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Is Wednesday season 2 leaving Netflix?

Will Wednesday season 2 be on Netflix, or does the future of Wednesday Addams and the Nevermore Academy lie in competing streaming service Amazon Prime?

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Will Wednesday season 2 be on Netflix? If you’re a fan of the new Tim Burton drama series Wednesday, you’ve probably seen the rumors about the Netflix series leaving the streaming service. What’s more, some reports have suggested that the Wednesday season 2 will be moving over to none other than Amazon Prime.

The reason for this is because as per reports from Independent MGM, the production company that created the dark comedy series (while Netflix bought and distributed it), merged with Amazon Prime meaning that the rights for Wednesday could potentially move over to the Amazon Prime streaming service as part of the deal.

Fuelling the speculation about the series is the fact that Netflix is still yet to officially greenlight Wednesday season 2, despite the series huge success with audience viewing metrics. But is it true? Is Wednesday season 2 leaving Netflix, and jumping ship for Amazon Prime?

Is Wednesday season 2 leaving Netflix?

As it stands, there has been no confirmation that Wednesday is leaving Netflix, and the truth is that the rumours are just rumours: Wednesday will not be leaving Netflix. That’s because MGM’s deal with Netflix for the distribution rights to Wednesday predate the merger between MGM and Amazon Prime, as reported by IndieWire.

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This effectively means that the only way that the Wednesday series would leave Netflix is if Netflix no longer wanted the property, and given its overwhelming popularity that isn’t going to happen. That’s good news for people with a Netflix subscription who are looking forward to more adventures in Nevermore, and you can expect confirmation of a Wednesday season 2 (on Netflix) very soon.

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