October 2022 Archive

Gwendoline Christie and Alia Shawkat join cast of Severance31 October 2022
Friday the 13th prequel series coming from Bryan Fuller31 October 2022
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II cast as Marvel's Wonder Man31 October 2022
Henry Cavill shoots down House of the Dragon season 2 rumours31 October 2022
Sylvester Stallone wanted to make Beverly Hills Cop less funny31 October 2022
Quentin Tarantino hasn't seen one of the best movies ever made31 October 2022
Hugh Jackman will have "time of his life" as Wolverine in Deadpool 331 October 2022
American Psycho meme: What's the fascination with Patrick Bateman?31 October 2022
Heath Ledger's Joker scared Michael Caine so much he forgot his lines31 October 2022
Harry Potter fans baffled after new scene appears in Goblet of Fire31 October 2022
Michael Keaton's Batman in The Flash revealed by Christmas decorations31 October 2022
Chucky did an incredible ad for the Child's Play VHS31 October 2022
Steven Spielberg did the cutest thing ever on the set of ET31 October 2022
Millie Bobby Brown thinks Stranger Things may continue after season 531 October 2022
Dustin Hoffman improvised Midnight Cowboy's most iconic line31 October 2022
Kevin Feige was offered the DCEU before James Gunn, but he said no31 October 2022
Fan-favourite Virgin River character will return "down the line"31 October 2022
The Witcher: how old is Geralt?31 October 2022
DCEU movies we want to see now James Gunn is in control31 October 2022
House of the Dragon showrunners laugh when fans tell them what to do31 October 2022
Avatar 2 isn't finished, but will likely be around three hours long31 October 2022
How to watch Causeway: can I stream the new Jennifer Lawrence movie?31 October 2022
You can actually camp at Friday the 13th's Crystal Lake31 October 2022
Percy Jackson writer teases "new scenes" in Disney Plus show31 October 2022
Eternals are returning to the MCU, confirms Black Panther 2 producer31 October 2022
Venom 3 has found its director, in its writer29 October 2022
Marvel may have just quietly cast Reed Richards in Ant-Man 328 October 2022
NASA tests 2001: A Space Odyssey spacesuits on ISS28 October 2022
Cate Blanchett reveals her favourite thing about Lord of the Rings28 October 2022
Tim Burton compares watching his own movies to being at a funeral28 October 2022
Lack of representation in rom-coms is "f*cked up" says Bros' director28 October 2022
Rings of Power's big twist had a secret clue you probably missed28 October 2022
Cad Bane actor believes the Star Wars character will come back28 October 2022
Jim Carrey played The Riddler like he was "amazed with himself"28 October 2022
Henry Cavill thought his arms reloading in M:I Fallout looked silly28 October 2022
Game of Thrones fans "were never tired" of Westeros, says HBO28 October 2022
Netflix Discord bot: how to use the Netflix watch party Discord bot28 October 2022
Avatar needs so much IMAX film it's unusable if it falls on the ground28 October 2022
House of the Dragon season 2 won't arrive before 2024, says HBO28 October 2022
Vision will lead his own Marvel series, because everyone can have one28 October 2022
Harry Potter: did Draco Malfoy become a Death Eater?28 October 2022
John Carpenter wishes Halloween 3 had been more successful28 October 2022
Who is the strongest Avenger in the MCU?28 October 2022
How Rings of Power's witches reference Lord of the Rings and Macbeth28 October 2022
Michael Myers vs Jason Voorhees: who’s the better horror movie killer?28 October 2022
The Marvels will make Kamala Khan into a "fully formed superhero"28 October 2022
Andor: 5 reasons it's the best Star Wars series28 October 2022
Mythic Quest season 3 release date, cast, plot, and more28 October 2022
Original Michael Myers actor reveals sad truth behind classic picture28 October 2022
Rings of Power: what are the three rings?28 October 2022
Rings of Power: Galadriel and Halbrand's relationship explained28 October 2022
The Simpsons becomes an anime series in Death Note Halloween parody28 October 2022
Jack Nicholson and Leonardo DiCaprio inspired this viral scene27 October 2022
Yellowstone getting two more spin-off drama series27 October 2022
Why Henry Cavill chose that Superman suit for Black Adam cameo27 October 2022
Emilia Clarke's Secret Invasion MCU character revealed by a gif27 October 2022
Theo Rossi: "Emily the Criminal would be the same story ten years ago"27 October 2022
Harry Potter movies underwater scenes were done in seven second chunks27 October 2022
Kevin Feige can’t wait to see what James Gunn does for the DCEU27 October 2022
The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself stars break down their powers27 October 2022
Andy Serkis took his Andor role because he loves this Star Wars movie27 October 2022
Jay Lycurgo: "The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself left a few scars"27 October 2022
Hellraiser at 35: a conversation with Butterball and Chatterer27 October 2022
Severance season 2 has started filming confirms Britt Lower27 October 2022
Nicolas Cage doing sequels to two of his best movies27 October 2022
Vin Diesel and Universal want all-women Fast and Furious movie27 October 2022
This Top Gun 2 stunt was so dangerous it scared an actual pilot27 October 2022
Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is "a very sweet departure" for Zoe Saldaña27 October 2022
Quentin Tarantino uses his own shade of blood for movies27 October 2022
Harry Potter star reveals how little she was paid27 October 2022
Jonathan Frakes is "very proud" of the Fact or Fiction memes26 October 2022
Charlize Theron knows MCU plans for her after Doctor Strange 226 October 2022
Michael J. Fox has a Back to the Future reboot idea26 October 2022
Rings of Power racist comments "galvanised" Arondir actor26 October 2022
Zoe Saldaña set an incredible personal record while making Avatar 226 October 2022
Tony Hale on playing the bad guy in The Mysterious Benedict Society26 October 2022
Game of Thrones street names turn Texas neighborhood into Westeros26 October 2022
Ryan Reynolds begged Hugh Jackman to do Deadpool 326 October 2022
WandaVision star Randall Park doesn't fear Marvel's spoiler police26 October 2022
Bryan Cranston is working on a Malcolm in the Middle revival26 October 2022
Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi is now streaming on Disney Plus26 October 2022
House of the Dragon season 2 will “open up the world in a big way”26 October 2022
The Black Adam Easter eggs you might've missed26 October 2022
The Winchesters bringing back fan-favourite Supernatural character26 October 2022
George RR Martin is most of the way through next Game of Thrones book26 October 2022
Rings of Power: who is Galadriel in love with?26 October 2022
James Cameron calls out DC and Marvel movies for one specific reason26 October 2022
The boy who inspired The Exorcist identity revealed after 50 years26 October 2022
The Joker scares Christopher Nolan "more than anything"26 October 2022
James Gunn to be DC movies' Kevin Feige25 October 2022
Paul Dano's Riddler comic is out now25 October 2022
First trailer for the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is here25 October 2022
Ned Stark's death in Game of Thrones still hurts Maisie Williams25 October 2022
Barbarian is now streaming on HBO Max25 October 2022
What is this, a new Ant-Man 3 trailer for ants? Yes!25 October 2022
Christina Ricci hates what the studio did to Black Snake Moan25 October 2022
What is the Ant-Man: Quantumania trailer song?25 October 2022
Zombieland originally had an even bigger actor in Bill Murray's role25 October 2022
Big Trouble in Little China star doesn't think sequel should happen25 October 2022
The best scene in the House of the Dragon finale was Matt Smith’s idea25 October 2022
Daniel Radcliffe used to steal people's phones on Harry Potter movies25 October 2022
Fast and Furious made Paul Walker start actual car racing25 October 2022
Saw 10 bringing back Tobin Bell because sure, why not25 October 2022
New Star Wars movie reportedly a sequel to Rise of Skywalker25 October 2022
Rob Zombie hasn't watched the new Halloween movies with good reason25 October 2022
Oscar Isaac says there's "no official word" on Moon Knight season 225 October 2022
Robert Shaw had to reshoot his Jaws speech because he got too drunk24 October 2022
Vinland Saga season 2 gets new trailer24 October 2022
Hugh Jackman gives Ryan Reynolds a mildly threatening happy birthday24 October 2022
Henry Cavill announces he's officially back as Superman24 October 2022
Michael Keaton made quite a lot for his scenes in Batgirl24 October 2022
Yes, Cobra Kai star Ralph Macchio knows karate24 October 2022
Robert De Niro didn't think Raging Bull would be successful24 October 2022
Ant-Man 3 trailer shows us the terrifying Quantum Realm24 October 2022
House of the Dragon season 2 won't have time jumps or recasts24 October 2022
Yellowstone season 5 will be "smooth sailing", hopes star24 October 2022
Twin Peaks cast reunites for Halloween, giving us all the feels24 October 2022
Barbarian review (2022): it isn’t perfect but it’s still a nightmare24 October 2022
Halloween Ends ending originally referenced Season of the Witch24 October 2022
House of the Dragon fans spot uncanny similarities to Shrek24 October 2022
George Lucas considers R2-D2 the hero of the Star Wars movies24 October 2022
Brendan Fraser and Dwayne Johnson never filmed The Mummy 2 together24 October 2022
Dwayne Johnson is working on “what’s next” for Black Adam already24 October 2022
Angela Lansbury hung out in a New York sex club24 October 2022
Why Tim Burton will never direct a Marvel movie24 October 2022
Aubrey Plaza went "full method" in terrible Scream 4 audition24 October 2022
Harry Potter actor was jealous of the bond between his co-stars24 October 2022
Matt Smith compares House of the Dragon sex scenes to ballet24 October 2022
Joker 2 starts filming sooner than expected24 October 2022
House of the Dragon: why did Daemon strangle Rhaenyra Targaryen?24 October 2022
House of the Dragon episode 10 recap: the Dance of Dragons begins24 October 2022
Doctor Who: Is Ncuti Gatwa the 15th Doctor?23 October 2022
Doctor Who The Power of the Doctor review: a messy whirlwind of fun23 October 2022
Doctor Who: Which previous Doctors were in The Power of the Doctor?23 October 2022
Doctor Who: How does Jodie Whittaker's Doctor regenerate?23 October 2022
Doctor Who: Is David Tennant in The Power of the Doctor?23 October 2022
Doctor Who: Who is the 14th Doctor?23 October 2022
Tim Burton says he is done making movies for the Disney “circus”23 October 2022
Doctor Strange director shares picks for alternative Halloween movies23 October 2022
Lady Gaga's Harley Quinn will bring "chaos" to Joker 223 October 2022
No Way Home left Maisie Williams unimpressed, and for a good reason23 October 2022
Tim Burton watched the new Batman movie, and it made him cry23 October 2022
Oscar Isaac confirms “specific conversations” about Moon Knight return22 October 2022
Brendan Fraser's Oscar campaign gets support from Dwayne Johnson22 October 2022
Jodie Whittaker wants to return to Doctor Who after upcoming finale22 October 2022
One fan's Harry Potter confusion goes viral, and it's very relatable22 October 2022
This George Lucas quote proves Andor fits into his Star Wars vision22 October 2022
The House of the Dragon finale has leaked online and HBO isn't happy22 October 2022
Leonardo DiCaprio improvised Don't Look Up's "devastating" final line22 October 2022
Rings of Power star teases Sauron and Adar showdown in season 222 October 2022
Black Adam producers are fighting for more of Henry Cavill's Superman22 October 2022
Adam Sandler's new Safdie Brothers movie first plot details revealed22 October 2022
Kevin Feige was almost played by a puppy in She-Hulk finale22 October 2022
The Conjuring 4 moving ahead with returning writer22 October 2022
Galadriel and Halbrand's relationship wasn't intentionally romantic22 October 2022
Criston Cole actor says he'd "back the Greens in a street fight"21 October 2022
The Last of Us star "couldn't believe" HBO series while filming21 October 2022
Jamie Lee Curtis questions interviewer's One Piece knowledge21 October 2022
This is one of the scariest TV commercials ever made21 October 2022
2022 is Colin Farrell’s year, and we’re loving it21 October 2022
Margot Robbie stole the best Harley Quinn prop from set21 October 2022
Black Adam 2 will happen “pretty fast” says producer21 October 2022
The Last Jedi was the "best experience" of Rian Johnson's career21 October 2022
Adam Driver reportedly met with Marvel for Fantastic Four role21 October 2022
Sorry Black Adam and Dwayne Johnson, killing villains is dumb21 October 2022
Google these House of the Dragon stars and thank us later21 October 2022
Cobra Kai star Ralph Macchio never thought he'd return to Karate Kid21 October 2022
Tom Felton thought Gary Oldman was a cleaner on Harry Potter movies21 October 2022
Rings of Power: is Isildur really dead?21 October 2022
Ed Sheeran almost did No Time To Die's theme song21 October 2022
Paul Dano defends making new Batman movies every decade21 October 2022
Black Adam post credit and ending explained21 October 2022
Black Adam: What is the crown of Sabbac?21 October 2022
Black Adam: who is the DCEU's new antihero?21 October 2022
Is Henry Cavill’s Superman in Black Adam?21 October 2022
Is Black Adam a hero or a villain?21 October 2022
How does Black Adam get his powers?21 October 2022
Is Shazam in Black Adam?21 October 2022
Black Adam: what is the Justice Society?21 October 2022
Everyone who dies in Black Adam21 October 2022
Rings of Power: is Galadriel’s husband really dead?21 October 2022
Rings of Power: is Halbrand Sauron?21 October 2022
Rings of Power: is the Stranger Gandalf?21 October 2022
Shazam!'s best scene wasn't always part of the DC movie20 October 2022
Jeffrey Dahmer costumes banned from eBay after Netflix series20 October 2022
Cyberpunk: Edgerunners season 2 isn't happening20 October 2022
John Wick 4 has several set-pieces that wowed Laurence Fishburne20 October 2022
Jackass 5 will focus more on new crew, says Johnny Knoxville20 October 2022
Star Wars artist who drew iconic scene wants proper credit from Disney20 October 2022
Rings of Power is a bigger disaster for Middle-earth than Mount Doom20 October 2022
Paul Dano took a film role because he had a crush on Roger Deakins20 October 2022
Barry Keoghan keeps texting Eternals co-star for updates on sequel20 October 2022
One of the best Netflix horror movies is leaving this month20 October 2022
The Crown season 5 release date speculation, cast, trailer and more20 October 2022
Timothée Chalamet says he has changed, and so has his Dune character20 October 2022
House of the Dragon season 2 will explore Daemon and Rhaenyra marriage20 October 2022
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sly Stallone are terrible at pumpkin carving20 October 2022
Harrison Ford and Ke Huy Quan's reunion is even sweeter than you think20 October 2022
Paul McCartney's James Bond theme was almost very different20 October 2022
Jessica Chastain played a great prank on James McAvoy in Dark Phoenix20 October 2022
Charlize Theron will do Fast and Furious spin-off with one actor only19 October 2022
The Matrix 4 "wasn't as good" as Laurence Fishburne hoped19 October 2022
Michael B Jordan got advice from Denzel Washington for Creed 319 October 2022
Cameron Diaz played a funny role in making the Harry Potter movies19 October 2022
Barry Keoghan was intimidated by Heath Ledger for Joker19 October 2022
She-Hulk director wants Hulk family movie in the MCU19 October 2022
Watchmen creator disowns TV series, calls it “embarrassing”19 October 2022
Black Adam review (2022): A throwback, but not in a good way19 October 2022
James Corden memes ban him from everywhere on planet Earth19 October 2022
House of the Dragon producer doesn’t understand the Daemon hype19 October 2022
This Nightmare on Elm Street effect was so creepy it got cut19 October 2022
Jason Statham originally turned down joining Fast and Furious19 October 2022
Mephisto might actually be joining the MCU in Ironheart19 October 2022
Brendan Fraser apologises for George of the Jungle stunt19 October 2022
Dwayne Johnson calls Tooth Fairy a "classic something"19 October 2022
Halloween Ends proves that Michael Myers can’t do sequels19 October 2022
Jason Voorhees did a super awkward live TV interview in the '80s18 October 2022
Samuel L. Jackson improvised Spider-Man: Far From Home's funniest line18 October 2022
Top Gun 2 star doesn't think a sequel will happen18 October 2022
Bob Odenkirk has a Halloween cameo you've never noticed18 October 2022
Jonathan Majors is one hell of a scary dude in first Creed 3 trailer18 October 2022
House of the Dragon star explains Rhaenys’ episode 9 decision18 October 2022
Eddie Redmayne stole this Fantastic Beasts prop from movie set18 October 2022
Stranger Things season 2 nearly gave Eleven a much darker story18 October 2022
All the Halloween Ends Easter eggs you might have missed18 October 2022
Andor may be the best Star Wars series, but it has less viewers18 October 2022
Charlie Cox reveals what he wants to see from the new Daredevil series18 October 2022
Halloween: who plays Michael Myers?18 October 2022
Rings of Power Sauron reveal wasn’t meant to be a surprise18 October 2022
Where was The Watcher filmed?18 October 2022
How to watch Black Adam - can I stream the new Dwayne Johnson movie?18 October 2022
House of the Dragon director responds to foot fetish scene18 October 2022
DCEU going full steam ahead as plans for new Superman movie emerge18 October 2022
Who is The Watcher?18 October 2022
She-Hulk finale almost brought back Edward Norton as Hulk18 October 2022
Ghostwatch: The horror mockumentary that traumatised a nation18 October 2022
Alan Rickman very nearly wasn't a part of the Harry Potter movies18 October 2022
Jim Carrey was signed up to play Shaggy in Scooby Doo17 October 2022
New Snow White star defends proposed changes to Disney movie17 October 2022
Emily Blunt wants John Krasinski to play Reed Richards again in MCU17 October 2022
Jamie Lee Curtis has written to Disney about Freaky Friday 217 October 2022
It's true. All of it. Harrison Ford is officially joining the MCU.17 October 2022
Alec Guinness only did Star Wars for the money17 October 2022
Two Fast and Furious stars couldn’t drive before joining first movie17 October 2022
Pierce Brosnan included a touching tribute to his wife in Black Adam17 October 2022
Bram Stoker’s Dracula is an imperfectly perfect vampire movie17 October 2022
Harry Potter star Emma Watson pays tribute to Robbie Coltrane17 October 2022
Pinocchio review (LFF 2022): Guillermo del Toro outdoes himself17 October 2022
Till review (LFF 2022): Emmett Till movie teaches what schools didn't17 October 2022
New Predator movie star wants to join the MCU17 October 2022
Park Chan-wook wants to make a James Bond movie, and we should let him17 October 2022
Jodie Whittaker has one piece of advice for new Doctor Who actor17 October 2022
Kevin Feige had just one problem with the She-Hulk finale17 October 2022
Knives Out 2 director confirms Benoit Blanc is gay17 October 2022
Rings of Power cast share fan theories with each other in group chat17 October 2022
Glass Onion review (LFF 2022): Benoit Blanc is back and brilliant17 October 2022
House of the Dragon: why didn't Rhaenys kill Alicent and Aegon?17 October 2022
House of the Dragon episode 9 recap: The Hightowers make their move17 October 2022
Andor creator explains how he creates compelling Star Wars villains16 October 2022
Halbrand actor shares reaction to Rings of Power Sauron reveal16 October 2022
Guillermo del Toro explains how his Pinocchio is different to others16 October 2022
Han Solo has been recreated out of bread, and renamed 'Pan Solo'16 October 2022
Skaar's inclusion in She-Hulk finale was mandated by Kevin Feige16 October 2022
Star Trek 4 was almost a reinvention of a classic TNG episode16 October 2022
Michael Myers lack of Halloween Ends screen time explained by director16 October 2022
Everyone's favourite child actor can now drive16 October 2022
Rings of Power will cover the War of the Last Alliance15 October 2022
You can now sleep with Nicolas Cage, but not in the way you'd expect15 October 2022
Quentin Tarantino called out by The Invisible Man director15 October 2022
Stephen King gives a surprising review to Halloween Ends15 October 2022
House of the Dragon Alicent & Rhaenyra actors address 'erotic energy'15 October 2022
Rings of Power season 2 will be driven by Tolkien's canon15 October 2022
She-Hulk creator compares making the series to childbirth15 October 2022
Nicolas Cage owns a tomb in a New Orleans cemetery because of course15 October 2022
American Psycho 2 was never intended to be connected to original movie14 October 2022
James Bond is joining the Yellowstone universe for prequel series14 October 2022
Ryan Reynolds may be doing It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia cameo14 October 2022
Harry Potter's beloved Hagrid, Robbie Coltrane, has passed away14 October 2022
Sylvester Stallone kept the turtles from Rocky and they're still alive14 October 2022
Black Adam star teases his character may get his own origin movie14 October 2022
Martin Scorsese is developing a TV series based on one of his movies14 October 2022
Joaquin Phoenix had to leave the studio when filming this sex scene14 October 2022
Halloween Ends ending explained14 October 2022
House of the Dragon star is embarrassed by Negroni meme14 October 2022
Fast and Furious may have inspired the She-Hulk finale ending14 October 2022
Everyone who dies in Halloween Ends14 October 2022
Rings of Power: Where is The Stranger going?14 October 2022
Jamie Lee Curtis wasn’t the first choice for Halloween role14 October 2022
Everybody stay calm, but Harrison Ford might be joining the MCU14 October 2022
Halloween Ends: does Michael Myers finally die?14 October 2022
Star Wars Andor’s most tragic death is brilliant for two reasons14 October 2022
Rings of Power: have the Harfoots met the Ents?14 October 2022
Rings of Power: Why do the Númenóreans hate the elves?14 October 2022
Rings of Power episode 8 recap: Sauron and the Stranger14 October 2022
Rings of Power: why did King Durin refuse to give the Elves Mithril?14 October 2022
Is Halloween a true story? The young boy who inspired Michael Myers14 October 2022
Halloween Ends (2022) review: I can't believe this got made13 October 2022
Darren Aronofsky's Batman movie was "a very different take"13 October 2022
Edgar Wright shares clip of Jamie Foxx dancing in a Michael Myers mask13 October 2022
Game of Thrones star joins Dune: The Sisterhood13 October 2022
Game of Thrones creator loves this House of the Dragon performance13 October 2022
John Carpenter doesn’t know about elevated horror, and he doesn’t care13 October 2022
Chucky starts social media beef with new horror movie doll13 October 2022
Kevin Lewis: "Nic Cage brought Nic Cage to Willy's Wonderland"13 October 2022
Harry Potter stars Tom Felton and Emma Watson are OK with shipping13 October 2022
She-Hulk: why does Wong break Abomination out of prison?13 October 2022
She-Hulk: What does the She-Hulk finale mean for Daredevil season 4?13 October 2022
Kevin Smith is bringing Zack Snyder's Justice League to cinemas13 October 2022
She-Hulk ending and post-credit scene explained13 October 2022
Vin Diesel teases "special story" for Fast and Furious car13 October 2022
Guillermo del Toro explains Pinocchio's link to Pan's Labyrinth13 October 2022
She-Hulk: is Kevin Feige in the She-Hulk finale?13 October 2022
Stephen King thinks this book would make a great horror movie13 October 2022
Black Panther 2's place in the MCU timeline has been teased13 October 2022
Dwayne Johnson welcomes Henry Cavill back to the DCEU13 October 2022
She-Hulk: Hulk King explained13 October 2022
Decision to Leave review (LFF 2022): Park Chan-wook surprises fans13 October 2022
She-Hulk: who is Hulk's son?13 October 2022
Forget Aegon the Conqueror, this is the greatest king to rule Westeros13 October 2022
Forget the Mad King this is the cruelest Targaryen to rule Westeros13 October 2022
Forget Vhagar this is the most dangerous dragon in House of the Dragon13 October 2022
She-Hulk: who is Hulk King?13 October 2022
Pierce Brosnan ruined his Batman audition with a bad joke12 October 2022
Brendan Fraser responds to The Whale fat suit controversy12 October 2022
Jar-Jar Binks actor making one man show about Star Wars prequels12 October 2022
Brendan Fraser wants to do The Mummy 412 October 2022
Scott Derrickson turned down this Marvel movie to do Sinister12 October 2022
The Walking Dead's Negan wasn't meant to be on the show this long12 October 2022
Anthony Hopkins stayed in character while filming Silence of the Lambs12 October 2022
Daniel Radcliffe explains why he doesn't do action movies12 October 2022
Leonardo DiCaprio has been taking roles from Christian Bale for years12 October 2022
The Winchesters will answer mysteries about Supernatural timeline12 October 2022
Grab a Sony 4K TV at $900 off in the Best Buy flash sale12 October 2022
The Good Nurse review (LFF 2022): a safe serial killer movie12 October 2022
Nightmare on Elm Street star wants to "fight Freddy one last time"12 October 2022
Why Clint Eastwood only ever does one take12 October 2022
Brendan Gleeson joined Joker 2 because of Joaquin Phoenix12 October 2022
Halloween Ends will be "the last time" Jamie Lee Curtis plays Laurie12 October 2022
Paul Dano doesn't know if he'll play The Riddler in The Batman 212 October 2022
George RR Martin reveals how long House of the Dragon needs to be12 October 2022
Jonathan Majors is playing warrior Kang in Ant-Man 312 October 2022
Harry Potter star Tom Felton is open to doing another movie12 October 2022
Marvel’s Illuminati explained12 October 2022
Adam Sandler starts filming new Safdie Brothers movie soon11 October 2022
Hollywood and TV legend Angela Lansbury has passed away, aged 9611 October 2022
Virgin River cast celebrate incredible milestone for Netflix series11 October 2022
Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio’s TV series loses director11 October 2022
Blade production paused by Marvel Studios11 October 2022
Jamie Lee Curtis comments on the Halloween trauma meme11 October 2022
The Boys just soft launched two new heroes11 October 2022
Dwayne Johnson hints at Superman's DCEU return in Black Adam11 October 2022
Naturally, Weird Al cast the cameos in his own biopic11 October 2022
C-3PO's most heroic Star Wars scene was cut11 October 2022
How to watch Halloween Ends: can I stream the new Michael Myers movie?11 October 2022
Morgan Freeman once played Dracula in a Spider-Man movie11 October 2022
Mike Myers got an Austin Powers tribute at Buckingham Palace11 October 2022
House of the Dragon's sweetest moment was improvised by Matt Smith11 October 2022
I watched Hellraiser for the first time and now I need help11 October 2022
Benedict Cumberbatch wrote one of Doctor Strange 2's best scenes11 October 2022
Back to the Future stars share emotional reunion11 October 2022
Kenneth Branagh's next Agatha Christie whodunnit is in production11 October 2022
Disney is planning a fantasy sci-fi take on the Arabian Nights10 October 2022
Why Werewolf by Night doesn't have a post-credits scene10 October 2022
Star Wars actor helped new Marvel star deal with newfound Disney fame10 October 2022
Scientist tries to find plot holes in Top Gun 2, fails miserably10 October 2022
Tom Cruise is "taking the world to space" says studio boss10 October 2022
The creepiest Doctor Who stories to revisit this halloween10 October 2022
Waterworld game from The Simpsons is now a thing you can actually play10 October 2022
The Last of Us star was told not to play the game before HBO series10 October 2022
Physical media won't save us from streaming services10 October 2022
The Son review (LFF 2022): Bland and bleak10 October 2022
Bones and All review (LFF 2022): a cannibal love story for the ages10 October 2022
How and why the House of the Dragon writers changed Viserys' fate10 October 2022
Clive Barker's mother was horrified by Hellraiser10 October 2022
How King Viserys doomed the Targaryens and Westeros10 October 2022
Stranger Things star wants to join the DCEU as a specific hero10 October 2022
House of the Dragon: does Corlys Velaryon survive his injuries?10 October 2022
Dwayne Johnson wanted Jason Momoa to join Fast and Furious sooner10 October 2022
House of the Dragon: what did Viserys tell Alicent?10 October 2022
Oscar Isaac teases more Moon Knight is coming in MCU10 October 2022
House of the Dragon: what is Alicent's star-shaped necklace?10 October 2022
House of the Dragon episode 8 recap: Rhaenyra on trial10 October 2022
House of the Dragon: Rhaenyra and Daemon's relationship explained10 October 2022
Mike Flanagan's Fall of the House of Usher release date teased9 October 2022
New Star Trek movie teased by Patrick Stewart and TNG cast9 October 2022
Why Christian Bale stopped talking to Chris Rock on-set of new movie9 October 2022
Star Trek Discovery season 5 trailer teases a galactic treasure hunt9 October 2022
Vin Diesel says Groot is getting his own Marvel Planet X movie9 October 2022
Wonder Woman 3 just got a huge update9 October 2022
You can now watch Michael Myers dance to an iconic Lady Gaga track9 October 2022
New Star Trek Picard season 3 trailer reveals returning villains9 October 2022
Causeway review (LFF 2022): A brooding, heartfelt journey of recovery8 October 2022
Gilmore Girls’ 22nd anniversary is celebrated by Melissa McCarthy8 October 2022
The Grinch is getting a bloody horror movie makeover this Christmas8 October 2022
Richard Linklater's latest movie has been banned from the Oscars8 October 2022
Rings of Power creators address pacing concerns8 October 2022
Werewolf by Night director doesn't know how it fits into wider MCU8 October 2022
Doctor Who centenary special release date confirmed in finale trailer8 October 2022
Guillermo del Toro would sacrifice himself for Martin Scorsese8 October 2022
The Ayer cut of Suicide Squad exists, and a fan has seen it8 October 2022
Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn makes Margot Robbie "so happy"8 October 2022
Christian Bale is "f*cking ecstatic" when he's not making movies8 October 2022
Mike Flanagan's new Netflix series sets Guinness World Record8 October 2022
Sean Bean played football with his fake head from Game of Thrones7 October 2022
Dwayne Johnson loves "being a daddy" too much to run for president7 October 2022
Hellraiser (2022) ending explained7 October 2022
The Wonder review (LFF 2022): An unsettling dance of fact and fiction7 October 2022
Hellraiser (2022) is a solid entry in the horror movie franchise7 October 2022
Robert Englund still has nightmares about Freddy Krueger7 October 2022
Christian Bale earned less than the makeup artists for American Psycho7 October 2022
Only Murders in the Building season 2 ending explained7 October 2022
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