The Bob's Burgers Movie directors on the future of the animated series26 May 2022
The Addams Family Netflix series coming autumn this year26 May 2022
Ahsoka Tano is the future of Star Wars26 May 2022
Ms Marvel should evolve like Spider-Man in the MCU, say directors26 May 2022
James Wan thinks Malignant should go as long as the Halloween movies25 May 2022
Tom Hanks helped Elvis star stop obsessing about the role25 May 2022
Neil Gaiman was once told “people do not masturbate in the DCEU”25 May 2022
What We Do in the Shadows season 4 plot details revealed25 May 2022
Crimes of the Future review - Cronenberg makes surgery the new sex25 May 2022
Fast and Furious 7 wrecked 230 cars25 May 2022
1883 star Faith Hill actually slapped Tim McGraw during filming25 May 2022
Jessie Buckley calls Men criticism "silly" and "boring"25 May 2022
Yellowjackets pilot script confirms names of cannibal survivors25 May 2022
Where to watch the original Top Gun25 May 2022
Andrew Garfield wanted to pass the Spider-Man torch to Miles Morales25 May 2022
Hayden Christensen thinks Star Wars sequels "honoured" Darth Vader25 May 2022
Spider-Man spin-off Madame Web adds Ghostbusters: Afterlife star25 May 2022
It's time for a Star Wars horror movie25 May 2022
Samuel L Jackson joins Chris Pratt's Garfield movie25 May 2022
Loki season 2 bringing back "the whole cast", says Tom Hiddleston25 May 2022
Danny Ramirez, Greg Davis and Jay Ellis on F-8s, filming and Top Gun 325 May 2022
Parasite director's new movie with Robert Pattinson moving forward24 May 2022
New Doctor Who star calls acting with David Tennant "surreal"24 May 2022
Will Smith had a vision he'd lose his career before Oscars slap24 May 2022
Fantastic 4 writer says MCU should make Reed Richards cool24 May 2022
Crimes of the Future gets walkouts at Cannes, as Cronenberg predicted24 May 2022
Afterlife made Ghostbusters a "tremendous success" again24 May 2022
Rita Moreno joins Fast 10 cast as Dom's grandmother24 May 2022
Three Thousand Years of Longing review - weird but not in a good way24 May 2022
Endgame director was disturbed by Disney's treatment of Black Widow24 May 2022
Upcoming superhero movie reportedly involved 45 different writers24 May 2022
Steven Spielberg almost gave Schindler's List to Martin Scorsese24 May 2022
Arnold Schwarzenegger's Netflix series adds Daredevil director24 May 2022
Spider-Man 3's Snow Patrol song was rejected by Shrek24 May 2022
The Suicide Squad director James Gunn teases more Bloodsport is coming24 May 2022
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is now streaming on Paramount Plus24 May 2022
Terry Gilliam was turned down for Harry Potter, and hated it24 May 2022
Christian Bale's Gorr strikes in new Thor Love and Thunder trailer24 May 2022
The Bob’s Burgers Movie review (2022) – a fan’s dream24 May 2022
Obi-Wan Kenobi star was warned about racist Star Wars fans24 May 2022
Top Gun's Joseph Kosinski on Tony Scott, Val Kilmer, and green screens24 May 2022
The Last of Us TV series coming early 2023, according to director24 May 2022
Stranger Things stars want more deaths in season 523 May 2022
Squid Game creator making Netflix series satirising his own show23 May 2022
Joseph Kosinski pitched Top Gun 2 to Tom Cruise on the set of Fallout23 May 2022
Ms Marvel star says Kamala's powers don't matter as much as her arc23 May 2022
Al Pacino would've starred in an early version of Platoon23 May 2022
Top Gun’s Miles Teller on Fantastic 4, flight training, and Tom Cruise23 May 2022
Tobey Maguire was considered as Peter Parker for Into the Spider-Verse23 May 2022
George Miller thinks Justice League: Mortal was hurt by hype23 May 2022
Harry Potter's Knight Bus scenes used actors walking in slow-motion23 May 2022
Mission: Impossible 7 trailer teases more incredible Tom Cruise stunts23 May 2022
Fast and Furious movie planning is like a DnD campaign says Vin Diesel23 May 2022
Can I stream The Bob's Burgers movie?23 May 2022
Laura Dern calls Jurassic Park age gap with Sam Neill "inappropriate"23 May 2022
Sam Raimi didn't want Doctor Strange 2 to have zombies (at first)23 May 2022
Star Wars Death Star designer Colin Cantwell passes away at 9023 May 2022
Dark Universe tweet goes viral for fifth anniversary23 May 2022
Avatar 2 producer thinks Hollywood treated 3D as "an afterthought"23 May 2022
Stranger Things season 4 still hits the horror sweet spot23 May 2022
Mission: Impossible 7 teaser trailer coming next week21 May 2022
George Miller's follow up to Fury Road has a fantastical first trailer20 May 2022
RRR is now streaming on Netflix20 May 2022
Gotham Knights synopsis teases post-Batman TV series20 May 2022
Mike Colter teases Jessica Jones and Luke Cage MCU return20 May 2022
Star Wars: Attack of the Clones was re-dubbed because of noisy cameras20 May 2022
Willem Dafoe suggested his Spider-Man 2 role because of Hamlet20 May 2022
Harry Potter director wanted to split Goblet of Fire into two movies20 May 2022
DCEU movies will be theatrical-first from now on thanks to The Batman20 May 2022
Margot Robbie could star in new Ocean's 11 movie20 May 2022
Fast 10 cast bringing back Scott Eastwood20 May 2022
Daredevil season 4 reportedly coming to Disney Plus19 May 2022
The Winchesters trailer shows Indiana Jones-esque Supernatural prequel19 May 2022
Reacher star reveals which book season 2 will adapt19 May 2022
Riverdale season 7 will be the end19 May 2022
Star Trek 4 "just a matter of timing" says Karl Urban19 May 2022
Makoto Shinkai's new anime movie being released by Crunchyroll in 202319 May 2022
Batgirl movie shows new side to Commissioner Gordon, says JK Simmons19 May 2022
David Fincher rejected Spider-Man because the origin bothered him19 May 2022
The Wheel of Time season 2 has wrapped filming19 May 2022
Star Wars is "reluctant" to ever let Obi-Wan Kenobi have sex19 May 2022
Top Gun 2 is tied for Tom Cruise's best Rotten Tomatoes score19 May 2022
Jaws most iconic line has a surprising origin19 May 2022
Chris Hemsworth is "like Thor in real life", says Chris Pratt19 May 2022
Ludacris becomes 'Wicked Willy' in Fast 10 videos19 May 2022
Yellowstone season 5 premieres November 1319 May 2022
Harry Potter reportedly getting "fresh slate" of HBO Max productions19 May 2022
Solar Opposites season 3 release date, cast, trailer and more19 May 2022
Robert De Niro and Jamie Foxx to star in new action movie Tin Soldier19 May 2022
Pokémon anime series from Attack on Titan studio debuts online18 May 2022
Amazing Spider-Man 2 star didn't think MJ's role made much sense18 May 2022
Game of Thrones star Kit Harington to play Frankenstein's monster18 May 2022
Squid Game season 2 coming end of 2023 at the earliest, creator says18 May 2022
Harrison Ford to star in Yellowstone prequel, 193218 May 2022
Marvel Studios can now use Stan Lee's likeness for the next 20 years18 May 2022
Rick and Morty anime series coming from Tower of God director18 May 2022
Jackass star Bam Margera completes one year of rehab18 May 2022
Batman Beyond star open to DCEU return18 May 2022
Steven Spielberg explains why he turned down Harry Potter18 May 2022
Ewan McGregor says bad reviews made filming Star Wars prequels tough18 May 2022
Only Murders in the Building season 2 gets first trailer18 May 2022
Kenneth Branagh unrecognisable as Boris Johnson in TV series trailer18 May 2022
Viggo Mortensen ran into a minefield while making Lord of the Rings18 May 2022
Vin Diesel and Jason Momoa show off Fast 10 muscle car18 May 2022
Kathleen Kennedy learned the wrong lesson from Solo's poor box office18 May 2022
Hocus Pocus 2 gets September release date18 May 2022
Marvel fans are unhappy with She-Hulk CGI18 May 2022
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie reboot coming to Hulu18 May 2022
Tatiana Maslany is a superhuman lawyer in She-Hulk trailer18 May 2022
Only Murders in the Building season 2 release date, trailer, and more18 May 2022
Wolverine nearly appeared in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movie17 May 2022
Solar Opposites season 3 starts July 1317 May 2022
Tom Cruise's Top Gun 2 jet was followed by Chinese satellite17 May 2022
Disney Plus release first look at Hawkeye spin-off MCU series Echo17 May 2022
Thor: Love and Thunder release date - when is Thor back in the MCU?17 May 2022
Chris Hemsworth keeps a fake penis next to Thor's hammer apparently17 May 2022
Spiderhead trailer reveals Chris Hemsworth's strange new Netflix movie17 May 2022
Stranger Things season 4 release date - when does the hit Netflix series return?17 May 2022
Titans star turned down Arrowverse crossover17 May 2022
Vin Diesel shares first look at Riddick 417 May 2022
How Attack on Titan influenced Alex Garland's new horror movie17 May 2022
Harry Potter star Tom Felton says playing an evil wizard "wasn't cool"17 May 2022
Spider-Man: No Way Home director to make new Star Wars series17 May 2022
RoboCop love affair was cut because he (probably) can't have sex17 May 2022
Zack Snyder's Rebel Moon replaces Rupert Friend with Ed Skrein17 May 2022
Billy Corgan fell asleep during Batman and Robin premiere17 May 2022
Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special won't have every character17 May 2022
Bruce Campbell is shocked his Doctor Strange 2 cameo made the cut17 May 2022
My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission Blu-ray coming in August17 May 2022
The Boys season 3 trailer turns Butcher into a supe17 May 2022
Chainsaw Man anime series coming to Crunchyroll16 May 2022
Heartstopper's Yasmin Finney joins Doctor Who as Rose16 May 2022
Gwendoline Christie features in The Sandman Netflix series first look16 May 2022
For All Mankind season 3 trailer teases the race to Mars16 May 2022
American Horror Stories season 2 coming July 2116 May 2022
Attack of the Clones delivers the Star Wars action we all want16 May 2022
Miles Teller says he'd return as Reed Richards if the script is good16 May 2022
Prey trailer shows tense Predator prequel coming to Hulu16 May 2022
Elemental is the next Pixar movie, coming summer 202316 May 2022
For All Mankind season 3 release date, cast, trailer, and more16 May 2022
Sam Raimi would make another Spider-Man but only with Tobey Maguire16 May 2022
Zac Efron's Firestarter has worse opening weekend than 1984 original16 May 2022
The Umbrella Academy season 3 was "exhausting" for Justin H. Min16 May 2022
Black Mirror season 6 reportedly in development at Netflix16 May 2022
What We Do In The Shadows season 4 starts July 1216 May 2022
Sam Neill compares new black hole to Event Horizon16 May 2022
Citizen Kane has hidden dinosaurs in it you've never noticed16 May 2022
Doctor Who bringing back David Tennant and Catherine Tate16 May 2022
John Krasinski wasn't the first choice to play Reed Richards16 May 2022
Ewan McGregor asked Hayden Christensen to do Obi-Wan Kenobi16 May 2022
No, the MCU isn't set on Earth-616 no matter what The Illuminati say15 May 2022
Doctor Strange 2 and Eternals use the same pro wrestling gimmick14 May 2022
Stephanie Beatriz joins Twisted Metal TV series14 May 2022
Vampire Diaries creator calls The CW cancellations the "Red Wedding"13 May 2022
Adam Driver joins cast of Francis Ford Coppola's Megalopolis13 May 2022
Fast X adds Jack Reacher star Alan Ritchson to cast13 May 2022
Doctor Strange 2's Illuminati massacre was inspired by Aliens13 May 2022
Gotham Knights TV series moving ahead at the CW13 May 2022
Reddit pitches best Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood crossover movie13 May 2022
Supernatural prequel series gets full order13 May 2022
Johnny Knoxville on Jackass Forever's opening, Ryan Dunn, and WWE13 May 2022
Ezra Miller's Hawaii arrest footage released online13 May 2022
Resident Evil games are canon to Netflix series13 May 2022
Jurassic Park's T-Rex animatronic actually terrorised the film's crew13 May 2022
Leonardo DiCaprio has Robert De Niro to thank for his Scorsese movies13 May 2022
Robert Pattinson is more than just the Twilight guy13 May 2022
Everything Everywhere All at Once ending explained13 May 2022
Zac Efron's Firestarter opens to just 38% on Rotten Tomatoes13 May 2022
Zack Synder's Justice League fan Oscar win may have been rigged13 May 2022
Godzilla Vs Kong 2 reunites The Guest's Dan Stevens and Adam Wingard13 May 2022
Judd Apatow shares scrapped Superbad 2 plans13 May 2022
Spinal Tap 2 is happening with original cast12 May 2022
Dune 2 adds Christopher Walken as Emperor12 May 2022
Arnold Schwarzenegger explains why he still goes to the gym at 7512 May 2022
Doctor Strange 2 had a Deadpool cameo at one point12 May 2022
Clio Barnard on her haunting romantic series The Essex Serpent12 May 2022
Resident Evil Netflix series trailer reveals New Raccoon City12 May 2022
New South Park movie gets Paramount Plus release date12 May 2022
Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively returning for A Simple Favour 212 May 2022
Rosa Salazar on Undone, rotoscope, and never giving up on Alita 212 May 2022
Arnold Schwarzenegger's son joins The Boys spin-off12 May 2022
Disney Plus could get another price increase12 May 2022
Hayden Christensen describes Star Wars comeback as "meaningful"12 May 2022
Top Gun 2 review (2022) — Maverick is an electrifying swan-song12 May 2022
Ethan Hawke defends superhero movies in resurfaced viral video12 May 2022
The Omen prequel gets Channel Zero director12 May 2022
Virgin River season 4 to hit Netflix in July12 May 2022
Hayden Panettiere to reprise fan favourite character in Scream 612 May 2022
Fresh Prince star hates being asked to do the Carlton dance12 May 2022
The Handmaid's Tale season 5 release date speculation, plot, and more12 May 2022
David Cronenberg already has his next horror movie lined up12 May 2022
The Guest 2 might happen thanks to fake soundtrack11 May 2022
Dirty Dancing sequel with Jennifer Grey is coming soon11 May 2022
Zac Efron hopes High School Musical reboot happens11 May 2022
WandaVision and Doctor Strange 2 never had Mephisto as a villain11 May 2022
Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen love Revenge of the Sith11 May 2022
New Doctor Who star thanks previous actors for warm welcome11 May 2022
Danielle Panabaker says The Flash season 8 finale is biggest in years11 May 2022
Ozark showrunner confirms fan-favourite character is definitely dead11 May 2022
Loki season 2 to begin production next month11 May 2022
Percy Jackson author hits back at Disney Plus series casting racism11 May 2022
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero getting global theatrical release11 May 2022
Dave Bautista says a sad goodbye to Guardians of the Galaxy's Drax11 May 2022
Danny Boyle shares details from his scrapped James Bond movie11 May 2022
Sir Ian McKellen shares Facebook post about being Wanda Maximoff's dad11 May 2022
Netflix ad service reportedly coming as early as 202211 May 2022
Why Jack Ryan ending has got MCU movie fans so excited11 May 2022
Avatar 2 trailer gets incredible views, are the sceptics wrong?11 May 2022
How to watch Firestarter 2022 - can I stream Zac Efron's new movie?11 May 2022
Why Succession star superglued himself to counter in Starbucks protest11 May 2022
Sir David Attenborough's dino docuseries is coming soon to Apple TV11 May 2022
Terminator was literally inspired by James Cameron's nightmares10 May 2022
David Cronenberg expects people will walk out of his new horror movie10 May 2022
Did Wanda die at the end of Doctor Strange 2?10 May 2022
Dune almost had Josh Brolin singing (kind of)10 May 2022
Derry Girls star says Lisa McGee ends series "beautifully"10 May 2022
Harry Potter fans want to preserve Dobby's grave10 May 2022
Thor: Love and Thunder is "cooler" than Taika Waititi expected10 May 2022
Masters of the Universe Netflix movie filming next year10 May 2022
Top Gun 2 website will give you your own call sign10 May 2022
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 set pics tease major new MCU villain10 May 2022
The Boys college spin-off has gone into production10 May 2022
The bizarre true story that inspired Freddy Krueger10 May 2022
Dwayne Johnson shares the best look yet at Black Adam10 May 2022
Elizabeth Olsen gets "feisty" when people throw Marvel under the bus10 May 2022
David Fincher to make animation debut in Love, Death and Robots Vol 310 May 2022
Doctor Strange 2: who is Charlize Theron playing in the MCU?10 May 2022
Kevin Feige's Star Wars movie is still being written10 May 2022
Westworld season 4 gets a trippy new trailer10 May 2022
League of Legends mockumentary Players gets first trailer10 May 2022
John Krasinski's Jack Ryan to end after season 410 May 2022
Keanu Reeves wants his character to suffer in John Wick 410 May 2022
Incursions explained, and what they mean for the MCU's future10 May 2022
Dylan O'Brien rumoured to replace Ezra Miller as The Flash10 May 2022
House of the Dragon: who kills Daemon Targaryen?10 May 2022
The Wilds bosses respond to comparisons to Yellowjackets10 May 2022
Game of Thrones: who laid Drogon's egg?10 May 2022
Mean Girls nearly hurt Amanda Seyfried's career9 May 2022
Tom Felton says he got Harry Potter role because he didn't care9 May 2022
Star Wars' Ahsoka has started production9 May 2022
Sandra Bullock's new movie Lost City heading to Paramount Plus early9 May 2022
What to watch before Doctor Strange 29 May 2022
Avatar 2 teaser trailer reveals first look at stunning water footage9 May 2022
Doctor Strange 2: who is Captain Carter?9 May 2022
Doctor Strange 2: who is Black Bolt?9 May 2022
Will John Krasinski be in the Fantastic Four MCU movie?9 May 2022
The Eternals were planned to appear in Moon Knight9 May 2022
Viral Spider-Man video shows gruesome alternative death scenes9 May 2022
Lord of the Rings fan spots Nazgûl costume detail you probably missed9 May 2022
Steven Cree on Shudder’s The Twin and getting the horror bug9 May 2022
Patrick Stewart was scared of Professor X’s chair in Doctor Strange 29 May 2022
It's A Sin fans furious after BAFTAs snub9 May 2022
Everything Everywhere All at Once review – the best movie of 20229 May 2022
Doctor Strange 2 - every Easter egg you missed in the new MCU movie9 May 2022
Doctor Who fans react to Ncuti Gatwa casting news9 May 2022
Benedict Cumberbatch reveals what he almost changed his name to9 May 2022
BAFTA TV 2022: It's a Sin somehow wins nothing despite 11 nominations9 May 2022
Bruce Campbell's Doctor Strange 2 cameo explained8 May 2022
Doctor Strange 2: every universe we visit in Multiverse of Madness8 May 2022
Every Doctor Strange 2 cameo explained7 May 2022
House of Gucci's Jack Huston joins Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches7 May 2022
Batman's Michael Keaton to direct and star in noir thriller6 May 2022
Wayne Knight's sweating got him Jurassic Park role6 May 2022
New Cronenberg movie trailer dials up the body horror to eleven6 May 2022
Jason Momoa cast in action movie which is Knives Out meets LOTR6 May 2022
Cobra Kai season 5 trailer reveals September release date6 May 2022
Netflix shares adorable Heartstopper blooper reel6 May 2022
Martin Freeman says Black Panther 2 was odd without Chadwick Boseman6 May 2022
How the Severance season finale exposes comedies like The Office6 May 2022
Jason Statham to make action movie about... beekeeping?6 May 2022
MCU stars Benedict Wong and Xochitl Gomez on Doctor Strange 3 and more6 May 2022
The horrible animated movie Pinocchio is back, please send help6 May 2022
Doctor Strange toys, comics and other gifts for fans6 May 2022
Is Deadpool in Doctor Strange 2?6 May 2022
Sam Raimi says Universal is talking about Darkman 26 May 2022
Eight cool Sonic toys and gifts6 May 2022
Is Tom Cruise in Doctor Strange 2?6 May 2022
Doctor Strange 2 ending and post-credit scenes explained6 May 2022
Mike Myers teases Austin Powers 46 May 2022
Percy Jackson TV series casts Annabeth and Grover5 May 2022
Zoe Saldaña is excited but nervous about Avatar 2 release5 May 2022
Doctor Strange 2 writer gives Loki season 2 update5 May 2022
House of the Dragon gets new trailer5 May 2022
Taika Waititi thinks Christian Bale's Gorr is the best MCU villain5 May 2022
Moon Knight cut two MCU crossovers5 May 2022
Chris Pratt taught Sam Neill raptor pose for Jurassic World Dominion5 May 2022
Mike Myers' kids really don't like Shrek5 May 2022
Inside No. 9 US remake in the works5 May 2022
Brian De Palma grilled George Lucas after first Star Wars screening5 May 2022
One of Denzel Washington's worst received movies is now on Netflix5 May 2022
Ethan Hawke's favourite MCU performance is Vincent D'Nofrio's Kingpin5 May 2022
Doctor Strange 2 stars open up about attempted LGBTQ+ censorship5 May 2022
Lady Gaga arrived to Top Gun 2 premiere in a flying dress5 May 2022
Bryan Cranston was once a suspect in a murder investigation5 May 2022
The Nun 2 plot details teased by casting announcement5 May 2022
Mewtwo voice actor agrees with popular Pokémon fan theory4 May 2022
James Earl Jones used to troll truckers using his Darth Vader voice4 May 2022
Karen Gillan teases Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is Nebula's last movie4 May 2022
New League of Super-Pets trailer shows more of Superman's best friend4 May 2022
Doctor Strange 2 review (2022) - grisly tales for world-hopping kids4 May 2022
Rachel McAdams didn't know Game Night had become a meme4 May 2022
Marvel Funko Pops from the MCU Phase 44 May 2022
Patrick Stewart trolls Marvel fans at the Doctor Strange 2 premiere4 May 2022
Mayans MC season 4 had a surprise CM Punk cameo4 May 2022
Jon Hamm open to MCU return after failed X-Men role4 May 2022
Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi trailer shows making of Darth Vader4 May 2022
Black Adam was delayed because VFX houses are jammed4 May 2022
May the 4th be with you - treat yourself to a Star Wars gift4 May 2022
Tom Hardy’s Taboo sets season 2 shoot date4 May 2022
Dave Chappelle tackled while performing at Netflix comedy festival4 May 2022
Evil Dead Rise is terrifying according to Sam Raimi4 May 2022
Moon knight ending and post-credit scene explained4 May 2022
Benedict Wong wants Doctor Strange 3 to be about Marvel's Secret Wars4 May 2022
Sylvester Stallone shares Expendables 4 video with Jason Statham4 May 2022
Moon Knight finale review - a kaiju fight and Wonder Woman?4 May 2022
Zac Efron wants to join the MCU4 May 2022
Peacemaker spin-off starring Viola Davis in the works for HBO Max4 May 2022
The Wilds season 2 release date — plot, trailer and more4 May 2022
Sam Raimi shares scrapped Spider-Man 4 plans3 May 2022
First teaser for Al Yankovic movie brings the weird3 May 2022
Nicolas Cage confirms Face/Off 2 talks are happening3 May 2022
Tom Cruise once said it would be irresponsible to make Top Gun 23 May 2022
Justin Lin left Fast X after alleged disagreement with Vin Diesel3 May 2022
Paramount Plus to launch in UK in June3 May 2022
Morbius has an alternate ending that still sounds bad3 May 2022
Actual vampires give Megan Fox and MGK advice on drinking blood3 May 2022
John Wick 4 is "a bit of a conclusion", says director3 May 2022
Moon Knight's Steven Grant inspired by The Office and Karl Pilkington3 May 2022
Yellowjackets season 2 will bring back winter storyline3 May 2022
The Walking Dead Norman Reedus spin-off gets new showrunner3 May 2022
Jackass TV series coming to Paramount Plus3 May 2022
Star Wars: how to watch the entire Sykwalker Saga this May 43 May 2022
Keanu Reeves reportedly cast in secret Marvel role3 May 2022
Oscar Isaac wishes X-Men: Apocalypse turned out better3 May 2022
How to watch Doctor Strange 2 - can I stream Multiverse of Madness?3 May 2022
Bridgerton author believes books and Netflix series "go well together"3 May 2022
Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is set before Vol 33 May 2022
Fast and Furious 10 possibly getting The Transporter director3 May 2022
Doctor Strange 2 first reactions celebrate Sam Raimi's Marvel return3 May 2022