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Star Wars Andor: who is Dedra Meero?

Dedra Meero has been one of the standouts of Star Wars: Andor, but who is this new ISB villain, what's going to happen to her, and what are her motivations

Star Wars Andor: Denise Gough as Dedra Meero

Who is Dedra Meero in Star Wars: Andor? Every great Star Wars movie or Star Wars series needs a brilliant Star Wars villain, and in ISB officer Dedra Meero, Andor has one of the best bad guys the galaxy has ever seen.

She may not be as deadly as Darth Vader or wield the same kind of control over the galaxy as Emperor Palpatine, but Meero is still terrifying. Even though we’re pretty scared of this Star Wars character, we can’t help but want to know more about her – we get why Syril Karn is so obsessed with her now.

So, who is Dedra Meero, what are her motivations, and why is she the way she is? We’ve got all the details on this sci-fi series nemesis right here.

Who is Dedra Meero?

Dedra Meero is a lieutenant and supervisor who works for the Galactic Empire as part of the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB). Based on Coruscant, she is a human woman who harbours a great disdain for the Rebellion and everything it stands for, and she will stop at nothing to crush it.

Highly methodical, incredibly ruthless, and fiercely ambitious, Dedra Meero is exactly the kind of person the Empire would want on its side. After all, new Sith Lords don’t come around too often, but normal people like Dedra, who carry so much hate with them, are ten-to-the dozen in the galaxy at this time.

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What does Dedra Meero want?

On a personal level, Dedra Meero essentially wants to be heard, to be respected, and to climb the ladder of the ISB and become a successful part of the Empire’s tyrannical regime.

In an interview with The Digital Fix, Denise Gough, who plays Meero in the TV series, told us “Dedra has managed to, despite not coming from that world and being a woman, she has gotten to a certain place and she will ensure everyone sits up and pays attention to the threat. She thinks she is saving the world, she is a zealot, and when you have someone like that on the wrong side of the line, gender doesn’t matter. They will do anything to protect the structure they are living in.”

Dedra Meero explained: Denise Gough as Dedra Meero in Star Wars: Andor

Dedra is a very dangerous woman indeed, and her pursuit of Cassian Andor leads her to inflict a lot of pain on the people of Ferrix, the planet in Andor where Cassian lives. Ultimately, she recognises that the threat against the Empire is far more organised than anyone suspected, and she needs to find out more about the one she calls Axis in order to stop the Rebellion in its tracks.

By employing people like Doctor Gorst, plenty of spies, and loyal officers under her jurisdiction on Ferrix, Dedra Meero is able to put pressure on people like Maarva, Bix, and even the Star Wars droid B2EMO to try and lure Cassian out of hiding, and hopefully bring Luthen Rael with him.

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Is Dedra Meero in Andor season 2?

Dedra Meero’s story will continue in Andor season 2. When the Andor season 2 release date does come around, the audience will get to see what becomes of the ISB officer after the disaster on Ferrix which saw events get completely out of her hands at Maarva’s funeral, while she was on the hunt for Cassian.

That failure could impact her career, and we might see Dedra Meero stripped of her responsibilities. Or, she might be spurred on and could become more obsessed with catching the Rebellion operative than ever. Either way, it looks like her story will grow with that of Syril Karn as the two characters collided in the finale, even teasing a romance.

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