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Passion of the Christ 2 trends after Twitter suggests hilarious titles

The Passion of the Christ may be heading into the production stage, but Twitter has some hilarious ideas when it comes to the name of the new movie

Passion of the Christ 2 trends after Twitter suggests hilarious titles

When it comes to upcoming new movies, few are as surprising as The Passion of the Christ 2. Directed by Mel Gibson, the first movie released in 2004, and while hailed as a religious experience by some movie fans, it was controversial – with critics pointing out the use of anti-semitic and overly violent imagery.

However, the original 2000s movie‘s notorious reputation hasn’t stopped Gibson from taking a crack at a follow-up – and social media isn’t afraid to poke fun at his efforts. A report (via Screengeek) rumoured that filming for the divisive sequel will begin in a few months, news that set Twitter ablaze with memes.

While some users of the social media platform were frustrated and/or excited by the news of Gibson’s project, many film fans took the update on the production of the new movie as a prompt to pitch some creative titles – all of which are downright hilarious.

The Twitter posts ranged from typical B-action movie style titles for sequels to others using popular franchises such as the Star Wars movies‘ titles as prompts.

Passion of the Christ 2 memes

Some of our favourite name suggestions for the upcoming movie include: “Passion of the Christ: Electric Boogaloo 2“, “The Passion of the Christ 2: The Roman Empire Strikes Back“, and “Passion of the Christ 2: Crucify This.”

Unfortunately for Twitter users, the new movie does already have a title – The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection. Before you ask, yes, that is its real name. And no, it is not a joke reference to the Matrix movies.

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Currently, there is no set release date for The Passion of the Christ 2. While we wait on more information, here are our lists of the best drama movies and the best thriller movies of all time.